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15th January 2011, 08:09 AM
Thought I might get one aswell. :)

This dream came to me twice this night. I am unsure what it means, although it seems important.

First dream
I wake up in an unfamiliar apartment I just bought, in a large bedroom. I remember buying it from a friend.

“Cool, I have my own apartment now! That’s a nice responsibility” I think to myself. The cream coloured walls and the old lamps suggest and elderly lady might have lived here. There are also a lot of old paintings on the walls. There is a certain eeriness about the place which kreeps me out. I light up as many lamps as I possibly can.
I venture out into the hallway and into what seems to be and office. There is an ancient macintosh computer – it’s got a colour screen, and graphical interface, but it must be from around 1995. I sit down and check it out, and I get a creepy sensation. In the reflection of the screen I see myself and what seems to be a younger girl, a ghost. She seems to be coming from me, as if we share the same body.

I can’t move, I’m paralysed and afraid. I start to shout affirmations until I wake up.

Second dream
A few dreams later I am back in the same apartment. Once again, I try to light a lot of lamps, even though it’s daylight outside. I know the layout now, so I pass right by the computer and into the kitchen. From there I can go into a series of small rooms, the first a bedroom and the second one a library. There I run into a ghost again. “I really need to get me a medium to check this out, I think, while retreating back to my bedroom and doing energy work. I start healing, and send healing towards the ghost for some reason. I wake up again.

I made a sketch of the apartment!

15th January 2011, 05:46 PM
My quick interpretation:
You're the apartment. The old computer represents old processing. The ghost may represent something that has been haunting you, which you are healing with love. (Well done!) If I'm right, you will have more of those with different issues represented in them.

22nd January 2011, 09:43 PM
Hi F2A! I read your dream and couldn't help but imagine you were in my own house. See the layout is not so different, If you flip your drawing the two are fairly close. The entrance you used is now defunct (to the utility room/kitchen) but was a primary entrance for my old aunt. I have an old (ancient, as you say) computer and a new laptop. I've placed them in the diagram.

My old house was built in 1925 by an aunt and her mother who was born just after the Civil War. Aunt Gladys passed away many years ago and I have lived here since. There's really no doubt that the place was haunted but I don't of any little girl that spent time here except my mother who passed away last year. She never did like this house nor Aunt Gladys.

I just thought it was all pretty curious. Back when I used to run Remote Viewing experiments some of my lab participants 'visited' here a number of times trying to 'see' the object of experiment.



23rd January 2011, 09:06 AM
CF: That sounds like a good interpretation.

E1B: Hah! That's pretty cool. :) Unfortunately, I haven't had any ghost dreams since. Although my room HAS been getting a bit chilly sometimes for seemingly no reason, so I think I might be getting some visits aswell. I don't have any stable communication skills though.