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25th March 2006, 11:16 PM
This is a page from my dream journal, the strangest thing happened last night while o.b.e., Is it a common thing to find ecstasy in your astral root chakra? Can anyone spread som light on this experience?

DREAM JOURNAL Saturday morning March 25, 2006

Slept- had dreams that don't matter at this point

woke up read a little posted a couple... doesn't matter

Decided to go back to sleep for one last dream before the day begins at 8:30-9'ish.

Woke up in an LD was at my old dad's house sitting at his table at one point. I came to a point where I was getting into trouble for some reason but I didn't give in I had the sudden realization
that I could leave my body so I froze the scene and phased out to a total white light and I ended up in a room with all solid grey colored blank walls, cement floors and no furniture.

Up above the only door in the room was a Camera watching me. At the level of the camera along all the rest of the walls in the room was an encompassing line of T.V.'s and sockets where everything was plugged in. I was able to unplug the coards telekineticley and I moved into the next room. Where another camera was stuck above the door, all of a sudden this weird thing started to happen as if the whole scene including myself, was rolling along like a roll of film through a projector at a slower speed then movie operation.

It went environment, rolled down, solid white, environment, rolled down, solid white... this happened about 3 or 4 times. The last time the environment came around it was finally different. I was in a small empty room with really high ceilings and solid colored walls again. There was a door at the corner to my left. I phased in facing a blank wall. I put my hands up and was almost ready to try and psychicly kill someone. (I couldn't see anyone, I don't know where this urge came from) I snapped out of it right at the last second almost as if I told myself NO, PUSH LOVE!! and I began pushing love to the world.

As soon as I did that the door to my left swung itself opened, and I walked through it. Next thing I know I falsley woke up into my DZ body in my old bed at my sisters house, I decided to invoke "Unspeakable Joy!" and that's when it happened.

I phased into a white light again, nothing existed in this white light except for my consciousness. I was only in that state for a minute when I "De-Frequencied" back into my pojection body? and began to feel the most amazing sensation that I have ever felt so far in my existance on this planet on my root chakra between my arse and scrotum.

It was full blown ecstacy, It was like an orgasmic vibration that took over my whole root chakra area. Completely Orgasmic, Completely!!! My body was lifted into the air about 2 feet and I was held there just lost in this sensation totally unaware of anything around me. The vibration sensation felt like swimming pool jets blowing on my Root Chakra but with the impact of a thousand Orgasms.

I wanted to laugh out so bad. I tried to raise the feeling through my body the way my idea of a kundalini man would. I was unsuccesful though. I was totally caught up in the ecstacy of it all I wish I could descibe it better.

I heard a voice inside my head saying something but it was unclear. Something along the lines of "Within thirty days you will be..." I don't know that's all I remember.

But when I woke up, my body was exhausted. And my PHYSICAL eyes didn't work right, everything was blurry and my left eye lid drooped down have way closed.

When this happens again I'm going to focus on the root the same way, then move up chakra by chakra, I'm going to laugh out loud and enjoy it to the utmost fullest. With just that one chakra stimulated like that I can only imagine what all 7/8/50 will be like.

I don't normally post things like this but I want to spread the word. In my opinion I've just experienced partially what the christians call a "rapture". And I want whoever is able, to be able to experience it too.

Can anyone shed some light on whats happening? Is this normal?

27th March 2006, 11:20 PM
:D que lo tiroño de lasp patas!!!!!

Yo, indeed you did not had a normal dream!

I also saw that light, it is like this. It probable started on friday march 24 morning, the light was not much but after I woke up and did my "goodby until night" to my guides (I do it from now on :) ) I saw I dimm light, it was not the normal light I see,

Then when I returned to meditate a lot that night, like at 10: 15 after watching some tv and well, it was there. I could saw for the first time in my short astral life the entire plane at my sight! It was a BIG place, I could saw a floor and a ceiling, some meters away form my body (wich for the first time I could saw very clear until the torso part) where sitting in a group my guides with some spirits (I invited all good spirits to enter my sanctuary if they wanted, bad ones are not welcomed and I will expell them if necessary). So, I could saw one of my guides turn to me realizing that I was already there, looking at them because normaly I meditate after the Tokio MEWMEW show that ends at 10:30 PM (yes, great anime fan). After that I gain full confidence and I could new that I could see the guides after all so, I chat A LOT with them :) that night. This light gave me love and confidense, I have the intuition to avoid feelings related to sexuality unless you a have you stable love (man, I could be a monk by now :shock: ) so, I only got joy, and I could hug my guide once for some seconds.
The light dissapeared the next day, it was normal again, my guides already told me that night that this was not gonna be there for ever so I did not pay much attention and took the chance to see them and chat more with them :)
Thats all for now. I will post some more in my journal later :) I suppose someone alse must have seen this, I did not hear any message like you but hey, :lol: I know this is good so dont worry be happy :lol: