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8th December 2010, 02:42 AM
Just a general observation that i have noticed a stark decrease in OOBE activity now that my fear levels are minimized.

I am thinking this could be related to the idea that fear increases adrenal activity which increases focus and attention increasing chances for success.Fear is also a great motivator. I am more keen on watching what is going on when there is a sense that there is something on the line if i don't.

Some obvious draw backs to depending on fear as a motivator or enhancer to the oobe would be adrenal fatigue. You wear yourself out quickly with an adrenaline crash. This could be a possible explanation for why i don't want to have those times where projections keep occurring throughout the night.

I still think that harnessing emotion can be some sort of key to consistent natural oobe. I don't quite know how or at what point this key would do unlocking.By harnessing i don't mean having the ability to stop feeling i mean consciously being able to manage the intensity of your emotional experience. Increasing the intensity when needed and decreasing when needed.

9th December 2010, 01:08 AM
Not really an obe, but i had a dream that i was walking with someone and was taken to a row of snarling pit bulls. Who i was with said to me that i wouldn't be able to hide my fear because the pit bulls will smell it and attack.

I was flipping through a copy of men's health magazine today and opened up to a page where the first thing i saw was a little blurb called "you can smell fear".
The blurb stated that the part of your brain that registers fear lights up when smelling the sweat from a skydiver. Smelling the sweat of someone on a treadmill
didn't light up the part of the brain that registers fear. There was no noticeable difference in the actual stench of the sweat though.

9th December 2010, 03:13 PM
Hello, heliac.

You might have taken this dream too literally. It could be related to the fact that in the out-of-body state, you can neither hide nor repress your emotions. Your only choice is to release them.

Smell is probably in this regard the sense closest in analogy to what is portrayed here. Your body constantly reveals information about its inner chemistry through the sweat (a waste product of your inner chemistry), and the sense of smell can pick up on the tiniest traces of such information (just a few molecules in millions) and deduce information from it (mostly unconscious). This is equivalent to seeing inside someone. And a similar level of information can be available to other entities in the nonphysical, they kind of "pick up on it" like you would on a smell.

According to Kurt, access to the higher planes can be denied by entities he identifies as Gatekeepers. Their appearance is defined by how you see them. Seeing a row of pitbulls could be such a picture - it's a mixture of the themes of "watchdog" and "being able to detect fear." Fear needs to be released before one can go to the higher planes.

The one you were with could have been a guide, sharing information about what you were perceiving. Again, your inner emotional and mental state (belief system) are part of how you would perceive, interpret and remember such information.


9th December 2010, 03:20 PM
PS - I read your first post just after replying to the second. Now it makes even more sense!

On the 8th you posted the idea that fear could be an OBE helper. On the 9th you report the dream about fear. Combining this (one rather directly followed the other) I come to the following interpretation:

The dream might have been some feedback about your idea. It kind of tells you that if you try to take the fear approach you might block yourself from having more interesting adventures because you cannot get past the gatekeepers.


10th December 2010, 04:01 AM
WOW, Korpo, thank you. That was a pretty amazing interpretation.

I think you are on point with just about everything you have said. I had been a little disappointed that i had not been having as many obes as before and i think i inadvertently allowed myself to experience the fear, i guess dweller, that occurs nearly every time.The dweller experience does help me to remember, it can just be a little difficult to manage sometimes.

I felt like the dream with the dogs was an experiment or test. Looking at the situation from the outside in i didn't appear to be afraid of the dogs, but i was, which is why the person i was with said i wouldn't be able to hide the fear.Since the dream was somewhat controlled there was an opportunity to asses the emotional evaluation of the situation with a layered response. Instead of panicking, becoming engulfed in fear or becoming numb and cutting out the fear, a layer of confidence or faith is added to the fear. The combination of fear and faith that i will be safe from whatever is causing the fearful experience is a sort of empowerment. The fearful experience doesn't need to be repressed or avoided or released now, it can happen every night, i can benefit from the recall power behind the profound emotion and go about my way out of body once it passes.

I feel that the "awakening" process of out of body experiences, going from mind awake/body asleep to a full blown obe, when coupled with powerful emotions in particular fear can imprint the experience in memory quite well.

3rd January 2011, 02:22 PM
Not really an OOBE but things kind of get meshed together.

Sometimes when i am falling asleep i will get woken up by energy sensations. It hasn't happened in a while but it did last night. I'll fall into sleep paralysis with astral sight and the type of energy sensations i get range from something that feels like cool pressure waves to that plasma like lava lamp fluid moving around in my body on its own. I feel the pressure waves more so around my legs and the lava lamp fluid on my back neck and head.

I usually have no control over where the sensations go and what they do it just moves around and does what it wants on its own. This time, last night i started feeling the lava lamp fluid moving around but while i was in a dream.The sensation was powerful enough to jar in lucidity, i became somewhat aware that i was dreaming. During this dream i was having a conversation with someone who was telling me they had a weird mole on their shoulder. I could feel the plasma like fluid moving around my back and swirling up head and arm. I was able to direct the fluid this time though. I put my finger tips on the persons mole and the plasma fluid glided down my arm and out my finger on to the mole.

I pulled my fingers a little bit away from the mole to see what was going on, i still didn't really have control over it, it was doing it's own thing, i pretty much just directed it to the mole.
As i was watching the plasma energy move onto the mole, the mole started to change colors. It started turning into a frosty bluish/whitish crystal color and structure. I just kept watching what was happening and the frosty crystal colors started to clear out and the mole started looking more diamond like, not quite though there were little bead like crystals in and on top of the diamond.At the very top of the diamond there was a little black spot or hole. I couldn't tell if the diamond was surrounding the mole or the mole turned into the diamond, that was something i remember thinking about as i was looking at it.After it was all done, i touched the final product and the diamond was pretty much in the persons body. I tried pulling on it a little bit and it didn't come out. There was a moment when i said to myself if i should just yank it out but i didn't thinking it would hurt the person and then i woke up.

16th January 2011, 11:06 AM
Not an OBE

I had a pretty neat dream a few nights ago i figured i would jot down here since Robert was in it.

I had a dream i was in Robert's home, we were talking about something, i don't remember what...

At some point we decided to go outside. When i got outside i saw that Robert had a mini farm. The house was surrounded by vibrant green pastures and trees with really big strong looking horses frolicking around.There was a sturdy mountain nearby too, pretty much a healthy natural environment.

The sun was raising or setting, by the horizon and the colors given off by the sun were very soothing and gave everything a little extra vibrancy.

Off far in the distance almost around where the sun was setting or raising was a rumbling. It seemed almost like a volcano getting ready to blow. That is pretty much all i remembered...

17th January 2011, 01:42 PM
Hello, heliac.

The quality you describe reminds me of dreams I had, especially the sunlight. Not the same experience, but the same quality. The quality of the light has become something I take note of whenever it seems remarkable.


23rd January 2011, 02:11 PM
Had an OBE, i was taken by the hand by a "helper" to outer space, just outside earth's orbit. We went to one of the Greys ship's. Inside were three greys doing something with the ship. I could see Earth from inside looking out, very beautiful. I could also see all around through the ship horizontally as if the ship had transparent walls although above and below were opaque. One of the Greys walked over to me and acknowledged me. It seemed like they were very very busy with something very focused. My stay was short just a greet and then i woke up.

6th February 2011, 03:08 PM
Laying on my left side i was pretty much just thinking about my day and smiled to myself and got nice and cozy. When i felt the warmth cover my body i started looking into the mindspace and the little pinpoint spot was much bigger this time.

It kept moving around and moving around, i stopped trying to follow it and just waited where my eyes felt comfy. It eventually poised itself where i was looking and when it did i focused on it pretty good.

After a while i did start to see the vortex. The Pinpoint spot grew into the vortex.It was like a light blue color a little bit grayish too.I got very very dizzy once the vortex expanded.But i still felt very warm and cozy, content so the dizziness didn't bother me.

I didn't really know what to do from here so i just kept trying to concentrate on the vortex hoping that would increase the intensity and i would fall into it.

Instead i started getting full body vibrations very warm and comfy not overly intense at all which i welcomed very much.The vibes stopped around my neck, i tried to get them to spread up to my head. At this point it just felt very nice, i wasn't really thinking of projecting i wanted to spread up the nice warm vibes up to my head to see what would happen. I got stuck around my throat and i felt like i clicked out.

I didn't though i ended up getting astral sight, but i couldn't move. There was a spot by the wall where i was facing across from my bed that was highlighted. I saw that as one of those distractions and started thinking of which projection technique to attempt based on my position.I looked away and tried to ignore it. I couldn't, my attention kept getting drawn back to it.

I would glance at it, look away, glance at it some more look away until when i started looking at it more i started to see a face and i heard in my head to use the spot as a point to project to. I did that and immediately started floating up. I saw that i was nearing the ceiling and i put through the intent to go through it. I pretty much just started floating up through the floors above me until i noticed something that grabbed my attention and then stopped and looked around.

It looked like i was in one of my neighbor's apartment. I looked around the room hoping i could find a picture to see whose apartment i was in. There were not any self portraits around so i thought,"ok its night time let me just take a look at who is laying in bed"

It got very weird at this point. When i approached the person's bed i felt really strange. Can't really describe it but i pretty much went blind and felt like i shouldn't be there. I backed off a bit and asked for clarity so i could see again which worked. Just a note on this, in the past i have tried asking for clarity when i would have projections i couldn't see and it doesn't always work. This time i expected/anticipated it to work and it did just fine. I approached it with the attitude that it is supposed to work so why shouldn't it.

After that happened i figured i should leave so i looked for the door and passed my head through it.It is pretty much like how it happens in the movie ghost.

On the other side of the door i was in a hallway i walked down the hallway to the living room.There was a cat in the living room that jumped down when i walked by, the cat started walking around me.From there i went into the kitchen, just checking out where i was.

At this point i started to wake up, things were getting hazy and i felt a little tug and faded out and woke up.

I think what i took away from this experience the most is benefit of projecting from a "clean house". Projecting from a place of warm content is very nice.Perhaps being a happy camper eases projection exit sensations a little or at least your ability to cope with the sensations.

7th March 2011, 01:36 AM
I was laying in bed today watching the little poofy floating colors. I usually don't pay too much attention to them because they end up fading away on their own most of the time.I have played around a little bit with them in the past before too though.

This time i felt like looking into it and playing with it a little more. The default color is neon violet. That color is what naturally appears on its own.

I did a few things while observing the neon violet colored poofs.At one point the poofs started moving down and to the right out of my view. I said to myself "it is very difficult to examine this over there, please move up to where i am looking". Very surprisingly the poofies moved up to where i was looking.Neat!And then i gave a little thanks for the request being fulfilled.

From there i pretty much let the poofies do what they wanted but after a little while they would fade away. I saw this as an opportunity to see if i could call it back. I don't know exactly how but i pretty much brought them back by reaching out for the experience again.

When the color got nice and bright and was making some bigger poofs, i felt engaged and i asked to myself and to the poofies "what is this"?
This got very strange after i asked that question. The poofies got very very big and started to encompass my entire field of vision. Poofies within poofies would expand out to fill up my sight.There were also some other colors that started to mix in with the violet little touches of green and blue.

The poofies are normally round expanding cloud shapes but once they got so big as to fill my field of vision the round poof would disperse and another poof colored cloud would start up again to take its place.

After a while of that my attention faded and the poofies faded too. When i noticed this i would call them back. I tried changing the color deliberately but couldn't.I had my hand on my solar plexus at the time, not deliberately, and i brought my attention down to where my hand was and the poofies turned a bright yellow. I watched the bright yellow for a little bit and from time to time i would see some brown muckiness mix in with it.

I then tried to go down to the base center but couldn't really get my attention situated down there for some reason.I started thinking that maybe if i put my hand around my base center i could see another color there.It didn't seem like i could get past where my hand was. I clicked out and rolled over on to my side and moved my hand to my butt.

I then went back into the mindspace area and got the poofies back, neon violet again. I moved my attention to where my hand was around my butt to the base center but still no change in the color.It was still violet. I really tried reaching out down to the base but the best i could get as far as a change in color was the outer edges of the poofies were red in color, the core of the poofy was still violet.

20th March 2011, 01:55 PM
Had a pretty active night last night. Lots of distractions mid projection.

Laying on my back i started settling into MABA but i kept snoring which would wake myself up as soon as the first snore snorted.This is happening as soon as i feel my muscles start to shut off, so i couldn't really stop it because it seems to be related to deep relaxation.

What i did was i layed on my back to get into that deep relaxed state and then as soon as a snort woke me up i tried hanging on to that deep relaxed state while rolling over onto my side where i dont snore.

Laying on my side at some point i teeter at the point of projection and i hear the door to my apartment open and close and i hear someone walk in.This woke me up a little bit beause it sounded so convincing. I found myself fighting off the urge to wake up completely to see if someone was really there.

I went back to observing and waiting and i start to feel some localized heavy vibrations and floating limbs and i say to myself, "ahh yes, let me try rope" and then more distractions jump in.

This time i hear something running towards my bed and i feel something small jump towards the foot of my bed and start crawling up real slow towards me.

This was very very distracting because it really was very convincing and it was a little creepy. While the little thing was crawling up towards me another one jumps up towards my head and i feel it crawling on my pillow and touching my head. I move my astral arms and try to swat it away but my movements are so slow and i didn't feel anything around my head when i got my arms there.

A third one jumps up and crawls towards my back and now i am getting curious. All the while these little critters are jumping up on my bed i recognize them as distractions and try to stay focused on doing rope but now it was just making me curious as to what the heck these things are.

The one that jumped up towards the foot of my bed is around my belly now so i look down at it and it looks like a weird...i don't even know how to explain it. Maybe something like a weird monkey looking thing.

I'm not scared of it and it almost seemed like it was nuzzling up on my belly energy center. For some reason i get the idea that this little critter needs a hug. I still have use of my astral arms so i reach down there and pull it into my chest give it a big hug and do emotional amplification on love and i start feeling really nice and warm and the little critters dissapear.

I keep going with the emotional amplification and feel my body start to glow i really start reaching out to my higher feelings and push to feel as much love as i can and i start getting full body buzzing and glowing/beaming.

That feeling starts to fade and so does the buzzing and now i feel something touching my foot.Oh boy now what?!haha!

It is like a gentle but firm plucking on my foot.I let myself get distracted again and start playing with this plucking feeling.It plucks twice i wiggle my foot back at it twice. The plucking almost seems like it becomes more deliberate and it becomes a little plucking/wiggling game. Pluck, wiggle, pluck pluck pluck, wiggle wiggle wiggle.

I start drifting off and at some point i just woke up.

23rd March 2011, 01:08 AM
The last 3 nights i've had some pretty tough times trying to project. I keep getting stuck in partial exits(arms floating, astral sight) due to strong astral distractions.

I normally don't get this much astral distraction. The night of the 19th were the little critters, which i wrote about earlier.

The night of the 20th, my bed felt like it was shaking. This was not the vibrations. I honed in on the sensation just to make sure and it was distinctly a sensation of my bed moving forward and back. again from a partial exit.Not really scary but enough to distract me from projecting.

And last night felt like hands were touching me and heard a very deep creepy voice of someone saying some not so nice things to me, right in my ear.Again also from a partial exit.This wasn't really all that frightening either but enough to distract me.What was being said in my ear was "you are miiinnee". Writing this now kind of makes me chuckle because it is just a silly thing to hear but it did take me aback and i remember in the moment thinking, "woah let me ask about this now".When i woke up i brushed it off and went to sleep.

All three distractions occur almost at the moment astral sight and astral arms kick in.

The last one was probably the more distracting and so far the distractions have gotten progressively stronger. Going to see if i get any more strong distractions tonight.

26th March 2011, 04:05 PM
This week so far i've had 4 astral experiences all ended at astral sight and floating astral arms.

All ended because the astral distractions were so convincing that i couldn't focus on my task except for the last one.

With the last projection i took some of my own and some of Robert's advise and dialed into the just do it attitude.

There were no distractions waiting for me as soon as i got astral sight and arms this time so i tried rope again.
Very heavy exit sensations kick in and i can't bring myself to ease into that. My arms are so slow and heavy i can't
pick up the pace, too groggy to really put a good mental effort into it.Tried going with the flow and did the rope pull
slow and as deliberate on feeling moving up the rope as possible, nothing, I get discouraged and click out.

There is still a psychological block with this technique revolving around avoiding the exit sensations. They are not that bad
not too sure why. The failed attempt is a combination of an inability to assert, to do and general grogginess. I'm used to
observing and having things happen by them self.At some point i will need to stop observing and start doing.I can have more consistent experiences this way
i don't have to just roll over and go back to sleep if it doesn't happen by itself.

Rope is a good technique to go after some personal weakness spots psychologically surrounding assertion. I will notice anything happening through out the day where
my assertion is a little weak as well to try to bring this home holistically. Not ready to give up on rope just yet, i can always go back to the
mindspace projections which dont have that much exit sensations if needed.

26th March 2011, 04:30 PM
A quick interruption- are the exit sensations strong in one area more than others? Sometimes I feel my heart chakra strobing so hard that it makes it feel heavy, and the rope harder to do.
You mention fear (of sensations) and possibly an 'assertion' issue. Would you try to meditate on this and see if you can locate a specific spot in your body where you 'feel' this the most?

26th March 2011, 05:02 PM
A quick interruption- are the exit sensations strong in one area more than others? Sometimes I feel my heart chakra strobing so hard that it makes it feel heavy, and the rope harder to do.
You mention fear (of sensations) and possibly an 'assertion' issue. Would you try to meditate on this and see if you can locate a specific spot in your body where you 'feel' this the most?


It is mostly my chest and solar plexus area strobing . feeling the assertion or fear is mostly from my throat to my solar plexus.Any tips?

26th March 2011, 05:08 PM
A combo of things-
First of all, when you do energy work on those centers, use air energy when you're done stimulating. The solar plexus chakra is a 'fire' chakra- perhaps when you are done stimulating, visualize fire, then water, and then breathe out air through the chakra, and in the heart chakra, try to stimulate it gently, and perhaps with the same strategy- fire, water, and then air. Maybe you could do a 'love' meditation while you're in the relaxation/meditation part of your routine, so that if it strobes it does it before you're actually trying to exit.
If the rope exit still brings on a lot of unplesant sensations switch to something different. like 'jumping on a trampoline' or 'rocking', which don't use those middle chakra systems so prominently.

26th March 2011, 05:28 PM
A combo of things-
First of all, when you do energy work on those centers, use air energy when you're done stimulating. The solar plexus chakra is a 'fire' chakra- perhaps when you are done stimulating, visualize fire, then water, and then breathe out air through the chakra, and in the heart chakra, try to stimulate it gently, and perhaps with the same strategy- fire, water, and then air. Maybe you could do a 'love' meditation while you're in the relaxation/meditation part of your routine, so that if it strobes it does it before you're actually trying to exit.
If the rope exit still brings on a lot of unplesant sensations switch to something different. like 'jumping on a trampoline' or 'rocking', which don't use those middle chakra systems so prominently.

I think i see what you are getting at. I can do mindspace projections because the forehead and crown centers are probably more active. Rope involves middle chakra systems more prominently, my middle charkas are not as active so more feedback is being generated...

I will try imagining/breathing fire, water, air at my solar plaexus and heart and add in some extra lovin. I'll create and feel a scene in each area. imagine and feel a bright burning flame for fire, maybe for water i will go for the sensation of watery ebb and flow, wind i will feel air passing through the area.

26th March 2011, 07:04 PM
I had a good time reading your journal, Heliac!
...Especially since I found amazing similarities between this experience of yours and one I had earlier this month...

The Pinpoint spot grew into the vortex.It was like a light blue color a little bit grayish too.

I would glance at it, look away, glance at it some more look away until when i started looking at it more i started to see a face and i heard in my head to use the spot as a point to project to. I did that and immediately started floating up.
I did see something like that too and had an exit similar to yours... And I had a hard time validating my experience back then since the exit symptoms, like you, were so light... And this spot of light I saw on my ceiling was not talked about in RB's books. I couldn't recall reading something like that in someone else's journal either... I have to admit that I haven't read every page of everyone's journals yet though :lol:

At this point i started to wake up, things were getting hazy and i felt a little tug and faded out and woke up.

This is also very similar to how my experience ended...a type of fading then I knew I was back in bed, though my eyes were closed. I only had to open them up.
It feels great to know that someone else went through something similar, and that it was not my imagination playing tricks on me, so thank you! :wink:

26th March 2011, 09:24 PM
Hi Poeme,

Glad you had a good time!

I think the spot of light on the wall was a lesson in exiting. After that experience i woke up and had thought to myself, well that was a good exit technique.

27th April 2011, 05:02 AM
Not really an OBE and this occurred some time ago can't remember the date but seemed significant:

I had a wonderful meditation practice last night and wanted to document and post it.

I had been sitting on a very comfy, cozy, fluffy chair and was doing some light energy sponging around the full body circuit. At some point i had start drifting off a bit but i was still aware of that happening and continued doing the circuit. I think at some point i had dipped into MABA although i didn't receive any feedback(dizziness, expanding, dropping) that i was. The energy sensations in MABA were much more tangible and i was quite surprised how real it felt.

The realness of the energy sensations made focus and intent on moving and feeling so much easier.I moved from circuiting to direct energy center stimulation starting at my sub navel center.There was a wonderful warm behive buzzing which i focused on intensifying and feeling more. Upon intensifying the warm buzzing at the navel i started to feel very emotional. It was a sensual almost sexual feeling that filled up my lower half i went with that and amplified the sensual/sexual feeling and pulled it up my back to my head and back down to the sub navel center.

When doing this the sensual feeling grew and spread i could feel it all over.When i got back to the sub navel area i literally felt like i was about to have an orgasm. I was very curious about this because i was not physically aroused at all and to make sure that i wasn't i mentally felt around the sexual organs.

This was as far as i let it go as far as the sensual emotional intensity.I continued to breath up this wonderful sexual/sensual feeling around the circuit and more emotions started to surface. I started to feel like i was about to burst into tears. There was no sad or depressing thought tied to the feeling. It was more likely a result of circuiting sensual ecstasy i guess. Again i did not let it go so far as to let myself burst into tears.I felt like if i did i would be on the floor in front of me totally and uncontrollably crying.

This was as far as i was willing to go with this and i stopped and clicked out and took a quick look at my pants to make sure nothing ahhhh got wet down there. Embarasssssiiiinnnggggggggg

A second post that happened a couple weeks ago:

Again from the pre-exit state and this time i felt the tangible lava lamp like energy moving around up until it got to my mouth.

When it got to my mouth i felt a lot of pressure build up around my sinuses and the roof of my mouth, i focused my attention on it and watched.

The pressure started building up a lot and it starting getting a little painful but nothing major or unmanageble. The pressure continued to build up and i felt snapping and heard some snaps and the pressure around the sinuses faded.

I tried doing a projection technique after that but couldn't get it going.

Third post last weekend:

Again from the pre-exit state. Amplifying very strong grounding emotions, confidence, self-assuredness, protection of self and others, corporeal, being in the body and connected to earth. I saw out into my mindspace what looked like two warriors sword fighting. I could hear the clanging of the swords and could feel the clanging sparks coming from the clash in my navel center and then in the solar plexuses center. Again the sensation in my body were very very tangible. The clanging sparks in the solar plexuses almost felt like a little kid was punching me in that spot.

30th May 2011, 04:50 PM
After talking with a couple soldier friend's of mine who are back from Iraq, both who have a bit of PTSD, the nightmares they have described to me of having, after i had asked about them, sounded a lot like OBES. Descriptions of being stuck to the ceiling and looking down, things like that.

It would be interesting to consider that perhaps one of the ways, besides through meditation practices, that OBEs could have been discovered somewhere along the lines of human history was by warriors or soldiers.As a type of survival instinct, if one is constantly in a state of hyper awareness because their life or the life of the ones they care about are on the line. a lot of attacks from enemies occur at night. Hyper vigilance or strong sense of unease may be enough to keep the mind awake as the body falls asleep. in the field, RTZ projections could allow for some type of surveillance while the body rests. Those who would be able to pick up on things while out of body,and bring it back, like an approaching enemy, may have had a better chance of surviving and passing on genes or mental schema s related to the capability.

30th May 2011, 05:57 PM
That makes sense and is probably one of those 'unspoken realities' of the battlefield.

21st June 2011, 02:01 AM
I tried shooting for the moon this weekend. this is what happened.

Laying down on my belly, i was feeling nice and fresh but sleepy enough to try a projection. As soon as i laid down i could tell something was going to happen.

My mind felt nice a clear and fresh, not empty but relaxed and engaged.I let myself start to drift off while enjoying the nice clear fresh state of mind.

I got the familiar super heaviness and sinking/dizzy feeling and just let that go. After a little while, not too long, i started getting turning around sensations inside my body until my astral body (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Astral+Body) was laying on its back, my physical was still on its belly. As soon as my astral got to its back it shot out like a bullet out of a gun.

I felt high speed movement but couldn't really see all that good so i demanded to stop so i could see where i was. Once i stopped i looked around and saw that i was miles and miles above. Very cool but i didn't want to get too excited and get distracted.

I remembered to look for the moon but couldn't find it. I closed my eyes and thought of the moon. When i opened my eyes i saw that i was in outer space and the big old moon was right there.

Only thing was that it looked like it was rather cartoonish not like the real thing. This really confused me and i remember being a little disappointed as well. I also saw a little cartoonish spaceship around the moon too.

I started getting disappointed that it looked cartoonish and the whirled me back to body and i faded awake.

5th July 2011, 05:48 AM
Laying down i focused on relaxing. Felt some tension in my shoulders and neck.
Once relaxed i focused on getting very heavy and concentrated on dropping sensations.
I felt very heavy dropping and also heavy spinning/dizzying.
I went back to focusing on getting heavy and relaxed and deepened that.
More intense spining occurred and i started to feel like i was standing on my head.

I was out but stuck at the neck and head. My lower half was floating up while
the head and neck were not.I threw my legs and body over my head, kind of
like a backward roll. I rolled out of the window behind me and floated about 50 feet in the air from the ground.

I just looked around and floated there, there was no gravity instinct and it felt nice to feel light and free. Senses are heightened, colors more vibrant, sound louder and clearer and both are felt as well as seen and heard.

Back in body now but i don't remember a re-entry. Still in a trance state i go back to feeling heavy starting at my feet and rolling up to my head.When i get to my throat it feel like it is scratch and congested. i go deeper inside and sponge energy from my throat up to my forehead. The energy sensation gets very dense around my sinuses. I slow down the sponging and deliberately smooth and focus on refining the dense sensation so it moves up to the top of my head more easily.

I start to hear a soft high pitched sound. the more i focus on drawing up to the top of my head the louder it got. very slowly i move the smoothed out tangible energy up to the top of my head and the sound gets very loud. Nothing really more happened with that. So i went back down to my feet and sponged more up to my navel.

Here it felt a little cold, i focused on getting a little more movement and warmth. Continuing to sponge up the pathway felt a little bent around the solar plexus. I focused on lining things up more and once the pathway felt lined up the sponging flowed up naturally.

Once to my chest area, i could feel my heart beating. It seemed to be beating quite slow but strong. I felt a slight drop in consciousness when observing each heart beat. I honed in on that and focused on dropping deeper and deeper with every heart beat.

I felt very deep and and some point things dissolved into black empty space. From here i saw an image of myself. The image felt older and different. I felt like what it would be like to be the older or different version of myself as if it was a moment to experience what i could possibly become.
This image felt like an ideal of what to become. Another image of myself came through, again another different version of myself and what i could become.

The images were not just visible representations but i could actually feel what it would be like to be me but different. Each image was like a psychological representation of some kind of refined aspect of myself. Like a representation of different aspects of myself with less baggage in each area. At the time i was calling them bodies. I can't remember what each image body was named though.

21st July 2011, 05:12 AM
Thanks for posting, I really enjoy reading through your journal. I'm just now learning to OBE; what do you do when you get creepy/scary distractions? I haven't had exit sensations yet, but I have a feeling that if I do get creepy hallucinations, I'll be too calm and relaxed to let it bother me =]

21st July 2011, 09:07 AM
I felt very deep and and some point things dissolved into black empty space. From here i saw an image of myself. The image felt older and different. I felt like what it would be like to be the older or different version of myself as if it was a moment to experience what i could possibly become.
This image felt like an ideal of what to become. Another image of myself came through, again another different version of myself and what i could become.

The images were not just visible representations but i could actually feel what it would be like to be me but different. Each image was like a psychological representation of some kind of refined aspect of myself. Like a representation of different aspects of myself with less baggage in each area. At the time i was calling them bodies. I can't remember what each image body was named though.

What a wonderful and exciting causal experience, Heliac! Less baggage, how encouraging!:D

21st July 2011, 11:29 AM
Thanks psychemist and beekeeper :D


I try to ignore them by resolving to stay focused on tasks involved in the OBE process. I guess it depends on the distraction though. Some of the fear based distractions are so strong that it feels almost impossible to ignore.

In these cases it is a blessing and a curse at the same time. If i get locked in on the fear too much i get stuck and can't OBE, so in that respect it is a curse. But it is also a blessing because fear adds in hyper awareness to the experience and because fear is a natural memory enhancer. What i mean by this is that when you start to reach the point in the process of a projection where you can do an exit technique, you might also come to a point where you just drift off and fall asleep instead. The fear can jar you out of drifting off to sleep.At that point if you can recognize the fear as totally irrational you can take advantage of the hyper awareness it is giving you and do an exit technique with very good recall.

When i get stuck in the fear the best way of getting unstuck is by being able to acknowledge what is happening and that it is irrational, even if it is a fleeting acknowledgment, and then backing the fear off with a smile and a thank you. Thank you for bringing this projection experience to my awareness kind of thing. Then immediately attempt a projection technique.

21st July 2011, 12:12 PM
Some recent projections that i haven't posted:

I remember feeling disassociated and groggy and started getting astral sight (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Astral+Sight) coupled with a general feeling of malaise which is what i often get when projecting. The feeling of malaise is pretty much the indicator that i am ready to project so i smiled at the feeling so as to not get stuck on it and tried to roll out. I could feel my astral rolling inside of my physical. I was facing the wall so i placed my head on it and started to push it through the wall.

I could see the inside of the wall but it was still a bit hazy. I continued to push my way through it, until i was in the apartment next to mine.

I looked around a little bit to get my bearings but it was dark. To my right i saw a little blinking light, like a power light to a computer, made sense, that is probably where the loud music from my neighbor comes from.

To the left of that was a cabinet and a bed on the other side of the room. It was getting really hazy though so i stopped to try to get some clarity. I said clarity now but nothing happened, i tried it 2 more times and nothing. I remember saying to myself that i'm not saying it with intention. I tried saying it with more intention but it didn't seem like i could muster any. Very curious not too sure why i couldn't. I shortly woke up after this.


at the beach, i tried settling into a projection. Couldn't get anywhere near it. Too many outside variables for me to drown out. It was really quite a challenge to try to relax enough to get to trance.

I thought it might be ok because the beach sound is pretty soothing. But the sun is darn hot. I'll have to bring some shade next time. Also the wind was pretty distracting.


i attempted a mid-day projection from my couch.

I went through intervals of relaxing, feeling heaviness, focusing on clearing my head, and focusing on dropping and spinning.alternating between all of these whenever my attention started to waver.

When i get to either the mind clearing or dropping sensations is where i start to feel disassociated enough to notice to project. I notice my arms are floating and try to do rope (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Rope), couldn't get it going, i tried to roll out, couldn't get that going either.Kind of frustrated i kind of said to myself i'm just going to get up.

Very easily, almost surprisingly easy, my astral double got right up and out. I could see my astral peel away from the physical as it was happening too, i didn't have any blanket on to cover this.

I didn't do much once out, just looked around a little at some point part of one of the walls of my apartment started turning a bright ultra violet like color. It kind of looked like a flame too or if you could imagine what a heat wave looks like but bright bright violet.

I slipped back into body shortly after observing the color.


i attempted another mid-day OBE. This time on my bed. I did the same as yesterday and went through intervals of relaxing getting heavy and spinning.

I got pretty deep in a trance when i started feeling like i was getting the sensation that i was moving away from myself. I was also getting heavy energy sensations so i stopped at the level of trance i was in and started doing some energy work.

I like doing energy work from trance because you can feel what is going on so much easier, the energy is very palpable. I started focusing on my hands at the time because they were very very warm and buzzing. My feet were cold though so i went down to them and just started to scan my body and the general quality of things in the trance state (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Trance+State).

I felt a lot of cold air around my feet and my chest when i got to that area too. Its like the air above those areas are cold, like a penetrating cold.

I focused on drawing warmth from my hands through my arms to where the cold air was pushing down into my chest. The warm overwritten the cold air and that passes away from my chest. I think it just moved though because i felt the cold air again around my mouth this time, in front of my face.

I didn't really pay it too much attention this time and just kept scanning passed it up to my head. But the cold air started to spread and actually started to go into my mouth. It felt really weird so i dropped my tongue from the roof of my mouth and took all the surrounding warmth and pushed the cold air out of my mouth.

After that i started to get cold chills down my spine too. I was still scanning my body looking to see if i felt any more of this interesting coldness but the only area left that was cold was my feet.

The cold chills were pretty intense though and caught me a little off guard. i Got about 3 episodes of the chills and then deliberately clicked out because it just felt weird. I was thinking the chills could be impulses sent from the spine as the muscles are starting to shut off since i was probably dipping deeper into trance. Anyone ever get these chills before?

22nd July 2011, 10:40 AM
Anyone ever get these chills before?

I don't think so but I do take a drop in temperature as a sign of approaching physical sleep.

I looked around a little bit to get my bearings but it was dark. To my right i saw a little blinking light, like a power light to a computer, made sense, that is probably where the loud music from my neighbor comes from.

You'll need to get chummy with your neighbour now so you can check it out.;)

I said clarity now but nothing happened, i tried it 2 more times and nothing. I remember saying to myself that i'm not saying it with intention. I tried saying it with more intention but it didn't seem like i could muster any. Very curious not too sure why i couldn't. I shortly woke up after this.

Were you perhaps too close to your physical body still?

23rd July 2011, 01:51 PM
Good point, Beek. At the time i wasn't thinking of keeping things moving, i probably was still too close just a few feet from my physical.

7th August 2011, 02:32 PM

Had a short day-time during a nap projection.

I don't remember any projection signs at all. All i remember is looking up at the corner of the room and seeing how each edge of the wall meeting at the corner highlighted 3 dimension space perception.

From noticing that i heard a voice say move towards the corner and i felt my point of perception move right up to the top corner of my room. I didnt sense a body or projection double this felt like it was visual awareness moving through space, and then that was it.

22nd August 2011, 04:11 AM
Went to bed a little early, only because i didn't realize how much earlier it was.

Within 20 minutes of starting to nod off i woke up, kind of half awake and half asleep, i opened my eyes to see the wall facing me and saw the outline of an orange/red neon color symbol.

I'm attaching it here in case anyone knows anything about symbolism. What i saw doesn't mean anything to me. The only thing i recognize with meaning is the infinity symbol, which means infinity/limitless.

Any pre-existing meanings to this symbol that anyone knows about?

22nd August 2011, 08:12 AM
This intrigued me and I found this site: http://www.crossroad.to/Books/symbols1.html It might help you work things out.

23rd August 2011, 02:55 AM
This intrigued me and I found this site: http://www.crossroad.to/Books/symbols1.html It might help you work things out.

Thank you Beekeeper

23rd August 2011, 03:51 AM
Went to bed a little early, only because i didn't realize how much earlier it was.

Within 20 minutes of starting to nod off i woke up, kind of half awake and half asleep, i opened my eyes to see the wall facing me and saw the outline of an orange/red neon color symbol.

I'm attaching it here in case anyone knows anything about symbolism. What i saw doesn't mean anything to me. The only thing i recognize with meaning is the infinity symbol, which means infinity/limitless.

Any pre-existing meanings to this symbol that anyone knows about?

I admit that i am intrigued by vision-symbols as well. but i have no idea what to say other than best of luck! i hope that you find out!

24th August 2011, 02:00 AM
Hi Sleeper,

Thanks for the encouragement. I got some really good advice on how to approach the symbol and got a little more self-feedback about it. It's highly personal so other than describing the visual aspect of what happens when i explore the symbol meditatively, the symbol may not mean anything or the same thing to anyone else. But this is what i got, reposting the advice here too to share with any who are interested.

"Spiritualizing matter is about raising the consciousness and materializing spirit is giving a form or a body for the energies to work through a vehicle. Thus the six pointed star - two triangles, one pointed upward and the other one pointed downward. Let the symbol speak to you; visualize it without trying to define it. It has been said "If you know it, you cannot speak about it and if you speak about it you do not know it!" The moment we start processing and naming and mentally exploring, we lose the energy and the information that it carries. The process of allowing the symbols to speak to us can be explained as allowing the energy to come fully out of the void. Once you have contemplated and integrated what is meant to know (symbols are language of the subconscious) then you can write about it and consciously apply it in your life. When these two processes are followed a virgin birth takes place within; you have participated in the creative work and have worked hand in hand with God."

My response:
I did just that today during meditation and just let whatever happen happen. The infinity symbol turned into a snake, the snake slithered along the infinity symbol path, the upside down V became a large arrow, the entire symbol was still orange and red, resembling roiling lava.

Seems to be a good anchor for tapping into that in between state as well. I think i am associating the symbol with the altered state that i was in(half awake half asleep) when i saw it and i can enter into that state with a little more lucidity, but will need to experiment more to see if i can repeat and replicate this over time.

Actually a lot more than this comes to mind as it is happening but can't really process it all into words.

24th August 2011, 01:37 PM
I would say that the ^ is the freemason symbol, and you know what the infinity symbol is.

10th September 2011, 05:39 AM
Had a weird night last night.

was laying on my right side and was woken up by the roaming lava lamp like energy sensations around my butt.

It moved to my tailbone and shot up into vibrations (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Vibrations). When the vibrations (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Vibrations) ended i felt like i got use of my astral body (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Astral+Body) but i was still laying in bed.

Tried moving around but it was really tough, felt like i was moving through tar.

I just tried moving my hand and then my arms and got a little more movement. I was able to shlep my way over to the edge of my bed but man it was just sooo tough to move or see. I was only able to catch a glimpse here and there.

10th September 2011, 06:41 AM
Maybe you just needed a rest or you'd already been out and forgotten the experience. This appears to have happened to me in the past.

11th September 2011, 12:56 AM
Yes that is what it felt like. I think it was difficult because i was worn out.

But then again if i were that tired i would have thought that i would have just slept though and of the pre exit sensations, but they still do wake me up.

11th September 2011, 09:31 AM
Maybe you've just become sensitive to them and conditioned yourself to notice them.

11th September 2011, 05:47 PM
Yes i think you are right,i'm pretty sure that is it. Thanks beekeeper:)

19th September 2011, 03:33 PM
Updating Journal:

Just jotting down a note that came to mind.

I'm noticing that the less i feel my physical body the closer i come to entering trance.

The legs are the first to go. For some reason the presence of legs fades fairly easily. Once fading physical presence gets to the torso is where it can get tricky, maybe because of all the processes going on in the background.

In order to fade away the torso, at least for me, i have to drift off.

I think there is something biological behind this. Maybe something somewhere in the instinctual mind interprets the process of the physical sensation of the torso fading away as death.

The arms are also easy to fade away arms and legs have no organs of survival in them so maybe that is why it is easier to let them go instinctually.

I can actively consciously fade away my legs and arms but not really my torso at least not yet.

************************************************** ****************************************

Was laying on my right side and was woken up by the roaming lava lamp like energy sensations around my butt.

It moved to my tailbone and shot up into vibrations (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Vibrations). When the vibrations (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Vibrations) ended i felt like i got use of my astral body (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Astral+Body) but i was still laying in bed.

Tried moving around but it was really tough, felt like i was moving through tar.

I just tried moving my hand and then my arms and got a little more movement. I was able to shlep my way over to the edge of my bed but man it was just sooo tough to move or see. I was only able to catch a glimpse here and there.

************************************************** ********************************************

I don't remember having any projection signs at all.

I lay down in bed and what felt like the next minute i was standing in the streets of downtown Manhattan.

I looked around kind of amazed at where i was, i knew i was dreaming. I had a friend with me as well. The friend started asking me all these questions. "where are we", "How did i get here". I had to walk with him a little bit and explain that it was a dream. He followed me for a little bit and then left.

I looked up and saw the world trade center buildings and made my way over to them. The buildings were still intact, so i felt like i had gone back in time.

As i approached the WTC buildings i saw the info desk by the entrance and looked around for a date.
I found one in a sign in book, the date said November 16 1998. I said to myself, "good i have 3 years to figure this out", meaning what exactly happened.

I walked around a little bit and followed some people to a security door and don't remember too much after this.

************************************************** ******************************************

Had another one of those weird nights. Laying on my back i felt the pinning. A sudden whallop that kind of swoops down on you leaving you feeling pinned to the bed. I felt myself tense up a little bit from it so wasnt able to pull off a full projection this time but was able to manipulate my energy body (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Energy+Body) pretty well.

I felt the tangible energy swoop up my back but felt it get stuck around the point opposite the solar plexues.

I felt the tangible energy start to build up there and it starts to get a little painful, feels like a really big blockage.

The pressure and pain start to build up and it feels like it is starting to burn off a little. I then feel the tangible energy up at the top of my head and again it builds up there and gets a little painful. I feel like i can feel all the little sinus cavities in my skull and they are filling up with the tangible enregy and are cracking open.

For the rest of the day and even now it feel like i am wearing a hat on my head. kind of a round phantom sensation where the energy was pushing through is still present.

22nd September 2011, 06:27 AM
Very interesting experiences again, Heliac, especially the last entry.

When 9/11 happened, did you have any premonitions?

23rd September 2011, 12:14 AM

I didn't have any premonitions of 9/11 at all. I was in bed sleeping while it occurred but woke up before the second building was hit.

15th November 2011, 05:56 AM
I was treated to a free yoga class and i hadn't been to a real yoga class before so decided to check it out.

I can barely touch my toes so didn't really know what to expect but i figured i'd probably be the stiffest guy there. Once i get there i find out im the ONLY guy there, this might not be too bad after all. The yoga space is nice and big with about 30 ladies filling it up. I found a spot in the back and grabbed a mat and a brick and then one of the ladies tells me im going to need more so i took 4.

Stretches felt pretty good had to use the bricks a bit. Other than that the OMing was pretty funny. As soon as i started OMMMMing i kind of gave the girl sitting to my right an awkward glance because it felt weird and she started cracking up and then i started cracking up, the girl sitting to my left was kind of half cracking up and half telling us to stop.
This is not the first time something like this happened. Someone i know dragged me to some kind of tai chi guy who was sitting up on some kind of throne looking thing and teaching. Out of no where he started chanting REALLY REALLY loud and i had no idea what he was saying but i started laughing like crazy, and then the rest of the people in my row started laughing too and it just got out of hand and downright rude. It was kind of embarrassing because i think he was someone well respected and everyone was so serious. The tai chi guy stopped chanting when he heard the laughing and walked towards us and then past us and then back on the throne and then went on to say something about it being a good thing that we were laughing.

Anyways, back to yoga, after OOOMMMMing we laid down on our backs and i took it upon myself to attempt a projection. We only laid there for a couple minutes so i didn't get to do that. But later on that evening i had a pretty active night. I was able to rock and flop out on to the floor, didnt get to go much further than that. I had a lot more interesting hypnogognic imagery and messages.

15th November 2011, 10:22 AM
Sometimes after I teach a class I get people report this or that energetic effect. One of my friends came with her husband to a class once and he said during meditation he briefly found him self in a field of lavender and could smell it.8)

16th November 2011, 01:38 AM
Hi Beekeeper,

That is pretty interesting. Sometimes i do smell things while meditating. On a number of occasions i've smelled something like burned toast.

16th November 2011, 04:55 AM
The first time I meditated in a yoga class, I heard choric music! It happened a few times. Because the waves were crashing outside, I semi-convinced myself it was something to do with that sound.

29th December 2011, 07:07 AM
Not too sure what this phenomenon is but had another experience with that tangible energy type.

This only occurs from full trance. THis happens the same way every time. I will enter trance and i feel a strong swoop of what feels like air give me a whallop. After that happens i feel energy very tangibly and it moves around on its own.

This time it roamed around my left side and up into my head and under my tounge. Once there the pressure built up and again it started to become painful and felt like the bones/tissue in that area are being moved around. After a certain build up of intensity in the area under my tounge, the pain faded and i had an OBE.One thing to note is the area where the energy went is where i had some surgery done when i was a kid.

No vibrations (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Vibrations), no obvious signs or symptoms. Just a very easy step out. I had very good lucidity. I walked through my front door into the hallway and just explored around my apartment building. Nothing too remarkable happened but was excited about the OBE.

Recently there haven't been signs or symptoms, like vibrations (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Vibrations) or dizziness, when projecting. it makes it a little easier to project but harder to realize the occurrence of the process and harder to remember.

6th January 2012, 05:00 AM
Had a dream i was laying down in a park like area and was surrounded by people who were putting their hands on me. Pretty much just running their hands up and down my body. It was a very warm and pleasant.

Interesting thing was at the same time i was having this dream i also remember feeling myself in trance and feeling the roaming tangible energy moving around also very warm and pleasantly.

I think i might have been dreaming up the park experience based on what was occurring energetically in trance.

9th January 2012, 12:55 PM
I had several projections last night. Lots of imagery prior to the projections too.

Laying on my right side i feel my legs get warm and start to fade away until that feeling spreads up to my head. Started getting a lot of imagery and hearing things which i ignored and attempted rope.Closed my eyes and focused on feeling my arms move in a pulling up sensation. After i started feeling like i was raising up i opened my eyes and used the visual of the wall moving passed me give me more momentum until i got to the ceiling. I thought about whether i should go through it and said sure why not and continued pulling myself up through the ceiling. After doing this i felt a tugging and woke up a little.

Still not fully awake i felt another projection coming on. This time i pulled myself up through the top of my head and out of the window behind me. I passed my head through window and then saw a grid screen. At first i didn't realize what it was and then remembered that there is a second screen behind the glass window and pushed my head through the screen as well.

Started getting stuck here, felt like i was stuck to my bed. Normally i would get stuck here but then i remembered to get my mind off of the stuck feeling and just keep going and i was able to pull the rest out.

Standing on my fire escape now i decided to try to fly. At first i felt the gravity instinct trying to kick in but then again remembered to try to not think of getting stuck in the gravity instinct and very easily and nicely floated up into the sky.

I flew up and around a little bit, every now and then the gravity instinct would kick in and i would have to push that idea away. At one point i felt a tugging back to my body again. I started thinking why is this happening because i wasn't quite ready to come back yet.

As i was wondering why i am getting the tugging back to body sensation, at the same time i saw and felt my physical body moving around and starting to wake up a little. I figured this must be why i am getting the tugging and sent a message to my physical to relax and that i'm not ready to come back yet and the tugging stopped.

I soared up into the sky some more just practicing flying some more and then eventually got tired and woke up.

I think this is a pretty interesting finding in that maybe it could be used as a technique to extend projection experiences that are caused by the physical moving around or being distracted by something.

11th January 2012, 02:10 PM
Pretty active week, had another projection last night, a projection everyday this week so far. Really can't remember more than the exit though.

Laying on my side, other than a feeling of disassociation there really were not too many other projection signs. I thought of lifting up once disassociated and felt my body raise up. Exit was seamless, no vibes or spinning or shaking or anything. I think i kind of depended on those signs to jar in a little more conscious awareness though. Projection tendency now seems to be that it is becoming much easier to exit but harder to remember. I have a few things in mind to help with this part.

I haven't written all the projection down here but what is very interesting is that there are experiences happening that seem like they are training. Being surrounded by other projectors who are much better at navigating and being asked to follow them. Some of the characters i am following are good at teasing me to keep going. Others are more sympathetic, and sensitive to my knuckleheadedness even seemingly changing form and attitude to add effect to the experience.

16th January 2012, 06:43 PM
A short projection last night.

I felt the disassociated feeling again, no projection symptoms at all. Keyed in on the disassociated feeling as a sign i was in a state to have an out of body and decided to pull myself above my head and out of the window behind me instead of floating parallel to my body. I put my head through the widow per usual, saw the screen after the window again and just melted my way through both. As soon as i got my head through the window i could smell the air, nice and fresh. I stood out on the fire escape outside my window but still couldn't see that good. I ask for clarity got nothing, asked a second time still nothing, added some intensity to the request and things got much clearer.

I just stood out on the fire escape looking out at the view and the night sky, felt very nice. I felt my physical start to stir which i recognized as me trying to wake myself up most likely, and i woke up completely.

17th January 2012, 08:13 PM
Nice one. :) Maybe you had an urgent (burning=fire) desire to esacpe for a short while? ;)

18th January 2012, 02:53 AM
OOOhhh that is a good one!

My physical is being a projection nanny and wakes me up. May be a good thing i tend to have them and then forget a lot of the experience.

27th January 2012, 01:12 PM
Another pretty active night. Again i didn't feel any signs of projection other than disassociation. As soon as i started feeling disassociated i kept my eyes closed and pulled myself up using rope.

When i opened my eyes i was about half way between my bed and the ceiling and it got a little tougher to keep going. There was this weird floating head above me it was kind of dark reddish in color and had horns coming out of the top of its head. It freaked me out at first but then recognized it as a distraction and focused on climbing the rope some more. Once i started moving with rope the head went away. I got to the ceiling and then clicked out.

Still not completely awake i attempted another projection. This time i faced the wall adjacent to my bed and passed my head through the wall. A very cool feeling. Kind of like melting static electricity. I didn't go any further after this and clicked out again.

Still not fully awake though i dropped back into trance and this time headed for the fire escape outside the window by my bed. I passed through the window and stood out on the fire escape. Things still didn't feel right, i felt sluggish and everything was blurry, so i asked for clarity and whammo everything got crystal clear. i remember saying to my self , wow what a difference.

Looking out beyond i saw a few lines coming up from the surface of the earth that looked like shimmering floating in space lines of light.i noticed that although i could see now i still felt sluggish. i started thinking that i was not in deep enough trance or something and then thought well let my try to recreate the dropping sensation while i am already out of body and maybe that will put me in a deeper more clear state.

To try to recreate the dropping sensation while out of body, the first thing that came to my mind would be to just drop down through the fire escape floor and just keep dropping through anything else that gets in the way. That ended up being a pretty interesting idea. As soon as i thought about doing that i zipped right through the fire escape and through the surface of the earth and just kept going. i definitely did feel the dropping sensation and at one point it got so intense that i remembered thinking how it felt just like being at the apex of a roller coaster and dropping down from that.

I love roller coasters so this feeling was so much fun for me, i can feel space passing me by and just like i would on a roller coaster let out a woohooo! At some point things slowed down and i ended up stopping in an area of empty space. i was completely surrounded by black quiet emptiness. I usually see colored stars floating in space when i get here but this time there was nothing at all.I was very curious about this and let out a little "hmmmmm where am i" and just looked around at the empty space. There was nothing really going on here so i clicked out for the last time of the night.

28th January 2012, 07:44 AM
I love roller coasters so this feeling was so much fun for me, i can feel space passing me by and just like i would on a roller coaster let out a woohooo!


29th January 2012, 02:39 PM
I had another OBE last night

Again just projected based off the feeling of disassociation. Pulled up on rope (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Rope) but couldn't get it going for some reason. Decided to just try standing up and that worked.

I had remembered something robert had told me about making pentagrams and i had wanted to try to make one in the air while out of body to see what happened so that is what i started doing once out.

I didn't really move too far from my body and just started tracing pentagrams in the air.

It was pretty cool, the color ended up being like a green flame color i traced two in the air.

The pentagrams pretty much just stood in place where i made them in the air and i walked around to the other side of them to look at them from another angle. Pretty cool floating green pentagrams.

That was it, i woke up after that.

14th February 2012, 03:33 AM
Had a pretty active night last night.

One thing that i am noticing is that my feet and legs are very sensitive to energy movement. When i lay down one of the first areas i start to feel energy sensation turn on are my legs and feet.

So last night i didn't feel any projection signs but i did start to feel the tangible energy pretty prevalent at first in my legs.

It started out as a kind of overall wobbling kind of like something is applying subtle pressure on my legs, on and off. I kind of watched this happen on its own and continued to go deeper into trance.

Still no real feedback happens as i dip deeper into trance. I kind of have to rely on the realness of energy sensations and feelings of disassociation to gauge progress. I also do progressive checks as to where i am at by attempting to move my astral body (http://halloflearning.remote-learner.net/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=3&concept=Astral+Body). Once it starts to move i attempt an exit.

The energy sensations really started feeling tangible and dense so i knew i was getting close and at some point i start to feel the lava lamp like flow around my legs. It's a very real and tangible sensation as if some kind of invisible energy force is roaming around my legs.

I'm pretty much just watching the energy move around on its own and out of nowhere what felt like two hands started touching my feet. I was a little taken aback because of how real it felt but just watched to see where this was going.

The hands started what felt like a foot massage!!I was like what...the..hellllll. It felt exactly like someone was giving me a foot massage, physically.The realness startled me a little and i got excited and clicked out.

Still not fully awake i teetered on the edge and allowed myself to go back into trance. Again i started feeling the tangible energy around my legs and it roamed up into the base center. Cant remember what happened after it entered the base center but i remember trying to move my astral arms and i was able to move them out and look at them.

My hands looked a little weird, they looked like little dwarf hands, strange but i took it as a sign to project and slide out and flopped on the floor next to my bed. i felt a little groggy so i looked back at my hands again to try to regain som focus. again they looked like weird little dwarf hands but this time i had 4 hands, like i was seeing double.

I thought maybe i needed to get away from my body a little so i went to my usual spot outside my window by my bed. Still was seeing double, i looked around and saw two of everything. Some kind of brain fart i guess. I clicked out and just went to sleep after that.

14th February 2012, 02:45 PM
That's very interesting.

26th February 2012, 01:55 PM
Had pretty cool OBE last night.

I lay down and got very still. After a little while i felt the heavy tangible energy pushing around. I immediately tried to project but still wasn't quite ready yet.

I focused on the energy a little more and periodically tried to move my astral arms. At some point i got deep enough to start moving my astral arm but i could only move my left arm for some reason.

I tried moving up towards my head to push myself through the window by the head of my bed but still couldn't quite move good enough.

I remember feeling a lot of energy pressure coming from my left side and i felt a presence so with my one movable arm i reached out in the direction i felt the pressure and presence from and felt for something to grab on to, didn't feel anything to grab onto though.

Since i felt a presence i figured maybe i could get a little help from it so i asked if anything was there to grab my arm and pull me out. Still nothing.

At this point i was getting a little frustrated and i just tore myself out by rolling over to my left. Once out i moved over to my living room and really started to feel like flying.

I forcefully jumped up through the ceiling of my living room and shot up through several of the floors above me until i was high up in the sky.

It was really really nice out. Flying was very easy, i could speed up and slow down well and there was no gravity instinct.

I ascended up higher and faster moving around and through clouds. I saw a light out in the distance and flew closer to it and saw that it was an airplane. i decided to fly a little faster and higher and zoomed up until i got to where there wasn't many clouds left. I zoomed back down and happily blasted through some more clouds.

Saw another airplane and this time i flew right up next to it and saw some people sitting around by the window seats. I flew up to one window to see what this person was doing. Stated to feel a little weaker after this and things faded and i clicked out.

10th March 2012, 11:22 PM
Had a very short trance experience. I've had quite a bit of a dry spell lately. I've had some deep dreamless sleep for the past few weeks.

In somewhat of a deep trance i felt the tangible energy ride up my back and over my left shoulder onto the left side of my cheek. It starts to swirl around on my cheek.I watch this happen for a little bit and then start to move my right astral arm. I wave it in the air a little just to hone in on it and getting it moving really good. I then thought of passing my hand through my cheek and into the swirl of tangible energy. I didn't get a chance to do it as i clicked out shortly after thinking of doing that.

Will try this again next time.

12th March 2012, 06:40 AM
Just had an OBE and feel awake now so figured i'd come write it before i forget.

I was laying in bed asleep and heard my phone make a noise. It woke me up a little bit. I remembered thinking about getting up to see who it was who texted me but decided not to.

Since i was a little awake i was able to slip back into trance pretty well. I started feeling the tangible energy sensations again and moved my astral arm. It moved pretty easily. I also opened my astral eyes but couldn't see that well.

I decided to just stand right up and i noticed i felt a little tense so i relaxed a little bit and reminded myself to not think about motion as it occurs in the physical( feeling the muscles moving etc). It became so much easier after reminding myself that.

little by little i stood right up and felt the separation occur but only very very slightly, almost wasn't even noticable.

*( a funny side note as i am writing this i am also listening to the radio and a song titled REM sleep research by Ochre is playing right now)

I thought about passing through the wall by my bed so i started my usual way by passing my head through first. I got about half way and then changed my mind. I still couldn't see too well and couldn't move too well too.

I pulled my head out from the wall and turned around to face my living room from my bed room and i saw something fly at my face. It kind of just looked like some odd shape, maybe like a peice of torn cloth. It startled me a little because it went right at my face. I just ignored that and kept going.

I still couldn't move and see that well, almost looked like i could only see out of one eye. I decided to make some more pentagrams thinking it might be a good way to focus myself a little.

It was really tough to do it this time since i couldn't move that well. I managed to pick up my arm and start drawing a pentagram, this time it was also green but the circle around it was red. I didn't consciously pick these colors.

It was pretty bright, like a neon light. It was pretty badly made though hehe, looked like a 5 year old drew it, but again i couldn't move that well.

Surprisingly movement got a little better after that so i decided to continue moving further away from my body and just kept creating pentagrams along the way. I made around 5 or 6 pentagrams all over my living room.

Cool part is that they stayed there so as i was moving around the room i could look back from the other side of the room where i came from and the pentagrams were still there all bright lit.

Shortly after doing this i started to click out. I was back in body now but still kind of in a trancy state. I felt some pretty strong pressure around my hips and felt like there was some energy moving around the base center.

It made me feel kind of uncomfortable. My first response was to fight off the feeling but i remembered that that never works. So i smiled to myself and thought of something that made me happy and then felt that spread down to my hips to the area of discomfort.

It immediately lifted off me and i could feel the happy energy flow down from my head to my hips like a wave as it lifted off the uncomfortable pressure.

Things got a little weird here too because the energy sensation around my base center got very active and it almost felt like there was a tube coming out of my base center.

The tube of energy started moving around down there and it wasn't really uncomfortable but i really just didn't feel like allowing the energy to move around on its own at the moment.Very often this type of energy just doesn't respond to my requests, but i think im not going about it in the right way.

I put my astral arm down to where the energy was moving around on its own and really focused on sending a concerted message to stop trying to move up into my central channel. When this happens it just gets really weird and it feels like my intestines start moving around literally, like there is a bunch of snakes wriggling around in my belly.

I just did not want that right now, and after sending the message in a clear concise and firm way to the energy at the base center it stopped roaming around that whole base energy center area. Don't get me wrong it was still there it just wasn't moving forward.

Once i had that under control i woke my self up and my legs and feet were nice and warm.

That's pretty much it.

29th March 2012, 01:30 AM
Kind of a weird semi-OBE last night:

Laying down i cleared my head and gently drifted off in the clear state. Disassociated into trance with not too many signs other than the tangible energy roaming around my legs. A very distinct wobbling pressure pushing up and down on my legs.

After this i felt a few little critters jump up on my bed. This used to happen a lot but hasn't lately. I always get a little weirded out when this happens. I thought about projecting but decided to see where this was going.

I cleared my head some more by counting my breath and tapped into warm loving thought and sensations. My whole body got very warm, especially in my heart area.

The little critters are crawling around on me at this point, but i keep dishing out warmth and love. i feel one of them cuddle up around my belly area and another crawls up to my chest where the heart center is and cuddles up there.

Really really weird, not the first time little critters jump up on my bed and cuddle up next to my energy centers.

On a side note while meditating this morning i was viewing the colors on my eyelids and it looks like the default color is now pink. It used to be violet.

29th March 2012, 07:25 AM
Pink can be a good color, even though it is mentioned much less often than the usual chakra colors.

26th April 2012, 04:19 AM
Had a few short OBE experiences this week.

Again no exit sensations other than feeling dissasociated and having tangible energy moving around on its own.I easily stepped out and walked to my living room then lept out of the living room window. As soon as i got outside i started feeling groggy and couldn't move around too well. I figured i wasn't quite deep enough and called on the dropping sensations to try to get a level deeper. Just was not clear headed enough this time to get it to work, dropping sensations were weak and i woke up shortly after this.

Second experience wasn't a complete exit. I was feeling particularly pleasant before going to bed, wasn't too sure why but maybe from exercise. When i lay down to go to sleep i chilled out and enjoyed feeling at peace and started to drift off in this state. I was able to keep some pretty good lucidity going and at some point i realized my whole body was buzzing with this really great warmth. It was a physical and mental feeling of warmth and comfort that was very deep but at this point i am in trance.

I was laying on my belly when i started drifting off so i turned around onto my back(non-physically) just because i thought it would open things up even more by laying prostrate. When i turn over i also start to look around with astral sight and i see 4, 2 male and 2 female, figures standing around my bed. They were dressed all in white and were wearing what looked like white cloaks. I start talking to them but don't remember a thing that was said but i do remember that the presence was quite pleasant.

20th August 2012, 12:01 AM
Not really an OBE but a cool happening.

A friend of mine was sleeping on the floor next to me while i was on the computer.

I started reading a headline for an article about cancer, and my friend starts talking in his sleep about cancer. I woke him up when he started talking because i thought he was talking to me, albeit dream babble. I asked him what he was talking about and he babbled a little more about cancer before waking up fully and saying that he was dreaming about cancer.

13th September 2012, 12:56 AM
I woke up from a stomach issue, too much eating late, around 4am.

I got up and walked around a bit to settle my stomach and then went back to bed. Lots of OBE activity after this. I felt the familiar tangible energy sensations this time sliding up my back and my neck. It paused and pulsated at my neck before fading away.

I was pretty much teetering on the edge of being awake, not sure for how long. At some point i passed into a dreamscape, i could still feel myself laying in bed while in the dream.

In this dream i was laying in some kind of hospital.There was someone sitting to my side who was pointing out other people in the hospital and asked me if i remember who they were.

"Do you remember john, he was homeless and you helped him." "do you remember gary, he was upset and you lifted him up", this is the sort of feedback i was getting from the person sitting next to me. He went around the room and pointed out each person that i had helped, but i didn't remember any of them.

After he would point out each person that was in the hospital with me each of them would walk over to the bed i was laying in. They pretty much stood around me laying in the bed until i was completely surrounded. I just lay there looking at them and tried to remember but i couldn't and i woke up.

7th October 2012, 02:49 PM
quite an active night, not too sure why, seemed out of the blue.

A lot of energy moved around. I lay down in bed for a little bit and start to dip down into sleep and i feel a firm tap on my foot. I recognized it as some kind of dream-like activity since i was teetering on the edge of lalalland and ignored it.

Shortly after the tap i feel a firm surge up around my tailbone and there is the tangible brushing energy ebbing and flowing all around my tailbone.

From there the energy roams up my back to the top of my head and i feel it swirling and throbbing heavily. I noticed an interesting thing at this moment. At some point i was also dreaming about this experience. I had split awareness partly on a dream that my scalp was being massaged by and old Chinese lady. Once i realized i was also dreaming of the energy experience i focused more on the energy experience and the dream faded away.

After focusing solely on the energy experience at the top of my head the sensations intensified. The energy sensations were initially localized to the top of my head, perhaps across a 2 1/2 inch circumference. After focusing solely on the energy experience it spread to the entire circumference of my skull at about an inch above the top of my ear.

After spreading to a widening circumference around my skull i then saw sparkling light, kind of like what you see from sparkler fireworks http://youtu.be/uUD_wGdlM4I. That only occurred right at the onset of the spreading across sensation and faded into visualizing a single white light color.

The white light extended up and out of the top of my head, which felt very visceral and real. It felt as if the energy was an extension of myself like it was an arm reaching out of the top of my head and waved subtly and smoothly in the air like a tendril. Very very bizarre...

I didn't know what to do from here so eventually the experience faded and i clicked out.

Almost forgot to mention a cool thing that happened this morning.

As i was waking up, i didn't get up right away and was feeling really lazy. I started to see off in the distance within the black behind my eyelids what looked like a movie screen.

At the same time i could also feel my awareness moving slowly closer to it which subsequently brought the movie screen closer and in better view. It got close enough for me to recognize that the image contained in the movie screen was some exotic island space. Looked a bit like a paradise island.

I clicked out before i could make it there, seemed like every time i tried to take a closer look at the picture it started moving away.

7th October 2012, 03:29 PM
Nice phasing experience, Heliac.

12th October 2012, 04:02 AM
Had another nice energy experience last night.

Before going to bed, i played around a little bit with feeling emotions. I was attempting to tap into the cathartic calm that occurs post experiencing touching sentimental moments.

I did this by imagining things like reuniting with long lost loved ones and just let emotions go.Felt very nice to release some tears and was nice and uplifting.

I was able to maintain the peaceful calm feeling and added other feelings into it. A feeling of general well being, appreciation and thankfulness and love and acceptance and let the emotions roll around in this clear peaceful space.

By this time i had been laying in bed and started dozing off. At some point while i was falling asleep i had lucidity jar in from the tangible energy sensations. This time the sensations were in my gut, the lower energy centers. i felt a gentle rolling right at the center and as i honed in on the sensations i was able to see what it looked like. The rolling swirl looked like a slowly churning swirl of rainbow colors. I remember noticing how pretty it was and how it was a neat thing to see, but started getting tired and fell asleep.

7th November 2012, 02:51 AM
Had lots of energy last night. I've been going to the gym more often and it is boosting my overall energy levels. I went to bed with lots of energy and had a feeling i would have at least some kind of experience, since my waking mind was pretty alert.

These past few months I've been experiencing things going on in a trance more audibly. I usually experience phenomenon in trance tactically or visually. It is very very interesting experiencing more audibly, in that information i am receiving is easier to understand, for the most part.

About a week ago, while in trance, i was nice and warm relaxed and listened to words coming to me as clear as day advising that i take better care of my health. It was as if my body itself had words and was sending a message. How the message was presented made more sense than if it had come from a doctor, friend or family member. And it hit home in a way that stayed with me. Since then, i'm finding it not so difficult to eat more healthy options and exercise more often. When presented with choices it is easier to side with the conscience that knows better.

Last night i heard a multitude of pops, bangs, clanks, children playful giggles. At one point i heard someone familiar calling my name, i could have sworn they were right next to me had i not known i was in trance.

17th December 2012, 07:33 AM
I had a very interesting trance experience.
While laying down to go to sleep, i felt quite at peace and comfortable but also a bit anxious because i had to do something the next day that was a little unnerving.I stayed still for a little bit and began to feel peace and comfort lay over me a little bit more as i started fading away. I felt my legs disappear which is always a good sign that trance is very close and after a bit of time i felt a jolt hit my chest which knocked in an enhanced awareness. I felt the familiar tangible energy wrapping itself around my waist and roaming around my gut. The realness of the sensations were pretty amazing and when i feel it this much i get taken a bit back by it.

This time i decided to just let it go and see what happens and the roaming sensation begins picking up and feels like there is an arm literally inside my belly and lower back that is moving around on its own. It literally felt like my intestines and muscles and tendons and all were being pushed around. Very very bizarre and a little scary.

The tangible sensations moved around to my lower back where i had an injury that when at its worst keeps me from being able to walk, although that hasn't happened for several years. Recently this injury has been acting up and the problems with the nerves has been moving down my right leg. The tangible sensation continued roaming around the injured area and started to pulse in the lower back area around where my tailbone is.

The pulsing gradually became more distinct and visceral and started spreading up my body to my chest. all the while i can also hear a humm that goes along with the pulsing. The humm started out low and raised in pitch a little bit as it got to my chest area.

At this point i was hyper aware, very curious but also a bit scared because of the physical nature of the sensations. I felt like i needed to open my eyes because i felt like if i could see what was happening it might make me a little more comfortable. When i opened them(astral eyes) i saw a small purple/violet/ultraviolet flame like heat wave centered in my plain of sight. This gradually grew until my entire field of vision encompassed this violet colored mish-mash heat wave. While this is happening i am still feeling the pulsing which is now becoming almost like a jolt with every pulsewave.I look around my room a little bit, look up the wall and down the side of the bed i am laying on and the violet heat wave is everywhere.

Psychologically i really start to feel fear come in but it is a sort of detached fear meaning i am able to see it coming and see it more of an organic response to all of the oddities that are occuring. I realize i am creating the fear myself but since it is coming from somewhere as an automatic response i can't stop it from happening without abandoning the whole experience itself. I feel like the fear is coming from somewhere very deep seeded and raw but i can see it quite clearly. It is kind of hard to describe what is happening at this point but it is sort of like i reached a psychological template where fearful responses come from. It seemed to be a creative template, meaning all or some automatic responses to people or things are created, stored, edited here. This is where meaningful ideas about things that shape your behavior are planted.

Since i was still detatched from the fear i was able to recognize it as being totally unnecessary at this point in time and was tapping into joy and love. Like the tangible sensations the emotions behind all this were also very visceral and raw. These are things that are deep inside you at your core that shape your overall outlook and understanding of things.

I started to waver a little bit i think psychologically it was a little bit too much to handle all at once. i started to fade back awake. When i woke up i felt a bit blown away. It probably doesn't sound very mind blowing but it is really difficult for me to describe. So many things were going on at once and i highlighted here.

What i took away from it was that things are a lot more changeable than i had previously thought although it can take profound visceral experience to see how choice can change things. None of this sums it up though.

Once awake i was very clear headed but still a bit stirred up. It was almost as if i was expecting the tangible sensations and the feeling of being mind blow to continue while i was awake, which it didn't and i was very happy about that. Part of what i felt during the trance experience is how the mind creates your reality of experience and in some respect i understood how some people could go mad if they were stuck in that mental space if the automatic fear responses can not be handled.

I had to get up watch some tv and do some every day things to ground myself and then went back to bed.

Since then i've noticed a few things a little bit different in myself. I find it a bit easier to find joy and happiness in everyday occurrences. When people smile i often feel it a lot more in myself. There are days where i could walk around smiling for a good portion of it in part because it almost feels like i can touch the essence of where that comes from in myself. Although i feel like i need to hide this a little because it is little things that don't normally make other people quite as happy as they make me.I know that it is not really socially acceptable to walk around with a big grin on your face for what most others would probably not notice at all.

But also i have felt terrible sadness and i am starting to feel a paternal/maternal concern for people i have seen who are not well. This i have found i can do little about, it is not really my place to do anything about. But i will do small things that will hopefully brighten someone else's day.

If i have food on me and i pass by a homeless person i give it to them. The last time i remember feeling like doing that was when i was a kid. I've given a good bit of money, not too much though, to various charities. Helped several friends of mine pay for incredibly expensive cancer treatments. Generally just do a bit more where i can.

19th December 2012, 08:10 PM
Hello, heliac.

Smiling at others already is a good start and worthwhile. I noticed that making eye contact to people who are just doing their job, smiling and being kind transform the world a little at a time. Basic pleasantries, kindness, not trying to be the first at everything like the supermarket checkout - it all helps a little.

So - smile if you feel like it. It's a good thing. :)

22nd December 2012, 04:41 PM
Hi Korpo,

you are right it is a good thing, thanks!

Laying down last night, i was woken up into a trance state by the tangible lava lamp like sensations. I feel the sensation running up my back and up my front. Not quite as visceral and raw this time, a bit gentle but still just as real feeling.

It was becoming so gentle and warm this time i was able to really relax into it and it started to feel like a deep internal massage. As the sensations pushed up my back it went up my neck and to the top of my head where at the top of my head i would feel a little sparkling bubbling sensation, kind of like soda. That sensation would then drop down into my head and fizzle away.

When the sensations would push its way up my neck i had the distinct feeling that my head was moving along with it physically but can't be sure. It was as if the sensations were physically pushing and positioning my head forward very gently.

When the sensations fizzled away i checked to see how close i was to projecting if at all. I lifted up and down my left hand to feel the quality of the movement. I have found the main distinction between physical movement and OBE movement is that there is no "muscle" behind OBE movement. If i were to ask myself to move my left hand up and down right now i would be able to feel the bones muscles and tendons moving along with it. When moving the OBE hand, there is localized sensations of movement without muscle, bone or tendons. The "muscle" behind OBE movement is realized intent.Trying to illicit OBE body movement by feeling muscles and bone movement does not work for me, it sends a confusing message to my brain. "Do you want to move your physical body or your OBE body"? This is the message i am imagining is happening unconsciously. Has this been other's experience too?

Once i got a feeling of my left hand i then moved my right, opened my OBE eyes and looked at my arm. It was a very cool semi see-through liquidy/airy looking arm. After this i stood right up again making sure not to reference the physical sensation of getting up but rather an effortless "get up" without physicality. It is the kind of movement you would have if you didn't even notice you had a body. I looked around my room a little bit and didn't really see any fluctuations. I jumped up through the ceiling and could see what looked like all the little fibers of the house. Upon exiting the ceiling the night sky was clear and dark dark blue. I shot up into the dark sky and began moving faster and faster through it until i could see what seemed like thousands and thousands of stars passing me by. It felt like i was traveling the speed of light and also felt a bit like being on a roller coaster at least in the beginning as i was picking up speed.

When i came to a slow stop i was surrounded by empty space. Pure dark quite emptiness. It was peacefulness that you feel all the way down to your core, it was also very restful. I still felt like i was not all quite there yet, in that it felt like the surrounding area had a lot more than i could take in. The peacefulness still wasn't quite whole probably because i was observing the peace and not being the peace. There was a border that was defined as me and the peaceful space being outside of me in the area i was. I imagine the best thing to do when seeing that is to let go of the borders, it is something i will have to give a shot next time i get there.

25th January 2013, 02:39 AM
Website for warming up the dropping sensation that occurs prior to OBE

1st April 2013, 01:14 PM
It was a nice night last night. It was much warmer and i could smell the ozone after a rain. I lay in bed with my head by the open window just smelling the air and feeling the nice cool breeze come in.
At some point i started to drift off and got hit with the tangible energy sensations again. This time it really hit me quite hard and i felt myself start to shake in bed, mostly just my upper half. I had to calm down right away to get the shaking to stop, it took a little while to do that but once i was calmer and warmer the energy sensation calmed down a little bit too. Still very very tangible the sensations do what they usually do and roam around my front and back and fizzle like soda at the top of my head.