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16th March 2006, 01:48 PM
Since I've started NEW, I've been wondering alot on how it works.
I have a tendency to over think or mediate deeply on certain things,its both my strong point and my weak point.
Anyway,I have been thinking about energy raising and its effects and all that.

I have a little theory on energy raising, but I want to know if its accurate or not. So I need replies to this,OK?

Robert Bruce mentioned in his book that raising energy is a very beneficial action in energy work..as well as day to day life...
I have also read numerous reports on people's experiences/feelings during energy raising. The majority of them say that energy raising as made their lives easy on some extent.
But one question comes to mind about that. Since energy is in constant motion is side of us, whether we are sitting still or moving, some degree of energy is used. still with me?
Well, another well known fact that Chakras, which are the energy absorbers of our body, are always 'open' sort to speak (unless you have blockages, which can be cleared through various practices, but lets stay on track)
They just have different levels of "activation''. Robert Bruce said this himself in one of his post (which, interestingly enough, can be found on this site).

That said, all our chakras are working as we speak, giving us energy, depending on your level that is. In a normal person they just absorb enough energy that is needed, without the benefit of any extra energy. Take note that a human also receives energy as they breathe, eat, sleep, etc. And although the charkas are an integral part of our body, their function is somewhat independent, such as we don't have to constantly focus on them to work, they just do.

However, I person that engages in spiritual practices, whether it be Tai Chi, Chi Kung or NEW, work to strengthen their Charkas centers (primary and secondary) , thus giving them they needed amount of energy plus some energy to spare.

Now, since our Chakra's our never "closed", they are in constant operation. Meaning that they take in energy by themselves, even when are aren't directing them to (they have to, seeing how that what they are for)
So this leaves me to believe that are energy is constantly being "raised" sort to speak, but its only the needed amount to survive, and even if a person has naturally strong charkas, most people like that waste their extra energy in necessary ways.
Thus, this is nothing more than a smaller level of "perpetual energy raising" mentioned in Robert's book.

Through spiritual/energy practice, they chakras are conditioned to absorb/store much more energy, giving the person much more stamina, calmness of mind, etc. the only difference is that now their energy is flowing on a much faster rate, and the energy raised because of that is much greater, although we are still constantly taking in energy , via our Charkas.
So my point is, we are constantly raising our energy, though in speed/strength/circulation is greatly increased for people who are developed.

I've noticed the term "energy flow" pop up in numerous places in the Energy Way's book. This only adds to my theory as Robert clearly spoke of it as an important factor.

Of course, a theory is just a theory, and although I still debating on this myself, I believe I may be on to something.

Now, I want to ask you all one last thing.(well, two, lol)

1) How often do all you out there raise energy? Everyday, Weekly, Monthly? Do you notice anything change as time goes by?
2) How many of you have actually triggered "Perpetual energy raising" that Robert was referring to in his book? How long did it take to achieve?

I still think that PER has many different levels, being weak or strong, I just want you guys to share your experiences.

The reason I started this topic is, I was wondering one day while reading NEW energy ways that if you ever do trigger PER raising and for some reason would like to stop raising energy, could you just will it to stop, then when your ready, start it up again?
Pretty soon after that I began dwelling on it and came up with the theory mentioned above, which put the previous question on hold? Why ask such a thing if its already happening?

I hope I got my words out clear enough, and this was easy to understand. And sorry for it being so long.

Any feedback, positive or negative (not to negative!! ) will be appreciated.

16th March 2006, 05:29 PM
Interesting post, Dark Cloud.

I would suggest that the majority of the energy we raise naturally to the chakras is quickly dispersed. We have way too many "short circuits," which allow the energy to quickly dissipate. As an example, the sexual chakra and masturbation or the third eye chakra and useless mental chatter (which is in a sense mental masturbation). Each chakra has a different way of dissipating energy. Besides learning to gather energy, it is also important to learn how to keep in storage what you gather. Certain ascetic practices apply to each chakra.

To answer your other question, I had been studying chi kung for a few years and then attended a workshop by Mantak Chia on Cosmic Healing and Tai Chi. After the conference, I experienced perpetual energy raising. I noticed that just walking or breathing was accumulating energy. I could make up different postures and feel distinctly different types of energy coming into my body. I realized that I could create my own "tai chi" and tailor it to my energy needs. At the time, it was a little too much for me to handle in a way that is hard for me to put into words. I stopped performing the microcosmic orbit and the fusion of the five elements, but the experience continued for two more weeks.
It was certainly a very amazing experience. I'm sure that I will again reach this state, but I am willing to wait until I am ready to handle it full time.


16th March 2006, 10:12 PM
So do you think it can be controlled? Like, with training, do you believe it'll be possilbe to switch on/off this state by using your will?

Secondly, how long have you been working with energy all together and when did you start focusing on NEW (that is, if you've ever started it to begin with).

I would still like to know more about energy raising as it is a very interesting subject for me. More feedback please~

16th March 2006, 11:34 PM
Hmmm... no, I don't think you can turn perpetual energy collection "off." It appears to be a state where you are hyper-aware of the energetic flows entering and exiting the body.
Also, it is an awesome sensation, and I'm not sure you would want to turn it off. It makes you feel very connected to your surroundings. As I said, the state affected me on a very deep level psychologically. It was as if a very hidden part of me was not ready to open up.

As for a bio, I started with TM meditation and yoga when I was 11. For the last twenty years, I have focused on the Western Tradition of Hermeticism and Alchemy. Also, I have studied the last five years with teachers in the Eastern alchemical systems including chi kung and the internal martial arts of bagua and tai chi.

I have been doing Bruce's NEW off and on for the last five years (as a break from my chi kung). In the past six months, I have been doing NEW almost exclusively. I have been lucid dreaming and astral projecting for the last ten years, and I feel NEW is the best method of energy storage for these endeavors.

Feel free to ask me any questions. However, I have to warn you, it may sound like I have a lot of experience, but I have barely scratched the surface of the energy body.


17th March 2006, 02:36 AM
After rereading this thread, I think we may be talking about two different levels of perpetual energy raising. One is a trained response that sends energy to the subnavel collection area. The other one is a state in which the energy body has been opened and cleared of blockages to the point where it acts like a sponge. Of course, I think the energy body is always like this to a certain extent. However, in this state you are super-sensitive to energy inflows and outflows. Also, the energy can be stored in many places especially the organs, bones, skin, and hair to achieve different results.

As for your question about turning off perpetual energy raising to the subnavel storage area, the answer is... that I don't know. :wink: If no one else answers, I'll experiment over the next week or two and let you know the results.

20th March 2006, 12:49 AM
1) How often do all you out there raise energy? Everyday, Weekly, Monthly? Do you notice anything change as time goes by?
2) How many of you have actually triggered "Perpetual energy raising" that Robert was referring to in his book? How long did it take to achieve?
1) Daily
2) Which book and what page? I have all 3, but I don't recall that term...

20th March 2006, 03:43 AM
It is in the book , NEW Energy Ways, Volume 2 , Chapter 13: Energy and the Immune system.


Thanks for the help. All I really would like to know is their someone who have ever reach this state and how long did it take.

Personality, I don't think I want it yet and I was afriad that I could trigger it accidently, seeing how you must work on your sub-navel constantly and how I am kinda obsessive I don't want to do more harm that good.