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5th April 2006, 05:06 PM
my brow strobed occasionally and it is nothing unusuall any more but last time was different. normally i see the of light in my minds eye appearing and then fading out within a second or two. the light is white. last time the time the light was red-orange and faded away faster. it was like a flashlight of a camera that you watch with eyes closed. exactly at the same moment when the strobe started the was a pretty loud click sound that seemed to come from outside (no imagination) but it was too much of a coincidence that it was exactly the same moment. did anybody experience the same and what does it mean?

5th April 2006, 07:16 PM
When did this happen? This morning I was enjoying my hypnagogics (lately I see people having conversations, I overhear them but lose memory of what they were talking about, but this morning I got a flash and then I heard a door slam. It was very realistic, the sound a hinge makes as the door is being moved and slam!. It startled me awake and I heard it on the left ear. It almost left an echo in my ear. (like an imprint.)
Earlier in the morning I was having a non-lucid dream in which I was learning to levitate (!) and the way I was doing it was I was lifted by 7 or 8 men (one of them was my deceased father and my brother (who is living). I lay down on the ground and they put their hands under me and lifted me. Then I worked on my lower Tan Tien and when it was 'right' they would start removing their hands until I was hovering in the air. I did it once and then the second time I was working on it and it didn't work. The funny thing is that my brother doesn't believe in anything, the last person who would aid me in an endeavor like this is him. :lol:
BTW, after you see this answer, I'll delete it 'cause I realize this is not the forum for this. I guess I had to freeassociate the dream out before I forget again.

6th April 2006, 02:39 PM
it was on monday (Apr 03, 2006) at 11 pm in germany. i have gmt +1 so i dont know what time it was where you live.