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18th February 2011, 03:34 PM
I'm glad I can finally get on here, I've been trying since last septembr acualy, I kinda gave up thn tried agan receltl, I fnlly gt it wth Robert's help :)

so..about me? I never really know what I should say. so I guess I'll just state the relative things.

I was told about hall of learning by a woman I spoke with, she aually directed me to 4 different people and told me to go with the one I felt was the best. I was onl able to conntact two, one of them had alot of information but his answer to any question i had was "buy my product" so I got annoyed. the second was highly helpful. and that was robert, as I said I had login trouble.

so about me...well, I guess like alot of you I've used energy since I was small, though I didn't really know what I was doing. I once grounded myself so strong that 3 bullies tried to push me down and they didin't even make me have to lean, I also used this playing foot ball, holding back two 250lbs guys and I was only around 120 at the time.

When I turned 13, I'm 24 now, I saw my first spirit in the form of a red ball fly right in front of me. I thought it was only a roman candle, even though it spring and not 7/4, and brushed it off. as i saw them more frequently , in several colors red,blue,purple, yellow, black but mostly white. I googled them to find out they might be spirit balls.

rarely I have visions enter my mind when I'm awake and those events happen.

when I was in high school I joined a psychic fourm to ask questions, i didn't really get any strait answers though, I was practically chased off when I composed a test, which was a series of questions along with so online psychic abilities tests. the questons were along the lines of "when feeling or senses did you feel or use"

They all scored very low, they reported there own scores and one woman became furious with me for posting that on the fourms and sent me dozens of pms ordering me to leave and other foul language. come to find out that woman had mental issues according to the Admin, and the belief in her psychic abilites was all she really had

shortly after I joined a spirit chat room with one of the fourms membmers, i still had alot of questions that he commented where deep. unfourtunetl after less then a week and a half, he too was yelling at am. my questions in some ways where too much for them. things like you truly be pure light or must you retain a balenced amout of light and dark? that questins cause him and his partener to state two different answers to the class, he stated he was pure light she stated you mus have a balance ofthe two, and thus they began to argue furiously.

I mad just stated college at the time and told them since i was on the christmas holiday I'd not be able to start ther classes, which were 150 a lesson, tey really became angery with me, caling me a lier, saying i wanted it to fall into my lap, I was a lost causes. I left...

that pretty much killed my interest in such, the onl thing I ever saw apurpose in was heling, everythingesle, just seem like useful hobbies to me.

last year however, a event in my life caused me to dramatically look back into this feild. more so then ever. I learned tha such things effect my life as a whole, I lerned from a small radio healer tht my energy WAS my life, that if I changed my energy I changed my life. I lerned that charkas whre'd just about being flexable an healthy, but were used for manifesting desires ' i was given seven spiritual laws of succes " by my meditation teacher on meditationCenter.com

IMy teacher, the woman who brought me to hall of learning, is a genuine person who teaches how to use thi type o material for social interactions and the like, she also gave me book of personal magnetism, whch I'm studing as well. I'm real looking forwrd o learning all I can and fully developing my magnetic power.

PS my laptop doesn' want to work the keys right so some words of gaped together wrong -I fixed a couple, for easier reading-CF.

18th February 2011, 04:10 PM
Hi IronGega and welcome to the forums.
I hope you like it here.

18th February 2011, 07:43 PM
Hallo IronGega and welcome.
I look forward to reading your posts in the forums here.

Regards 8)

18th February 2011, 08:12 PM
thanks both of you.

I don'tknow if I'll have anything to share that wasn't already known, I acually hoping tha I now the last, then I'll havemor to learn

20th February 2011, 03:51 AM
Welcome, IronGega.

don'tknow if I'll have anything to share that wasn't already known, I acually hoping tha I now the least, then I'll havemor to learn

Learning happens in all kinds of ways and sometimes it's the interactions themselves that are instructive. In any case, it can be nice just to socialise with folk that share your interests. :D