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14th September 2010, 07:09 PM
I'm KauaiDreamer, and live on , as you might have guessed, Kauai (one of the Hawaiian islands).
I am a lucid dreamer, and came upon a point of reference a while back when trying to master WILD (Wake Induce Lucid Dreaming). In the post I was reading , the writer referred to rolling out of your body one way, to enter/step into a fully lucid dream, or the other way to achieve an OBE. This got me interested in Astral travel as well as lucid dreaming. I've read Adventures beyond the body by William Buhlman, and noticed that some of his astral projections seem a lot like lucid dreams. I would like to learn astral travel to see if there is a correlation between the two, and what the difference is between them.
I've always felt my physical body as a cumbersome piece of clothing, and can't wait to step out of it and be free. The only time I feel this way so far is when I am lucid and flying. It's an amazing feeling, one that seems to bring me closer to the truth I wish to find.
I am currently reading Astral Dynamics, and find it a very helpful and detailed guide. There are a few things I haven't been able to find in it, so I thought I might find the answer with fellow travelers, or on this forum.

14th September 2010, 07:19 PM
Aloha and welcome Kauai Dreamer.
Many of us in this type of community consider Lucid Dreaming and OBE to be different types of projections, to different regions in the nonphysical or consciousness focus levels- but projections nonetheless.
I hope you find the forums to be interesting and informative- welcome again.

18th September 2010, 06:23 AM
How wonderful it must be to live on Kauai! :)

Welcome to AD.

18th September 2010, 07:19 AM
How wonderful it must be to live on Kauai! :)

Welcome to AD.Yes it is wonderful here! Very peaceful and beautiful.