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Royal Blue
16th March 2011, 09:15 PM
Hi all,

Greetings from Colorado! I have been somewhat a follower the spiritual awakening that has been going on, for the past 6-or-so years of my life, but finally my own desire (perhaps planted within me by my higher self?) to achieve my own spiritual awakening has taken hold of me and I am making it a high priority in my life to grow and mature spiritually.

I know a fair amount about many topics in the esoteric realm from what I have read over the years, yet regardless of that book knowledge, I am very inexperienced in this incarnation. As such, I have many questions. But a variation of the saying goes... the more you know, the more questions you have.

Before I ask anything, I'd first like to thank Robert Bruce for the work he has done, and continues to do. It's truly a great help to humanity. Right now I only have the free e-book, but soon I expect more hours at my job, and I am planning on buying a couple books to help support the cause.

I was wondering a bit about Robert's long term goal of a research institute. Completely understandable if these questions can't be answered yet; I don't know how things are in the development of that. But, could you explain the types of activities and focus this institute is planned to have? For lack of better term, is it going to be something akin to a "Jedi Academy"? And, apologies if this information has already been covered somewhere else.

I have started doing energy work, as well as attempting trance meditation based on the information in the AD ebook. I have found myself to be rather successful so far, but uncertain as to exactly how well I am doing for myself since I lack personal guidance. I was wondering if there is any experienced projectors on here who are also in Colorado whom might be willing to offer advice and/or to be a mentor?

And, regarding energy work, I am wondering about what certain sensations mean exactly: When doing energy work, if you feel nothing at all in that area, does that mean that area is presently inactive? And, when you do energy work and you get only a slight sensation there, does that mean that area is already developed or just normal/unblocked? And when you do energy work, and you get a medium to strong sensation, this means that you're clearing up the energy circuit in that area and energy is moving to fill a deficit?

And lastly, regarding trance meditation, does anyone have any advice on what to do to better create a feeling of vertigo? I'm having a lot of trouble developing my mental falling technique. I've tried many variations of both the techniques in the books and my own techniques, but I seem to be able to only get that falling sensation for a couple seconds at most before losing it. I've managed to get into a light trance I think, and when I managed to get my falling technique to take hold in my mind, I also experienced heavy energy sensations in my chest and eyes. My eyes would feel pressure and my hypnagogic imagery would start to turn bright white or so. This was very distracting. I also occasionally suffer from a racing heart when I start falling into the trance, also very distracting, but overcome-able when I focus on my breathing. Any suggestions on what I should do regarding my vision turning white and the pressure in my eyes?


16th March 2011, 10:55 PM
Hi John and welcome to the forums.
If you have ever been to the Monroe Institute, my understanding is that Robert would like to build something similar, which incorporates his techniques in energy work, OBE and psychic defense, and I'm sure other subjects related to consciousness.
Many of your questions can be better answered by the topics that are stickied in the forums- there are trance, energy body loosening techniques in the OBE R & D section, and tons of information about energy work written by some gifted members here- Oliver (Korpo) has a few articles about energy work that are priceless, IMO.

Please get comfortable and we will try to answer any questions you may have.

18th March 2011, 06:44 PM
Hallo Royal Blue and welcome
Its good to see another spiritual seeker joining this site.

Regards 8)