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7th December 2010, 05:05 AM
I was away for the weekend at a really lovely beach resort , & had an odd experience one night - I was woken by what felt like someone punching me really hard with their fist, right over my heart (I was lying on my back) It was quite painful, & my heart beat irregularly for several minutes afterwards. I looked round the holiday cottage, but everyone was fast asleep, nothing was out of place. I used Robert's violet light cleansing on the room & went back to sleep, but it was very strange.

7th December 2010, 02:52 PM
Go to a doctor and get checked out. Sometimes these things are indicators that something physical is going on. Please get seen by a doctor.

7th December 2010, 04:15 PM
absolutely get to a doctor about this, asap. i am curious and concerned, why this would immediately upon waking be assumed as an external 'attack', as opposed to the apparent heart within actually physically struggling.

this mindset is why to-go cups of coffee have lables on them saying: caution coffee is hot; as well as being why forums like this one increasingly see the need for disclaimer notices

i mean, protective violet rays are one 'thing', but you can bet your last red cent that "Robert" never in a million years would mean for any 'thing' to supercede or replace human common sense causally dwelling from within each human being.

however, common sense is uncommon in our present time; and that sad factoid is perhaps the biggest money/power maker of all. some get very wealthy on the false ideations of the many whom will not look within for the causal answer.

7th December 2010, 05:53 PM
CFT is right go get it checked out but what you got to ask yourself is why
if you got a true warning then you can do something about it in some cases call it a life line, warnings are to teach Of course, but you have to look at the cause from the symptom. If I fall down and break my leg, it could be a message telling me to be more careful when I walk, or where I choose to walk, but the warning manifested in the physical, so the leg has got to be given medical attention first, and then the reasons why I tripped, which can be many, and then the reason for spirit to teach me this lesson can be looked for. I'm not going to learn anything in the material world if I am not alive to learn it.

i get irregular heart beat one or two times a day, but i know why, a slight negative thought will set it off, If you have irregular heart beat that can be caused by a negative thought, you need to find out what in the heart is reacting to it. If a doctor cannot find a reason, then it is obviously reacting to the reason for the thought, be it anger or guilt, and then the anger or guilt (or whatever) needs to be released. But if you make the assumption that it is purely metaphysical, you run the risk of not being here long enough to learn that lesson.
The heart is a biological organism that reacts to neural signals. That's why fear and anger make it beat harder, and that's why love makes it feel so tingly and wonderful. But if you are having the feeling of a punch or physical pain, chances are that there is something that needs to be looked at- on the physical level.

7th December 2010, 07:00 PM

8th December 2010, 03:55 AM
Thank you so much, everyone, for all the concerned replies! I am already under a doctor's care, having hemiplegic migraine (symptoms are like having a stroke) & rather heavily medicated for this condition, including meds to lower blood pressure etc - I had an EC about a year ago & have apparently a "strong, good heart" according to the Drs., so I didn't think of physical causes at all. I was also on this weekend journey to investigate the reasons that lead to the suicide of someone I cared about deeply, so I was in a rather dark place spiritually (still am - & am disappointed in myself that I can't let go, in the very way I would advise another to do!)

And yes, I do feel I have done something wrong - I was not there for this person, from a misguided desire not to impose myself, & also more seriously, from fear of rejection. Now I know I am "throwing myself beserk" (brilliant metaphor, Tutor!)against a wall, but perhaps it's just something I have to go through (pun intended!)

I was actually convinced at the time of experiencing the "punch" that it had been administered from an outside agency, possibly a neg (?) or that it was perhaps a sign that I was not welcome there. . . . .BTW I have my doubts about clinging to the physical, the meat-body - why do we have to fight to remain in it if medically it's clearly time to let it drop off? (Not that I'm saying that's the case here or that I'm planning any dastardly deed to slough it off! :)

8th December 2010, 03:02 PM
Well, if we go the metaphysical route, I have two thoughts:
You are connected to this person via the heart chakra, and you feel responsible for what happened, even though you know it was his choice to leave. Now you are saying stuff like "why stay around if your body gives out" sounds more like he is expressing some sort of feeling through you, possibly through your heart chakra connection. This physically hurt you because there are many emotions that are not in harmony with each other- the knowledge that if he did it it was necessary to him at the time, and the feeling it wasn't really necessary, that there was something you could have done.
So combine your regret/feelings and his need to express emotions (that he can't by himself, as he has no nervous system) and your implicit offer to help with the transition- it was felt as an impact because it was an impact.
There's a lot of sorting out you need to do, try to discern your own feelings from his, and if this becomes hard to handle, thank him for letting you share in his healing (because a suicide has so much to go through that went unresolved this time around) but you can only take so much.
I'll come back to this later because I'm in a half trance ATM and don't know how coherent this is coming through.

9th December 2010, 05:00 AM
CFTraveller, thank you, that was VERY coherent indeed; I think you have hit the nail on the thumb (I know you say it's "on the head", but the thumb is so much more painful & I never know if it's the nail's head or one's own!! :) )

If I may ramble on, in our combined horoscope we showed as psychically linked, & sharing one another's thoughts, as well having our lives changed by our contact - words in part of the horoscope read, "you both desire a cosmic union of souls" (Astrodienst is very good, I find!) so probably I am indeed taken over, in a sense, by his feelings & thoughts. I know in my (own!) mind this cannot be entirely healthy but as you say I have a lot of sorting out to do.

I really apologise for "letting it all hang out" like this & will try to keep off the topic from now on on the forum, seem to have become a bit obsessed. :?