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2nd February 2011, 09:46 PM
Hi everyone. After lurking for a couple of years (yes, I know - a long time to lurk!) I finally decided to join. I'm a late-middle-aged man who first began meditating 40 years ago. After a couple of years I gradually moved away from that existence and then life happened and I got completely away from spirituality until just a couple of years ago. I have read quite a bit about OOB and extra-physical experiences and I own several books by Robert Bruce, Bruce Moen and Robert Monroe. I also have 20-30 Hemi Sync recordings converted to MP3 and also Neuro Programmer 2 on my computer. I've been trying to achieve an OOB experience but, so far without success, though I'm making progress. I'd just like to show my appreciation for this resource and thank everyone for sharing their questions (many of which mirror my own) and experiences.

3rd February 2011, 01:02 AM
Hi summersolstice,

Welcome here, glad you joined, i luv your name

Wish you every success with your OoBE's

X :) X

3rd February 2011, 03:05 AM
Welcome to the forums, summersolstice . I hope we can help if you have any questions.