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21st June 2005, 06:38 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am not sure if this classifies as a LDP or as an OBE or what. I just know I was 100% lucid during the events I am about to describe to you below.

I was asleep and I was aware of having had 2 or 3 dreams just before I had this LDP/OBE/Whatever (the one I will go on to explain soon).

Each one of these dreams had a different protagonist, as if to say a split/different sub-personality/part of myself. In each of these dreams I was lucid but not to the extent I was in my last experience, which was the LDP/OBE/whatever.

Ok, let's get to it...

After I had the 2 or 3 dreams I just mentioned above I suddenly found myself projected into this shopping centre and was surrounded by some sort of "police/security" men.

I was aware as soon as I found myself in this situation of who these people were and what their purpose was. They were there to apprehend me (core personality) and all the other sub-personalities that starred in the immediately previous 2 or 3 dreams.

It was interesting because even though I knew this, there was no sense of fear, none whatsoever; and it also seemed that I had almost complete control over everything and everyone (I guess due to my extreme lucidity).

I stayed very calm and asked myself: "ok, now, is this physical reality or am I in some other realm of existence". Those weren't the exact words I used in my mind but I simply wanted to be sure of where I was and what I was capable to do in this place. So, what I did I jumped to reach a huge silver lamp with a massive and bright white light shining from it (from underneath it, though now I am not sure if there was an actual bulb there, though I am pretty sure there was a big round one).

This lamp was very high (hanging from the ceiling at about 20-25 feet from the ground) and when I jumped I felt as if I was flying, this was because my body was moving really slowly in the air, as if in slow motion.

I grabbed the lamp and propelled myself to get on top of it. I touched it, felt it, and just got acquainted with all my senses surrounding the experience... everything felt very physical.

At the same time I then immediately realised that I was not in physical reality, I "flew" and did something that I cannot do in physical reality (well, at least not yet, perhaps one day :)). Then once again, I became aware of all the "police/security" men (as soon as I jumped, and until some time after I was on top of the lamp, I was only aware of myself and the lamp; just completely present on what I was doing as if everything else that was part of the scenario had temporarily disappeared) and I felt they were after me once again.
So, I jumped off and fell standing up in this corridor with big windows on the walls. Somehow it felt very mystical/holographic and quantic in nature (I can clearly remember the feeling). I then instantly felt that I had to go and meet/find one of these sub-personalities that had been the star of one of the previous dreams.

This sub-personality I knew was "dark" but not in an evil judgmental way, but just "dark" and not necessarily threatening, this is very difficult to explain. Anyway I first started walking and soon after that started running.

I saw a whole heap of priests, ministers, nuns and religious authorities of different races and religions kind of representing all the religions in the world looking into these cells, and I stopped for a second... from behind them though came this stunning bright intense white light (as I write this I am becoming aware of the meaning behind all this for me) and I started once again running towards it.

I knew that the sub-personality was behind this light. I ran and passed through the light to find myself in this cell with the sub-personality, which looked like a combination between Freddy Krueger and the Sith soldier from Star Wars I.

We just stared at each other straight in the face and in the eyes... there was no threat, just this intensity that eventually became unbearable and I got to a point when I just felt it was too confronting; so, I opened my physical eyes and consciously withdrew from the whole experience.

I was 100% lucid through the whole experience and it was all incredibly intense.
I don't think I have ever had such an intense experience outside of my physical body (to the exception of one other experience, but I am fairly sure the other one was not an OBE at all).

I haven't really practiced any of the exercises or techniques from Astral Dynamics but intend to get into some kind of routine or discipline. For the moment this has been the most vivid "out of physical reality" experience that I have probably had in a long while...
Just want to know what you think of it... you think it was a LDP (lucid dream projection).... or an OBE... to me it felt like LDP

Anyway... looking forward to read your replies :)


21st June 2005, 11:32 PM
Good job on your experience Gibran and good to meet you.

Well I can not classify it as an obe or LDP but I feel as tho only you could..

Can you describe these security guys you encountered. What were they wearing or did you see any emblems on their shirts?

-The Projector-

22nd June 2005, 08:06 AM
I know they were all wearing black outfits (long tight shirts and trousers) and a black cap, and at least some of them were also wearing sunglasses. But no emblems or anything...

It felt as if they were a very generic kind of "order" squad. I didn't feel any meanness from them but more like a mechanistic cold robotic nature of simply keeping things in line, controlled and in "order".

There was no emotion... just some kind of strict mechanical order... I never felt they wanted to really hurt me in any way, just to get me out of there...

Once I jumped and were in the corridor they disappeared... as if they could not enter the corridor... they were limited to the shopping centre area... this I actually find a very interesting detail. I find it insightful as I didn't think of this until I just told you now...