View Full Version : Vibrating Massage Pillows

21st June 2005, 01:32 AM
I picked up some Vibrating Massage Pillows, the other day.
It's like a sponge Cylinder, battery Powered, and when switched on, kind of vibrates, it's not intense - but interesting.

This does help me feel focus my right foot, for example, by putting the vibrating cusion under my right foot.

Then later, I switch it off and try to imagine the same vibration sensation in my right Foot. It does help, and putting it under my head does help to induce sensations on the Forehead Chakra.

The question was, during energy work I do find it hard to focus on the Right Foot and other areas, and induce sensations.

I was wondering as no-one has ever mentioned these massage cushions and their use to aid Energy Work - has anybody else used these?

Is this a beneficial method? As I've seen them before lot's of times, but couldn't see them as any use or any reason to by one, but once I read the Astral Dynamics book, I got some specifically to aid me "feel/visualise" body areas easier.

21st June 2005, 10:03 PM
If your having a hard time sensing your limbs, and body, and this pillow helps, then use it! :wink: Try to eventually ween yourself off it though, otherwise you will need one BIG vibrating pillow when you start doing full body circuits! :shock: