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10th April 2011, 09:55 PM
Hello Everyone, I hope I'm doing this right. I am easily confused with the architecture of forums. Anyway, I bought Roberts' book "Astral Dynamics" about ten years ago and while I found it fascinating, I guess I figured I would never have the discipline to actually accomplish it. Also, the size of the book was a bit intimidating. I never did get through the whole thing but I did skip around reading his personal experiences which again, I found fascinating.

Fast forward to February 27th of this year. After sixteen and a half great years I lost my best friend, a feline named Scratchy. She was an amazing cat and Boo (the other one) and I miss her very much. I suppose Scratchys leaving us served as the catalyst (pun intended) for my renewed interest in Astral Projection. I recently was searching for another book on the subject when I found "Mastering Astral Projection" by Bruce and Mercer. I've read all the way up to Week 1, and before I actually start I think I'm going to read it again. I want to make sure I'm doing everything spot on as it's described in this book. Also, I've started collecting used copies of the recommended reading in the back of the book and I'm immersing myself in that. I've finished "Far Journey's" by Robert Monroe and am currently reading "Leaving the Body" by D. Scott Rogo (which strangely I recall having read a copy I owned in the mid 90's but couldn't find it so ordered another).

I still need to pick up a countdown timer/clock but I have already selected the essential oil I'll be using... Tea Tree, one of my favorites! Also, I had thought about buying a biofeedback unit to help me learn how to reduce my heart rate. I would think it would help when it comes time to start the breathing exercises(?) If anyone could get back to me about this I'd appreciate it.

So anyway, I'm really ready to do this. All I have to do is find the time to read, read, read. I have a decent but stressful job. I deliver beer. Actually, I'm probably the only left-handed, Pisces, gay, beer delivery guy who also DJ's on the weekends at a Mexican restaurant in the world! I don't care much for the delivering beer part but I have a lot of fun during the warm months playing great music at the restaurant outside on the patio with great people. Music is my passion and I have much historical knowledge going back to about the 60's (I was born in '71).

Finally, I'm glad I found this site. Setting up my account was a bit frustrating (anyone know why I'm not permitted to use my Hotmail address?) I'd have an avatar up already except it will require me resizing it to fit the requirements. My facebook link is under my profile somewhere so you can find me there... actually, that's the best place to find me, though I do plan to check in here occasionally with progress reports and questions. If you send me a message I may not get it right away as this account is linked to an e-mail I don't check very often.

My gut feeling is I'm going to do this and it's not going to be as difficult as I thought. I hope to become proficient at it, to learn, to discover, to check up on Scratchy. Though I haven't met any of you yet, I feel as though we are Kindred Spirits. We are the ones who desire to know more about our true reality, this world and worlds beyond.

Take care and talk to you soon!

Spaceboy (or Jason, whichever you prefer)


11th April 2011, 01:05 AM
Hi Jason and welcome to the forums. A while ago some sort of weird forum glitch made all hotmail accounts banned, and I unbanned them recently- never was sure the reason for this. We have had many spam problems with certain email accounts- most notably aol, which gets banned and unbanned depending on what the spammers are using next. It's possible that you tried to register when hotmail was banned- I'll have to look into it to see if it's been banned again.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here, we have a couple of subforums dedicated to all things MAP-so I hope we can assist in anything you might need.
Welcome again.

11th April 2011, 08:16 AM
G'day, and welcome. :)

11th April 2011, 11:10 PM
Hallo Jason/Spaceboy and welcome.
Beginning the adventure of learning to go out of body is really not very hard. You have correctly taken the first steps, which are to read a lot of material And joining this site. The next step would be to keep reading about OBEs and try a few methods of inducing those experiences. Just keep trying different techniques until you feel comfortable with one method. Then try to stay with that method until it happens.

Good luck