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22nd January 2011, 12:58 PM
Hope you guys dont mind me posting a dream journal!

Im quite bad for not recording my dreams so this is me trying to break the habit! Any and all thoughts and feedback are welcome :D

22nd January 2011, 01:12 PM
Okay so this is last nights journey.

I was in what seemed to be a big hotel, I was with my girlfriend, brother and his spouse, my sister, my parents and there was 2 other random people I felt connected to although I dont think I knew them at all.
Almost everything in this place was made out of either white marble or gold. So everything was bright and shiny. I remember thinking I was on holiday in florida.
I remember walking out of a corridor with the randoms onto a sort of balcony type area with stairs in front of us and an elevator to our right. All of this was outside and the sun was very bright but not blinding. I remember getting the sense that we were high up even tho there was still stairs in front of us. I was talking to them about something but I cant remember what. I think it might have had something to do with dreams or a movie, maybe both.

We got into the elevator and I remember feeling slightly nervous/fearfull about something.
We took the elevator down to the ground floor to use the pool although we never did.

The next thing I remember, I was in a room that closely resembled my living room with my girlfriend and family. We were all arguing with my parents as to why we werent going to go to disneyland while were in florida. I noticed that the room was darker than the previous part of the dream, as if the curtains were closed or something.

27th January 2011, 01:15 PM
Hi Cackle, interesting dream! When I started to read I could very well imagine the brightness and fine atmossphere of this place you were. When you came to mention the elevator I immediately thought: yes this is the way up! because I felt it so subtle-fine how you described that it was marbel, gold and shiny - for me a perfect description of the higher and finer worlds. As well this would explain why you may felt a bit nervous, cause I think that we all are at the same time excited and fascinated to explore the other worlds as well as we feel a bit nervous of the unknown. So maybe next time if you feel like you`ll push the UP-Button! :)

best wishes, istia

29th January 2011, 10:40 AM
Hello there! Thanks for the feed back.
Hmm interesting, this could explain why it was a bit darker later on in my dream, because I went down and not up. The sun is out in a lot of my dreams, this is a common thing that I notice every time I remember a dream. I can never recall it ever raining in my dreams either.
Could just be that i'm from Scotland and I see enough rain in my waking life though haha.

29th January 2011, 10:46 AM
Two dreams last night.

The first one, I was in a big supermarket with a group of friends, we were at the checkout when two of my friends started arguing and threatening each other whilst some others were encouraging them to fight each other. I got involved and tried to split it all up but somehow I got kicked out of the store for shouting at them both.

I then remember waiting outside for them, watching them walking out of the store and into the car park.
I joined them as I had to get a lift home with one of them.
One of them started trying to hit the other but since we were outside I was just going to let them fight it out until another guy started trying to get involved in the fight at which point I got involved and split it up yet again.
I then remember talking to a friend in the car about the pros and cons about the Download Festival versus the Sonisphere Festival and which one we would be attending.

The next dream was a little weirder as it was I wasn't even in the dream. It started in 3rd person then switched to 1st person.

There was a man, roughly the same age as me, in a living room. The walls were white as was the roof and the carpet was a sort of cream colour. It wasnt just a plain room with nothing in it, there was furniture and a breakfast bar and so on and so forth, pretty much a standard living room. I remember this guy was wearing a dark green jacket and he had short fair hair.
I was viewing this from about 3-4 meters from his back. He was standing staring at the front door when it burst open and a number of police officers and people with high vis vests came into the room.

The police took him by the arms and he started struggling and broke free a few times but ended up grabbed by the arms again no more than a second later.
They started walking him to the door when my perception switched and I was now looking through his eyes and I was now in control of him.

The police walked "me" out into the street and I instantly knew where I was. I was in my home town on a street near one of my friends houses.

A woman in a high vis vest got out of a white van and started telling me that I was in trouble because of something to do with my car. I noticed a blonde girl with her hair in a ponytail sitting in a navy blue convertible mini cooper (which I recognised to be they guys girlfriend) looking at me with a look of sadness on her face.

I wrenched my arms free of the police and ran as fast as I could down the street and onto a country road (that isnt there in real life). It was at this point I noticed that the sun was out and I smell that awsome summer smell when you are in the countryside. I felt a wave of happiness come over me as the sun hit my face.
My girlfriend then drove up beside me and I jumped into the back seat and tried to explain to her that I had not done anything wrong and I ran because they would never believe me.
I had to then duck down in the back seat as the white van drove past going the other way.

I then remember holding out a handful of change to her as I was having trouble counting it. She was sifting through it with her index finger and when I woke my actual girlfriend was sitting on the bed looking at me and rubbing her index finger on my palm haha

9th February 2011, 12:00 AM
Had a strange dream last night

I havent recorded this straight away and as a result, alot of the details are missing which is a shame as this dream was pretty cool

Anyway, I was driving up and down a mountain road which was built to emulate a rollercoaster but one you could drive on. I remember I was driving a black Audi R8 and there was an older man sitting next to me. I was SPEEDING around this road up to the top of this mountain then racing back down again. Some of the turns were pretty gut wrenching.
We then decided to eat a packed lunch. I had a funny idea of parking on a super steep part of the road so it was like we were lying down. As I stopped and put on the handbrake, the car lifted off the ground and rolled over backwards onto the roof. I think I then woke up.

This dream was messed as I cant even drive

17th February 2011, 08:24 AM
Strang dream last night.

I was out with my mum, brothers wife and my sister for hen night, there was more people there but those are the faces i remember abd i have no idea why i was at the hen night.

We were at some hen night rude themed theme park. We were walkin through a pink tunnel with a big anamatronic model of a half naked woman on the right which was spraying everyone with fake breast milk ( dont ask) so i ran through to the other side where my brother was laying down on a sofa and sayin he would have no part in any of this.
All the girls came out soaking laughing because the statue pee`d on them.....

17th February 2011, 03:17 PM
That is rude, but highly symbolic.

19th February 2011, 12:35 AM
Haha symbolic of what?

19th February 2011, 01:26 AM
Haha symbolic of what?
Mother figure.
Mammary glands, mother's milk, large naked woman are all symbols of a mother figure, a dominant female.
She pees on other women/girls- again, a symbol of sexual dominance. Your brother laying down on the sofa=subservience to the alpha female (mother).

2nd December 2011, 12:34 AM
Hey everyone.
Been gone for awhile as I couldn't remember my password OR the email I used to sign up. But I have obviously sorted those issues and im back! Nice to see the site looking so new and fresh!

anyway, back to keeping up with my dreams! Its been awhile.

This first dream lasted only about 5-10 seconds when I dozed off at work but it was pretty vivid.

I was on the deck of a white boat which was heading out to sea. I was lying on my back staring at a cloudless sky, I turned my head to the right and I could see that the water was a perfect bright blue and I could see land about a mile or less away and I got the feeling that we had just set off and were leaving some sort of natural harbour.
I remember it being very bright, warm and sunny with a perfect clear blue sky.
I noticed that somebody else was there with me. When I looked round there was the beautiful woman sitting over me. She was wearing white clothing and she had shoulder length brown hair and she had the most gorgeous smile. Thats when I was awakened at work by one of my work mates trying to sneak up on me.
As I said before, the dream was very short and I must have been asleep for less than 10 seconds.

This second dream was more elaborate but I cant remember everything from it.

I was with a group of people, some of them seemed to be friends whereas others seemed to be strangers to me.
We were in some kind of medieval half underground fort with moss covered stone pillars holding the earth up above our heads. The hall that we were in was very dark at the back and it felt like it went on for miles.
To the front, there was no wall, just an opening that led to a rap going up out into the daylight. The ramp was covered in the same old patchy moss as everything else.
The left of the ramp led round a left corner into a courtyard and the far right of the ramp led up higher onto a landing which overlooked the courtyard.
We eventually ventured out and up the right side of the ramp onto the landing which ended in a steep drop at the end.
The courtyard was all big cobblestone blocks and was, again, covered in the same patchy moss. In the middle of the courtyard there was a massive perfectly round hole that resembled a giant dried up well.
We were all scared of it as we all believed there was some kind of horror at the bottom that meant to harm us.
I went to investigate the hole and looked over the side. It was very deep and I could see through the darkness that there was a giant mechanical looking dragon curled up and sleeping at the bottom.
Its body and head was a greyish black colour and its two massive wings were a golden amber colour.

I then remember standing back on the landing overlooking the courtyard again and feeling this immense rumbling and a monstrous roar coming from the hole. The dragon then came shooting out of the hole and about 500 feet into the sky. It then circled a few times then flew straight towards us. Everybody was then shoving and jostling, trying to run back underground.

There was definitely more to this dream but I simply cant remember it all.

2nd December 2011, 03:15 AM
Hi Cackle. Glad to have you back.

10th July 2012, 10:20 PM
Man I SUCK at staying active on this site!

Anyway, I came across my old dream journal on another site I used to use a few years back, so I thought it would be best for my journal here if I copied and pasted everything in my old journal to here to keep it all together. I plan on reading the more vivid dreams a lot as a mini experiment and see if I can get longer, more vivid dreams as well as some awesome lucid dreams.

So anyway, on with the mass copy paste sesh!

10th July 2012, 10:21 PM
I was in a cafeteria at a school or a college, apparently it was the start of a new year with the place filled with new students, but apparently I stood out from the other guys in the college because I was instantly singled out and picked on. I wasnt scared and I fought back against them and ended up winning. It was only the other guys that had a problem with me. Only a couple of them act towards me though.
I remember the main colour was brown, all the walls seemed to be a brownish colour and it just seemed to stand out throughout the entire dream.

I was in a class, I was sitting at a big long table with about 20 girls sitting at it with another table identical to the one I was sitting at directly across from me. I seemed to be sitting second from the end of my table, I instantly made friends with a girl sitting on my left exept I cant remember her face or name or what was said, I just remember her being a friend. Everyone had big textbooks infront of them and was working on a piece of paper. I had no idea what I was supposed to be reading or writting so I just started working randomly from the textbook, I cant remember what it was.

Im sitting in another classroom, the teacher/tutor is sitting at a desk at the front of the class reading a book, She was wearing glasses. Again I have no idea what the lesson is so I work randomly from the textbook. there is a sort of barrier between me and the rest of the class, with only a few people behind it, I am sitting on the floor beside an old school friend (David Murdoch) I havent seen or spoken to in years, he shows me what page im supposed to be on and what im supposed to be writting.

Im sitting back in the classroom withe the long table, a black girl with frizzy hair stands up from the table across from me and shouts to 3 friends on my table to come and join her at the other table. I cant feel the presence on the girl on my left so I speak to the girl on my right, I get the feeling I have had short conversations with her before. She has her head down and is busy working from the textbook, I say to her "Sorry, I cant remember your name". She says "I dont want to tell you, I dont like my name". I reply "Dont be silly im sure its not that bad".
She tells me her name is Melanie P.... Her voice is soft and kind.
I cant remember what she said her last name is but it deffinetly started with a "P"
I say to her "What?! I love the name Melanie, its a beautiful name!". I can feel myself smilling to her, she has shoulder length blonde hair and she is smiling back at me, our faces must only be 8 inches apart, because her face obstructs the rest of the room. I remember feeling VERY strongly for her. I start calling her Mel.

Im on the back of davids bike riding down a massive hill in my home town, were on our way to get equipment for my classes, he is going to help me get what i need, its a bright, sunny day. I bump into my friends (James, Massey, Louis, Austin) in the super market where ive come to get what i need, they are all happy and laughing about something, the only thing I hear about the conversation is that Louis stole James' car keys and did moved his car. I move away from the conversation and pick up 3 black ball tip pens. I stand alone in the isle and all i can think about is Melanies smiling face, it makes me happy.

Then I wake up feeling that the dream is unfinished and that I need to go back and get her last name. I can still see her face as if I had actually just met her 5 minutes ago.

10th July 2012, 10:22 PM
Cant remember as much as I could with my last dream.

I was staying in a wooden cottage with my family. The ground outside was covered with snow.
I was doing something at the cooker, I then realised somebody had ran in the front door on my left, and through the door to my back into the living room, I caught him and "interogated" him as to why he had ran into my house.
I cant remember anything after that.

In the second dream, me and my friend Chris were driving to the leeds festival, we were in a rush because apparently we were missing the band Pennywise playing their song Greed.
We crashed into the back of a campervan and bounced back into the middle of the road, except none of the momentum of our car had been lost.
We arrive at the festival and start waiting in line except the lines were in random places and for random things, like cloakrooms and hotdogs.
I kept meeting people from my town at random, even though the festival is in Leeds. I got extremely angry at some girl because she kept pulling on my t-shirt and saying that she knew me, I shouted at her and she let go.
Chris tells me that ithe quickest way to the stage is through this small tunnel and that he would meet me at the other side.
Im in the tunnel and I have a flashlight that seconds as a laser pen. There are holographic tigers and orcs in a massive room built to look like an old temple. I had to kill them all with the laser to find the exit. Turns out the exit comes out in a cinema.
Im sitting in the cinema watching a movie, it is very cramped and some people are smoking.
We get out of the cinema and finally go to see a band.
I then wake up

10th July 2012, 10:23 PM
Last night I dreamt that there was a zombie apocalypse engulfing the world.
Me and a group of friends were hiding out in an abandoned sky scraper. We were in a big room with one door at the side of the room, it was always open and it led into a dark corridor.
There was a jakuzzi in the far corner beside the window. It had a door underneath it which led to a sort of panic room. The room was square with 3 of the walls lined with fish tanks and the other wall was just tinted glass. One of the group came out of the corridor and had been bitten and was now a zombie. The rest of us got into the panic room, the zombie smashed through the glass and got inside, we all ran out and got outside into a car.
We were going to drive across the city to the next town to get my girlfriend.
The sky always had a bright blue twinge in the sky like a super nova and it was always nightime. There was always a feeling of unease.
We found a VW campervan and met up with another group of survivors who had shotguns. We picked them up.
We had stopped to collect something and I was left in the campervan. Zombies surrounded the van and started to open the doors. I managed to hold both doors closed until help arrived

10th July 2012, 10:23 PM
Last night I dreamt that my brother and sister and myself were drunk. We decided to get a taxi out to hillwalking spot about 30 miles away. It was late at night and there was alot of drunk drivers on the road. There was a bright red sports car recklessly driving infront of us.
The taxi somehow crashed in a ditch, so me and my bro and sis started to walk across the fields trying to get back.
We came across a row of shops beside the road, it was daylight now, early morning.
We went into a shop with a big white sign with big black letters that read "Hobbart".
It was a game store with thousands of computer games, they were extremely cheap.
My brother bought a new game for 99p. It was so cheap because apparently it was "upside down..."
I met the store manager, she was the same age as me. She had dyed red hair. She asked to speak to me outside, she offered me a job doing returns for the company and apparently they were going to open a new store close to my home town. I couldnt have been more thankfull. She kissed me on the lips. I went outside to use the portable toilets outside, she had to come with me to get the keys out of her office to open the toildets. Her office was a small "carny office".
The toilet was green with cloudy windows.
She was in the toilet next to me and was having a conversation with me. I remember I stopped doing the toilet but I still needed to go just as bad.
My Friend Chucky then walked passed the toilet and asked me if I was starting work at Hobbarts.

10th July 2012, 10:24 PM
A few nights ago I had a dream that a movie was being shot in my home town, so I went with a couple of friends to see what the fuss was about. There was a few big movie stars sitting outside a big building in the center of town, there was a big street party going on.
One of the crew/actresses came up to me and told me not to stop what I was writting because it was going to work (I had been thinking about writing a book/movie script in the real)

On the way home, a 3 guys from around town were riding motorbikes down the main street. One of them was on a dirt bike and the other 2 were on bright orange street bikes and they were crashing all over the place. The guy on the dirt bike told me I could ride one of the orange bikes next time

10th July 2012, 10:25 PM
I have noticed that my dreams have started to become alot more frequent and vivid.
I sometimes forget to type some of them up here. But most of the more vivid ones I have posted here.
Ive noticed that I am remembering faces better and there is almost one sentence and a feeling that always stands out in the dream.

Last night I dreamt that I had met an old school friend in an Asda supermarket. We walked around for a while then went to get some privacy in the toilets for some reason. The toilet cubicle was massive, with enough room to run around in. The toilet was right at the back of the cubicle. We almost kissed until we realised that the cubicle walls were not very high and that people were looking over at us.
We left the supermarket and told each other it was best that we didnt kiss and should stay just friends.
She walked away towards the car park. It was pouring of rain but I wasnt getting wet.
I tried to phone my friend for a lift home but I couldnt get through.
I started to walk home but I was followed by 4 guys. I knew I was going to get attacked and mugged but I knew I couldnt run because I was wearing heavy clothes (Rain coat, waterproof trousers) and that I was to proud to run away anyway.I tried phoning my friends but I couldnt get my phone to work. So I turned round and shouted "What the f*** do you think your doing!". One of them then pushed me over and spat on me, some of them threw kicks but they all missed and I got spat on a few times. My phone fell out of my hand and I half think I half woke up because I knew I would wake up at that point but I didnt want to. When I did eventualy woke up, my arms and legs felt realy weighed down. I assumed I was in sleep paralysis so I tried to focus on a point in my room without opening my eyes and try to project to that spot but I couldnt concentrate.

10th July 2012, 10:25 PM
Two dreams last night.

The first dream was awsome! I had been thinking about my dreams and stuff before I had gone to sleep, then I dreamt that I had woken up.... in the past, in my old bedroom. I instantly knew where I was, my room was back the way I used to have it years ago. The wierd thing is, I had my knew mobile phone with me, I just assumed that I must have been holding it when I fell asleep.

I was still going out with my ex-girlfriend at the time but she was in France with her parents. I noticed that everything was bright and warm with a golden hue to it all, as if the sun was out in full force in the middle of summer.
I ran downstairs to see what else was different. My mum was in the kitchen preparing dinner. I told her about being back in time but she clearly didnt think anything of it.
My phone then started ringning. It was a girl called Kelly whom I used to chat to on MSN but have never actually met. I got the impression that when she called years ago I had rejected the call, but this time I answered it. She was talking about a barbecue which apparently we had been planning for awhile and this would have been the first time we would meet (This didnt actually happen in real life although the details in my room and about my ex were true). She was saying that her parents had bought everything we need except for the food.
I tried phoning a few friends about me being in the past but I got no answer except to my friend chris and he believed me.
I dont remember having the BBQ but I feel that we did.
I think I remember meeting with Kelly and her friend, sitting on the grass in the sun.

This dream really forced a feeling of happiness on me. It was amazing

10th July 2012, 10:25 PM
The other dream I had last night wasnt as vivid and as powerful as the last one, it was more random.

For some reason, myself and a large group of my friends had been completely shunned by society and we had to go into hiding.
We somehow ended up with a wierd shaped tank with its interior closely resembeling a limo with comfy seats and a glass piece in the wall between the drivers and the passengers area.
We then found another identical tank and split the group into two, expept this part was more like a movie/computer game where I had to pick the right people to go into the other tank. We were then driving down the street shooting at planes and drones that were trying to blow us up.
We ended up getting seperated so there was only myself and 2 other people looking to re-group with the other group which numbered at around 10-15.
We ended up outside a number of blocks of flats, each with a number on one of its pillars. We assumed it was clues left by the other group even though the numbers had to relevance to anything (the numbers I remember were 0, 3 , 6)
To the left of the flats was a large harbour with hundreds of yachts and boats all seperated by thin planks of wood. The boat closest to us closely resembled a double decker bus and there was loads of people sleeping inside although they were not the people we were looking for.
We then started walking around the outside of the boats on the thin pieces of wood to get right to the back so we could hide.
The water was black so I assumed it was extrememly deep or just because it was nightime.
I couldnt stop myself from diving into the water at every chance I got. A friend kept trying to stop me from wandering around and jumping in the water like he was tasked with watching me.
I did not know who he was but i knew he was a friend

10th July 2012, 10:26 PM
I dreamt that I was working with my dad. I turned up in a random construction yard filled with containers and oil rig parts.
I could see his van at the back of the yard. I went over and there was 3 blue pieces of metal. They looked like a cylinder cut into quarters, but there was only 3 of them. They were covered in grease and the blue paint was coming off. I assumed I was supposed to wash off the grease and proceed with re-painting them blue again. I got started when the gaffer came over. He wanted to know what I was doing and if I knew what I was doing.

To my back/right hand side there was a hole in the wall. I Went through to see what was there.
The next thing I remember is being inside a giant pipe with a small hole at my feet that went down, the hole was blocked. I had a big stick and I was trying to poke the blockage through. My friend chris was there helping me. He went further along the pipe to see if the hole came out anywhere.
When he was on his way back I managed to poke the blockage through, water then started to flood into the pipe from behind him, he got covered in disgusting dirty water, but I was still dry.

10th July 2012, 10:27 PM
Another 2 dreams last night.

The first one I can remember was at some kind on festival. It started raining outside so everyone started to head towards a big dome that was in the middle of the field.
Nobody would actually go inside. Apparently there was a "situation" inside

I went in to investigate. The dome was massive inside and was covered in ice, there was massive stalagmites made out of ice in bunches in different locations on the floor.

My perception then changed to that of a man walking down a dark corridor and into a room with a massive window on the left looking down into the frozen room. I then heard footsteps running behind me. I got smashed through the window and I was flying down towards the ice.
My perception switched back to normal and there was a man lying on the floor in front of me. He had messy/wavy hair and he was wearing a green wooly jumper.
The dream then started to turn into a sort of computer game.
I looked up at the window and there was the bad guy that smashed me through the window. His face was that of a mannequin and he had massive shoulders and arms. He was also wearing a kind of skin tight wet suit.
His health bar then appeared. I tried fighting him hand to hand and I caught him with almost everything I threw at him. Even the biggest haymakers I could muster. His health would not budge.
He hit me and I flew through one of the stalagmites. His health went down a tiny bit. So I started skating around the ice floor with the bad guy chasing me. I then proceeded to smash through all the stalagmites.
His health dissipated and he disappeared.

With all the stalagmites gone and the bad guy dead, the dream went back to normal (as in, no more computer game dream) and everyone flooded in to have a massive party on the ice. The lights went down and everything had a beautiful blue tinge to it.
I was having fun skating around the place as fast as I could just to see how fast I could do it.
There was another room through a corridor at the back of the ice hall which led to another ice hall.
I spent the rest of the night skating as fast as I could around the room until the ice started to melt and everyone started leaving. Some people were falling where the ice had melted and concrete was coming through. They were sliding on the ice and hitting parts where their shoes suddenly gripped the floor.

10th July 2012, 10:28 PM
The other dream, I was in a supermarket with my friends, gathering food and drink for a party. We were in the booze isle clearly getting drink for the party. Our arms were full of stuff like burgers, sausages, drink and other things of that nature.

There was a bench behind us with a group of about 15 delinquents sitting on it. They started shouting abuse at us making fun of the music we listen to and the clothes we were etc.

I knew one of them as he lives round the corner from me. I sat down and started talking to him, just general banter.
One of his friends at the end however was still shouting abuse and taunts at us. I just ignored him.

When I was finished talking to him, I got up and continued down the isle looking for other things we needed.

I noticed a ruckus back up the isle where the group had been sitting. The guy at the end who was shouting taunts at us had stood up and was now arguing with the kid I knew.

Apparently the kid I knew had told the other guy to shut up and stop shouting at me.
I noticed the big guy was now pushing around the kid that lives on my street. A group formed around the two of them in anticipation of an immanent fight.
I walked back up to see what was happening, the bigger guy was pushing and throwing him around. He was clearly in no shape to fight this guy.

I stepped in and pushed the bigger guy back and told him to back off.
He then came at me and tried to hit me. I had anticipated this and decided to put my MMA training into practice.
I wont go into detail but I won the fight..... quite brutally.
I then woke up.

10th July 2012, 10:29 PM
Last night I had another 3 dreams although I can only remember 2 of them.

The first dream, I dreamt that I was somebody else. I was a girl, living with her brother in the middle of nowhere in a big wooden house. There was a sort of lake/pond beside the house, although I never saw the outside of the house in first person, I saw it from afar in 3rd person.

Inside the house was like a labyrinth, with winding corridors and random door placements and stairs in random places leading to other floors, sometimes missing the next floor above or below.

I remember my brother going insane and chasing me with an axe, or a massive knife. I remember the sense of panic and trying to keep my head straight and trying to hide from him in places he was sure to over look in the maze of a house.
The last thing about this dream that I remember is escaping from the house and running across the field of grass beside the pond, still with an utter sense of fear and panic.
I came across a dirt path which led out onto a main road. There was one car on the road heading towards me. I remember the car was a navy blue or black. I flagged it down.
The car stopped and a woman with shoulder length black hair stepped out of the car and asked me what was wrong.
I told her what was happening and she let me into her car.

A lot of this dream was in the 3rd person and it wasn't me that was in the dream.

10th July 2012, 10:29 PM
The second dream I was at my friends house, I remember standing on the front doorstep of his house (although its not really his house in waking life). His front door was ajar and I could see he was putting on his shoes. He is a pretty big, heavy guy and he was saying he was going to chase me and do something to me. I laughed to myself because he could never catch me in real life or even keep up with me.

He burst out of the door and I started to jog away from him, teasing him.
He started catching up so I sped up a little. He kept catching up, so I started to sprint. I could not get away from him no matter how fast I ran.
I could not even run fast enough to tire my legs. So I decided to just manoeuvre away from him until he got tired as he is a big guy. Low and behold he just kept on chasing me.

10th July 2012, 10:30 PM
Had another dream a few nights ago.

This one was shorter than the other but just as vivid.

I was in someones back garden at night with one of my friends and a guy that closely resembled my friends aunties boyfriend. I wasnt sure if it was him. He was in a clearing in the grass which he had dug and was trying to light a barbeque although it was wet. He gave a a sort of disgusted look and walked away. I then turned to face my friend who was on my right hand side. I then noticed that the sky was blueish black and there was a sort of maelstrom in the sky.
It seemed to be darkish navy blue with bright colours lacing through it. Like a vortex in the sky. I think I remember getting pulled into it but i cant remember

10th July 2012, 10:31 PM
Last nights dream was pretty wierd. For some reason, me and my friends had organised a trip to a "famous" swimming pool with almost every other friend that we knew.

The pool was massive, with 2 sets of diving boards. One of them was for tricks and generaly messing around on, and the other had many different levels and heights that was over 50 foot high. I left all my stuff at the bottom with my friend kimberly.

I remember racing my friends Ed and Jamie up to the top of the 50 foot one boasting that we were going to do it first. It was like a labrinth on the way to the top, stairs led of in different directions for other diving boards and so on. We eventually made it to the top diving board and realised that it was rediculously high with the landing pool at the bottomw being rediculously small. Like 2 meters wide (it looked like a hot tub) with the rest of the pool round about it being only 3 foot deep. We backed out of that plan and went to show off on the trick board instead. Again the landing pool was way too small but it was just big enough. I went to try it out by just simply jumping on it and landing in the water. But turns out the board was integrated into a slide and i just slid all the way down to the bottom and aqua plane'd across the water. I then remember watching an asian looking girl that was with us jump off a 30 foot board into the tiny 2 meter pool and her laughing about it when she got out.

10th July 2012, 10:31 PM
Another dream I had last night. This one was pretty boring

I woke up in my room on the floor, with plates with half eaten pizzas on them. My friends Austin and James must have crashed the night befor becuase they were both asleep in my bed. I remember it being almost unbearably warm in the room.

They both woke up and we started talking. James got dressed and Austin stayed in my bed. I realised that I had a radiator behind my bed (which isnt there in waking life) and it was up as hot as it would go. I turned it down and the room instantly became cool again

10th July 2012, 10:32 PM
Ok, so... last nights dream freaked me out quite alot as its the only dream I can remember actually dying in.

I dreamt that I was in the marines with my friend who has just went away about 4 weeks ago. We were in caves behind a waterfall, doing our training. We got the call to head to the base. We all jumped into the water which was about shin deep.
We walked around a giant rock to see a big bunker type structure in front of us. We were told that there was a terrorist inside who had kidnapped all the personnel and was randomly throwing grenades everywhere.
I was the only one that was sent in to stop him.

I spent ages trying to catch him but he kept throwing grenades at me.

I then spotted him running down some stairs so I quickly jumped in an elevator to catch up. Just as the doors were closing, he appeared and started laughing whilst messing with the controls outside.

I thought he was trying to make the elevator fall, but all the way down do the ground the elevator stayed at a normal pace. I kept trying to stop it but the buttons didnt do anything. eventually it came to the ground floor but it sank through the floor itself and I was crushed by the roof. I then woke up.

10th July 2012, 10:32 PM
The other night I had this dream and it completely freaked me out

I was sitting in what appeared to be somebodys living room and I was sitting on a sofa with a coffee table in front of me with friends/family sitting beside me and on other sofas around the room. I rememeber seeing the colour green.
There was a window to my right and it was open. It seemed to be a sunny day outside.
A massive white and yellow butterfly came in the window, everyone was scared of it.
I held out my hand and it landed perfectly on my palm.
It had 2 sets of massive wings which were easily as big as both my hands placed side by side. One set was just like a normal butterfly, the other set came out of its back and made it look like a big rose. The wings were pure white with a yellow trim around the edge. Its body also extended into a long 6 inch tail. As it sat on my hand, I showed it to everyone in the room. Its tail then wrapped around my middle finger on my right hand and it would not let go. I tried waving my hand to get it off but i wouldnt budge. I laughed about it for a while and went back to inspecting it. After about 5 minutes I noticed that my finger was going numb and that it was working its way up my arm to my elbow. My tongue and my lips then started to go numb aswell. I realised that the butterfly was injecting me with something so i smashed it off the edge of the coffee table until it was pretty much non existant except for its tail. I started to peel its tail off of my finger and i realised that it had attached with thousands of barbs into my skin and the very tip of the tail had latched onto the end of my finger with a big sucker and had been eating my finger from the inside. I then woke up

10th July 2012, 10:33 PM
Last night I had some pretty vivid dreams.

The first one I kept visiting a supermarket with a friend to get supplies and what not. I cant remember if the dreams were linked but I then remember sitting on the street with a few friends eating cakes or sandwiches or both.
About 3-4 cars pulled up all nearly full of people that I knew. I got in one of the cars, a big 4x4.
My dad was driving.
Suddenly the car started shaking and rumbling. I noticed that it started developing wings.
We were now flying in this car/plane.
We were flying over my old primary school when I noticed it had a giant runway built into the playing field. I noticed I wasnt wearing a seat belt and was bouncing around in my chair.
I fix my belt just as my dad had swung the plane around and started heading to land on the runway except he completely overshot it and was heading for the last few feet of the runway.
I was shouting at him to pull up as we touched down but had not lost any speed and were heading for a bunch of trees and kids at the end of the runway.
He did so at the last second but he pulled to the right aswell. I was screaming at him the we were going to stall which we did. luckily we were only about 50 to 100 feet from the ground but the plane (it wasnt a car anymore) had completely smashed apart. We started walking towards my old school laughing and joking.

10th July 2012, 10:38 PM
Sorry that a lot of these dreams start with "last night..."
all of these were taken from my old journal and are about 2-3 years old

10th July 2012, 10:45 PM
Sorry that a lot of these dreams start with "last night..."
all of these were taken from my old journal and are about 2-3 years old Why don't you put dates on them to make them more chronological? Unless you didn't record that in the first place.

10th July 2012, 10:53 PM
Meh, the "when" isn't really important to me at the moment. The apology was more for anyone reading so it doesn't seem like I have had 20 vivid dreams in one night.
I dare say I will get all OCD about it sometime and have to date and re-arrange everything but for now, it is late and I have much dreaming to do!

10th August 2012, 09:42 AM
Yesterday, I woke up to my alarm going off at half 6. I hit the snooze button as standard and fell straight into a dream. I can't remember the start but I remember walking up to the front door of my brothers house with my brother and his wife. When we entered the house, the place was completely trashed. I had a weird feeling that there was someone still in the house from what looked to be an obvious burglary. I went to investigate upstairs where I checked all the rooms. I came to my brothers bedroom and I could hear someone snoring. Sure enough their was someone in their bed. I instantly took this person to be the intruder so I pounced on them and started punching at where their head should have been. The person started to try and get up so I quickly grabbed them and put them in what is called a rear naked choke and started screaming for my brother to come upstairs and help. He just told me to shut up until I started swearing and shouting louder. He came up to see what the fuss was and started shouting at me along the lines of "what the f*** are you doing?! Let her go". So... I let HER go and it turned out to be one of my brothers wife's friends (even though the person I my dream was completely fabricated by my imagination) and the mess downstairs was the result of a party they had last night...
I then remember this person at the bathroom mirror sorting her hair after my assault. I apologized what seemed like a thousand times but she just laughed as she was apparently unscathed...

Everything in this dream was black and white in colour.

10th August 2012, 10:08 AM
Last night's dream started creepy.

It was night and I was in a dark wood. I walked into a clearing and was faced with a big, single floored building. I walked up onto the porch and walked inside. Everything was dark but it was colourful if that makes any sense. I immediately somehow knew that the entire building was a game to which I had to fulfill certain objectives to proceed to the next room where I would face yet more challenges.
This first room was creepy as hell, there was 3 clown statues/giant dolls and I felt that they were alive and watching me. One was standing in the right corner nearest the door I came through, one was in the left corner of the room nearest the door I came in and another was in the far right corner behind a wall of chains that was in a half circle so the corner was blocked off. There were black double doors in the center's the left hand wall.

It was completely quiet and It was hard to see so I was straining for sight and sound. The doll/clown on the right had a bunch of knives driven into the podium that it was standing on. I didn't know what to do with them so I turned to the one on the left. It had a big bucket on its right in the shape of a clowns head with a wide open mouth and there was a pyramid of tennis balls on a little round table in front of it. So I guessed I had to throw the balls into the bucket. I knew if I missed with any then the clowns would get me.
I got most of them in and when I was holding the last ball i heard the chains rattle slightly from the corner. Obviously I got a huge fright and whipped round. The clown in the chain cage was gone. So I was frantically looking around to see where it was. Then the clown with the knives burst out laughing and the lights came on. Then the clown with the bucket started laughing and took off what I now saw was just a costume. The clown behind the chains had flicked on the light which was beside the double doors.
It was 3 girls/women around the same age as me (early 20s) and they fireball wearing realistic masks and costumes.
They were poking fun at me for being so scared. They opened the double doors and inside was a bouncy castle and a massive play room with crash mats and ball pits. I then spent hours jumping around and joking with these 3 girls.

The room inside was brightly lit and very colourful. So I went from fearing for my life in the dark with 3 scary as hell clowns to playing care free with 3 girls in a fun house


14th August 2012, 07:55 AM
Had two dreams last night.

The first one I was at my friends house for a party. Not the balloons and cake kind of party. More like booze and loud music kind of party.
Anyway, his house was massive, his bedroom was gigantic and it had a bouncy castle in the middle of a swimming pool and inside was an inflatable pool table with inflatable balls. I remember there being a lot of people there, all good friends and close family. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and everybody was having a good time. I started getting drunk and started attention seeking. I remember shouting that we should allege skinny dipping in the pool. Then I realised I was the only one so I did it anyway. People thought it was funny either way.
I then remember front flipping out of the second story window into some bushes. Again everyone thought it was funny.
I also remember the next day after the party and it kind of continued into my second dream.
I got on a red train with my friend. After we got on I started talking to a girl I only met last weekend in real life. Apparently I had told her about the party when I met her and she was now asking how it went. She had heard about me jumping out of the window and again thought it was funny.

14th August 2012, 08:03 AM
The second dream last night kind of followed on from the previous dream. I remember getting off the train but all I remember after that is being with a different friend outside a multistory car park. I also have a random memory of a doctor telling me to remove my hip flask before the wound closes...
So I look down and feel my hip and I can feel my hip flask under my skin. There is also an oozing scar just above it. I panic remembering the doctors words. So I squeeze the scar and it bursts open with a lot of yellow puss. It then opens fully to reveal a pocket that has been cut into my hip. It is full of a brownish yellow liquid. I put my hand in and retrieve my hip flask. There is no pain, just a little stinging. I try to hold the wound closed so I dont get the liquid everywhere.
I must have rolled over in my sleep as I awoke worrying that the liquid got on my bed. I could still feel a little nip where it had been but that disappeared quickly

30th August 2012, 08:15 AM
Last nights dream was weird.

I was walking down a street with a backpack on, in it was my old telescopic fishing rod.
I walked round a corner and bumped into my best friend. He had an old pink Motorola razr (the same one I had been using for months before I got a decent phone)
I started laughing and asking him what happened to his iphone. He explained that he dropped it and it broke and this was his replacement until it was fixed.
Then, another friend, the guitarist from my best friends band came round the corner with his girlfriend.
She came straight up to me and started talking as if we were old friends (even though I've only met her once and very briefly)

After we all said goodbye and went our separate ways, I headed to the harbour. The harbour I know is that of an small fishing village. This harbour was even smaller but I didn't realise until I was awake. The water was only about 5 foot deep and I could see the fish swimming about. I dropped my line in and straight away I was getting bites. I remember feeling the rod vibrating and shuddering as it should do. I could see a big fish attacking my line. I then realised that there was no hook on my line, just a big lead weight. For some reason I left it in KNOWING that I would catch something. Sure enough, a pretty big fish latched onto the line and wouldnt let go. When I reeled it in, a voice in my head (not my own) told me that it was a kind of salmon, even though it resembled an angler fish, big and ugly with massive teeth.

This is when the dream got a sort of sinister feel to it.

I remember an old woman appeared on the pier behind me. The sky was alot darker and more red as if dusk was suddenly upon us. She was wearing a dark robe with a hood drawn over her face. I can't remember what she was saying but there was also a younger boy there admiring my catch and although I can't remember what the woman was saying but I can kind of remember the FEELING of her warning the boy against me and trying to get him to go with her. If that makes any sense...
The woman in general had an evil/untrustworthy feel about her. I THINK she was telling me to put the fish back. I put it in a plastic bag and then into my backpack instead.

The pier in my town is about 50 meters long and is made out of concrete and serves as the first wave breaker for the harbour and has stairs that leads up to another level. In my dream this top tier of the pier stretched along to the beach, which is about a mile form the harbour so this is impossible. But there I found myself walking along the pier towards the beach and when looked up, I was no longer looking out over the sea. I was instead looking down onto a valley. There was a lot of lights as if I was looking at a city from up on a hill. I then noticed that there was a massive dark wall of cloud behind the lights(like an oncoming sandstorm but grey and black).
I took out my o
Phone and started to take pictures. It was then that I realised that it wasnt a city (this is gonna be hard to describe). It was like a giant moving gunge. Like a more viscous farting putty... except it had lights inside it... and it was raising up as if to take flight like a ufo.

After that all I remember is it being brighter as if it was daytime and i was in my neighbourhood except there was a bunch of new houses built. That evil feeling old woman had one of the new houses and was standing silently on the street. I remember feeling unsafe and untrustworthy of EVERYONE.

Then I woke up to my alarm.

4th September 2012, 08:05 AM
Last nights dream.

I was in a sort of jungle environment. There was a small community there and I had been brought in to investigate a number of disappearances. I assumed that the latest disappearance was my best bet for a decent start into how these people were going missing.
The last person that went missing was a young woman in her 20s. I had met with her family and they told me that their young son had gone out and taken it upon himself to find out what happened to his sister and that he had still not returned so he too was now missing.

I met with a local gang to see if I could get in tight with them as the community suspected them. I remember the leader of the gang had dark skin, long black hair and he wore a red bandana and he was wearing a black bandolier. I got to the point where the gangs leader almost started to trust me enough to let me into the gang.

I then got a phonecall from the missing girls missing brother. He was in a panic and was trying to explain that he witnessed the gang murdering and bothering his sister.
Just as he was telling me where to meet him, the gang leader snatched the phone out of my hand as he had become suspicious. Luckily the brother had hung up just in time. I went straight to the family of the missing girl to ask where he might want to meet. I then realised that I had members of the gang following me around everywhere I went.

This is where this dream takes a dramatic change of scenery...

I was walking up a flight of concrete steps amid a large group of people when the brother bumped square into me. I grabbed him by the arm and he suddenly realised who I was. We started running up the stairs as the gang members that was following us had realised that we had met and were now in pursuit.
At the top of the flight of steps opened up into a massive shopping mall.
We started trying to lose our pursuers by entering shops and trying to be unpredictable in our movements by doubling back on ourselves when we were just out of sight. But they knew our every move.
We were now at full sprint and the entire gang was chasing us. This went on for ages, running around the mall trying to lose them ducking into shops and doorways.
The mall was designed in a sort of spiral so you could walk from the bottom to the very top without elevators or escalators.
We started to mix it up a bit and started taking to the doors in the back of the shops and coming out in other shops. Then we tried taking fire exits.
On one occasion we came out into a carpark and hid behind a black car.
I thought they would assume that we would carry on running so we stopped and hid. Until they started slowly walking through the carpark looking for us. Our backs were to a wall and to the left was another wall so we were completely trapped.
There was about 5-6 gang members walking to the right. ALMOST going to miss us and we would then be behind them and ready to run again. But one of them decided to check behind the car. I quickly hit him in the jaw, knocked him down, grabbed him by the trachia and put a hand over his mouth. I wasn't tryjngbto kill him, just have him pass out so we could sneak away quietly. Just as a woman came out a door to our left and screamed as she witnessed me trying to choke a half unconscious man.
So we got up and ran towards her open door.
We started taking fire exits this time and finally lost them for a brief moment and came across something new that I have apparently invented last night in this dream. Although I daresay it wouldn't be all that effective or any use whatsoever
A fire lookout lift. It's a lift that fits one person. It goes down a level and hangs below so that the person inside can tell the people above if a fire has destroyed the stairs or any other escape route. Once a person is locked inside, they have their own air supply and it cannot be opened except by emergency services. So I put the bother in their and phoned the police informing them that a murder witness was inside. That's when my alarm woke me up

I noticed after I woke up that this wasn't your typical "chase dream" where your legs grow heavy and won't move or sink into the floor. I think this is the only chase dream I've had where I can (in search of a better phrase) haul ass!

13th September 2012, 10:11 AM
The last few nights dreams have been pretty intense and violent. I'll start with the first one I had 3 nights ago.

I was sitting in my friends house when I got a phonecall from some guy claiming i had been bad mouthing him behind his back and that he was on his way to beat me up. So I went outside into the park and sure enough this tall guy comes round the corner wearing a white track suit and stupid gold chains and rings.

He explained that my mates girlfriends sister had told him I was going to kick his ass. So I explained that obviously it wasn't true as I don't even know who he is and that I've never seen or heard of him before and that she must be making it up.

Obviously this guy is a douche and didn't come to confront me without a fight whether said stuff about him or not.

So he comes at me shouting and swearing and i drop him with one punch and proceed to make sure he won't get up and come at me again. But no matter how knocked out this guy looks after 20 hits square in the face, he just keeps getting up and coming at me, and everytime I drop him and hit him a few times.

Eventually he wont stop so I get frustrated and decide to really put it on him. I knock him down again and proceed to ground and pound until I'm sure he's properly unconscious. I then drag to a hill beside my towns train station and dig a shallow trench and proceed to lay him in it and then place a length of mesh over him so that he can't get up to come at me again.

When I get to the bottom of the hill one of his friends is trying to find him. He kept shouting at me to tell him what i did with his friend. So I tell him.

I start to walk away when the friend says he has just phoned his other mates and they are on their way.

So i just think "f*** it I don't have time for this" and I just go home.

I'm then sitting on the couch getting texts from the gang of guys looking for me... except my phone has somehow intercepted the conversation between them. The texts were arguing about where I live and how they are going to get me. Now I feel horrible about what I did to the guy and start feeling crappy about the trouble I am in and how long it's going to take to die down.
My alarm then wakes me up and I realise it was just a dream and I then feel great for the rest of the day for some reason.

13th September 2012, 10:36 AM
Last nights dream again involved violence.

I was walking along with a group of friends, in the middle of the day, to the local night club that had also opened a giant cinema screen inside.
Their was about 8 of us including me. A female friendly mine then came across the street in tears. I ask her what was wrong and she explains that she hasn't slept in 3 days because her ex boyfriend keeps phoning her and making her feel guilty about "stuff."
So I invite her to the cinema with us.

We get into the front of the club and the bouncers cheer when I enter and start laughing about how drunk I was the night before. Obviously I have no memory of this.
All of my friends are outside when some random Pakistani man pushes me and starts shouting about how i got him thrown out of the club the night before. Some big African bouncer explains aloud to him that he got thrown out for being an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
The guy still won't leave me alone so he gets thrown out yet again. My friends laugh and proceed into the cinema screen while I am still buying snacks and juice with my friends baby that is in its push chair.

My arms are laden with sweets, popcorn and juice (as I bought some for my friend that was crying to cheer her up) and I am also pushing the babies chair so my arms are completely occupied.
The man's brother then comes in and starts pushing his head into mine saying he's going to kill me for disrespecting his family. My arms still occupied I just ignore him and try to get the attention of the security staff. Nobody helps me and he continues pushing me around with his forehead talking threats to.me.
After awhile I get frustrated and snap. I push the chair out of the way and throw all my food and juice into his face and follow that with a straight punch into his face. Little did I know his brother had snuck back in the door and I was knocked to the floor by his suckerpunch before a bouncer dragged him outside again. I was on my back with the other brother hitting me in the face. I managed to get hold of one of his arms and put him in an armbar submission and was planning on hurting his arm until security pulled him off. No help came and he continued to hit me so I torqued my hips up and his arm down and proceeded to keep pushing until his arm broke at the elbow.

I then got up and picked up my sweets and juice, which surprisingly hadn't spilt a drop.

I then noticed I had bought a weird sweet. It was a pink ball inside what looked like water. When I picked it out it was solid but when it touched my tongue it melted like candy floss.
My alarm then woke me up.