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23rd June 2005, 06:06 PM
The concept of relationship cords is proving helpful for me in healing work. This concept does 'tie in' with the concept of energy streamers between people exchanging energy and also with Robert's discussions of attachments.

When we interact with someone energy is exchanged. The more we interact with someone the stronger the energy exchange usually becomes (hopefully in a positive way) to the point of it building from a small thread or nebulous streamer into a steady flowing thick energy cord. People deep into the relational cord concept believe that there are many types of cords: soul cords, cords from past life experiences, genetic cords (connection to birth parents), parental relationship cords, and cords for relationships with others.

The cords connect into our major chakras. Love relationships where a great deal of energy is exchanged on all levels tend to have cords connecting all the chakras. Business relationship cords tend to be at the solar plexus and mental centers (throat and/or brow) depending on the type of communications most done.

What is so fascinating about the cord concept is how cords can affect chakra health and vitality and energy flow. If you are interested in this concept please see the attached links.

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5th July 2005, 04:53 AM
Just as a personal experience, most of the metaphysical practices I have done have been based upon or around healing. I would like to state to other people that the 'connection' and 'exchange' of energy you get from people is very real and the experience and feeling itself are worth learning to heal others to experience. It allows you to experience things empathically as well as get an understanding of people, even if you do not konw them well. Also, by becoming aware of the exchanges in all people by what you say and do you will better understand yoruself and why some days you might see someone and dread talking while other days see them and be happy. It's worth trying to develop and I hope anyone intersted asks any questions and posts anything they notice or agree/disagree with.

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terra incognita
24th June 2006, 05:03 AM
These are some of the excerpts from my personal journal. They are observations about myself that I would like to share for general contemplation. I agree with both of you about connections. I believe that if we don't take these connections seriously, they will become a stumbling block toward our ability to relax as they add tension to our mental states.

Without the constraints of truth and honesty, the mind is subject to narcissistic chaos. Reality fluctuates within the mind when it is piqued by an outer observation that clashes with its inner perception. By a self-centered mind, a certain belief could be held until it is no longer needed in the moment and is discarded or ignored until it can prop up our self-image again. The phrase "propping up" indicates that our self-image was never stable to begin with.

This infidelity to our convictions only exposes us as spiritual jellyfish that assume the form and movement of the medium in which we may be presently floating. Those we may have seen, in our lives, who apply the same set of rules throughout all aspects of their life should be seen as living saints.

Instead of compartmentalizing our emotional, mental and spiritual lives, we should unite our diverse mental applications that have helped us survive from day to day. In uniting our personality characteristics we see how inconsistent it is to cuss around one person and pray around another.

When we show others around us that we refuse to talk about someone who is not in our presence, we are also telling those around us that we will not talk about them when they are not around. This could lend to a more peaceful and content state of mind.

As a result of this amalgamation, or fusion, we are sure to lose some friends, but those we keep will be true friends. If the outer ring of friends, in our lives, symbolize the inner ring of vices and virtues within us, who wouldn't eliminate the vices and equally strengthen the bond of virtues?

Every relationship is a microcosm of the whole. But if the predominant element of a relationship is based in a heavy or negative energy, I would submit that it should be let go in that each of us must improve ourselves individually. If there is some hope of compatability that does exist then this should be a mutual effort. But, many of us barely have the strength to lift ourselves, let alone an unwilling partner. A good analogy to this situation would be that of a swimmer thirty feet under the surface of a lake. In one hand he/she is holding on to a bag with a two hundred pound rock in it. There is no way even the strongest swimmer could lift that bag to the surface. He/she must let go to get a fresh breath of air at the surface.

As a result of refining our lives of these heavy vibrations, we may allow our minds a great reprieve from unnecessary emotional burdens. There is no doubt that these would be very real and painful amputations of the lower self. But how powerful is our desire for inner change and increased projection success?


I am fascinated by the effects of the endocrine/chakra connection. I have experienced these points at which the energy body and the physical body meet. The nervous system and its myriad connections to the astral body can be loosened through intense relaxation (coupled with an alert mind and developed energy body) creating an ideal condition for conscious projection. Working on the external relationships in life have a profound effect, in my opinion, on this process.

26th June 2006, 08:17 PM
What is so fascinating about the cord concept is how cords can affect chakra health and vitality and energy flow. If you are interested in this concept please see the attached links.

Presuming I am correct, the site of the second link Violetsky posted above has now changed domains, and the link to the article she meant is the following: