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4th November 2010, 07:17 PM
Hello all glad to be here I am still working very hard on first conscious projection. I've had a couple successes off dreams . I'm 45 married I have a background in Enochian magic ( Hepatarchial focus) and work with Faery as well who are actually very similar to the Enochians in many ways. I'm an RN in acute care in a small town hospital. :D

4th November 2010, 09:11 PM
Hi Bluefirephoenixx and welcome to the forum.

9th November 2010, 06:46 AM
Welcome, Bluefirephoenixx. :D

14th November 2010, 01:21 AM
Welcome to the forums! Interesting esoteric background, I always liked the aesthetics of Enochian magic. Very pretty sigils.

14th November 2010, 10:00 AM
The spirits of the Enochian system are most excellent to get to know. I'm hoping to do some more work with them once I've learned some more skill in this area, but it kinda depends on what they suggest. Are you the same Ourbouros that publishes fancy occult books? I was doing a lot of work before with the Hepatarchy and the Arnay vah nah of Liber Logaeth.

14th November 2010, 03:33 PM
I am not the Ouroboros that publishes, I'm too busy chowing down on my tail to make fancy books. ;)

Actually, I wasn't even aware that there was an Ouroboros who made fancy occult books, I may have to check them out if they contain some good artwork.

Also, I've heard mixed things about Enochian spirits, although I'm sure much of that depends on which ones you choose to work with and how you choose to work with them. I never got deeply into it, because to be brutally honest I think I'm too much of a spaz for most ritual/ceremonial work. My sense of humor may not translate well across the veil, hehehe.

I'd enjoy reading about your experiences with the Enochian spirits, though, if you choose to post them.

14th November 2010, 07:13 PM
There isn't much ritual to it. Mathers ( Golden Dawn) added a bunch of junk. All Dee and Kelly did was light a candle and some incense and go to town. They used a table later on with some of the other stuff.
They have a good sense of humor I told Befafes ( prince, seas and water) he should do Vegas he can be very funny when he's in a mood. Actually RB described many features in the astral planes described by Dee and Kelly during transition between the 5 books of mystery and Cassaubon's collections.

I do artwork for some of my hubby's books. 2 published so far. One had about 26 illustrations and the other had about 30 I did them in charcol, with black and white water color. Llewellyn didn't want to publish in color and so I just did them in BW.

14th November 2010, 11:49 PM
That must have been cool, having your art published. :)

Not sure that I'm quite up for invocation yet, but I'd be interested in reading more of Dee's work. I'm unfortunately more familiar with Mather's work, which may be why I felt turned off. :P Have any recommendations?

15th November 2010, 10:07 AM
Where are you at doing this sort of thing the astral projection I mean and any other psychic work? I didn't do this before hand and it stalled me right in the middle of things .... so I'm making up for this now.
What I did was fairly simple I started with the 5 books of mystery and replicated Dee's steps as much as possible. The actual creation of the seals and sigils is part of the experience. People miss this because they're so goal oriented. You have to watch and experience the passage along the way. I'm finding astral projection the same. Yea progress is sporatic..... the night shifts really throw me off. I had a couple great days last week got very close then yesterday nada as far as progress towards the goal is concerned. .. however yesterday was unusually nice. It was clear and about 48F ( 7 C) and instead of doing my spiritual work in the house or studio I went for a hike in the woods sat against a tree by a little stream and worked there in the sun. I didn't have any great breakthroughs. I managed a better trance than I usually do, I might do the same thing at the beach today. I'm messing around a little because I did a major diet change this week. I still feel fatigued like my body is making some really major energetic adjustments. So I did short trance meditation sessions no attempts at exiting figure the same today if I won't stall an exit if one happens I'll be happy but I'm not pushing it til I feel balanced again.

OKay going back to Dee . In the beginning your making quite a bit of equipment and doing a lot of busy work. The spiritual value of this " busy craft work" should not be underestimated in any grimoiric system. It should be viewed as a specific type of meditation. Greatest possible care should be made when creating the pieces. SHould be done slow and contemplatively. ONce projection becomes a possiblity then it's time to go back through all the stuff made and explore it minus the corpus.
Joe Peterson wrote a really good edition of the 5 books of mystery. Either that or try to decipher Dee's chicken scratch written in archaic English and Latin Thats available online at magickal review.

Macgregor mathers founded Golden Dawn and made an edition of Cassaubon and incorperated it into their ritual structure. Basically everyone including Alister Crowley has followed nose to tail without even glancing at the original material. The 5 books of mystery at that point had not been rediscovered, or was considered unimportant. The focus is on the last Liber Loageth table called the great table. Cabala was forcibly incorperated into the system. Even Dee tried to understand it in terms of alchemy and cabala but the information given isn't well suited for it and the associations are forced. Crowley did so some very interesting vision work what they call phasing in OBE circles. on the Aires of the great table.

Yes it was fun to have the artwork published. Hopefully we'll get to do some more projects together again as long as it doesn't take focus off the important things.

15th November 2010, 10:33 PM
To your first question, I'm not currently pursuing or practicing Astral Projection, or very many other psychic activities. Right now, my primary focus is mostly along the lines of Bardon's First Step in Initiation Into Hermetics. I am doing a lot of internal psychological work, refining my character and working on flaws, becoming as aware as I can about what beliefs and preconceptions guide my actions. Meditation is also something I'm practicing, in an effort to both increase my ability to concentrate and also to get in touch with pure Awareness. I will be bringing NEW-style energy work back into the equation in December, when my schedule will be freeing up some.

I'm pretty much forging my own path, using advice and various practices I've read about. I'm not actually sure I will be doing much with Astral Projection, at least not for quite some time. Awakening is my current goal, and once I can consistently reach a state of Pure Awareness I will have a better vantage point from which to determine what direction I'd like to travel next. I am very interested in pushing the boundaries of what is "metaphysically" possible, finding out just what this walking meatshell is capable of...but before I do that, I want to be sure that I'm not being unduly influenced by egoic delusions of grandeur. That's actually a big part of why I'm not currently pursuing AP or psychic abilities...I know myself well enough to know that I'm too susceptible to temptation and pride for it to be wise to go around playing with non-physical powers.

My interest in Enochian magic is more academic at this point than practical, but you never know when you'll come across something helpful.

16th November 2010, 10:53 AM
whoa there's some real work going on there :D The guru mindset has it's benefits and also significant disadvantages. I don't do real well following other people generally. This has rather been the exception but it's possible because it's a new skill and at some point I'll diverge and develop my own techniques just as I did with the spirit work. On the other hand it's nice to have support when learning a new skill or a new part of the path.

Studying the Enochian works may prove to be very beneficial and I would suggest looking over Cassaubon's a True and Faithful relation because Dee and Kelly were both Hermeticists and Alchemist both of which might give some insight for your goals. I downplayed this part of it because I tend to focus more on people that goals and people includes spirits. But there is a significant componant of this work devoted to things more along the lines of your interest. And it not only comes from a human point of view but it also comes from the spirits because they talk about it. In fact, the reality fluctuations that RB and other projectors noted in fact was documented in Cassuabon during the conversation with Nalvage. Dee was trying to get the spirit to write up a map of the world ( he was a cartographer too) and the spirit repeatedly told him that he couldn't do it that his view of our plane wouldn't provide the information that Dee was looking for.So humans are not the only spirits to have issues with reality fluctuations on our plane... even higher spirits seem to as well.

I think ego gets in the way when we thing we have ' arrived" Instead of continuing the work we set back and get all inflated over what we've done. The shift goes from the present to the past and the past tends to become romanticised. Comparing to other people we either become the bully to support the ego or we think we can bring other people up to our level, and misprecieve that they're below or lesser somehow. The reality is when this happens personal growth is stalled. It's a constant battle.