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25th March 2006, 04:54 AM
i am currently on week 6 but am very interested in chakra's...and the program doesnt have much to do with them(obviously the goal being obe insted of chakra work)...so does anyone have good suggestions on books for chakra work only...

so far..."wisdom of the mystic masters" sounds good to me in reviews...

25th March 2006, 05:08 PM
There are some fairly decent books on chakras out there. And, I am sure someone here will recommend a couple.
However, I would advise not wasting your time with them. It might sound flippant, but I would suggest taking the time you would spend reading and doing NEW instead.
Direct stimulation and introspection on the chakras will produce far better result than any book out there. Having knowledge on chakras, their colors, and which fairy services them nightly with regular, unleaded, or premium will not make you any closer to understanding them.... direct experience will.
Here are two exercise that you can do:
Stimulate all the chakras with NEW. Then, start back at your base chakra and feel everything you can about this center. Immerse yourself in these feelings until it feels like your center of consciousness is actually in the chakra- really feel what is going on there. (It goes without saying that a trance state helps with the internal projection of consciousness). Then, move up to the next chakra. From this, you will form a deep, conscious connection to your chakras.
Spend some time stimulating the energy body and the secondary centers near the chakras. Work on the spine, organs, connective tissue, glands, and hair near the organs. From this, you will discover how the chakras affect both your energy and physical bodies.