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17th September 2010, 09:59 AM
Recently I have been exploring Trance for the fun of experiencing Altered States. The problem is that I cannot seem to get very deep into trance. The most I can seem to achieve is only a light trance.

The best method I have used so far is one where I simply lay down in bed and concentrate on keeping my eyes still and resisting the urge to roll over and sleep.

This method usually works pretty fast and within 5-7 minutes my arms and legs start to feel very heavy -- to the point where it requires some effort to move them. They start to tingle and get numb and feel overall very heavy. Also, when this feeling progresses to my chest, I feel as if something is preventing me from filling my lungs all the way with air. It feels as if my breathing is hindered but it also feels as if my breathing has switched to automatic rhythm. The physical restrictive feeling of breathing is not SO bad I guess because its not accompanied by a feeling of a lack of oxygen (As if my breathing was actually hindered).

I should also mention that at that point (the deepest point I've reached) there was a noticeable decrease in my mental clarity and alertness. I was not sleepy -- but it seemed as if I had put some distance in between my MIND and my brain so to speak, and I would get slightly behind my train of thought.

Thats about as deep as I can seem to get. Pretty interesting in itself I suppose...But the problem is that I cannot seem to progress past this stage. I can still move my facial muscles with ease and when I open my eyes and look around the room it still looks normal -- hence NO astral sight. There is also no hypogogic imagery or sounds yet. I try to relax and go deeper but I just cannot seem to go deeper. After about 30 minutes of trying to go deeper I usually stop because I feel pain and stiffness all over my body.

Has anybody else gotten STUCK at this stage? If so please advise.


Aunt Clair
24th September 2010, 04:05 AM
You can deepen a trance in a variety of ways ;
1. create a sacred space to sit in
http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/ ... 426.0.html (http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,1426.0.html)
2. sit in a comfortable asana which does not restrict flow but allows energy to enter the body from mother earth with each breath
http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/ ... 923.0.html (http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,3923.0.html)
3. sit in dim light to facilitate clairvoyance
4. confine the area so that the energy builds up do this by creating sacred space in a small room
5. manifest a pillar of energy to continuously feed your body prana while you trance
http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/ ... 816.0.html (http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,1816.0.html)
6. react to the visions not merely watching them sleepily but asking questions concerning them and noting any knowledge gained to file it mentally.

EZ Recipe for Development
observe and reflect on all thoughts
immediately dismissing any negative ones
make all choices in love and light for greater good ,
do everything in love and light
drink lots of water
avoid smoke
learn to breathe well
meditate daily
learn to trance with deep cleansing breaths and focus of intention and will
practice psionics and projection to develop energy body
learn to recall projections in dreamstate
learn to make conscious obes
yoga ,swimming ,walking, stretching, are excellent
record your visions,and meditations and dreamstate lessons in a journal
share and teach .By elaborating on a method , you will learn it better yourself