View Full Version : Each tan tien provides new experience of projection

Aunt Clair
3rd April 2006, 03:01 AM
This week in meditation my mates and I in Alchemy Circle were directed to project in a variety of manners from the body and observe the issue . I learned that there are many more ways to project from the body than I had ever read about . I feel that as we develop , we continue to expand our abilities and not just our understanding or awareness of them . The energy centre we project from issues a particular form of body and has a particular strength or purpose ie ;

White;God. cubic seal currently
Silver;Moon.project down inside spinal pillar
Lavender; Water.cosmic self .up above crown
Violet;Water.mage self . rear brow centre ;manifest.morph
Indigo;Water.Water self. slide out left side as a split elemental self .
Blue ;Water. male etherical self. vibe out front of body peeling off
Aqua ; Air .vocal self . falls out and down like waterfall . influence
Green ;Air. air self. from back of heart as Emerald Emperess
UV Chartreuse green; Air. mental self.slip out. project consciousness through crown
Yellow ;Fire.higher self.spiral out from heart or manifest vortex w/spheres
Amber ;Fire .lower self . spiral out from back
Orange ;Fire. fire self . slide out from right side as a split elemental self
Red ;Earth.earth self. down.Red Emperor
Rose ;Earth. female etherical self.back of body peeling off
Black ;Goddess .cubic seal currently
Gold ;Sun .project up inside spinal pillar
Golden; Mystic Heart between worlds ...New ..unsure of the nature this one .