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6th October 2010, 06:18 PM
Hello Robert, Admins, Community,

im from Germany and have read Astral Dynamics several years ago and i think its one of the best books i`ve ever read about OBE, all those Dimensions and mainly the new Recognitions about the Storage, Mind-Split and these things like Split-Probs i think i myself experienced quite often. Through this book my understanding increased amazingly. Though, its not that easy to deeply comprehend all as first of all it has to be translated in the right way. So now, after years i got back on track so to say and would love to go deeper into the theme again. Some days ago i started to translate the book from the beginning, do it as best as i can, also with the help of an `ultralingua`translation-machine. But as it is a huge amount of information i thought to rather concentrate my documentation of the translation on main or lets say on more difficult parts.
Now, this mainly i do cause i`ve heard that there never will be any german translation of the book available any time in future.
So first of all my question is: is this true, that there will be no translation of Astral Dynamics into german?
We (around 8 people) do run since 4 years a small german OBE-Forum which of im one of the three admins and i would love to talk with others in my language about all those experiences and knowledge Robert gained through his explorations.
Therefor my second question would be if it is or would be okay to work so to say in german virtual public with the contents of Astral Dynamics? Of course with respecting the copyright-rules in the common ways, like clear mentioning of the source, pages and so on.

I have read around here a bit and think it is a great place and surely would love to take part from time to time here too.

ok so far, thanx for listening and best greetings to all fellows.


6th October 2010, 06:26 PM
hello istia and welcome,

maybe it would help if you also post this directly into the Ask-RB-section to get into touch with Rob directly?

best wishes,

ps.: btw. what's the forum's name or link?

6th October 2010, 07:01 PM
Hi istia and welcome to the forums. I am not sure if there are german translations in the works- Robert has spoken about other possibilities, but I think it depends on the publishers also. I do recommend you post a quick version of the question in the 'Ask RB' subforum, as Volgerle did.
BTW One of our members, who used to be a moderator, Korpo, is German, so you can speak with him when he comes around.

6th October 2010, 07:20 PM
thanx both for your welcome, for the tips and the hint to speak to Korpo, great idea!

so i`ll do a short version into the ask-sector.

best greetings, istia