View Full Version : possible astral structure mentioned in Pliny

16th November 2010, 12:01 PM
I'm not 100% sure of the original reference to this I believe it's in Pliny. A significant dialog is made in Cassaubon's " True and Faithful Relation" ( late 1500's). The question is whether or not it's been investigated the ' civilization' which Pliny reported as living on the North pole .. not not Santa either... This was supposedly a remenent of the biblical Eden and generally related to mankind's origins.. The belief was prevelent at least dating from the 15th century and probably earlier. What I was wondering is if anyone ever checked it out astrally. It has many similar characteristics to an astral plane people are describing.. I'm still working on getting my sorry stuck buttucks off the ground. In fact several items from Pliny's descriptions sounds very astral. I hope to get a first hand look at this but I was wondering if anyone else had the same thought or had investigated.

Edited it's Ptolomy not Pliny and it's in Tetrabiblios.