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31st October 2010, 07:01 AM
I am very very happy to find Robert Bruce has this lovely online community to join. :D

I wish I had joined sooner! But I am fearful of how my previous experiences will be viewed. His techniques have proven to be invaluable in calming the spiritual waters in my life. I am hoping to find a safe place here to discuss some of the unusual spiritual sliding, and wild life issues I have experienced since being a very young child. I am also looking forward to refining the techniques, and would greatly appreciate any suggestions :D I have been trying to do this for too long in isolation.

Since employing Robert's techniques I do get to enjoy months of 'dry spells' :mrgreen: however I never know when I will run across a hot spot. I do not have a confidant to openly talk to about what I have seen, heard, and touched when a full awake slide occurs, or what I have seen when experiencing third eye or full OBE. Btw when you can get a blister sometimes just by trying to charge up in too strong of a place. They seriously HURT, and personally it caused me to back pedal a touch.

I am not sure what to expect, but am hopeful. I look forward to your responses :D

31st October 2010, 07:35 AM
Welcome, Mysteec77. Your stories will be read with interest here and, I've no doubt, responded to with many theories. :D

31st October 2010, 07:52 PM

it is good to face one's fears. we all have our share of fears. if you should feel to write something compromising, you can always edit later, and even delete the entirety. it is hard to say when writing what is also compromisingly felt, until one goes back and reads for themself what they had written. i just sort of let it out hang out without holding back. then i go back to edit and often delete.

you've probably got a lot to say which gives most folks the shudders in thinking about what they must not of themselves be saying in lieu of trying to say what they imagine folks want to hear instead, the short and authoritative approach.

this a good forum with good folks attending in and to it. just be you, whatever you is.


15th November 2010, 01:16 AM
Thank you both for the welcome :D