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1st November 2010, 08:28 AM
I'm watching this episode of "Haunted" which is a docudrama retelling of people's ghost stories complete with actual footage and interviews.

This ep in particular is like a comedy in errors... Majorly peeve-worthy...

In the ep, a member of a paranormal investigation team is attacked by an entity during an investigation at a convenience store. The team is complete with a priest, to evict any malevolent presences as needed... and as the priest is ordering this particular entity to leave the premises, it zeroes in on a team member and overcomes him. He becomes dizzy, nauseous and has to put down his camera.

At this point, do they stop everything? Does the priest bless the team member to make sure he doesn't leave with an entity attachment?


He goes home, disturbed by what happened, thinking maybe that paranormal investigation isn't for him. His own dog starts growling at him. Strange things start occurring around the house. His family dynamic and marriage starts becoming strained... He's attacked during the night, with aggressive sexual dreams and physical injuries. He even videotapes himself through the night (a la Paranormal Activity!) and during an attack, a heavy candelabra glides across his nightstand and crashes a framed picture to the floor. He also videotapes screaming heard in the back woods.

He doesn't tell his wife about the sexual dreams... he goes instead to the doctor believing that he's gone crazy and getting a battery of medical tests done, which reveal nothing wrong of course.

It's only after ages of this going out that MAYBE starts to put together that it might be related to the attack during the investigation. (ARRRRGHHHH)

So they call the priest and the team in, along with a demonologist, and they discover that the heaviest atmosphere appears to be in the master bedroom, especially the floor which appears to be vibrating heavily. And guess what...


'Scuse the caps but the episode majorly got my dander up, LOL...
I'm the newbiest of the newb paranormal investigators, and both teams I have gone on investigations with have been very careful about this... cautioning to let them know immediately if you feel strange or overcome, and taking steps both before and afterward to minimize the possibility of entity influence / attachment. I just can't believe that this guy didn't know the risk, didn't recognize the signs of attack/attachment, put his family through hell before even making the connection...

and for some reason the storing of the gear from that investigation underneath his bed just really had me :shock:
It seems like so much of his awful experience could have been averted, with a bit of common sense.

Happy (and Safe) Hunting to any paranormal investigators out there :D

1st November 2010, 09:24 AM
Hmm, I understand your exasperation, presuming it was all legitimately as they related.

1st November 2010, 04:14 PM
That's what I was thinking. This could have been made up, a la (was it the Fourth?) Kind, or embellished for effect- after all it is for entertainment.

1st November 2010, 04:52 PM
we sat up last night watching the Halloween Ghost Hunters, well about 3 hours of it. we found it dissapointing and overly commercialized, contaminated out the yin yang, and artificially acted out despite the unproductive conditions they all knew was the case.

the same entitized organization that shut the place down, that caused the failure of a trolley system that would have made the train terminal more efficient and successful, was the main component commercially for sell, the dodge caravan...go figure at that irony.

we love that show too, and will continue to watch the series, which is kept tight from contamination and over commercialization.

i thought of CFT's comment weeks back, about herself possibly haunting some old stomping grounds (house) from her dreams, when on the show they talked about 'slip' theory, over the water cooler incident witnessed at the train terminal.

interesting stuff...me thinks.


2nd November 2010, 01:17 AM
It was a pretty good episode as far as supporting evidence went... The style of the show is to include as much in the way of "real" material as possible, with interviews and people's own footage... The dramatization is used just to fill in story telling gaps, or to facilitate the storytelling.. For instance using creative editing to simulate how a cat looked up and sharply to the left, or in a re-enactment of a scary moment.

This episode in particular was almost all the people's own documentation and interviews, with the priest, the team member in question, his wife, his son, the other team members.. and they had loads of footage from their own investigation, both of the convenience store attack and the eviction of the entity at the team member's house. It's always possible that the show producers elaborated on the story, or that the people themselves were complicit.

Here's the candelabra video

Related videos on that page are "ungodly screams" and "succubus claims her man" and "bitten by a ghost"

What's "slip theory" Tim?

2nd November 2010, 04:42 AM
i am not sure, just heard about it watching ghost hunters the other night. has to do with two points in time at the exact same location where real folks on both ends perceive the simultaneous interactive haunting. no ghost, just real live folks experiencing one another through the 'slip', usually having to do with an object, perhaps furniture, or can be a whole venue, like the Ball Room at the Stanley Hotel filled with folks from the past as seen by a witness in present day. perhaps the folks at the ball interactively seeing this present day witness thought him/her to be a ghost as well.