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7th April 2006, 09:22 PM
Hi there everyone :)
I've been dealing with energy for some time, and basically from the beginning I noticed that some parts of my energy body have serious blockades or weakened areas. So now, after some time of energy training, recovery or improvement of these areas seems minimal, at best :)

So, good people of AD forums, I have a favor to ask of You :D Do you know from your experiences any effective ways of cleansing energy blockades? Something that worked for You, or for Your friends :) I'll be grateful if you share them with me :)

My blessings to You :)

8th April 2006, 01:36 AM
Hi Jaco,
I've found that just continuing working on the blockages eventually will do the trick. If you have a blockage in one area, I would try to "jump" past it if you've worked on it for a while and nothing is happening. Then, continue on, and go back to the blockage on your next session. Sometimes, using visualization (imagination) to break up blockages helps.

I forot to ask, are you talking about secondary energy center blockages or chakras? If it's in the chakras, sometimes it takes some emotional/spiritual work. For instance, if your heart is blocked, you might want to find out what fear or anger you might be holding. Letting go of that can often unblock the chakra. Those are pretty big issues, so it might take more than just moving the energy. Your body/mind/spirit have to be together on this.

8th April 2006, 03:23 AM
This is for energy blocks that occur on or along energy channels (as per Chinese accupuncture meridians). This needs to be done by someone else not the person being with the block. The person doing the work needs the ability to find the energy channels. Random running of energy is NOT recommended. Place the tip of each index finger where the end of the energy channel exits the skin. Attempt to run energy through the channel by starting slowly and building up. A blast of energy can cause burns to either person so take your time. When a sufficient energy 'pressure' is built the blockage will be breeched. Do not increase the flow more. Usually this will dissolve the block, if so continue running the energy for another miunte or two then ramp down. Some blocks are stubborn and the energy will breech around rather than through the block. If this occurs, start ramping down right away. There should be a noticible energy flow when the breech occurs. The energy 'pressure' will drop immedidately if the block has been dissolved. In the case of complete failure, repeated attemps are not generally helpful without other supplementy work. In any case allow a day or so for recovery between sessions.

Advanced version (requiring a third person) blocked (all??) energy channels always have a third location where the energy exits the skin. After the first energy person places their fingers but before ramping up, have them gently pulse energy into the channel. This is required to identify the correct exit point as there many energy exits on the body. When (if) the third point is found that person should put the tip of their index finger on it and inject energy in synch with the first energy person.

8th April 2006, 05:42 AM
I agree with Painterhypnogirl in that blockages can and will eventually be cleared with enough work on them. If the blockages seem especially severe, I'm sure Spectral Dragon can help clear them out like he did for me awhile back. Quick, painless, effective.