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Aunt Clair
26th March 2006, 03:47 AM
All methods of Projection depend on quieting the mind and raising energy .Open in Protection . Here are a few basic methods to project out of tan tiens .
A. Vibe out Male Tan Tien as an etheric projection
Choose a destination before lift out .I find it easiest to power up sitting down .We have two strong influent energy centres on the insteps of the feet and these work best touching earth .NEW techniques by Robert Bruce will help you to raise energy
and I integrate these with my own methods to power up
http://www.astralsociety.com/as/Forum// ... 343.0.html (http://www.astralsociety.com/as/Forum//index.php/topic,15343.0.html)
Then I lie down on the bed on my left side ,close my eyes continuing to power up and lift off the back like a banana peel . I 'will 'myself to fly out of the room to the roof ,away from my body and I'm off .
B. Slip out of the female tan tien in a projection of consciousness
It is much easier to slip out and project a mental body from the female tan tien than to vibe out and project an etheric body from the male tan tien . The added bonus is that you will be able to ascend to higher planes and see and hear Mahatma and Spirit guides .The etheric OBE is limited to Astral and RTZ which are cool but the higher planes and lower planes are accessed through Mental Projection instead of Etheric Projection .To project out of the crown merely power up .Close the physical eyes .Take consciousness to the brow centre third eye . Dwell there and learn to look out the third eye like a window of the soul . After a few sessions of being able to do this confidently go further . Close eyes sit in power position , power up and send consciousness to the top of the head instead . Now slip out of the scalp .Some feel this as a spiraling out by will .

Places to Go ;Go to the top of the roof and look around . Try following the path on the road and fly to a place you know . Trying flying to a 5th dimension realm when you can send consciousness and you can see clairvoyantly . Here are some links to access ashrams .After you get to any realm you merely think of a core image and you can send consciousness there in projection.
http://www.astralsociety.com/as/Forum// ... 578.0.html (http://www.astralsociety.com/as/Forum//index.php/topic,16578.0.html)
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http://au.msnusers.com/AuntClairsParlor ... hrams.msnw (http://au.msnusers.com/AuntClairsParlorSpiritualReadingRoom/accessingtheashrams.msnw)

C. Manifest a Vortex from the Middle Tan Tien -to ascend higher or to take another with you
The most basic vortex is formed from three spheres by the magician .The magician powers up thru breathing into a trance as usual but will have to remain awake while lying down .So this is an unusual trance in two ways as the magician will be lying down instead of sititing up and they will have their eyes open for a portion of the session .

Relax in bed in a comfortable room without music or other distractions. Have the room dimly lit . The magician will accomplish this best unclothed above the sheets so that the skin is fully exposed . This will allow more energy to be inhaled thru the pores into the organs to effect a greater sphere .To make oneself comfortable, consider locking the door beforehand as one would in a bath . And disconnect the phone.Lie in the da Vinci pose as the Vitruvian Man arms out and the legs spread apart to form a star.
This is a good pose for projection . When the star is fully open, it is optimal for mental projection and can be used effectively for etheric projection to the astral too. Note that when the arms are at the side and the legs are together the magician is closed .Always protect.

Now coordinate the mind, body and spirit. The palms lie open and upward slightly cupped . Deep Breathe and fill the lungs with prana .If you can breathe up kundalini , do that now . If not take 3 deep cleansing breathes and power up . The upper body will be stronger than the legs of the magician .So we will use the arms and heart to form the beginner's vortex .Breathe in only fire in the right arm.Iimagine it .Visualise it .Then clairvoyantly see it and clairsentiently feel its warmth .Affirm it aloud . My right arm is fire . In my right hand, I have a fire ball . It is orange and bright and light and dry . It is hot . I have fire .

Breathe in only water into the left arm . My left arm is water. In my left hand I have a ball of ice . It is indigo and dark and heavy and wet . It is cold . It is frigid . I have ice .Now at the heart you will manifest the pale yellow flame of kundalini godhead . This will be twice the circumference of the palm spheres. "I breathe in the solar plexus . My heart is warm with the rays of the sun . It is lemon yellow and bright and light and dry . It is hot . I have sun " From the head you can manifest the silver akasha flame of the goddess . "I breathe in the moon .My head is cool with the light of the moon beams . It is pale. silver cool , light and damp . I have the moon light ."

Continue to concentrate on these spheres taking the magic mind to the right then left then to the heart . Hold these spheres in a triangle made by the palms and the heart but do not shift the physical body, only the mind . See the spheres become larger and rounder with each breath empowering them from your magic impregnated prana . Feel the circle of energy going from the right palm down and across to the left pam and up to the heart widdershins with each breath . Begin to feel yourself breathe into these spheres making them bigger and stronger .

To balance the force in hands, try bringing force up from feet into body .Draw up red electric from the right leg into the heart and out to the right arm . Similarly draw up blue mangetic fluid from the left leg into the heart and out to the left arm . When the triangle can be seen clairvoyantly as three spheres ,these will start to make the sides of light themselves attracted to each other by the energy of opposites fire to water and moon to sun in this way .Do not pause but begin to see that with each breath the magic mind makes a pass to strengthen the vortex.

"This is fire hot and bright , This is ice cold and heavy , This is sun warm and light . then exhale .Go faster in time with your breath . Continue until you percieve the opening of a vortex into which the magician may take thier conciousness to visit higher realms . This will form the basic vortex .

Variations of this method can strengthen and enlarge the vortex .The opening becomes stronger if you will then project akasha into the spheres and form a silver door .When you inhale bring in akasha to fill the spheres making them glow with silver . Finally a golden door made from amoris , the fluid of the great work's effort is stronger still .The magician can learn to manifest a 5 sphere vortex with four limbs and the Blue third eye making an salmon red right sphere at the foot and a a chartreuse green sphere on the right foot .By adding three spheres from the Tan Tiens , Ruby at the throne , Blue Gray at the crown and Pale Yellow at the Dan Tien, it becomes larger and stronger still .
Make your intention of destination known aloud before you begin to form the vortex . You might say as part of your prayer , I humbly invoke the presence of Archangel Michael to protect me on my journey to the Ashram of Serapis Bey in the Great Pyramid now . A stronger vortex will allow a further and higher projection and allow the guru to take a student to project with them . Once this practice is perfected , the magician may work fully clothed ie in a warrior postion standing http://www.photospin.com/search/?page=single&id=16966 or sitting in an armchair with legs spread and arms raised over the arms of the chair like the on a Throne of Thoth . Peers may enter the vortex to project consciousness with the magican in this manner during circle .

Each of these three methods centre from different types of energies . But there are four activated tan tiens currently and some others yet to become activated .

From Mastering Astral Projection, page 77-78 Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer -The human energy body has three major storage centers where different qualities of energies are accumulated. First there is the sub-navel storage center, located midway between the belly button and pubic line two inches inside the average body. This stores raw physical vitality. Next there is the subheart storage, located in the center of the chest at the base of the sternum two inches inside the average body. This stores raw emotional energy. Then there is the subbrow storage center, located between the eye socket ridges in the center of the brow just inside the skull. This stores raw mental and psychic energy (Figure 4). The Taoists (pronounced like "Daoists") refer to these three storage centers simply as upper, middle, and lower tan tiens. These correspond to three different types of energy called the three treasures: shen (spirit), chi (life force), and ching (sexual and body essence energy), respectively. The tan tiens also have cultural names: Palace of Ni Wan (forehead/brain), Crimson Palace (heart), and Yellow Court (Navel/belly button), respectively.

I wondered what the energy of the fourth tan tien would become and how to project from it .This is what I was shown today ;
D.Splitting yin from yang to double and manifest.
The magician can leave the body through the back of the head.Consciousness is projected up to the fourth tan tien . Split the consciousness into yin and yang and exit as two parts , I did this as a dragonfly which split in half down the length of the body .When you come through the two exits you will join back together and become double in size . This is new to me . The first place I was lead to was the assemblage point also called the manifestation grid which we have been to before in circle . I was told this magnifies the manifestation and the flow of energy to bring something into our lives . The next time I projected through here the portal was knocked out and I emerged as a silver lavender bird and connected to the cosmic self as a disincarnate body of knowledge of the summation of past lives and future plan of my entity.

gender.alchemy.colour.name.type....use............ projection..................energy body .element..........chakra area
Female.Stars.....Purple..?......magick.will....... .....split out rear to double..purple .......water.............violet white silver
Female.Moon....Blue...Shen..spirit ....intuition.....slip out crown .............green ........air..................aqua blue indigo
Male ....Sun ....Yellow.Chi.... vitality..life force.....vortex out front heart..yellow ........fire.................amber yellow green
Male.....Earth....Red ..Ching..sexual...generation.vibe out down.............pink or blue ..earth or water..rose red orange