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28th November 2010, 08:34 PM
Hi everyone!

I kind of forgot about the introductions and went straight into posting in earnest, so I thought I'd better write a little something.

I first got interested in astral projection and other things spiritual when I was about 18. I happened to hear a late night interview with William Buhlman and became fascinated with the idea of astral projection. That seemed to open up an unquenchable thirst in me to read about all things supernatural and spiritual.. at the time I was at University and I read my way through books in the library on tarot and Hermeticism, Hindu and Buddhist texts, basically anything I could get my hands on. I never seemed to get on well with most of the New Age writings (with a few exceptions) as it seemed to me to be too subjective and hard to separate the valuable from the worthless. But one of the exceptions was RB, as I could tell he was clear and objective, and most importantly wrote from experience. I had my first really interesting experiences by following his advice.. but for some reason I lost motivation soon after and life got the better of me for a while!

I never lost interest though, and recently my motivation has suddenly come back with a vengeance! My main interests are in concentrating the mind, trance meditation and astral projection... I hope I can learn a lot from you guys!

Yoroshiku! (<-- I wish we had an equivalent of this word in English!)

28th November 2010, 11:29 PM
Nice to meet you too Jamboh! Hajimema♥♥♥♥e! :D (I probably used it wrong, but what the heck.)

29th November 2010, 03:40 AM
I kind of forgot about the introductions and went straight into posting in earnest
That's okay. I seem to recall I did pretty much the same thing when I first turned up here. :)

Your intro is very interesting, thanks for taking the time to share it.

30th November 2010, 12:58 AM
Hallo Jamboh and welcome.

Astral dynamics is the right place to be if your interest in OBEs has been reawakened.

Regards 8)