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3rd January 2011, 05:53 AM
My "goal" is to keep a log of my dreams going for at least the year of 2011. I will attempt to be as thorough with this as I can. I have really good dream recall most times so I will attempt to be as detailed as possible unless the details do not stick in my memory. I have logged dream in a journal many times, but never on a continuous basis. This should be an interesting Log and I welcome ALL comments. Maybe some light can be shed on the reason my Astral OOB have ceased..............

3rd January 2011, 06:04 AM
Dream is a bit vague (probably due to alcohol consumption). I was somehow in a scene of walking on highways. Not in traffic but along the sides with traffic visible. My Mother (D)eceased in 2009) was with me and ill in some way. These highways were "stacked" or built one above the other with many turns and loops.

At certain points there are elevators leading up and down to the different levels of the highways. These elevators are really dirty/grungy looking, in need of repair. The elevators are also cylindrical in shape (not square as most are). At a certain level (not sure which) when exiting the elevators I am in a "reception" area of a hospital. It has vending machines and seating, although I never use these.

The whole dream I am trying to keep my Mother in the hospital for treatment she needs, and she is constantly escaping back out onto the highways. The dream goes around and around like this until I awaken. Some flashes of details are my Mother ripping IV's out, people lined up at elevators and getting stuck in the elevator once.

3rd January 2011, 06:19 AM
Dream involves some friends of ours (Al and Lori), a new house they are living in. some flashes of house I grew up in, a hardware store. I do not recall the exact sequence here, but will attempt to keep it straight. I am working outside the house I grew up in (In Ionia, Wall St. Near large porch it had) with gas grills and propane tanks. Trying to get them connected and working in some special way (Like 2 hooked together).

I make trips to the hardware getting parts for gas lines and grills. Leaks are a big problem and at one point a gas cylinder (at the hardware) explodes. There are no flames oddly just a hiss and loud poof as the cylinder flew in the air.

The dream somehow morphs into being at Al and Lori's new house and using a garden tractor to get there (It is running using propane) has a tank on the back. When I arrive at their house I am asked to look at the power wires outside. I go to an electrical box on a pole and see breakers and some loose wires. I abash them for not seeing this and how dangerous it could be. I fix the wires and show them that an outside light now works. It is like a large mercury outdoor light right next to the door at eye level.

Now the dream switches into giving their babies a ride outside on the garden tractor. There is a seat on the tractor that looks like a baby seat with a safety belt. The small baby (boy) does not like the idea and is soiling his diaper also. I finally get him into the seat and spent several minutes tightening and adjusting the safety belts. I have to mess again with the propane to get the tractor running. By now the baby is screaming, but we drive off anyway. Going down the road I get frustrated and end up turning around and taking the baby back to Lori, who is smiling and finds it amusing. She asks "How far did you get?" I point to a white house next to their house and say "Just past that house" Lori is laughing. I awoke.

3rd January 2011, 05:15 PM
Dream takes place at fiberglass tank factory where I used to work. I was draftsman there and the dream is about me doing drawing revisions and getting drawings to production. There are like 3-4 younger guys that I am training. For some reason the office becomes very hot and I am taking off my tie and sweating like mad. One of the students says I am working hard and that is why.

I get thirsty and decide to get a pop from the machine in the break room. I go there, the pop is 50c, I put in one quarter and the machine starts dumping out pops. I try putting other quarter in but it will not go. I have like 5 pops, and then go into office and start giving them to the students. They are picking what kind they want, like diet coke, mtn dew, etc. Oddly they all get what they want. The pops become larger than a can, but not as big as a 2liter, I now notice I have several cases of them. I put some in a refrigerator in the office. I then go outside into the parking lot and a car is there with trunk open.

There are many "cases" of pop and cigarettes in the trunk. The car belongs to a coworker (Dave). I take many cases of pop, which are now shaped like pizza boxes? and 4 packs of cigarettes. I take 2 packs of cigarettes and put them in my car glovebox, 2 in my coat pocket and the pop in the trunk. I go back into office and my boss (Dan) is checking drawings and marking them in red for errors. My wife (Jenny) shows up from nowhere with a Niece and Nephew. She is there to get my paycheck. There are some jokes made about all she wants is the money.

I do not interact with Niece or Nephew, they are just there. Jenny leaves and I am back in office working. I look at clock and it is 5:08pm. I say I was supposed to go home at 5:00. No one is sure, so I go into the main office and look at my time card. It has 4:00pm on it. I panic a bit thinking how late I am getting home. When I get to my car, the coworker (Dave) is at his car trying to figure out where the pop went from his car and why the money is not there. I of course have some of the pop with me from the refrigerator!! I tell him the story of the machine dumping them out. We go to my car and I show him the pop in there.

I am still feeling innocent until for some reason he opens the glovebox and sees the cigarettes. Now I know he knows I am lying and have taken things. We go through some discussions and figuring out which things I should have or not. Awoke.

Added info: The drawings I was working on were of gas cylinders (Which are at the next place I work) not of fiberglass tanks. And an odd occurance....I now work at a music store, I am at work now and my ex boss (Dan from above) just came into the store to pick up his daughters saxophone from repair!!!

3rd January 2011, 05:36 PM
Hi russmi3, just some thoughts/ideas of mine...
"Elevators" i see definitely as symbols and vehicles for Obeing... the fact they occur (even if they now still look grey or in need of repair), could mean the ability to be able again to Obe can not be so far...
Hospital always is a symbol for healing, or maybe that something has to be healed first... so if you write that you mom went to the other side first in 09 there might be still some healing on an emotional level be going on within... (possibly the hospital occurs also because your mother was in hospital before she went, but still there would be many symbols more your inner self could use to demonstrate something, but it explizit choosed this, so I think it has a meaning for you personal any ways)...
You want your mother to heal and be in treatment but she is constantly escaping to the "*high*ways"... in my eyes could mean that maybe you are pushing yourself a bit too much ahead...
A baby or little kid for me in general means something new is on the way to be born and growing within... a new idea or a new ability or a new way to do things...
So to me it seems you are on your way, how to say?... to more freedom, obeing again and whatever referes to movement and personal growth...
and this lady who is laughing, for my feeling shows that also within you there is an ability and character to take it all not too serious, which is a great attitude i find..
please dont take my words to narrow, im just associating here, im neither an Obeer nor dream-interpreter of advanced kind, just a never-stop-to-learn-learner myself :)

best greetings, istia
just now see another dream post of you which i have not read or took into consideration now...

7th January 2011, 04:41 AM
Have not posted in a day or two due to illness/not sleeping well. All I recall dreaming on the 4th is a little part of a dream that involved me as a teenager and a dog I had then. For some reason I was moving and unable to take the dog along. We were leaving it with an older cousin of mine on his farm. I knew the dog was going to be OK there and his sons were there to take care of it, but I was terribly upset. At one point he was leaving with the dog in like a trailer being pulled behind his truck. I was standing there crying and the dog escaped out of a very small slot opening and ran back to me. Then the scene flipped to me leaving the dog, and hugging it to me on the ground sobbing. I was saying "Oh God, why must you take the things that are so precious to me?" It was coming out as a song and I kept repeating it. Upon awakening I even had the tune it was sung to in my head, but now I cannot remember it.

7th January 2011, 04:47 AM
Again did not sleep well and only recall a little part of dream, one had something going on at my Aunt Betty's (D) house in Six Lakes. It was something to do with almost like witches around and outside of her house in a woods. I say witches only because the women were in long dresses and some were able to fly up into trees or ontop of the house. I remember broken glass all over the ground and trying to not cut feet while walking in it. I have no idea why we were walking around or what was being done other than this. The only thing clear is that it was the house my Aunt lived in.

7th January 2011, 04:59 AM
Can see that I need to log these each day if possible. I know there was more about previous 2, but even writing down key points upon awakening, I lose too much details. Anyway, slept better last night a bit.

Dream was me in what seemed to be an old western setting (the buildings seemed old fashioned). It also was based partly on bluegrass music (like a festival). People were playing music on stages or sitting around in houses. I joined in with guitar on several and was singing also although I have no recall of any specific songs. At one point I was walking down a street and some people had a large fire going and were cooking on it. I remember touching the grate (stupid) and burning my hand on it.

I walked around for some time just observing activities and then was in like a main building where the entrance to the area was. There was a lady behind a counter and things on the walls like for sale. I urgently felt I needed to get out of this place and rushed to a door and outside. I was going away from the building (do not recall in what, but some kind of vehicle) and there were people up in trees with buckets hanging next to them (old, steel, rusted buckets with holes in them). I did not know why, but I knew I had to shoot at these to get away. I shot at them with a bow and arrow. When I would miss one, I would be returned to being near the building again and have to start all over.

As this was repeating there were others in the same "game" around me. I awoke never making it out, still shooting arrows.

7th January 2011, 07:29 PM
Dream begins in a church, I am asked to read from a pamphlet of script and as I try to read all of the words become jumbled and incoherant. I struggle trying to read it and ask the pastor for help, it is now like a puzzle you have to line up correctly to read but I am not able. The pastor takes me to the front of the church and I kneel below the cross praying for help. I never do read the text. I now go outside of the church and have become like a small demon creature. I see myself and the surroundings from above. I am able to start fires by looking at things or pointing. I start a car on fire. I run down a road saying "I am going to burn the boulevard". Now I shift to a scene in which I am in a "Hell" like setting. I am back in a body now, not sure if still a demon. There is fire and molten magma type stuff all around (Black and red) it is hot! I struggle with a demonic dog/wolf animal as it attacks me. It is not hurting me, just attacking. Now I am in a room at an Uncles house (living room) and my Mother is there and trying to find pieces to a 3D "Toy" that looks like buildings and people on 2 levels. This item is about 2 foot long and 1 foot high made of plastic. It has some kind of mining theme as some of the pieces that are on it are in the "dirt" and look like gold and silver. All of these pieces snap in and out of the base structure. She is upset that pieces are missing and is looking in boxes for them. We decide they are just gone and it will have to be as it is. She then becomes ill or actually unable to walk/talk coherantly and I take her outside into a car. After this the car is covered in ice, it is very cold and snowy all around. We never go anywhere. I go back inside and people (Cousins) are all looking like demons. I am one again and we proceed to stab things into each other (like pokers) not sharp knives or swords. This again does not hurt any of us, but as one is begun to be stabbed through me I ask that the person doing it go slow because I am a bit apprehensive. They go very slowly and I feel the pressure and then the poker slide through me. I sense it but not painfully. We continue doing this and sometimes 2 people with pokers in them will like hug and drive the pokers through another person. Awoke.

Just read CF's journal and jogged my recall on this one, at the pint I am a small demon there is another man near me with a fiery head.........

7th January 2011, 07:57 PM
Dream begins in a church, I am asked to read from a pamphlet of script and as I try to read all of the words become jumbled and incoherant. I struggle trying to read it and ask the pastor for help, it is now like a puzzle you have to line up correctly to read but I am not able. The pastor takes me to the front of the church and I kneel below the cross praying for help. I never do read the text. I now go outside of the church and have become like a small demon creature. I see myself and the surroundings from above. I am able to start fires by looking at things or pointing. I start a car on fire. I run down a road saying "I am going to burn the boulevard". Now I shift to a scene in which I am in a "Hell" like setting. I am back in a body now, not sure if still a demon. There is fire and molten magma type stuff all around (Black and red) it is hot! I struggle with a demonic dog/wolf animal as it attacks me. It is not hurting me, just attacking. Now I am in a room at an Uncles house (living room) and my Mother is there and trying to find pieces to a 3D "Toy" that looks like buildings and people on 2 levels. This item is about 2 foot long and 1 foot high made of plastic. It has some kind of mining theme as some of the pieces that are on it are in the "dirt" and look like gold and silver. All of these pieces snap in and out of the base structure. She is upset that pieces are missing and is looking in boxes for them. We decide they are just gone and it will have to be as it is. She then becomes ill or actually unable to walk/talk coherantly and I take her outside into a car. After this the car is covered in ice, it is very cold and snowy all around. We never go anywhere. I go back inside and people (Cousins) are all looking like demons. I am one again and we proceed to stab things into each other (like pokers) not sharp knives or swords. This again does not hurt any of us, but as one is begun to be stabbed through me I ask that the person doing it go slow because I am a bit apprehensive. They go very slowly and I feel the pressure and then the poker slide through me. I sense it but not painfully. We continue doing this and sometimes 2 people with pokers in them will like hug and drive the pokers through another person. Awoke. That's a hell of a dream, Russ. I have some thoughts about it but ATM have to go do something, I'll get back to this. Just using as a placeholder for my comment (and to not forget).

10th January 2011, 06:39 AM
Dreamed a very convoluted dream that I cannot even keep track of details. It kind of went around and around in circles. First thing that comes to mind trying to explain it is the show American Gladiators, but not as intense. Why I say this I do not know, is just it seemed a game show/competition I was involved in. There were 2 young men present that acted like the leaders/hosts (They knew what was going on and "owned" they house/layout. There were some women involved also, the only one I knew was Deb (a girl I went to HS with). The house was a series of mazes and courses that needed to be gotten through. It was all very brightly/vivid colors. I do not recall a sequence or any idea of a final goal. Every door or area I go through is a new area or game to complete. The 2 men were always watching and seemed amused. The unknown women were participants against or hindering my progress. Deb that I know was in part of one section/game with me aiding my completion. Most of the games involved getting through a maze or obstacle course involving climbing, swinging, crawling, slides, etc. No end ever was gotten too however I was in a final round where the prize was millions of dollars.

10th January 2011, 06:58 AM
House based dream (Yes I know what houses mean). This was a new house on a very similar lot as where we live now. I do not recall ever going inside the house. My Brother, Sister-in-Law, Niece and Nephew were here visiting. We were looking around the outside which had very fancy landscaping, decks, etc. he driveway was made of small pieces of inlayed bricks in a very intricate pattern. Some of the pieces were already coming loose and were raising above the others. The eaves trough at the front was also somehow very close to the ground (shoulder height). We were noting that the seams were not assembled right so that the rain would leak out. At this point it is raining and we can see it leaking. We then are on the decks in the rear of the house. They are huge and terraced with stairs connecting (Our current house has 2 smaller decks connected with 1 stair). The similarity ends there, these decks went along way down the back yard and the lowest was right next to a stream (The stream glowed with white light). We began at the top and noticed some handrail missing at one edge (all of these things I was shocked at because the house was new). We continue down the decks to the stream and my Niece jumps in. We all think she is nuts and was going to freeze in the water. I put my hand in and is is like bathwater. We all go swimming the water is clean like a pool also. I say it must be coming from the prison up the street from their heating run off (The house I lived in at Ionia was across from a prison, the dormatory was up the street and there was a small stream way behind it on the State land). The water in that was from a spring though and always cold. There was a short segment where we were inside the house upstairs and were remodeling adding walls and doors to make the bathroom larger and easier to use. We were planning it and beginning work, but then I realized to get from stairs to any bedroom you had to go through the bathroom. Then I awoke

12th January 2011, 05:29 AM
Dream is very sketchy and odd to recall. Has something to do with lions (the first thing that comes to mind is the movie lion king). The lions involved were definitely cubs. I was somehow involved in training them or in their upbringing/growth. I seem to feel almost a castle setting, large opulent rooms and surroundings. There was more than one cub, I remember at least one male and female (the female had a pink bow). Whatever training I was doing involved rough play, specifically I remember sharp claws and being scratched. At one point their claws were being examined and trimmed. ANother, the male cub is playing with a frog near a small pond. The frog is trying to get away and jumping up a wall. I cannot recall what the training was for, but it was for a big event. I am not sure if I awoke and then went back to sleep or if the dream just shifted but the final part of what I recall was people playing a game that involved dials with questions and possible answers. I was a player and there was a person running the game also (like a gameshow). I was always late or did not get the answers. Beyond that I have no further recall.

12th January 2011, 03:42 PM
I am at my wife's Uncles house (He is a mechanic/body worker). He has always had a workshop and worked on cars, including building hot rods, classic cars. I am there and trying to make deals with him on trading or buying cars. I have a pick-up and am trying to trade it for other cars. He has a stock car that I want, a go-cart like dune buggy, and a classic car (can't remember the make). I am dealing with him and there is also a "dinner" going on (like a reunion) with lots of food on tables and people. His wife is there and his 2 girls (They are grown and gone IRL). I make deals with him and then want him to repaint the classic car and go-cart. He does and they look very nice. I test drive the stock car (there is a racetrack right next to his garage in the dream). The track is dirt, but has like metal rails that divide the "lanes". I do a lot of inspecting of the cars, looking at engines and interiors, etc. I test drive the go-cart and he tells me it is only running on 1 cylinder (of two) but should still be fine for my son. I am not happy about this and begin to get angry. After all the dealing/testing, I am getting ready to leave and the cars now have been painted again and look like crap (terrible paint jobs). The stock car has flat tires, the go-cart has a very small electric motor and will barely move. I am pissed. He denies we have made deals, saying I owe him money, and is not going to let me take cars. There is now a large 4x4 truck also in the mix. The dream shifts to me working for him at the garage with several other guys. The garage starts out very clean and neat. They are painting cars and welding stuff. Paint is all over everything and the floor is a mess with garbage. The garage is not just a building, but has decks outside with shelving for storage. All of this is made of wooden planks and you can see to the ground below. He is telling me it is my job to clean up, but will not tell me what or how to do any of it. I just start doing things (picking up and sweeping) but none of it is to his liking. This goes on for some time, then the others go to lunch. I say I am leaving in a minute. When I go to leave I am locked inside. I try to get out of the door, there are like 3 doors in line. I can open them partially but not get out. I am mad again and go to work cleaning like mad. They come back and are laughing because I was stuck and will not let me go to lunch. Alarm wakes me........

13th January 2011, 08:45 AM
There is more than one possible interpretation for your dream but I'll give you one to consider.

I am at my wife's Uncles house (He is a mechanic/body worker).

This dream will be about working on one of your energy bodies (e.g etheric, astral, mental, etc)

I have a pick-up and am trying to trade it for other cars. He has a stock car that I want, a go-cart like dune buggy, and a classic car (can't remember the make). I am dealing with him and there is also a "dinner" going on (like a reunion) with lots of food on tables and people.

It looks like you're hoping for an upgrade, that is, to spiritually evolve. Food on the table is suggestive of nourishment and also celebration, so there's a sense these come with progress.

His wife is there and his 2 girls (They are grown and gone IRL). I make deals with him and then want him to repaint the classic car and go-cart.

It seems to me you're working on two bodies (perhaps the emotions in the astral body and belief structures in the mental body). Females can also be seen as representing the intuitive in dreaming.

I test drive the go-cart and he tells me it is only running on 1 cylinder (of two) but should still be fine for my son.

This might reference the number of chakras you have brought online in one of the energy bodies. Kurt Leland has posted this elsewhere in the site. It tells you what the different chakras mean in your energy bodies. They don't necessarily develop in order:

1st chakra, sense of being in a new state of consciousness or body, nothing else, no sense of place
2nd chakra, sense of being in a space, but no ability to perceive it or move around in it
3rd chakra, ability to move within a space, but not necessarily to perceive it
4th chakra, ability to sense the presence of other nonphysical beings and distinguish between them by function
5th chakra, ability to communicate with other nonphysical beings
6th chakra, coordinates inner sense impressions to create the experience of being in a virtual nonphysical environment, including startlingly clear visuals (though these may be representations of non-space non-time oriented environments in imagery derived from the physical reality)
7th chakra, allows you to transcend the perceptual biases of the body you're in so you can transfer your focus of consciousness to the next higher energy body

Energy bodies are often represented as our children.

I am not happy about this and begin to get angry. After all the dealing/testing, I am getting ready to leave and the cars now have been painted again and look like crap (terrible paint jobs).

This would suggest that by being reactive and impatient you slow down your own progress.

The dream shifts to me working for him at the garage with several other guys. The garage starts out very clean and neat. They are painting cars and welding stuff. Paint is all over everything and the floor is a mess with garbage. The garage is not just a building, but has decks outside with shelving for storage.

Now you're processing your issues through dreaming and becoming aware of the garbage that needs to be cleared away to allow your energy bodies to develop.

The garage is not just a building, but has decks outside with shelving for storage. All of this is made of wooden planks and you can see to the ground below.

You're aware of different levels within a plane or different planes. Shelving and storage are further symbols of getting your inner life sorted.

He is telling me it is my job to clean up, but will not tell me what or how to do any of it.

Right now, you might be able to get such information directly but the dream will have clues for you (e.g working on impatience and frustrations, which are manifestations of fear and anger).

I say I am leaving in a minute. When I go to leave I am locked inside. I try to get out of the door, there are like 3 doors in line. I can open them partially but not get out. I am mad again and go to work cleaning like mad. They come back and are laughing because I was stuck and will not let me go to lunch. Alarm wakes me........

You had more cleaning to do before you were ready to pass through "a door" or onto a higher level.

14th January 2011, 04:28 PM
In house (basement) where I lived in Ionia. We are all freaking out because large storms and tornadoes are approaching. I am here with my immediate family. I keep going up the stairs and looking at the skies. Lots of dark clouds and wind. No rain however? I see when the tornadoes form and watch them coming from the east until I feel threatened. Then I retreat to the basement and watch out the window there. At one point we get under the stairs for protection. This all goes on several times.

Now dream shifts to a house I have visited in dream many times (does not exist IRL). It is a new house up on a hill. The land behind it slopes down into a woods and there is a river at the bottom. The river is always flowing very fast. I am in the basement again in this house most of the dream. This house always has water getting in the basement from surrounding ground. There is an elaborate system of pipes, sump pump in the basement removing water. Also around outside of house there are drainage pipes and stone.

It always appears it is my job to keep this going and working to remove water. This time it is working and the water is not gaining depth, it is all contained in the sumps, but is still coming in down the walls. At one point there is water dripping/running from above through the floor/ceiling. I realize my wife is running the washer upstairs and it is either leaking or overflowing. All this time there are kids playing in the basement. The basement is set up as a rec-room. Awoke

14th January 2011, 06:46 PM
Just want to say Thank You to Istia, CF and Beekeeper for inputting thoughts and comments!! :D It helps to get others insight and comments in trying to get meanings from dreams. (Beekeeper esp. hit on some ideas I had not even considered!!)

I plan to keep this going as thoroughly as I can with as much detail, so keep them coming!!!!

Thanks again all!!!

* Wouldn't it be cool if someone developed the technology for a device that we could record dreams in full as we had them??? Play them back like a DVD?? Just a random thought......
Then again maybe it would not be cool......lol :shock:

14th January 2011, 07:17 PM
In school setting. I was involved as a student/teacher, but seemed to be older than others present. I am walking around the school and between buildings (Like a small campus setting). Several times I am looking for a class I am supposed to be in but cannot seem to get to the proper room. I am caught several times wandering the halls by teachers or office personel. I do not recall getting into trouble, just caught.

If I go out of the building, I am always very nervous and do it like I am sneaking. Once outside I never know where or when to get back in without getting caught. I do get in though. I am helping other students with classes, playing musical instruments (band), and sports (basketball/ baseball field). All of the students like me and are always anxious to be helped, and at seeing me.

I am constantly hugging girls when we meet. (One girl is a girl my son is in school with) She has hearing aids, I am picking on her in the dream*. There is another in the dream who has prosthetic legs (Do not know any amputees IRL). I recall her walking around and sitting and I am tapping on her prosthetics with sticks and laughing about the sound.

Toward end of dream I am in an office and I have ketchup on my pants from lunch. I am taking another boys clothing (He is getting other clothes from a closet area). I put on his clothes and then proceed to classes again.

* Just a note here to those that do not know me IRL so I am not tagged a pedophile or weirdo. My wife and I have both always been very involved in our kids schooling and activities. We have known most of their classmates and interacted with thme in sports/parties/scouts. Many of these kids call me Dad #2. I treat and love all of them as I do my own children. Hi fives, hugs, tears, picking, joking, teasing are all done openly and with parents aware. Their parents do the same with our children. :D We are actually going through the hard time right now because my son is a senior, we have watched these kids grow from kindergarden up and now they are moving on to colleges and jobs....

14th January 2011, 07:26 PM
I think it may be possible that you have a strong teacher aspect and this comes across in your dreams. I also think that helping the child who has prosthetic legs is symbolic of something else, perhaps retrieving an aspect of yourself that has issues of navigation. You're helping someone transcend some perceived handicap.
It's possible that you are active in teaching in the nonphysical, something you're not aware of (and you don't have to be aware of it to be true) and possibly in the physical.

15th January 2011, 06:59 PM
Very long dream with tons of details. Will try to hit on most of the significant ones.

Am at Uncles house Don(D) in Palo and my cousins are there (Don JR and Darlene). Begins with eating a meal, the meat served is from a glass jar (Like home canned). It is beef and very good, the potatoes are kind of mashed (almost to the soup stage) but still have lumps in them. We are all eating and loving the tender meat.

I am there with a car my mother once owned and it needs new front tires and brakes. My cousin and I are going to do it (Donnie is a mechanic IRL). Instead of doing the repairs we start working around yard (mowing and weeding). It comes to me that there is going to be some kind of party. There is an outdoor screened in "tent" that we are leaning also. We notice cockroaches around the tent and are discussing how to spray to get rid of them.

I state " If you see 3-4 there are probably eggs for 10,000". As we are looking around the tent I also see hundreds of crickets and little egg pouches. A party does in fact take place, many more people are around and all are getting drunk. There is a keg of beer we are serving from.

The dream kind of shifts gears to me being at a church event(outdoors still) but near a river. I am singing with people doing the bass part. Seiing how low I can sing. There is alcohol and beer at this also, which is weird for a church/religious event.

The Oakridge Boys actually appear and are singing songs with us. I am challenging the bass singer to see who can sing the lowest (yeah right...lol). Everyone is singing and telling stories. A couple of very large men show up and everyone does not want them around. They seem to me as mean and rowdy. I am getting beers for them and everyone is saying "Hurry up!" and "Make sure they are full". I serve the beers and a confrontation ensues. They are upset and ready to fight. They are chasing me and I somehow trick them (because they are drunk) out a door and they go off an embankment into the river.

Things calm down, the Oakridge boys are leaving. The bass singer has a Harley motorcycle (It runs like a Harley...thub,thub,thub). I ride it for him to warm it up, it is missing and sputtering. The cylinder and spark plug are right in front of my face and I can see an electric arc jumping. I take it back and tell him we need to tighten it. We never do. Then he is actually spinning the motorcycle around and hitting the frame and exhausts playing music. We think this is funny. The exhausts are all red hot and he gets burned a few times. Eventually he rides away. awoke.

15th January 2011, 07:06 PM
After awakening from 1st dream I layed back down and had a short dream at the house where we now live with my son there. I am getting ready for work dressing and I hear a loud arplane engine noise outside. It speeds up as if diving and then stops abruptly and there is a loud thud. I run outside onto back deck and my son is there now also. There is a small helicopter that has crashed just behind our lot in the woods. No fire or anything it is just sitting there in loose dirt and the trees and weeds are like mowed down in a circle. Two men get out, one stays by the crash, the other approaches us. When he gets to the deck I notice his hace is like painted white (Or made of white plastic). We are talking but I do not recall words. He gets close enough to me to reach around and try to take my wallet from back pocket. I grab his arm and bend it around the railing and ask what the hell are you doing? He says nothing but goes after the wallet with his other hand!! I am telling him I will break his arm, and also telling my son to grab his other arm....Alarm woke me

15th January 2011, 09:37 PM
So when you said "we lived there with my son" should I assume it was you, your wife and your son?

17th January 2011, 05:16 PM
Yes I meant our current house where we live now. The only ones present in dream were Me and son (No wife/daughter)

17th January 2011, 05:31 PM
A man with a fake face tries to take your money- it's a man and a symbol of power and authority- also faceless. And he wants to steal your wallet. The wallet has money in it, so I would think that it means abundance, but also identity (it's where you keep your ID or driver's license.) So it can be interpreted this way. Your son is helping you get this guy in line, to get your stuff back, so he is instrumental in helping you reassert your identity and security in the face of threats from faceless authority.

What kind of makes me go "Huh" is the similarity of your dream to mine, with the helicopter, my broken cellphone (I guess with me it's communication) and the sense of something being taken from me (or attempted) is kind of similar in a 'form' kind of way.

17th January 2011, 05:45 PM
Dream is based on some type of school (Kids involved/High school age) music performance theme. I am on a bus with lots of kids and we go to a very large "school" for some type of band performance/competition. The school is very large (very ornate and fancy) almost more like a cathedral look. We arrive at the place and are involved in getting ready and preparing for competing. At times I feel as though I am one of the students, other times I feel as though I am an adult (Myself), or maybe a teacher.

The students are in front of the building practicing and so are many other groups of students not from our school. Even though I know I am with this group, I do not know any of the students from real life. (It is not real / known kids). Groups of our kids go in to perform. I never go in the building with them. I do go in after some time and I am amazed by the size, high ceilings, and opulence of the place. I remember marble floors and walls, columns, etc. When I enter I go to a person that is a judge (sitting at a large desk in front of where people are performing). All of the wood is very fancy also, carved.

I proceed to watch as several people/groups perform and are judged. There are several rooms where this is going on and I move between rooms. At one point I am handed a form from a woman. Apparently I am mistaken for a judge and am supposed to judge a group. I am freaking out because I do not know how, I cannot even understand the form. It has very small writing and check boxes (3 columns per page) hundreds of things to check.....lol. I happen to meet up with my boss' daughter(Linda) and she takes over doing it because she knows how (she is a teacher IRL).

It is also critical how you are dressed for this. The judges are all in tuxedo's with red ties. I am in a black suit. Performers are all in suits and/or gowns. After this I return outside. Some of our groups are done and I am going around asking how they did, and either consoling low marks or cheering for high ones (Lots of hugging/crying/emotions). Our bus is setting parked by the road. Actually two buses now.

The one with kids in it is No. 168. Many kids are on it and me and another parent are watching from a bus behind it. Somehow the boys have gotten yard chairs pirched across the inside of the bus (Making like a platform/second floor up high) in bus. They are being very rambunctious and like wrestling up in this platform. Linda is going to stop them, and I tell her to let them go and have fun/burn off some of their energy. After this there are groups of us eating like a picnic/bag lunches out on the lawns. Then we proceed to pack up and leave. I am still asking how groups did as we are packing. One group of girls say they got 3's, and I say that is fantastic! If they had not tried they would not have gotten any grade. Awoke

17th January 2011, 06:26 PM
Hello, russmi3.

Whenever I have a dream like this, I take note of various things, for example:

What school level is this? Elementary, high school, college?

Elements that can denote rank, level or similar things can later on help to group your experiences when you had enough to compare them. If themes like school repeat, they can form a point of reference and you can see if similar company also denotes similar experience.


19th January 2011, 03:26 PM
Yes I try to be as detailed as I can (I did say High School in my log). If it is not clear I will also state that. Sometimes details are foggy as you know. Thanks for input!!

19th January 2011, 03:33 PM
Dream takes place at fiberglass factory I used to work at. First thing I recall is I am at odds with the management (I was IRL also and quit job). My brother-in-law Jim (D) is beating the living daylights out of my boss (Dan). He is bloody and possibly even killed!

After this there are people (Office workers) stuck in fiberglass inside of a mold and the mold is spinning. The fiberglass setting up is causing heat and I get a small can of water and throw it inside trying to cool them off. Time passes and there is like an uprising of the factory workers and I end up being in charge or owning the place.

People are covered in fiberglass like complete body casts (It is all green) but amazingly are still able to move around somewhat. Their movement is hindered though, like the fiberglass is still setting up. There are some scenes in the factory and office where it is much smaller now than it was at beginning. Like I have remodeled and redone the entire place so it is more efficient. Awoke

19th January 2011, 03:45 PM
I am at house in Ionia again where I lived until I was about 9 and then again from 15-20. The house however is gone, apparently from a fire. All that is left is the basement hole in the ground and the front porch. I am going under the front porch and a shed out back collecting tools. The tools are hand tools like hammers and wrenches. I am collecting them and organizing them in a garage/workshop area (Does not exist IRL) I am very concerned to get them all. I realize that someone has gotten into the basement and taken many of what I thought was there.

Shifts to being in a hole in the ground (still feels like under the porch but nothing above). Me and another young person are trying to get under a remaining overhang of "the porch?" because a large electrical storm is coming.

Shifts to me and another person in the yard and there are tall steel poles and guy wires and it seems we are under a tent. The storm is still coming and I am thinking this is not a good place to be. I walk out into the open past a large willow tree and now have a dog with me. The dog proceeds to dig a shallow hole and we crunch down in it for safety. Lightening does hit the steel pole to the tent but I do not recall more.

Shifts to me teaching my Aunt Marie (D) to learn how to fly an airplane. I am on the ground as she takes off and am helping her. She is flying and doing well although a bit shaky, although I am on the ground I am also seeing through her eyes from the plane. She/we fly around and then she lands. The plane comes down fast and lands in a very short distance. I am not happy about this, but it worked and nothing is damaged. Awoke

21st January 2011, 05:07 AM
I am at a band competition again, but this time it is a marching competition. I am working as an aid or assistant with HS age kids. We are all at a "school" type setting and working on routines and music. Practicing on a football field. I am kind of in a judging capacity, I am in the formations on the field, or just off field observing.

Many times I am very close to being in the way and like almost being stepped on. I am encouraging and coaching the kids on doing a great job, at the end of one practice I yell out loudly "You are all doing a great job and Belding will be proud!" (Belding is where we live).

It becomes evening (getting dark) and we are proceeding to a "dorm" building where we are to sleep. The boys and girls are in seperate rooms. There are smaller "buildings" that are shower/bathrooms and then larger ones for sleeping with cots and rec. items like pool and ping-pong. We all first go down a street to a small restaurant for eating. I seperate from the kids and sneak away for a cigarette, although I do not seem to have any with me. I have small "candles" and try to light one of those (it does not work).

I come back to being with the kids and eating burgers, there are two women cooking them in the place we order (it is more of a tent than a building). One lady has an amputated right forearm. She has a prosthetic arm and attachments that she can screw onto it for different tasks. She is very open about it and making jokes. She even lets us try it on (it will slide right over our complete hand and arms. Several of us try it and switch attachments. I am amazed at how well she can use it and cook and watch for sometime.

We then proceed to the sleeping area. The guys have decided to toilet paper the girls area before they get there. We debate on whether to do the bathroom (which is observed the could spray out with a hose to clean up) or their sleeping area. The director goes to a vehicle and comes back with an actual machine that will spray toilet paper around (where was that in my teen years....lol). We are sneaking around and deciding, I am kind of the spy checking the bathroom/sleeping area for anyone in there. The bathroom is clear but girls are playing ping pong in the other area. Awoke

21st January 2011, 01:53 PM
Hello, russmi3.

Shifts to me teaching my Aunt (Marie/deceased) to learn how to fly an airplane. I am on the ground as she takes off and am helping her. She is flying and doing well although a bit shaky, although I am on the ground I am also seeing through her eyes from the plane. She/we fly around and then she lands. The plane comes down fast and lands in a very short distance. I am not happy about this, but it worked and nothing is damaged. Awoke

All of this post has a "more-than-just-a-dream feel" to it, especially this last part. There you seem to be imparting knowledge to a discarnate or other being in nonphysical reality of how to gain mobility in their vehicle of consciousness. Mobility is associated with the third chakra (according to Kurt).


21st January 2011, 01:57 PM
PS - I would also take note of the fact that the role of teacher and coach has been repeating through all your dreams as of late, where you are either in charge of someone, teaching them something, or judging their progress.

Just saying. ;)


21st January 2011, 07:11 PM
I see that pattern also Oliver (teaching/coaching). It is just recently that it is prevalent.

I do it IRL as I have stated, and have for years (Teaching guitar/coaching kids/Big Brother/Father/Scout leader).

I also noticed that many of the themes are something I have done or talked about a day or two before hand. Like the dream I am about to post about my old car I had just talked to guys I know at work about old cars and the same subject of the dream. I realize concious can influence sub-concious, but is it vice versa also???

21st January 2011, 07:35 PM
Dream begins at Ionia house (Mom (D) and Aunt Irene (D) are there). (We all lived ther IRL during my HS years, the house was actually 3 apartments, one Mom and me lived in, one my Aunt, and upstairs was unused unless it was summer then I used that for bedroom). (We also were on Soc. Sec. fixed income and keeping this huge house heated and in repair was also an issue).

We are all in the house and it is obviously winter because we have gas heaters going. We are trying to keep it warm and I am adjusting the heaters and using fans to blow the heat around. It is not like we are freezing, but I am just trying to make it better. I am interacting with Mom and Aunt, but do not remember any details.

After this I am at the same house but also going to college (MCC is small comm. college I went to IRL). I am driving my '69 Nova that I also had IRL and rebuilt from junk to drivable. Everyone is impressed at MCC with the car. At one point I drive it around the parking lot and there are many other people with old classic cars. We end up racing each other (several different people) and I always win.

I have the sense I am missing classes or late for them also (recurring theme). In this dream I tell myself it does not matter because I have already graduated and have degree. There are scenes of being in class however, and inside the college. Working on and turning in papers or tests.

Now it really gets weird because I am in a music studio and the Beatles are there also!!! We are cutting records and playing music. Ringo has a cymbal (Sabian brand) from a drum set but it is cut in a very thin spiral pattern (Like you would get a thin peel from an apple). It still holds its shape and has the Sabian logo on it. We are using it to make sounds (Not cymball sounds) and music comes from it. We decide to go somewhere and Ringo and Paul are in my car and love it, They even take turns driving and racing other people. My cousin Alan shows up from someplace and is riding also. We flip flop back and forth from studio to parking lot to car several times. Awoke.

23rd January 2011, 03:14 PM
I am at a pet store/animal shelter looking for a new dog (IRL our golden retriever died in Fall). The building is very large and clean, all floors are covered with green outdoor carpeting. Animals are in seperate cages. I am looking around for a dog I like, one cage has a skunk in it...lol.

I come to a dog that attracts me (even though it is not even close to what I would want IRL). I cannot relate what breed this dog is. It is low to the ground, very short legs like maybe 3" long. It is long like a dachund but larger like a coon dog or hound. It is an off white color and the hair is like dreadnaughts. Basically the ugliest thing you could imagine.

I am examining the dog for health. I look inside of its mouth (Always been told a dog with a black mouth is a good pick) the mouth is not black or pink, but white color. I decide to take the dog and proceed home with it to the house I lived in in Ionia. My Mother (D) and Aunt Irene (D) and some cousins are there. They all love the dog! It is friendly and smart. We are amazed it knows how to sit and shake hands. Dream is fading, but have recall of playing ball with the dog and it running around the yard. Awoke.

23rd January 2011, 03:29 PM
I am at a cabin on a lake (None I know of IRL). I am in the process of buying it and the owner is in the dream also (I know none of these people IRL). He is trying to show me where the property lines are and there are sticks in the ground marking the borders. There seems to be some doubt about where they are exactly where the driveway is, it seems to merge with other driveways and cabins.

To the East there is a park area or just an open lot. Not large, like one lot size. We seem to focus for awhile on a work shed that is there, not sure what we are doing at this time, but we are in and out of the shed and there are tools all over. Then we are working on a well which is a pipe coming up out of the ground. We are cleaning it out, we have a piece of rubber hose (About 2") and have it hooked to a weird (old) pump. The pump is old looking and clunky, but does work.

We are pushing the hose down the pipe and sucking water out. This water is rusty and dirty looking. The owner is trying to catch the water in a small wheelbarrow and it is not working well. He seems to think he must dump the water in the driveway. I show him how we could just spray the water on the grass with the hose end. I proceed to do so and explain how it will be good for it with all the iron and minerals.

This task appears to be complete and I go to a spot next to the cabin where a trough made of wood comes from the lake, forms a squared off U. This is about 2 foot square and deep with water in it. There are fish in it that are large "puffer" type fish. They are orange and black colored with spines/spikes on them. When they are startled they puff up like a balloon. Myself and others are watching them, and picking them up to see them puff. They do not hurt us, they sound like balloons when we move our hands over them. Awoke.

23rd January 2011, 03:42 PM
I am a young (8-10) year old girl in a school setting. There are other students around and teachers. We are all studying and doing work. I seem to be a bit more advanced than the others. I recall very strange math problems on sheets of paper I am doing. They seem to be some type of matching in which algorythms are used to solve. I am getting the correct answers but not doing it the same way as the others, the teacher is very impressed I am able to do this.

I seem to be having a problem where I need to go to the bathroom a lot. The others are mad I get to go so much.

The dream shifts from this to a star trek based theme. I am now myself. There are others on the crew and a definite captain/leader type. We are in a small round shaped area, it is all very high tech looking and shiny/bright/colorful. The walls are able to move up and down and this has something to do with the operations of whatever this is we are in. It appears to be some kind of communication device/room. I sense this more than seeing anything at this point.

We are working with very complicated symbols and shapes (hieroglyphics). The wall is going up and down and we must be careful not to get under it. There is urgency and a rushed feeling. Something bad is going to happen if we do not figure this out in time.

This goes on for sometime. We are very close to getting it right, and there is now a large video screen and we can see flashes of images of who we are trying to communicate with (They appear like Klingons). When all seems hopeless, we suddenly get it and the screen becomes clear. Everyone is happy and we proceed to talk to the aliens. Awoke.

26th January 2011, 06:21 AM
Very strange dream begins with me at the house in Ionia I lived in. I am outside of the house the entire time and only say it is this house because of the way the yard looked. I do not know any of the people in this dream either, only that others were present. It seems there is a very large "tank" on the south side of the house in the ground full of water. It is rectangular in shape with an open top.

For some reason there is a very large rectangular object made of metal. It has something to do with shipping or the Navy. At one point I am told it weighs 30 tons. The object is hanging by cables and I have control of I assume a crane and am able to move it around in the tank of water. I am doing so and a man is showing me where to put it and turn it so it is right. There is a brief memory of looking down into the water and there is a person down there. I think they were in diving apparel but somehow I knew they were dead.

Now the really strange part is there appears a very large "Man" He seems like 15 foot tall and is made of metal (picture the terminator with huge muscles). He is in control of something that is literally melting everything in sight and it is all turning into a sea of molten shiny metal, very hot and flowing all over. This continues until it is just me, him and metal. I am trying to find a way to fix this and stop him.

I get an idea of a very strong metal that he will not be able to melt. I proceed to do battle with him, the details are fuzzy. Several times I get pieces of this metal to stick into him, when I do they appear gold. The more we fight the more I gain control and things begin to reappear and reform back to normal. The large guy is gone at the end and it is me and a team of others reforming and remaking every object we can think of.

Trying to make things exactly as they were before. It goes from forming metal to electronics and components. We are struggling to get everything to be just as it was functionally and looks. This goes on and on, cell phones, computers, machines, appliances. Awoke.

26th January 2011, 03:49 PM
Dream began at my Brothers house in Escanaba (Michigan UP). I am there with him and his in-laws (Fuhrman's)(D). My Brother and I am working on his car, there is something wrong with the air intake (Or heating). We are changing parts and sealing all connections and seams as we put it back together with silicon. Then I am inside playing music (guitar) with the family. I am playing guitar and one song was Wildwood Flower. The dream then shifts to the Beverly Hillbillies!! All characters are there from the show and me. We are out in the country on a farm with a cabin, in the UP of Michigan. I am marrying a girl from down the road and driving to get her stuff (Yes in the old beat up truck). The roads are dirt and rough, I remember dust all over.

We get her stuff and load it in the trunk of a car (not the truck) and drive it to the barn on my farm. It suddenly becomes urgent that we get somewhere so we just pull the car in the barn and leave it. We are in the truck again driving toward the Mackinaw bridge to go south. The entire Clampet family is with us now, they are all amazed by the bridge. We drive down the roads and onramps to the bridge. I become concerned the truck cannot go fast enough, but looking at the speedometer we are going 50mph!

We get to the shore/beginning of the bridge. It just is at the shore, no road connecting now and the bridge seems unfinished. We try to get onto the bridge but the truck cannot make it. We get into a boat (small rowboat with motor) and proceed to head south toward lower Mich. The bridge seems to be in fog and as we traverse it is obvious it is not completed (Cables and roadbed just end above us in the air). We get to south side and Granny is going nuts because of Indians at Fort Michilamackinaw. We all attack them and the mostly are cardboard figures (flat and held up by boards).

We go into Fort/town area and are walking around. Granny shows some other ladies how to cook cabbage and adds half of one to a pot of water on stove with potatoes, carrots, etc. I taste it and it is good. Some details are fuzzy as to all we did. At one point we are in a store and I try to get an item (soldier coin bank) from a vending machine. I put in money and bang on it and it dumps out a bunch of stuff. I get the bank and an almond joy bar, which I eat. We decide it is time to go home, as we head to the shore we go through a house that is Mr Drysdales.

We encounter Indians again on the shore and go through a fighting scene again (in both fight scenes swords are used, not guns, the Indians have arrows). I get hit by an arrow in the shoulder but it does not stop me. We get to the beach and there is a wooden bench in the water. Me and my "wife" (In the dream) get into this and begin heading north in the water as if it was a boat. The water is very cold. As we get about 3/4 of the way across we stop in a "cove" (cement imbutment area) under the bridge and have sex in the water. People are watching and Granny tells us we should let people know when we do this. We get to Nrth shore and back into truck....awoke.

27th January 2011, 10:19 AM
I realized there's a little synchronicity involved on my side here. All the while you were talking about Ionia I was also reading up on the "Ionian mode" (major mode or major scale) in music theory. :)


28th January 2011, 01:26 AM
Dream has a touch of a recurring dream I have in that it takes place next door to a very fancy house I dream about on a hillside next to a lake. This house is usually very elite and fancy and I love it. It has many levels and decks outside as it is built right down the hillside toward the lake. There is always a road at the bottom of the lot, followed by a small grassy area, then a water channel/canal, then a narrow area with brush and then the lake. (See sketch001 in Sketches/diagrams post)

In this dream I see the above house but it is in disrepair and ugly looking. This dream takes place in the lot next door. I have purchased a "cabin" on this lot (I say cabin however it flips from 4 cabins to one cabin divided into 4ths many times). There are others present but none I really know, just people that are sharing the cabin(s). I get to the lot and notice the run down house and tell someone "that is the house I really wanted". We are walking around looking at the lot and the cabins, they all appear run down and in disrepair.

At one point we are inside one and it is all wet and dripping with water, musty, dank. They wood is sagging and rotten. The one I seem to own (or the section I own) is in a bit better shape than the others, but not much. I go to a small town in a car and get shingles and nails. Upon returning I am working on the roof putting on new shingles and flashing. I realize the wood is rotten also and the nails I am using are very long (like 2-3") trying to get them to anchor into something. I now start over and am stripping the roof of many layers of old shingles and wood before redoing the new shingles. I never recall finishing the roof

Another thing I was doing was moving power lines and pipes (like stove pipes) and getting them reattached and standing up straight. One person helping me was afraid of the power lines and got shocked moving one, which I found amusing. On one trip inside, the ceiling was open and there were pipes (water) visible and these were dripping, worked on these also. (Strange thought was that these were for a shower for choir members???).

Back up on roof at the peak there are lightening rods that I reattach to house and attach wires to them also. Then I am on the ground again walking around the plot, looking at cabins again. I notice stone fireplaces in a couple, which I think would be good for drying things out, but do not start fires because I do not think it is safe. Outside I go down the plot toward the road and across to the little channel. We go swimming there, the water is nasty/muddy and I am in fear of snakes and critters. I get out and am watching others as I awoke.

28th January 2011, 09:14 AM
Hello, russmi3.

This sounds like a higher plane experience. The house might be related to your self, a belief system or something similar. It would then be a very good thing you were making repairs.

Seeing multi-level structures and being able to distinguish levels in the layout usually denote seeing things in relation to a plane, your inner senses constructing the experience of different levels for different but related states of consciousness to make sense of it.

You associate the water as murky and possibly full of critters. The lower levels of the astral plane are full of critters (negative thoughtforms, astral wildlife) and human emotional "murk." This might be your reference point at the bottom. Can't say what the layers above are from what you wrote. Ever been on the upper road? What is it like there?


28th January 2011, 04:39 PM
The upper road is never really significant, it is just a road that leads to other parts of the "park" around the house. The times I have gone down this road it leads to a camping and swimming area to the east (With tents and campers). or the other houses around the lake to the west. The significant part of dreams I have of this house is the detail at which I can see the levels and rooms of the house. Also the exterior decks, garages and the land. It is always amazing and I get the feeling I would give anything to live there. All of the rooms and levels are connected by ramps, stairs (That would never be possible IRL). Garages are usually full of tools or supplies, or old cars. Rooms in the house are always layed out very cool in my mind.

PLEASE NOTE: The above dream was just "next" to this house all of these details were not present in this dream.

28th January 2011, 04:52 PM
Sounds like you're expanding.

29th January 2011, 06:33 PM
OK, everyone seems to think I am "expanding" and this puzzles me. Maybe this is an issue with attitude on my part, but I see myself as stuck and not getting anywhere (impatience). Everyone seems to think this is all part of learning and progressing. I see it as an end (I have had no OBE for over a year, I am wanting to contact my guide(s) and get no results).

I am somewhat encouraged that all of you see this as a learning/changing/expanding, but just don't see it myself.

Is this a typical experience?? Have others had long dryspells, become discouraged??

29th January 2011, 06:38 PM
Sure. Until other stuff started happening.

29th January 2011, 07:05 PM
Very long dream with lots of detail (It will be hard to depict all of it here without writing a large post, I will keep to the main themes but the dream was very vivid and detailed).

I am at my in-laws house (Dan and JoAnn)and my brother-in-law is there (he is a police officer IRL). We are going up some stairs in the barn when a pistol discharges and Dan is hit in the left leg. I remember seeing the enter and exit wounds near his hip. I am then applying pressure to the wound to stop bleeding (Blood all over) and now his leg is completely gone. I can see the meat of the stump and am tying a sock around it trying to stop the blood. I cannot get it around what is left of his leg, and we realize he is going to die. I am urgently telling others to get the ambulance there fast, and they say it is just starting and will be 17 minutes or longer.

Dream shifts to being at the hospital and watching as nurses and dr's. try to stop bleeding, it is hopeless and I sense that Dan has died. Now there are many injured people all over and I am watching but not able to help. People on gurneys, tables, floor, limbs missing, cut up, blood all over. There seems to be a "loop" effect here like the scene playing over and over for a time. (Injured arriving, on tables, dying, parts all over). People and myself are slipping in the blood and smearing it all over the floor. Dream shifts now to all of these people being zombies wandering around in various states of disfigurement. There are hundreds of them.

Me and 2 other people (all unknown) are now trapped in an office inside the hospital. The office has glass all around it so we can see out and see the zombies. As the dream progresses the zombies appear less disfigured and more human (this happens slowly). We are trying to figure out how to get out and get away from them, but there seems to be no way. I start playing a guitar and amp (no clue where these come from) and realize the zombies stay away if I do so. The louder I play the farther away they are. One of the people with me thinks we can use long cords and the playing to get out, but I say no it would not work. We did not have cords long enough and if they unplugged we would be toast. We now are concerned about food and is the sense we are running out.

Somehow the zombies (much more like people now) are in the office with us. We can control them from attacking using the music and also now there are several purple chairs and an area of purple carpet in the office. When they come near us we just hold a hand out and say "purple,purple" and they go back to the purple area. I am now sitting in a chair with purple chairs right next to me along the wall. The zombies are right next to me (a woman) and I keep her one chair away saying "purple". I lean over eventually and kiss her on the cheek and it does not bother me (the others are agast) She opens her mouth and snarls, but does nothing more. It becomes night time and we realize the zombies leave at night.

We are alone in office and as I lock the door I notice a stack of magazines on the desk. I ask who put them there and no one has. This perplexes us. I look out the window and there is a trail of magazines leading across the "hallway" to other doors. We are all happy the zombies are gone and I ask if anyone cares if I smoke. The other 2 ask for cigarettes also. Just after this there are people we all know outside there to save us. The first one in is a woman she sees me smoking and says "give that up" I say "yeah I know". They come in and we are all talking. I pull out a can of pork and beans from a coat pocket and say "this is all we had left". A joke is made about how bad it would have smelled in there that night if we had all eaten beans. We are told not to worry because we can now get out. Alarm awoke me.

29th January 2011, 08:48 PM
Cool story. Could do with some paragraphs. ;)


31st January 2011, 05:09 PM
All I recall of this dream is being at a cottage on a lake (unknown IRL). There are women around also unknown. I am familiar with the place though as though it is a relative of mine. The women are older (70ish) and very nice. I am in the cottage for a while and go through a couple rooms into a bedroom. There are sliding glass doors there that lead out onto a deck/dock near the lake. (Apparently only way onto it). I go onto the dock and am looking at the water, boats and other docks.

The water looks normal except right under dock from shore out about 30 feet the bottom is light blue (pool liner) color. I get into the water and am wading around. Past the blue area it is muddy bottom. There are also fish around swimming. I notice that there is a strong current flowing toward shore around me. Strong enough that if I got down in the water (sat) it would pull me toward shore. Strangely a dog is swimming around me chasing fish underwater (the entire dog is underwater). It goes around me several times and is gone.

Next I am out of the water and on the other side of the cabin away from lake. There is a deck with furniture on it. I am trying to get a drink holder to stand upright and not fall over next to a deck chair. It is made of metal rod bent to hold a drink at the top. I am thinking I can weld a plate on the bottom to make it stand. I ask one of the ladies if I can go in the garage. She is very hesitant about this because her husband was very picky (past tense as though he is dead). I finally go in but have now decided to wire the drink holder to the deck (apparently no welder). I get some wire and am working on it when I awaken.....

31st January 2011, 09:34 PM
Dream begins at Ionia house (the floorplan is different than RL, it is changed to 3 full levels each being an apartment). My Mother (D) is present and some other unknowns. We are trying to get people to rent the apartments and are showing them. There seems to be some repair needed (sinks and painting) but they are in a relatively new condition.

The uppermost apartment is made of very thin wood and cheap materials. It even seems to be swaying in the wind and when I notice this the wind blows harder. I go down to a lot next to the house (Not there IRL) and confront the man who apparently owns the company that built the house. I do not recall dialog but was upset and wanted him to fix the house for free.

I then go back into the apartment but it has changed to appearing almost like a warehouse and there are refrigerators, freezers, and assorted other electrical devices. I am going from one to the next turning them off. I am thinking it is wasting energy with no one living there and they are all on. One I come to is a softserve ice cream machine, I run some ice cream out and taste it. It tastes terrible like it is really old. I then turn it off but wonder what to do about getting the ice cream out. I am concerned it will spoil.

Now the scene becomes more of a warehouse scene, nothing specific just shelves all over and trolley (overhead cranes) systems. Again unknown people in here. We all seem to be wanting to get out, but are not able. There are guards and locked doors all over. We seem to be part of the stored materials, as in we are the product.

We all are in rubber suits (tight rubber/body fitting by vacuum) and they all are different colors. I remember red, blue, green, and gold. To get these suits on you have to slip them on over your body like coveralls. then there is a mouthpiece that goes into your mouth and other tubes that attach near the knuckles on hands. All of these are color coded too. Once you are in the suit a machine comes around on the trolley system and you sit in it (picture a sky lift). It is a chair that encloses around you and seems to seal shut.

You must get all the tubes attached properly and do so quickly. The machine carries you around on the track to no place in particular. As you are moving the suit is vacuumed to your body. The colors of the suits have something to do with the amount of strength you have, or maybe a ranking system. Blue is first or lowest and gold is the highest.

This goes on for awhile, getting suits put on and coming off the line, moving around in them and trying to escape, removing the suits with scissors and then starting over with another color. At the end of the dream I have finally gotten to having a gold suit. This has many more connections than previous ones at the knuckles. I almost do not get them attached in time, but I do. The suit is sealed on and when I am dropped off I am in a small office area.

There is only one other in this area and he has a gold suit also. We face off and begin to fight but are not injuring each other. Just throwing around and wrestling. We seem very strong and evenly matched. I awoke before any outcome.

31st January 2011, 09:42 PM
Various Sketches and diagrams are posted here. If dream log says "See sketch" then look in here. This saves re-posting the same sketch multiple times in logs. Sketches are numbered.

31st January 2011, 09:43 PM
Nice sketch. I like it.

4th February 2011, 05:04 AM
Missed a couple days because of "Blizzard 2011". kept us kind of busy.

Last night I only recall the ending part of dream. I was in a garage with many garage doors (Aluminum with openers). They seem to be all around the garage and spaced evenly. The only one or two that I opened would be on what was the West side of the garage. When opened I could see another building (house?) just a few feet away. Between the garage and building was a cement drive.

Some type of party/gathering was taking place. There were tables, chairs and people present (No one I know). Food was present and people were sitting and eating and talking. Just general mingling, I do not recall any conversations at this point. My attention is drawn to a pop machine sitting against a wall near the garage doors that led out to building. For some reason I am fascinated by it, it seems old. I go and look at it closer and begin moving it out away from the wall. Looking inside (The front is glass) it appears empty where pop cans/bottles would be dispensed from.

I tell a lady that I hope they get there soon with the pop to go in it. I then open the garage doors and look out and down the driveway. I see a delivery truck arrive and it has snow all over the front (Bit of the blizzard on my mind?). It pushes a car out of the way, but still cannot get down the driveway to the doors. It is like stuck at a diagonal at the end.

I am suddenly refocused inside the garage and the pop machine. There are now a couple pallets full of pop in the garage near me. I open the front of the machine and below the area where pop would be stored (racks mentioned above) is an area that is just open like a small freezer (maybe the bottom 1/4 of the machine) this area has pop in it already, not just cans and bottles, but 2 liter and small containers also (like juice boxes and drinks). Just a random assortment.

Oddly now there are bags of chips and candy in the area above where previously it was empty. I am ripping these out because they are not right. I focus again below and there is a gallon container of milk and one of those larger (I think they hold 24 or 36) cardboard egg containers with eggs in it. I throw the eggs out because I do not know how old they are. I am examining the milk for an expiration date but cannot see one. I do see numbers printed on it, the only one I remember was 03670. Alarm awakens me.

4th February 2011, 05:06 PM
Someone enlightened me to the idea that food packets are information packets, such as Monroe's 'ROTE's- so I would say you are looking at information left there and considering it outdated, not 'right', possibly toxic.

So here is my possible interpretation:
You're in a garage. I think this is the earth plane- the place where you keep your vehicle (body). There are various doors. I think this would mean ways to go 'out' (farther out into the astral planes). There are many and evenly spaced. Choices, choices.
There is a party and people are eating. I think this again is a symbol of the earth plane, and the people doing 'earthly' things. The pop machine that attracts you is close to a door. I'm thinking that you are faced between going 'out' or seeking nourishment 'in', symbolized by the machine. But the machine is empty. So your 'earthly' inclinations are not satisfying.
So you look for someone to remedy this situation. She is female, which the way I see it, is your intuitive self (your anima?). Then the truck arrives. And it's full of the (I want to say nourishment, flavor) you need. Being a truck I see it as a vehicle but masculine- it pushes the other car out of the way to deliver the goods. I would see this as your intellect trying to make sense of this need of yours, not waiting for the intuition, or maybe even not seeing it (the food not being there until the truck gets there.)
But then the food you find (the information, or guidance) seems 'wrong'. It's not what it seems.
I'm not sure what the numbers mean 03670 but it may mean something to you some day.
However, the first time I looked at it I thought 'coordinate' or 'position'- 360 degrees would be to turn around, but maybe I'm overinterpreting this.

4th February 2011, 05:10 PM
BTW, there is another (or many other) way(s) to interpret this, and it occurs to me that it could be also seen this way:
The garage can be a symbol of an in-between state- it's not in the house and it's not outside. So it could symbolize the liminal state or even the between-life-and death-state.
This disturbs me a little, because the partygoers could be self aspects (part of you likes it here) and part of you wants out- but mostly to stay in-between.
In this case I'm not sure what the machine would represent, but the truck's abruptness and forcefulness bothers me some.

4th February 2011, 07:13 PM
It is fascinating how someone else can see meanings that completely elude the dreamer. When you put your analysis on it from an outside view it makes complete sense.

I understand the learning and having different "avenues" I do not get why this is happening. :( I see where you get the aspect I am matbe happy or secure where I am, but I certainly do not feel that way conciously!! I want terribly to be able to do the projecting again and it is driving me nuts not having any for over a year. I was fascinated and just beginning to explore the RTZ when all ceased.

If I am expanding or getting ready to go more places, why would the ones to the RTZ cease???

I don't expect answers to these , just putting them down for the record.

4th February 2011, 07:29 PM
Church setting (unknown church and people). I am singing bass at the church and doing what I think is a good job. However, all of the other members of the church are hating it. My voice is really loud and low. Making things actually vibrate and people cover ears.

I am determined that what I am doing will make the church better and draw in more members (IRL I would not do this knowing a choir has to be balanced). I do not recall exact conversations with people, but many are telling me it is too much and they do not like it.

Members confront me, the pastor, the sound techs, etc. I try to adjust the sound at one point, but still not to the liking of others. This repeats itself over and over as I sing along with different songs. Amazing Grace is one that sticks out in my head. I awoke still arguing and singing. Went back to sleep but not back into dreaming.......

5th February 2011, 05:53 AM
The vibrations are an indicator that you're projecting. The dream seems to be translating what is happening during the projection. Seems to me you're working to develop your communication senses.

At the same time, we can look at the dream from the aspect of how you're functioning in the physical plane. It may signify some type of current disharmony or difficulty co-ordinating either with others or the different aspects of your personality that desire expression.

There may be a lesson that says to speak your truth but do it respectfully of other's right to express themselves.

5th February 2011, 06:12 PM
Busy and exciting night last night!!! After reading most of a site on lucid dreaming and techniques for becoming better at doing them, and also reviewing CF's and Olivers statements and messages I proceeded to bed. I decided to just focus on my breathing in and out and did many positive affirmations about lucid dreaming.

I went into a dream that had something to do with being in a school setting with kids (girls basketball was going on). This portion of the dream is vague because of what happened next. (See my AP log). In short I went OBE and was helping someone else also do OBE.

Upon return and a brief semi-concious hypnogogic period, I drifted back to sleep and into the same dream as when I began. I am in a school setting and helping out with practices and games. It is all in a gym and there are people in the stands and on the sidelines.

I am cheering on and giving advise to players. High fives and encouraging. There are some rowdy students in the stands (boys and girls) and I go up to where they are and lead them out of the gym. I think they were throwing things? I then return to sidelines and am watching the game and talking to coaches.

Somehow the dream shifts to me being under the stands and it is no longer a gym but I am in water like a pool. The stands are above me and I am trying to find a way to get out from under them. I am kind of panicking because I am running out of air!!!. I find an opening near the sidelines like at center court where I am able to get out. It is now back to a gym setting, no water.

I continue helping but the players are not any girls I know (like from when my daughter played) and they seem reluctant to have me around. I go into the locker room and put on a Belding baseball?? coach shirt. When I return to the gym they are much more at ease with me. I awoke at 8:30am and did lay back down until 10am (do not go to work until 11) I do not recall dreaming any more.

6th February 2011, 10:39 PM
If I am expanding or getting ready to go more places, why would the ones to the RTZ cease???

Maybe the RTZ is just not where it's at. ;)


7th February 2011, 12:35 AM
Imagine your energy body is a balloon. When you're deflated you're on the ground. Then someone puts some helium in it. Now you float a little. Then they put a little more helium in and now you float higher. The more helium the higher you float. Until you're stretched out to the limit. Now you're as high as you can go as possible, bounding against the ceiling.
Let's say that your physical body is a rock the balloon is tied to, by a very long string, as long as the ceiling.
Now, when you started OBEing to the RTZ you had 'some' helium in you, so when you went out you went to a specific height. But as you have practiced and experienced the beginning levels, you have put more helium in your balloon. The act of going out and having the experiences does the filling, it's not an external force.
So now, what is happening is that your balloon has far more helium than when you started, and it's really difficult to try to go 'down'. So I would say, to paraphrase what Oliver said, explore where you're at, and maybe you will receive some sort of validation that may let you realize that where you are is where you're supposed to be.

7th February 2011, 06:26 AM
Dream is a war setting in which I am a soldier. I am part of a platoon, group of soldiers (All are unknown). Basically is just a very large open field with hills and valleys to some extent, but mainly flat. It is definitely the Germans we are fighting (derogatory names are used throughout for them). A lot of shooting and what goes along with it.

There are some tents and buildings also throughout the dream. We are clearing these of the enemy and the tents are like command posts of ours. At one point children are involved and are getting wounded and killed. Just a all out war playing out. Bombs, mines, shooting.

One scene that stands out is we are near a tall wooden fence and above us is a platform also of wood. The platform is packed with Germans (All laying down and facing out toward the field. They are shooting thousands of rounds and hitting many of our troops. Me and a few others get under this platform and are shooting up through the wood floor with machine guns and just slaughtering the Germans above. As we do this I can clearly see the wood splintering and then blood raining down.

We keep moving along under the platform doing this for along ways until we reach the end. As we do this we can look out into the field and see the German bullets stopping and our troops advancing. There is really no plot to this dream other than just mass chaos and slaughtering. No goal is ever achieved or end to it.

Another time myself and several others are working down a road (dirt road and we are mainly crawling). We are near many explosions from mines and artillary, none of us are hit though. Germans are popping up out of ditches and walking into our sight all along the road and of course we are shooting them.

I finally awoke after what seemed forever.

11th February 2011, 06:58 PM
Have had a nasty bought of sinus/ear infection/flu/crud, so have not posted any dreams in a few days. I do recall one during this time that was based around roofing a house again (diferent house than last one) and also working on a shower and the plumbing (drain) therein. For some reason someone had used a very small 1" pipe for the drain and I was replacing it with a larger one.

The roof I remember was me and others working on. It was raining at the time we were working on it also. I remember this and watching the water run down the gully's and eaves trough. We were re-shingling but also adding new trusses and plywood at a highewr pitch than the original roof. I was very concerned because we had put the trusses at 16 1/2" apart and they should be 16". The plywood we were using was rediculous also, thin like paneling. I was concerned about it holding up.

One odd thing was I would be working on an area, and turn to look at another and it would be all done by others. This happened several times. (Was a very big roof) many different peaks/valleys.

Other than this dream sticking out I do not recall many others or the details of any. Probably because I was not sleeping well, or soundly.

11th February 2011, 08:00 PM
Dream takes place kind of in a waterway / pier area. There is a lizard type humanoid we (unknown others) are looking for. It is gray/green scaly and has a tail. We are searching along the water and have seen it swimming. Why we are after it at first is unknown, toward the end of the dream it is obvious we are out to kill it or at least get rid of it.

After we see it swimming we get into a power boat ans go along the waterway reving the engine and churning up the water (full of mud and muck). There is a pier all along this entire area on both sides of the water. Also I notice in the water lots of algae and weeds and wooden boards (these are stuck in the bottom and come almost to the surface). We are having to zig zag around these and bot hit them with the prop.

After going up and back on this water way we suddenly see a piece of tail come to the surface cut off by the prop. We know we have the thing now. We are now on the per itself and following thie creature along as it swims, we are running. For some reason we go inside the buildings and are still running and watching the creature out windows. We get ahead of it and open a window, jump down to the pier again. We do not see it now, but know that it has gone under the pier and we go under there after it.

We go through several fence like gates and into an area back against cement walls of the buildings above. The injured creature is in front of us and also a female with small babies. Awoke...

12th February 2011, 07:09 PM
Dream begins at my cousins (Alan) in Six lakes. He is drummer and we used to be in a band IRL. We and other band members are playing at a bar and there seems to be some type of arguing going on between us. Not clear on just what it is about, just unhappiness and bickering. Dream ticks around this theme for a bit and then shifts.

Now I am in a small town (unknown) and driving an old model truck. The truck is like a 1 ton flat bed type. I have no idea where I am or why I am in this truck. It breaks down in this town and there is a gas station/mechanic right there to work on it. Under the truck near the rear is what looks like an engine, it has a crack in the top and is leaking liquid all over the place. They tell me it is the transmition "head" (No such thing IRL). The y have some parts but need to order the head. As they take it apart the mechanic is holding an engine head. I can see the cylinders in it. Dream shifts again...

Now I am in a mine setting. I have no idea what type of mine, it is just underground and work is going on. I am like applying for a job there or thinking of working there. The walls are all rock and gray like cement and you can see cut marks in them as if they were dug out. I am talking to a leader (boss) but do not recall conversation. Other workers are around also.

I am then in like a shower area for cleaning up after work. Large open shower like in a gym. There is grass clippings all over and apparently it is my fault. They are on the floor and all the way up to the ceiling. I take a hose and am trying to wash them down and away. They are stuck however, as if in spider webs. I suddenly have the need to urinate and go out to another area where there are urinals. Then I am in a room with my wife and the boss. He asks if I want the job and I say I think I will pass. I proceed to go to a small open elevator (It is a slab of cement about 2 ft square that rises up through a hole in the roof. I am very nervous about getting caught between the two surfaces (like my hands or toes). I ride it up and out and then I am awake.

14th February 2011, 06:30 PM
Begins at house on Broas St. in Belding where we used to live. The kids and I (Kids are young age like 8-10) are outside and a small model rocket comes floating down on parachute. We are very excited about this and rush over to look at it. There is a label on it, I do not recall name but it was from Minnesota (Had MN in address) and I was thinking that was cool that someone shot it off and it made it all the way to Michigan over the Lake.

The label also said there was a specimin in the rocket. We opened a cover (snap on like a butter dish) and there is a nightcrawler inside. At first we think it is dead, but it starts to move around and we releaese it into the grass.

I am explaining to the kids how the rocket worked (It looked like a rocket, but also at times like a plastic bottle). The nozzle on the bottom was turned 90 degrees from verticle. I said this was probably when the charge in the engine deployed the chute that it turned the nozzle.

From somewhere I got a very detailed drawing of a model rocket engine (it was a cutaway view showing insides. I was explaining how each section worked and how the charge at top blew the chute out.

The dream now switches to my Mother (D) being there and she is not well. She is having pains and anxiety attacks. We are on the front porch all the time. A doctor shows up at one time and gives her Vicodin prescription. We are telling her it is just nerves, but she does not agree. She takes a whole handful of different kinds of pills. I drive her downtown to the pharmacy and get the Vicodin filled.

I finally am exhausted from being up so late, it is now like 4:00 am in dream. I go into house and just leave her. I go upstairs and to bed. I wake up and she is interested in something the neighbors are doing (I think it was flower beds outside). She is talking and laughing with no sign of pain or anxiety. I do not say it out loud , but I am thinking that we were right, it was just anxiety.

The topic changes to us moving to a new house we had just bought. In the dream it is like one street east and a block North of the Broas street house. This freaks out Mom, and we are going to walk over to it to look at it. As we are getting ready to do so, I find a small real estate book and am looking through it. I see that a house I really wanted and we had tried to get is back on the market (It says available on the ad).

This house is more like a castle, I have had many dreams being in it or trying to buy it. It is on a huge plot of land, several city blocks. It is huge and with many buildings. I am always just trying to buy it or just missed out. Almost always am on like a tour of it with people showing us around (like servants/workers). We are also always mad that someone else has bought it. Always seems it is a woman.

I am totally pissed that we were not told this was available again. We all drive to the big house. I have a hard time finding it, end up parking near a baseball field (for a school) and walking through the field, across a road and find the house. My mother is hit by a softball as we cross the field, then she proceeds to throw the ball back and throws it very hard (there is shock on the kids face).

We make it to the house on the north side (fence) and walk around to the East side. The fence is knee high and black. We come to a gate and I am hesitant to go in because I am afraid we will be charged for a tour. My wife and Mom go in ahead and start talking to a worker that is like a greeter. I come up and say we own the house now. She says "No, others bought it last week" I show the book and she says it is wrong. I am really po'd now. Awoke from dream.

14th February 2011, 07:08 PM
Dream I have a new job at a large department store (Meijers). I show up and everyone is going about their work, I have no clue what to do or where to go. People seem so busy they will not explain anything to me. I proceed to work on moving some shelves and putting stuff back on them in the store. I see some workers taking a break (sitting on floor) and go to them. I ask how long they have worked there and get various answers (2 months, 3 years, etc.) They are also in the process of moving things. I stick with them for a few minutes then move on.

I go to a checkout and tell someone I am just going to run it because there is nothing else to do. They kind of freak out, and I get the feeling I should go into the loading dock area. There are only 6 checkouts and all have an operator. So I walk out of the main doors, around the building a bit and find the big doors of the loading dock area.

I go inside and meet more employees. I again ask the how long worked question and get different answers from each again. I recall this time there was one white woman, one black woman and man. The black man was hilareous and joking around all the time. They are the first to actually explain things to me. I go through moving pallets, driving a hi-lo, adjusting ramps to trucks.

After unloading one truck and moving all the pallets away, the black guy tells me to get ready to get dirty and wet. We go outside (It is raining) and he shows me a huge pressure washer. I proceed to wash the big dolley, something like a trailor and the big truck. They are all covered in mud (Even though the entire area is paved). While washing under the trailer I am also washing mud about 4" deep off the tar. I get mud all over the black guy and myself and we are laughing.

My wife shows up to visit me and I lead her on a tour of where I have been working. The store inside and the loading area. She is not too impressed. We go outside again and up a very long flight of steel stairs. We are like 3-4 stories up and go into a very large storage area. This area has all kinds of stock and orders from customers. It has overhead tracks that move items around. There is a control panel where you enter numbers and the items come out to you on the tracks. You then take them on dolleys and carts into the store. (I never see how though, like ramps or ??).

My wife seems to know all about this system and she is entering numbers to get items we need. Another man is present also and seems to be a boss. Awoke to alarm.

15th February 2011, 05:01 PM
I start in my highschool setting, specifically drafting class and room. I proceed talking to the teacher about assignments and such. I have the feeling it is the end of the school year and that I am a senior. I get some paper with questions on it and this is extra credit. For some reason the teacher follows me home and I go to bed. He is showing me a technique for going out of body he knows (IRL and the dream he is Asian). It is a Chinese method.

He lets me lay down and begins rubbing my brow just above eyebrows. He is also doing almost like an "Ohm" through his mouth and his mouth is very close to or touching mine. I immediately get a strange sensation and begin seeing hynogogic images and patterns. I go out of my body almost instantly and am laying there looking at my body. I am now 90 degrees turned from it.

Now his wife is present also. I am amazed by getting out so easy, and begin walking around and talking to them. I fly around a bit (Do not recall going outside or coming back in). I can still talk to them. I am asking why they can see me when I am out of body but get no answers. I try putting my hand through a wall and also the wifes stomach, neither work. It is like I did it IRL I meet solidity. I am confused by all of this, it is as if I am out of body, but things I know should work do not. Seems all is the wrong way around.

I become concerned with how long I have been out, and come back into body. They are still there and he does the technique again. I am out of body again and walking around still confused. I come back again and he shows me how to do it myself by just rubbing my brow and focusing. I attempt it a couple times and get partway out but not totally.

Dream gets a bit foggy at this point, Tidbits of my Mother being sick again and Vicodin is on a table in kitchen. Some cooking is going on also. When I awoke I lay in bed a few minutes and had hypnogogic but did not pursue it.

20th February 2011, 04:37 PM
I am at the place I used to work in Grand Rapids (Suspa) and am in the office area. All of the office is made of materials like Lego building blocks or something like them. It all snaps together and can be put together in different configurations. We are all trying to put the pieces together back the way they are supposed to be. Something has tore them all apart. All of my ex-coworkers are there from when I worked there. The company was German owned and many are trying to communicate in German and I cannot understand them.

The dream shifts to me trying to get home to Belding. It is crucial that I get there for some reason. It is hard to explain what the problem is in doing so other than to say when I attempt to get out of the place and head for home, I become unable to move, like I get stiff. The material everything is made of now is like the plastic people use to do needle work on (Plastic sheets with a grid pattern of squares).

I attempt many ideas on getting home. Making a boat and going on a river, Making a working small helicopter that is remote controlled and can drag me along, making a car and trying to go down the roads. None of these work because they either take too long and I become stiff again or they are not strong enough. The helicopter does not last long enough I recall because of batteries (all of which are made of the same plastic material). I try making larger batteries and hooking them together in different ways but none work. Awoke feeling frustrated and mad.

21st February 2011, 11:01 PM
Dream is foggy in my memory, but I will attempt to get the highlights. It involved me, my Mom, Aunt Irene and my Mom's friend Bob (all are passed away). It was in the Ionia house and we are trying to get a business going or keep one going in which the house is used for people to stay at or come to in need. A lot of paperwork is being done and financial concerns are evident.

At one point I am taking a bath (the house IRL had one of those big clawfoot tubs) The water is deep and hot. The house also IRL was divided into 2 apartments and this bathroom was shared (My Aunt lived in 2nd apartment, we had locks on doors so no embarassing encounters occurred). In the dream I am in the tub and there are like enema bags hanging on the wall. (Both my Aunt and Mom had colostomies). I am playing with these in the tub filling them with water and watching it run out (totally sick I know :shock: )

Another time I am in what was my bedroom in the winters (the summers I used the entire upstairs) This was a very small room in the back of the house. My Aunt tells me there are bats getting in somewhere and I am upset because we have done remodeling and drywall work and there should not be any way for them to get in. I never see bats in the dream. I am doing something in my room working on a wall but is unclear just what.

Dream shifts to being at a garden center store. We get there really late because I recall seeing the sign on the door saying they closed at 7pm and looking at a clock and it is like 1am. There are many people in the store shopping though. The lights come on as we walk and go off behind us. I have the feeling they want us to get out all the time. I recall looking at some things like rain gauges, but not having enough money to purchase them (or not wanting to spend the money). Bob is here with us and is the one who shows me these gauges. (He was never around at the time we lived in Ionia, My Mom and him only met after she moved to a senior home).

We come out of the store and I have a very small scooter I am driving. (Not sure what others are using). The scooter is in the parking lot and someone has backed into it and put a dent in the front cowling. I tell them that it is going to cost a bunch to repair because the scooter is antique. I tell them probably around $24,000 :shock: I explain I had just looked on Ebay and one of these scooters was listed at over $100,000!!!

I do not recall any more and awoke.

22nd February 2011, 06:16 PM
Long Dream involving the multi level house I dream of often and then shifting into a large warehouse or multi building setting. Many of my relatives are in this dream also (Brother, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins). The first part in the house is a recurring theme of water coming in the basement of the house.

I get the feeling also again that someone else is trying to purchase this house. There is some type of conflict going on anyway. At one point I am debating with my Brother on how much of the house I actually own after it is divided amongst his in-laws (His wife has 6 siblings) It is determined I own 1/8 of the house :? .

I am then showing the house to other relatives and explaining the water coming in the basement. There are sump pumps, pipes to the outside, and drainage pipe around house. In this dream there are large areas in 2 corners that are black on the floor like someone has tried tar or sealant. Water is still coming in though. At one point I am jumping up and down and water is squirting up from floor.

Focus after awhile is now on the heating/furnace in the house. It is a huge long beast in the center of the basement. I am explaining and showing others all of the filters that it uses and that it costs over $175 a month to replace them all. Not sure how the dream gets to the warehouse/multi building part, we are just there.

There appears to be a party going on with lots of younger children, but also adults. I am still in the tour guide mode for this also. There is a hint that this complex belongs to Walt Disney :? . At one point I am explaining how you can see his tombstone if you look through the large gates. The inside is very posh and fancy. There are areas of arcade games, pool tables, dancing, banquet halls, swimming pools, hot tubs, kitchens, vending machines. All areas are seperated by hallways and doorways.

I am showing people around and watching the others, but also taking part in some activities. One of my cousins asks how much it costs to play and I hand her a roll of tickets saying it is all free with these. We continue on this way for along time, just walking through it all.

As the dream goes on, we are going deeper and deeper into the complex and as we do it gets older looking and dirty. Like it has not been used in years. There is dust and cobwebs all over. I begin to have the feeling I am searching for a part that I know should be there, but cannot find it. I finally do find what I am looking for which is like an apartment area that I am sure I lived in. I know it is the right area because of how the hallway curves and then the rooms. Again they are all dusty and abandoned.

I awoke to the alarm.

22nd February 2011, 08:04 PM
How did you feel when you woke up?

24th February 2011, 06:03 PM
I am at the fiberglass place I worked in Belding when first married. I worked there as a draftsman and CAD designer. In this dream other workers are showing me how to build the storage tanks we made. They are letting me do the various operations and seem to be amused that I am having a hard time doing them. They are letting me get fiberglass all over me and I am not pleased. It is all over my body and in my hair which is nasty.

I get into a fight with the owner and at one point hit him. When I do this we are standing on a tank maybe 10 feet off the ground. He falls down onto the floor and kind of rolls or slides across the floor. When he hits it is apparent he injures his shoulder or arm.

The dream shifts to driving a large 4x4 pickup that one of the workers owns. It also is covered in fiberglass that is semi set up. When we take it out on the road the fiberglass is coming off the large tires like mud. We drive to what is apparently my apartment. There are stairs outside to get to the second floor. We go up these and inside. The apartment is nothing fancy and is pretty much empty.

I had a hard time getting to sleep and only slept for 3 hours, this is all I recall before alarm.

27th February 2011, 04:26 PM
Have not been doing a very good job of recording dreams here. My Mother-in-Law is having serious health issues. She has had what appears to be a stroke, however they have no conclusive proof. She is out of hospital now and back home, the outlook is not good. They have nurses and Hospice set up, so as withe my Mother we are in the waiting game. My sleep patterns and mood are obviously effected for the worse. My depression is riding the edge for the last week or so, just kind of existing.

I just awoke about 11am after not getting to sleep until 5:30 or so. I had a dream OBE that was interesting. I will record it in the OBE log.

27th February 2011, 09:29 PM

28th February 2011, 04:54 PM
Had 2 dreams but of course the first I thought I would remember without writing it down, and I can't now. :(

Second dream I am at Suspa in GR where I worked. All people around are co-workers I had there except the CEO which is Richard Warner of Warner Fiberglass where I worked previously. It begins with me working on computers and just generally being around the building. Then I am asked to add a floor to the elevator :?: The building IRL is single story, in the dream it appears to have several from what I see on the elevator buttons. The buttons show 1, 2, 3, 3*, 6 and 6*. I am pulling the buttons out of the panel, they slide in and out like circuit boards. I am trying to get them in the proper order and working as they should.

Now there is a shift to where I am in Richards office and we are discussing the elevator and money matters. I leave the office and head to lunch, walking down the halls. I am suddenly angry about something he said to me, and others are mad also (at him). Betty the secretary and Doug are ranting about it. I am going to just keep walking away, but suddenly turn around and say to them "Screw it, I am going to tell him what I think". I go back and meet him in the hallway. We get nose to nose and are screaming at each other. I do not recall the exact details, but it was something about wages and knowledge of the job. I recall stating I should be making more, and also him tossing out he had a masters degree.

After this I go back to an office and others are there, we are watching airplanes take off from the airport (There is one IRL nearby Suspa). The office "wall" is open to the outdoors, like the whole wall, not just a door. We get so curious that we begin walking toward the airport. We go across a lawn area and then along some roadways. We cannot get a better view anywhere however, so we head back. My cousin Don is here now, and is walking on the cement wall edge of a freeway up in the air. He walks right out into open air and then back again as we head back.

When we get back we all go to a cafeteria and they have pizzas on tables all over and desserts also. We all get pizza and dessert and go to sit at tables. I have 2 pieces and a brownie. When I sit down my wife is next to me. As we are eating she steals the brownie and everyone is amused. Awoke to alarm.

2nd March 2011, 04:30 AM
2 dreams again, or more specific a dream and then back into same dream (sort of).

Starts in our current house with my immediate family around. The house is right but not the land it is on. Our lot slopes to the south and then into a wooded area. This lot sloped to the East and then down a large hill to a creek. Nothing specific is going on at first, then a host of other relatives (both living and deceased) begin showing up. I am showing some of them the lot and we walk to the top edge of the hill. Down at the bottom there are 5-6 new large houses and we are admiring them. Farther beyond there is like a whole sub division of new houses also (I have had this same scene in other dreams).

When we come back to the house it has become a mobile home (at some points an RV home, drivable). We go inside and there is a very long room with a very long table in it. Many (25-30) relatives are seated around it and there is a Thanksgiving dinner prepared. I take my seat near one end and my wifes Grandma Weber is across from me. She begins to say grace. After a few words she goes into a dialect I have no clue what it is, I have the feeling it is something to do with Islamic religion. I am totally upset and leave the table ranting that this is not acceptable in my home. I go outside and my Father in law is there and I tell him I want her out!

In a few minutes I see him walking her to a car. I go back inside and proceed to walk around table filling my plate. Others are eating also. Of all the food there I only end up getting some turkey and mashed potatoes w/ gravy. I go back and sit and eat. Others are finishing and leaving. As one Aunt and Uncle are leaving they state that nobody has touched the beef they brought. They are going to take it home. I ask for a piece to try and it is melt in the mouth tender, with a semi-sweet sauce on it. I am amazed. Others try it now, and there is little left.

I go outside again and am walking next to a river?? with my Brother in Law and niece. My Niece falls in and so to I. It is slow flowing calm water. My main concern is my wallet is getting wet. We float along and finally come out and walk back to trailer area. Now an ex-husband of my Sister in Law is here. I am mad at him for getting her pregnant and not being married (happened IRL). We argue and for some reason I get inder the trailer. The trailer is rocking like a see-saw on its wheels and is very close to hitting me. I squirm out and walk around some more.

I show someone how the windows can be popped out from outside to clean them. There is glass inside and the outside piece is held in the frame by a rubber seal. Most people are gone now and those remaining are sitting in the living room on one end of trailer. All of a sudden an electrical pole outside falls and about the top 15 feet comes through the roof and crushes down part of the wall in a U shape. The metal is all crushed and bent. We look at the pole and it is obvious it was cut almost through about 20 ft off ground. So the top part broke free in just a slight breeze. Me and Father in Law get the piece of pole and carry it outside.

Now the RV part kicks in, we go back inside and drive the home along roads into a town. I think the plan was to get it repaired, but we don't. We drive back and are now parked in a mobile home park. A neighbor brings us a cancas canopy/tarp to put over the damaged area. I awoke at this point, went to bathroom, had 2 more hours before alarm.

Part 2

I layed back down and fell right back into dream. Now it is back to me and immediate family. The trailer is still in the park with many others close around it. We have just moved in and it all feels new. I am outside and there is a large patio made of bricks then next to that an above ground pool (The rubber sided kind with steel frame of pipes, we have one IRL) It has a small deck with stairs up to it on the trailer/deck side. The rest is butted right up against a fence and/or neighbors yards.

I am working on setting it up kind of. I talk to one neighbor and tell them that my Cousins delivered it here, half full of water!! It has water in it as it is setting there. I am working on the pump and filter hoses trying to sort them all out. Water is leaking out and I notice that another neighbors grass area is flooded. I shut off pump and seal up what I can quickly. They never notice the flood.

Other neighbors kids are playing in the pool and on the deck. I am trying to control them, and don't really want them in it yet because it is dirty and not ready. A black couple are seated in yard chairs on other end of pool. I introduce myself and their names are Jerry and Sharnia. We shake hands and I ask if there is a problem with having the pool. They say "Of course not" and point to others in the park. I feel relieved at this. I go to the trailer door and family is inside. Daughter is not happy with the home or her room. Wife is consoling her and saying "We just have to make it home now". It is very hot inside and stuffy, I feel it through the screen door. Alarm wakes me.

5th March 2011, 06:37 PM
Odd short dream. I probably dreamed more, just do not recall. I was driving in a small car, I think with my Mother (D) along. Do not recall where we were going. We get a flat tire on the passenger rear. We stop at a service station and there is an older man (Fatherish) and a boy. The boy is working on getting a tire on the car and I am just watching. He is trying to get it centered or balanced, and I help by marking some lines on car body??.

After this the boy takes it for a test drive on a dirt track like a moto cross track. The car is now a small dunebuggy. He hits a hill wrong and breaks the front wheel/steering. We are then back in the garage and the Father is explainging what needs to be done. The wheel is on a spindle/axle that looks like a cotter pin, then there is a small spring and some washers.

They do not have the replacement parts so we are all searching for anything that will work. We get one whell somewhat fixed, but then cannot match the parts for the other. When we try to drive it the steering will not work right. THe tires are hitting the wheel wells and up to high in them. We try different sprongs and parts. Get close a few times but never correct. I awoke to alarm.

5th March 2011, 06:49 PM
Was driving a pick-up with the feeling I needed to get someplace urgently. I drive out of a town area and into a rural / farm area. As I am driving the weather turns worse and worse (snow). It begins to get slippery and I am having a hard time of it. The dash lights on the truck are going on and off also. Oddly I do not recall it being dark out, but remember the lights. Was more like the dash gauges were vanishing I guess.

As I drive further the snow is getting worse, to the point that I am busting through drifts and the snow is blinding. I recall several other vehicles passing in the other direction and this causing me and the others to nearly go into the ditches. The other vehicles were trucks and farm tractors. One had like a hay rake behind it.

I then notice a full blown 18 wheeler in my rear view mirror. I was like "Oh crap!" Another vehicle passed from the other direction and I hit a drift and ended up in the ditch this time. I was freaking out about the semi behind, thinking he was going to hit me. Somehow he makes it just by me. I can see his break lights once he passes. I proceed to spin my way out of the ditch in reverse.

I then drive just a few feet and turn into a drive way. I still see the semi, he is turning around also. It is like we all decide that it is too bad out to drive and if we turn and go back from whence we came the weather will improve (That is the feeling I have). Once turned around I proceed to drive back in the direction I came from. Awoke to alarm.

5th March 2011, 07:00 PM
I am in a house (Unknown) with what appear to me as a Chinese couple. I believe others are around also but they are unclear. I feel as though I am a young female, maybe their daughter. We are preparing for a special meal and the dream is focused around a dining room and table. I do not recall food or place settings however.

It is my task to make a special hanging mobile type object (Maybe a hanging light shade??) I am hanging pieces of construction paper around some type of fram by strings. The papers are about 6x8". I am folding and ripping them to this size from larger sheets. The colors alternate white and orange (each sheet). After I rip them to size the Mother figure is putting on symbols or writing (Think Chinese). I then poke holes into the top centers of them and attach a loop of string and hang from the frame. This is over the table.

As I keep going it seems like I am making alot more than is needed. The frame is only about 2 foot round. It should take maybe 8-10 to go around it. As I continue to make more I run out of paper except for some pieces that have scribbling on them like someone had used them for note paper. I am upset about this. I tell the Mother figure. She tells me we MUST have one more white one.

I get one made from the scraps , but it is not to the Mothers liking. At this point there are a few more adults who have arrived. They are all impatient and I am getting more upset. I end up running out of the room, up stairs and flinging my self into a bed. I cover up and am crying. I smell the food from downstairs and hear talking. I want to go down there, and I feel hungry but I am too upset. Awoke.

5th March 2011, 11:11 PM
Hello, Russ.

Was there any indication in the last dream of the time (year) this could have happened in?


10th March 2011, 04:40 AM
No idea or clues as to what year or time period. The house was unknown, so cannot peg it by being a house I lived in. It did not seem old however or like a Chinese type house. I would put it as maybe a typical 1900-20 built two story house.

10th March 2011, 04:58 AM
Dream involves me and a few other people (Unknowns). I am in a very high (skyscraper) hotel. The first thing that sticks out is I am on floor 70. The room is a typical hotel type room except I do not recall windows. I also have no idea of a purpose for being there, I am just there. Not much time is spent in room other than I recall seeing the typical layout, bed, dresser, TV. I go to an elevator and get in, this is where I see that I am on floor 70, on the readout by the door. When I get inside the elevator is a cylinder of glass. I am freaked out by the view and height. I close my eyes and the elevator goes down. Not just goes down but zips down! I totally recall the stomach in throat feeling and weightlessness. Not pleasant!!

Once I get to ground level I exit and am in a large area of stores (like a mall). I don't recall if it was covered or not. There are fountains and ornate bridges over small waterways, lampposts, flower gardens, benches, etc. As I start to walk I realize I have no clue where I am and become very concerned about being able to get back to my room. I run into many "employees" who are directing me on which way to go. They are all dressed in white bellhop uniforms (minus the silly hats) and all are very friendly and helpful. No recall of precise conversations, just more pointing the way. After going through many of the stores and following the directions, I end up right back at the elevator. Would have been easier to just turn around when I first landed LOL :lol:

Once back in the room I continue to walk around, it seems much bigger now and I even go through doors into other rooms attached. There is also a glass sliding door and a patio (huge) outside. It even has a pool and hot tub on it!! (Remember we are on the 70th floor). There are the employees present in each room and on the deck. I keep going from one to another and again am pointed in another direction either back inside or outside. Alarm awoke me.

10th March 2011, 05:25 AM
I am at my Brothers again in Escanaba, MI. He is there and his wife and daughter. I appear to be living with them (I did IRL in college), but want to leave very badly. I tell him that our Mother is trying to start a house for people to live in who are in financial need or ill (recurring theme). They are totally against it and are telling me we do not have enough money to do it. I lie and say I have $500 in my pocket that they do not even know about. We continue this bickering for some time and I finally get fed up and go to my room.

A meal is prepared and we are eating in the kitchen. It begins to storm outside and rain hard. I look out a window and see what appears to be Lake Michigan and see large waves and churning white water. (Their house is not close enough to see this IRL). We finish the meal and my Brother is doing something on a computer in the den. I go outside and am trying to get a car running, with the intention of leaving and coming back home to Mother's.

I look again at where the lake should have been and off in the distance there is what appears to be a huge wall (tidal wave) of dirt and debris. I watch for a few seconds as it approaches totally aghast. Almost frozen in place. I then bolt inside and scream at everyone to look. We all go to windows and watch it coming. It is moving quite fast and growing as it comes. I can see cars, trees, house debris in it now.

It hits the house and for a few minutes the entire house is pushed along. I do not recall the next few moments but we end up in amongst all of this debris. Like we are buried, but can still see around and move. There are cars with injured people and junk all over. I begin helping the injured in cars and then moving upward as best I can through the mess. It is all around and sloped upward like steep hills.

I come to a man at a make shift desk, he is trying to get a radio working. I see a connector in a wire that is not plugged in and plug it in. The radio begins to work and he is talking to others. I do not know where the info comes from, but I am abruptly climbing up again through the chaos, and know that I am to go to another "Station". I eventually reach the top and the entire landscape is chaos and destruction. The sky is gray also.

I find a truck and now see "roads" I can follow. These look like freeways that have fallen and are laying in pieces. I am able to drive on them though and know exactly where I must go. I get to the station (Warehouse) and back into a loading bay, up to a garage door. I get out and go inside. I find a black woman seated at a desk also running a radio and a cobbled together computer. It is all junky looking inside the building. I watch here for a few minutes, she is talking on the radio, but I cannot hear the words. She turns to me and says she is Kim. I get a note pad and right this down. It is like a post-it about 4" square and I wrote KIM to fill the whole note. She then says the truck should be full of food now, I thank her and begin to go when alarm woke me.................

P.S. I was asked on an earlier dream what I felt like when I awoke, and I do not recall on that one at all (Other than the standard "Crap I gotta get up" feeling). Upon awakening from this dream and all the time I was getting ready and driving to work I was running the sights through my head and thinking how this could really happen, like an apocalypse.

10th March 2011, 02:38 PM
I used to have this type of dream fairly often when I was younger, before my parents divorced. I never associated it with the imminent destruction of our family (as we knew it) until much later, looking back.

12th March 2011, 07:38 PM
The only thing I can tie it to IRL is that my Brother and his Family decided long ago to move 400 miles away and have basically isolated themselves mainly from the "Bennett" side of our Family. When they would come down to visit they always stayed at his wifes Mothers, and visitations were always planned with her side. Not ours. If we got to see them 1/2 hour a year it was a miracle!!

Since our Mother has passed I have not heard from him maybe once or twice. We used to talk before a few times a year but it was always tense and just garbage talk. I do not agree with his way of life, stuck up and isolation, and he does not like mine.

His wifes Mother also passed last year and now they have not been down at all to visit anyone. In fact one of her sisters passed just last week suddenly from a brain anurism and they did not bother to attend.

I do not see or forsee any distruction of my immediate family (Wife) but itcould be that it is to do with my Brother and the conflict there.

12th March 2011, 07:53 PM
Dream is at the Ionia house , it takes place in the rear of the house. This was an addition to the main house that consisted of a living rooom and small bedroom that I used in the winter months. I n the dream the bedroom is in total disarray, filled with garbage and junk. Think "Hoarders" gone mad. Many of my family are around and we are all working on cleaning this stuff out. It is amazing because this room IRL was like 10x12, but we are getting truck loads of junk out! Most of the stuff is things that were my belongings, games, clothing, bedding & bed, model kits. All of this is damp or wet.

At one point a container, like a glass 1 gallon jar, spills it's contents. Whatever it is it is nasty smelly stuff. It spreads all over everything that is around and out into the living room also. It seems like bubble wallpaper paste. We proceed to get hoses and are spraying this gunk off of everything and letting it go down throw the cracks between floor boards. We are still throwing a lot out in garbage sacks, and some we set aside (outside) after spraying it.

We then notice some holes in the floor, like rotted areas. Also in the sealing. Wind is coming in through these and we are working on repairing them and sealing them. Leaves and dust are blowing in them also. As we focus on the holes in the sealing we kind of work our way outside. We are then reshingling (recurring) the roof. The roof is a 3 sided gable type and we are having a hard time at the peaks. Mainly because we are not doing the whole roof, only where the holes appear and trying to fit the new to the existing. I also am saying it is temporary, we are just stopping the leaks "for now". The roof has mainy layers and needs stripping and re done.

We finally get it done and finish up by putting in some more nails along edges and peaks. We also trim the edges at the eaves so the line up with old ones at the edge. Awoke

14th March 2011, 04:03 PM
Right back to Ionia house and the same back living room area. This time I am working on heating the room. There are 5-6 thermostats on the wall and 3-4 more on an end table. Apparently each one controls a separate vent for heat in the ceiling. These vents are like the kind you see in ceilings with louvers and adjustable fins.

They are all over the ceiling about 2 feet apart. I am adjusting the thermostats and fins, trying to get heat to the entire room. This is the entire dream which went on for a long time. Nothing else is going on or happens. I am the only one present.

This house IRL was old and uninsulated in the walls when we lived there. This room was farthest from the furnace and was always hard to keep warm. We eventually got a wood stove in there , then it was always toasty!.

14th March 2011, 05:23 PM
I think of all your dreams this is the only one that has given me the warm and fuzzies.

17th March 2011, 05:52 AM
I am at my Father-in Laws house. I do not recall all of the details but the last part of the dream. Me, him and neighbor (Terry) are hunting deer. (They do this IRL but not me). We are in hunting attire and outside behind the house (South). A deer comes running past and Father-in-Law and I attempt to shoot it but miss. The deer runs to the West toward Terry's house. We are chasing it at this point. As it gets close Terry shoots and it drops, but is not dead.

When we get there I ask if he has a hammer or something to hit it and kill it. He states that is basically dead and there is no need. He takes a long spear like object (more like a long metal rod) and stabs it into the deers neck up towards the head. The deer is still flailing around and I am disturbed about it. He then removes the spear and re-inserts it in the other direction, in the same wound, and pushes it all the way along the deers back and out near its tail. He and my Father-in-Law then hang the deer up between poles.

They begin to gut the deer and it is no longer moving. I remember having a very uneasy and sick feeling about all of this. I awoke to alarm thankfully!!!!

17th March 2011, 06:11 AM
I am in Belding where we live ans specifically downtown at the small mall we have. There is a fair set up in the large parking lot. I am setting up sound equipment. My cousin Don is also there and a few other people I know IRL. Don specifically is helping me. We have a small tent (or canvas cover) over us and the equipment. We get it all set up and ready.

At the same time I am also setting up a small water fountain and supply system. This is very strange, there is a fountain about 4 feet tall, clear rubber tubing running from it to a washing machine about 50 ft away along the side of the building, behind our sound set up. Next to the washer is a small plastic container (tote bin) that is also hooked up to all the rest. The container has water in it and an electric clothing iron?? (Not a good idea). The washer is pumping the water throughout, the iron is heating the water.....LOL. I work on this contraption for a little while.

I am pack to the sound, and there is now a band set up on a stage out in the parking lot. Lo and behold it is the Doobie Brothers!!. They start playing and the sound cuts off in just a few seconds. Don and I realize the power breaker in the mall has blown. He goes in to reset it. When the sound returns I explain to the crowd and the Doobies that we are running on 1 breaker and that is the problem. I unplug the fountain, washer and iron from a drop cord. I make a joke over the mic that it was just a test so they could warm up....LOL.

I then go out to the stage area and shake hands with each member. They do many of their songs. After about 2 songs, there are 4 microphones lined up in front of us and before you get to the stage, kind of in between. People are going to these and singing along to songs like karaoke. I get brave and sing South City Midnight Lady with them. An unknown girl was also singing harmony. We sounded pretty good!!!

The focus now kind of shifts to boothes around the perimeter. This is where other people I know are, and they are selling items at them. I bought an ice cream cone from my cousin Janine at one. Walked around several more. Then bought an apple from another unknown person. The final booth I come too is a lady I know (parent of one of my sons friends). Her son is there in the booth and he has just gotten new prosthetic hooks (arms). She explains they are making him learn to do things, and I should challenge him. I forget what I bought, but I tossed a dollar in a trash can. He then went about digging it out. Awoke to alarm.

21st March 2011, 03:45 AM
Have not recorded any dreams in a couple days because my recall is failing at the moment. I sat in bed upon wakening 2 days ago and could not remember a single thought, although I knew I was just dreaming!! Also, my dreams the last few days have been chaotic and a mess of details. Like I am flipping channels on tv and only staying on each one for a few seconds. This really annoys me, it messes up what happened when and there is no theme at all.

Last nights was same. One part I was at my Aunt and Uncles in Six Lakes and my cousins were there also, we were eating, or a meal was prepared anyway. We then watched some tv, and then my Uncle had a heart attack (This is what he died from IRL, before I knew him). Ambulance came and then he was home again and fine.

Then switched to driving a car and working on a car. Then switched to being at Warner Fiberglass, maintenance area. I was working on a weird motorcycle that needed a new frame. Got one and was replacing it, could not find correct tools in tool boxes of workers. Thought I was doing well, everyone was amused because the motorcycle was not worth what I was doing to it. Got it together and rode it a bit in parking lot.

Then switch to Grand Rapids where I worked CAD and was in office, other co-workers were around. Not sure what I was doing. Setting up a CAD station, arranging desks/office walls. Doing some drawings. Other things that went on are all fuzzy......

21st March 2011, 02:10 PM
You're definitely fixing things. :)

23rd March 2011, 02:03 AM
Yes, but what and why??

23rd March 2011, 02:16 AM
Ionia Wall street house. Mom was there as well as my Uncle Don and cousin Don Jr. We were having problems with the sewer working properly. We proceeded to dig up the pipes. The pipe came out of the house and went south maybe 50 feet and then into a box like basin (Plastic). From there it proceeded south east toward the road, where it attached to the main sewer. I remember that the pipe coming from the house was 4" and then from the basin it was 6". We could see the "sewage" running into the basin and out of it. The odd thing was it was white liquid.

We worked on it for some time (not sure why because it was running anyway). Then city workers came in and had to redo the entire thing. They ran 4" from house out to where the basin had been and then when it turned they used 1" pipe. When they had it done they told my Mother it was $1205.00. We all flipped out and were telling them we would have to make payments. I said to one guy "Do you carry that much around with you?"

After this I was inside in my bedroom and at a computer desk. My friend from HS (Warren) was there. I was cleaning out the desk drawers of unused items. One drawer had 8 track tapes in them, which I threw away. Next to the desk on the floor was a large CD storage unit. The slots were numbered. Warren asked "How the Hell many games do you have?" After counting the slots I came up with 140. I was giving him some old ones I did not use anymore. One that sticks out is Monopoly. I explained I got these from the school and they did not use them on students computers. IRL, after I was married here in Belding, I did get all of these CDs in this way. Awoke

23rd March 2011, 02:25 AM
Was in dream with my Brother-in-Law Jim (D). Not sure why I know we were in Ohio, but we were. He never lived there, nor have I. We were at his home, although no one else was around. The house was way back off any main road down a 2 track driveway. Probably 2 miles. When the dream first starts I am driving there and am somewhat lost. When I find the driveway I go down it and it curves all over before reaching the house. The house was very run down and junky all over outside.

We converse some and walk around a bit, but nothing I recall. Then we get in a car and he shows me another drive that goes dead straight out to the main road. I am amazed at how much shorter this one is. When we get out to the main road, there is a small junky town there. We stop at what appears to be a bar. He goes inside and I am outside. When he comes out he is all beat up and bloody. We go around the town and I find a doctor office (trashy shack). Don't know how I know it is a doctor. When he comes out he has bandages and stitches.

We go into a sneaking/hiding mode, like we are alluding someone. There are guys around that are big and burly. We fight a few and get back to the car and drive away back toward his house. Alarm woke me...

Got up for an hour or so and not feeling well at all. I called in to work and stayed home. Went back to bed and dream was about being in sort of a college / school setting. I was older, like college aged, but the desks were like you would have in elementary school. The teacher was one I recall from college, but I cannot put a name to him. The room was almost like a house on stilts, the only way up to it was a steel ladder (very scary) The class was unclear also as far as subject. There was a test going on for sure.

The teacher passed out the test, it was about 5 pages long and was very hard to read (Like the old mimeographs with crappy purple ink). I was looking at the pages, but could not make out any of the questions or writing. I sat there while everyone was taking it and just flipped pages. I never wrote a thing down. When I turned it in with the others the teacher said I got 104%.

I was ashamed and told him he was wrong somehow. The others had studied and should get the best scores. He commented that he knew I was going through a lot and needed the "break" and good score. I told him no, and he changed score to something like 60%. I was still upset, but allowed this. There was a small storage closet with doors under a window. I looked in here and there were bottles of liquor. We went to his desk area and he had pop in a cooler. We mixed drinks and were drinking them.

The room suddenly began to fall sideways. It did not tip over but stayed upright as it fell. This was slow and no jolt as we landed. We went outside (All students also) and walked away down a sidewalk.......

25th March 2011, 06:18 AM
Do not recall much of this dream. Part was at Ionia Wall street house and had to do with getting the yard mowed. Was working on two riding lawn mowers trying to get them in working order. One was small and had a very small cutting width, like only a few inches. When I tried to use it it would get all clogged up with grass and stop. I took parts from this one (drive train parts) and used them on a larger one. This one was having problems also. Remember switching the blades around (Like they were upside down). This seemed to work better and I did get some of the yard mowed.

I either awoke and went back to sleep, or the dream shifted. I am now at my in-Laws in Lakeview. My Father-in-Law and me are in a harvested corn field walking. There are 3 ducks near us on the ground. I try to catch them and they of coarse fly, however I am able to fly after them. Not high but along the ground. I catch all 3 and we take them back to the house. As I am carrying them they appear like small footballs.

When we get to house, I am trying to think of a cage to keep them in and also my Sister-in-Law Beth is wanting them also. I ask if my F-in-L has any cage material or wire. He does not think so, but I go out around buildings looking. Beth is also looking. I find a couple small pieces but not enough to make a cage. Beth comes in with a strange cage. It is about 5 ft tall and very narrow. She puts a duck in at the bottom, it climbs up to top, over a divider and back down and exits on other side. It has no way of keeping the ducks in.

At some point we are sexing the ducks, there is 1 male and 2 female. We want them to lay eggs so we can have more. I decide to take them home to Belding and at this point somehow I have a nice cage for them. I put it in car, Beth is mad. Awoke

25th March 2011, 06:29 AM
Very long dream takes place in Six Lakes at a festival they have there on July 4th. Me and old band members are playing music here and set up on stage. I get the feeling we have been arguing or broken up. It starts with just me and a couple others. We have come together to keep the festival going. We start playing and there are very few people watching, no one seems into it. I start talking to the members and kind of cheering them on. More show up (Some I do not know also). The sound and harmony keeps getting better and better.

We have a bunch of songs wrote down and we are all just going with the flow and are amazed at how well it is going. More and more people are also in the crowd. I start getting them into it also, asking them to sing and give applause to solos and such. It turns into an awesome show.

At one point we do a set of songs about soldiers, we let people tell about soldiers they know or have lost. Many bring up helmets, metals and uniforms and place them on a table for all to view. Names and ranks are read off of these. We do "Name on a Wall" song and a girl from the audience also sings the "Traveling Soldier" song. This gets long cheers. Awoke to alarm....

Upon awakening I had the feeling of doing something amazing. Bringing people together to celebrate and overlooking bad times and arguing to come together and make people happy..........Very sobering dream.

25th March 2011, 06:30 AM
Very long dream takes place in Six Lakes at a festival they have there on July 4th. Me and old band members are playing music here and set up on stage. I get the feeling we have been arguing or broken up. It starts with just me and a couple others. We have come together to keep the festival going. We start playing and there are very few people watching, no one seems into it. I start talking to the members and kind of cheering them on. More show up (Some I do not know also). The sound and harmony keeps getting better and better.

We have a bunch of songs wrote down and we are all just going with the flow and are amazed at how well it is going. More and more people are also in the crowd. I start getting them into it also, asking them to sing and give applause to solos and such. It turns into an awesome show.

At one point we do a set of songs about soldiers, we let people tell about soldiers they know or have lost. Many bring up helmets, metals and uniforms and place them on a table for all to view. Names and ranks are read off of these. We do "Name on a Wall" song and a girl from the audience also sings the "Traveling Soldier" song. This gets long cheers. Awoke to alarm....

Upon awakening I had the feeling of doing something amazing. Bringing people together to celebrate and overlooking bad times and arguing to come together and make people happy..........Very sobering dream.

13th December 2011, 06:11 AM
I have ceased logging dreams here as of the las post in March 24th post. Things just got way too busy IRL and I was having a terrible time commiting the time needed to do this log. Sorry to all that were following it!! I may start another next year if time permits. Will not have the goal of logging every dream hiwever!!!