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7th April 2006, 01:49 AM
Hello! :D

I've entered a phase in my energy work where it seems to be that energy body is letting me know where blockages are. This is somewhat of a nice surprise... I'm used to having to seek them out with methodical searching, or stumbling across them in the course of normal work.

This just goes along with my theory that my energy body has its own schedule and agenda and doesn't particularly care whether I'm on board or not. Heh!!

A week or so back I was sponging through my left foot and felt a cold "sliver" / tingle in the big toe, so I sponged through that toe. After each stroke of the sponge, the sliver would "pulse" in response, less after each stroke. A blockage, ya know ?

Last night before sleep I was working on a state where my overall awareness of my energy body was heightened... towards the energy/tingling state of being vs. the physical state of being. It's perhaps best to say that I was subtly raising the overall vibration of my energy body... just to improve overall awareness of it.

In response, I became aware of various other cold slivers / "Dead" / simply "Drawing awareness" spots. Once I felt a spot being highlighted, I would brush or sponge or wrap it. Once I would finish addressing the blockage, another spot would arise at a random different point in my body. It's as if my energy body were highlighting the blockages, one after another, letting me know where they were, so that I could treat them in a more instantaneous fashion than eventually finding them over the course of normal work. There was something very methodical and orderly how the "spotlight" go from spot to spot... much the way in energetically healing an animal, it will shift to accommodate your hands towards the problem spot. There was a very "Next! Next! Next!" feeling to it all.

Now this may have just been another form of awareness where I was just receiving knowledge about where the spots were, but I anthropomorphize the heck out of life and like to believe that my energy body was showing me the problems. :D

7th April 2006, 04:17 AM

Sounds like there is a long line of 'friends' waiting to visit with you, pet them all.

If you talk to them, that may tell you why they were injured.

7th April 2006, 09:16 AM
Interesting post as ever, Stargazer. Thanks.

8th April 2006, 12:20 AM
Your description of the energy body highlighting blockages is right on the money! I've also thought that the cold spots- or sometimes cold shocks- were my energy body's way of telling me that help was needed "here". At first I was a bit unsure if those cold spots had to do with a neg or a blockage, but this puts me a bit more at ease. I'm hoping these will subside as I continue with my energy work. If you find another method that helps to alleviate this, please post!

8th April 2006, 05:45 AM
It's possible that you're receiving this information about blockages from outside yourself, but as long as the info is accurate it doesn't really matter.