View Full Version : Been searching for a long time!

30th November 2010, 02:08 AM
Hello everyone, I am new to this site of course but not new to the search. I have always enjoyed the search part but never really stuck to the practical application part. I am now turning a new leaf in that regards and committing to my spiritual growth. I have purchased the MAP program and will be dedicating myself to stick with it and finish something for once. I had experienced an OBE about 16 years ago totally by accident. A woman was reading to me as I laid my head in her lap. I thought I looked up at her and then sat up, until I saw my body was still below me. I was frightened and snapped awake realizing I had just projected. I had wondered for many years now without committing to achieving that result again. I think I have been avoiding it because of the fear I had when it happened, for some reason astral projection has been popping up in my life again. In books, movies and just coincidences with interacting with people and what they say. I am anxious to read through this forum and I hope I can learn and give back in some way to help others on their journey.

30th November 2010, 03:08 AM
I'm glad you found the forums, Kat. I hope we can help if needed. Welcome.