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21st March 2006, 04:47 AM
Hello Bruce Robert, I had a question on projecting, it seems other people have had similar experiences, but I have never quite gotten a clear answer, so here is what’s happening, maybe you can tell me either what I’m doing wrong, or what to do better.

First, I start with your recommended relaxation techniques, and some stretching until I’m relaxed.

Next, I lay down, propped up a little bit so as to not to fall asleep, and just think there, while breathing deeply.

When I start to feel a little numb or a bit heavy, I start the exercise where I feel I’m falling, usually using the ladder technique. About half the time I do this I fall asleep, but the other half, at some point in time I realize all of a sudden, as if waking up from a daydream, everything is heavy, and I feel sort of disassociated from my body, and sometimes I loose all feeling in certain parts (my hands usually first). Now, I would think at this point I’m in a trance, but if I try hard enough I can still move my body, and I have tried deepening this state, and not much happens. Also, usually at this point I feel my energy in my body very well.

Now, I have tried pull myself out with the rope at this point, and my energy seems to intensify, and I get a slight floating feeling, and I feel a lot of energy in my chest, upper arms and heart. My heart then feels like it is beating extraordinarily fast, (my heart chakra from what I’ve heard.) and I feel like I’m being pulled up, at this point it is hard to concentrate, but I try my best, and everything gets intense. Sometimes it’s hard to keep my eyes closed, other times I have REM(though this is rare), but normally everything seems to be going well.

That’s it though, I seem to hit a barrier, then everything starts slowly fading away, and I’m left there, with the feeling of a light trance, but still the ability to move if I felt it necessary.

Last note, what bothers me the most is that what I think is me entering the trance, but I never felt full paralysis, though I have felt this before, when sleeping, ill “wake up” but not be able to move. i have occasional lucid dreams, and i have projected once, i think. (saw the morning sky, when pulling the rope after a lucid dream)

Robert Bruce
29th March 2006, 10:58 AM

What you say are typical problems for a projector, especially a new conscious projector.

When you get to the point where you suddenly realize you are in trance, very heavy, this is the perfect time to project, as you suspect. At this time, you may feel you can move, and may feel yourself moving, but you are most likely paralyzed and moving your astral body instead, which can feel like you are moving your physical body.

You are most likely already projected some times you feel the above.

to cover this, focus on reentry methods; keep your projection short, ten seconds, then dive back into your body with enthusiasm shouting your success. This will help a lot.

For the times when you have not yet projected, relax and focus on your exit technique, and when you succeed keep it short etc.

Projection is a very difficult thing to do consciously. Do not lose heart. Just keep at it until you succeed.

You show good progress and you are right on the brink of succeeding. Keep at it till you do.


1st April 2006, 07:42 AM
Thank you very much, sir.