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Anthony Peake
7th January 2011, 04:27 PM

I have been considering joining Robert's Forum here for some time. This is not because I do not find it fascinating but simply having the time to do so. I know that Robert is similar to myself in that we are both so busy with writing, media stuff and running our Forums whilst staying in touch with our readers. My good friend Stephen Cinnamond had pointed out Bob's writing a year or so ago. I then had the opportunity to chat to Robert and found that we had a good deal in common and even more to offer each other in terms of our mutual search to understand the ultimate relationship between consciousness and "consensual" reality.

I am coming at the "ecsomatic" experience from a scientific (specifically neurological and neuro-chemical) position.I am quite specific when I use the term "ecsomatic". This was first coined by Dr. Celia Green in her seminal study Lucid Dreaming - The Paradox of Consciousness During Sleep. By this I mean any experience in which consciousness believes itself to be located in another place other than the body that normally hosts that consciousness. My motivation is simply to understand what is really taking place when somebody has an Out-of-Body Experience, a Near-Death Experience, a Lucid Dream, a Shamanic Journey or a an experience of Remote Viewing. Too many people report these experiences and as such they are real. However my question is, what do we mean by "real"? Sceptics will argue that these experiences are simply hallucinations brought about by certain unusual "brain states". But that answers nothing. To label any form of esoteric or mystical experience as an hallucination is clearly an attempt to be pejorative. However the real fact of the matter is it is simply semantics. By labelling the experience in this way the sceptics try to dismiss the experience as not worthy of serious study. But that is all they have done; attached a label. They have explained nothing.

These experiences share many common features, for example the standard NDE descriptions. This suggests some form of reality beyond the awareness of the perceiver. Other people report "shared" OOB experiences. How can this be possible? Are they simply lying? A short perusal of the experiences reported on this Discussion Forum suggests otherwise. So yet again it is clear that whilst in the ecsomatic states the subject goes somewhere. The question is where?

Everything that we perceive is modelled within the brain; everything. We do not "interface" with the real world at all. What we think of as reality is simply a series of electrical impulses within the neural networks of the brain. The only "real reality" is the perceiver of these impulses; the self-aware being that turns the postage-stamp inverted image on the retina to the full, super detailed depth-image that you "see" in front of your eyes as you read this posting. Now that is magic .... and this is what I am trying to understand.

If any of you folks are interested in my inclusive approach to the mysteries of the ecsomatic experience please check out my various web locations and, if you feel the need, read my books and papers.

You guys are the experiencers of the most enigmatic and paradigm-challenging experience of all ..... an experience that, in my opinion, may contain the answers to so many questions regarding the true nature of reality.

I am delighted to be here and share your experiences.

Anthony Peake

Neil Templar
8th January 2011, 12:48 AM
welcome! :D

8th January 2011, 05:54 AM
We're delighted that you're here, Anthony.

Anthony Peake
8th January 2011, 11:42 AM
Thanks guys ... delighted to be here!

8th January 2011, 08:56 PM
Hallo Anthony Peake and welcome.
Your introductory comments on the nature of ecsomatic experiences (OBES and NDEs) seem reasonable. I will check out your website and post some feedback.

Regards 8)

9th January 2011, 08:34 AM
Anthony, I'm in the process of checking out your forum and I've started with this: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xefgf1_on-the-edge-no37-anthony-peake_shortfilms ,which I'm half way through and very much enjoying. I never knew there was a connection between deja-vu and migraine! I've had that type of deja vu where you know what everyone is about to do and I've had many precognitive dreams. Your idea of "cheating the ferry man" is very interesting.

29th November 2011, 04:01 AM
Here is an interesting take on how Anthony looks at the OBE phenomena.