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12th December 2010, 03:43 PM
After taking Bruce Moen's 'Afterlife Guide Book' off the shelf again (I had stopped somewhere after getting through the first third some months ago) I became fascinated again by this topic.

The technique he proposes in this course seems to rely more on phasing or remote viewing than on OBE, unlike the Lifeline program in TMI (which he also did I suppose). But correct me if I am wrong, please. It is just my impression.


Moen of course uses relaxation techniques, some of which even resemble the Robert's system, some of it also contains TMI's rebal technique, for instance.

However, you do not seem to get deep into trance as for OBEs, but rather use visualisation and even initial pretending/fantasy techniques that allow to get an access to the non-physical, so there is a continuum / spectrum ranging from a pure pretending to real nonphysical experience where even later verification is said to be possible. Still, as you also "move about" in the non-physical, that's why I suspect it to be a kind of "phasing" after all (that's why I still put it into the OBE Forum).

For those who are not familiar with the process, here in short:

After preparatory exercises to get into a 'state', you call a helper (his word for guides, angels, so I stick to it) who are always around and then lead you to a person to (help) retrieve, because helpers cannot do it alone as some retrievees can communicate better with incarnated retrievers instead of angels / guides. However your main task is to "introduce" them to the guide who then appears, mostly as a person, (it's similar to telling them to "go into the light"), so they can "take over" then.
Then you can follow helper and retrievee and later ask the helper to guide you in the non-physical world to wherever you want to go and to whatever you want to know and explore. So it is a kind of trade-off. So doing this is not only action in the "path of service" but also might even be a bit selfish. But hey .... everyone is served, the helper, the stuck person and you as retrieval 'trainee'. Moreover, it helps you evolve and if you evolve it is good for the humanity as a whole, too, since every indidivual counts. So I think the "deal" is pretty okay.

Here are some online examples of retrieval accounts that I found:

http://afterlife-knowledge.com/cgi-bin/ ... retrievals (http://afterlife-knowledge.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=retrievals)

http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/welco ... 971.0.html (http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/welcome_to_permanent_astral_topics/a_focus_23_retrieval-t23971.0.html)

http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/welco ... 033.0.html (http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/welcome_to_astral_experiences/my_first_retrieval-t15033.0.html)

So I decided to integrate this technique (next to all the other OBE/energywork related things) into my weekly/daily routines, possibly merge it with meditation since for me there is a meditative aspect in it. However, I might also try to start it from a lucid dream/projection (see "agreement" below) in future.

Yesterday I had my first try. I am highly skeptical it will work at all for me, it all might not be more than pretending, especially since those things could not work for me if I am not deeply relaxed (which is difficult for me anyway). But I decided to give it a try. I still use hemisync sounds earphones because I cannot do without, otherwise I try to use Moen's methods only for this.

I do the entries as shorthand / note form, I call each entry retrieval even though I cannot be sure it actually was a 'real' one. As this is supposed to become a journal like other member's dream/OBE journals, so here now is my first exercise from yesterday.

RETRIEVAL 1: "Isabelle"


Methods: preps like visualising and energy gathering, deep breathing, meditation,
Sounds: schuman earth resonance frequency modulation with rain sounds in in background
Position: recumbent on bed
Body Sensations: after a while almost in Focus-10, but not quite, no complete dis-association from body, but a warm aura-like (and good) feeling around me


after preps and meditation finished called for helper and waited
first impression of a "Frank" appearing, but only very fuzzy, hardly feel a presence
it seems I want a woman, so it changes again

presence felt is now stronger
finally then I see the face of a nice brunett/dark-haired woman with a little perky (but very friendly, pleasant) smile.
name that comes to me: "Ludmilla" ( :shock: !!)
again I ask her if she is a "helper" and she confirmed with another smile
I ask her to lead me the way to the person to be retrieved

we get to a white house somewhere in a big city not far from mine (possibly Frankfurt)
but it's a suburban middle-class area mixed with single-family houses and appartment buildings
inside we get into a small living/private office room
woman sitting before a computer
half-long hair, possibly red, possibly wearing glasses but not sure anymore
we do small talk and I ask her the name
she says Isabella or Isabel(le), last name seems to be Schneider,
(this however makes me a bit suspicious: the 2nd first name given now also ends on "lla", so is this all a schematic invention?)
the helper comes into the scene from the left and they leave
things get fuzzy now, it darkens
maybe I lost it, don't know if I could follow whereever they went
possibly focus 27, I see some mountains from birds-eye view

I meet again with helper in another place
first I cannot decide on where she is to take me
(that's bad, need to work on this and make a plan beforehand!)
then I ask to lead me to Irene again to get to know more about her

excursion for explanatory reasons:
Irene was one of the guys I met in a kind of university / library / school during a projection
she was actually kind of organising, leading or guiding a group of students,
she was actually standing in the middle of this group, with paper work or notepads in her arms and explaining things to them when I had arrived (at a kind of reception or lobby of a greater hall)
I then had embraced her (don't ask me why) and told her that I am a projector and "in a body now",
then s.o. else took over to lead me further through this place.
here's my first account of this: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=9378&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=30#p139227 (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=9378&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=30#p139227)
however, I recently came to suspect that this "astral school" might be part of my Higher Self (also because it was an emotionally set intention of mine to meet my HS, I did this over many weeks before that projection)
and thus the 'students' in there (all around their mid-twenties btw) might have been incarnations of mine
however, I have no good grounds to prove to me this intuition, that's why i want to clarify now by meeting Irene
(as said, one of my strongest wishes for nonphysical exploration is indeed to "meet" my HS-incarnations)

I see Irene now
I see her in 18th (or 19th) century clothes getting out of a coach, after I asked her when she had lived on the physical plane
I cannot get a clear answer somehow if she is/was an incarnation/aspect of mine, or I don't remember it
I also learn she had 2 children and it was a lucky life
the city named is Potsdam
the last name given to me is sth like "Karlsbader" (a check reveals that this is not a common surname at all, it could rather be another town, Karlsbad, so it remains pretty inconclusive for me)
she also tells me she was a teacher then (like she seemed to be somehow in that non-physical "school", too)

last talk is with my helper Ludmilla again
I tell with her that it is probably easier for me to "get out" for retrievals from a lucid dream
so I ask her if this would be possible
she smiles and says yes
so we agree to try also to get on retrieval tours from one of my dreams
(which does not mean that I drop Moen's technique, I will do both)


tonite I probably dreamt of Ludmilla, I don't remember her face from the dream, and if I identified her in that dream as Ludmilla
but the rest of the appearance (hair, body shape, age) seems to fit, and the content (which is my ONLY memory from that night) makes sense:
she's sitting at a desk (could have been a school, not sure), gesticulating a bit, also combing back her hair
while she is explaining to me sth about how to get into contact with my HS from the physical by myself
problem is: I completely lost what she said in detail and don't remember any of it
possibly it was sth about perceiver/interpreter techniques and retrieving the information somehow in
bits & pieces and putting it together again (I remember the concept - not the words "bits and pieces" - or sth describing a kind of cyclical information gaining method used)
but it is really sad that I don't remember anything of it clearly, need to ask her again :?

I generally hope to meet Ludmilla again (be it in dreams, projections or (assumed) retrieval phasings).
She's so nice. And it seems good for me to 'work with' her.

And: She is cute.
:oops: :P

14th December 2010, 06:41 PM
This is not a 'real' new journal entry since I did not a new retrieval exercise (yet).

Nothing relevant had happened so far. However, this afternoon I had an interesting dream/projection-kind experience again, which is described here in a (portals-related) question to Kurt Leland:
viewtopic.php?f=33&t=9378&p=140711#p140711 (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=9378&p=140711#p140711)

The projection/dream experience might already have a connection to my helper (Ludmilla ... if she is real), but what happened after this one might have an even stronger one.

I don't know why I did this. I had no reason to do it. It was completely unmotivated. Even before I got up from bed again I reached out to a shelf next to me where I have a bunch of dream masks stored, purchased over the course of 1-2 years now. (I was never satisfied since sth always disturbed me after while and so bought a new one to try out).

So I just grabbed the pile and took two out and looked at them. As said, I don't know why I did this. I did not want to tidy sth up or sort sth or whatever. I have one standard mask which I use now and is not in that pile. I (thought I) know what masks lie there and so even more wouldn't have any reason to just look at them.

If you could have seen me at that moment then, really, you would have seen a man staring at something for 2-3 minutes IN COMPLETE AND UTTER DISBELIEF and not being able to make anything out of what he is seeing there. I didn't understand it.

I needed a long period of reflection ... still mesmerised ... staring at two exactly IDENTICAL pieces of one type/brand of sleep mask in my hands (see photo which I made a few hours ago). I could not understand for quite a while why there were two of them, that did not make sense to me. I did NOT have two of one type of sleep mask! :shock: (I thought...)

And so indeed one of my first thoughts was a real material manifestation. :shock:

But no. I could discount this pretty soon. Only after 2 minutes or so I indeed remembered that I actually HAD bought a second type of this dream mask quite a while ago. I had wanted a second one back then, which was not stored at my bed but in a bag of the armchair, where I wanted to do my energy work and also wear that one. Nowadays, I don't use this kind of mask anymore, these 2 were actually the first 2 I had bought before I got some better ones, that is why I forgot that I have 2 of them.

However, I still think that in this pile there was NEVER the 2nd identical mask. I had looked at it and sorted it and taken out masks from that pile sometimes before and NEVER noted the 2nd identical mask. So it is still a bit miraculous how it got there. Probably telekinesis or teleportation instead of a manifestation? :wink:

But even if that can also be discounted and in case I had added this one to the pile "unconsciously" (and forgot about it), this "long" moment remains a memorable event for me - and maybe it was intended to be this way ...

Especially when it comes to interpretation. What could 2 identical masks which have been tugged violently into my view 'in a flash' now mean?

My interpretation might be wishful thinking, but anyway, here it is:

First, important to know that I solely use sleep masks for "METAPHYSICAL purposes". That means I don't use them for normal sleeping, my room is dark enough.

I use(d) them either for projecting attempts (from sleep) at daylight or meditation/energy work purposes. (I was using another one during today's nap / projection/dream, too.)

Then there is the salient hint to TWO identical masks forming a tandem or a pair.

Tandem / couple / pair / duo? ... What does it possibly say together with the "metaphysical tool" I use?

- You are not alone.
- You have a partner now.
- We are a team now.
- We do (metaphysical) teamwork together.

It's a motivational message from my helper not to give up and to rely on our oncoming teamwork - pretty clearcut, huh? :lol:

Moreover, the fact that I did this grabbing so unmotivated (from my view) makes it even more 'suspicious' to me.

And: The masks are labelled with "daydream" from the inside (see pic). Maybe that's an even more specific hint to try the (lucid) dream method again... possibly during the day as I did just now? But maybe this goes to far in interpretations.

But who can really know ... I might also be a hopeless wishful thinker and heavily deluded. :|
Maybe it's all an utter testimony of my steady progression into the state of delusion and lunacy. Anyway, I like being lunatic :mrgreen: . No turning back. So my interpretation stands.

Cheers, a deluded but happy
Volgerle :wink:


15th December 2010, 08:46 AM
I don't know about deluded, Volgerie, you always seem to have your head screwed on right to me. :D I think the more we allow for the marvellous in our lives, the more it happens.

15th December 2010, 06:17 PM
I don't know about deluded, Volgerie, you always seem to have your head screwed on right to me. :D I think the more we allow for the marvellous in our lives, the more it happens.
Yes, Beek, surely I still need to come to grips with or get accustomed to the concept of continuously getting 'signs' of any kind in my physical daily life, too. For example, it seems so that recently I got the Law Of Attraction working for me, too. I guess that's what you also said by 'allowing the marvellous into our lives' - or even influencing it by intent. I am not doubting any longer that it works for me due to some little or bigger 'successes' I recently had (.. but that's another story now).

So I guess I am in the process now of learning to 'co-create' my life in this physical reality a bit - and with that I am allowing it to interfere with "the other reality/realities" (including my helpers), too.

It's a process. I seem to be right in it now. However, I still want to prevent overhasty assessments and still include every alternative for me to weigh and compare. If I keep up a positive open-minded attitude in this process, I feel that it will help me to get on. And it will be even more rewarding to acknowledge that the "paranormal" alternatives still fit the situation best (or even exclusively!) to explain it - like in this case. (When I say 'self-deluded' it is of course a bit tongue-in-cheek :) ).

I think I have read here and elsewhere similar accounts of unequivocal 'messages and signals' given by helpers (some to me seemed even more less direct than my case). So this seems to support the 'hypothesis' that guides somehow manage to do these kinds of things and they possibly make sure to do sth we can 'receive' and understand/interpret correctly, like in this case. Am I right?


15th December 2010, 08:10 PM
So this seems to support the 'hypothesis' that guides somehow manage to do these kinds of things and they possibly make sure to do sth we can 'receive' and understand/interpret correctly, like in this case. Am I right?

That's how I understand it and how I've experienced it. I think it's feasible that people do still miss the message in some instances.