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23rd June 2005, 09:33 PM
Today I had something interesting happen to me. I work night shift. Quite often I will find my sleep sacrifices as a result of daily activities, family functions etc...
I had worked the whole night, was part way through the afternoon. Lay down for a quick nap. I am to attend a family dinner tonight. I had only had about 1 hours sleep before it was time for my wife and son to wake me up.
During the day when I sleep I use ear plugs and a face mask extensively. I find when I sleep with ear plugs in, my ears almost shut down. Literally to the point where I have trouble hearing when I get up.
My Wife often lets my son in the room when its time to wake up(17 months) He'll touch my arm... climb up on the bed etc. I found myself aware of their presence... but my body was shut down!!! When my son first started touching me... I had split awareness between the dream state i was experiencing and the fact that my son was touching my arm. I didn't see them.. as much as felt them.
No sooner did my son started to touch me and my nervous system began waking up again. At first I hardly felt his touch.. and it started to grow. After about 10 seconds I regained motor ability... however my eyes and ears were still shut down. When I pulled my ear plugs out I could hardly hear.. when my mask came off I could hardly see....
It took a good 10 minutes before I felt.. 'seated' in my own body.. I woke up so fast that I didn't get a chance for the memory download to take place.. as a result my dream/OOB is very much ghosted over...
I was very cool because i think it does illustrate how our mind kinda goes somewhere else when we sleep!!!

24th June 2005, 05:10 PM
Very cool experience! I wonder what caused the sensory deprivation to last even after the causes (earplugs etc) were removed.

24th June 2005, 07:58 PM
Pretty cool! That sounds like the reverse of the sensation of watching the body fall asleep. I've found that using muscle twitching and keeping my eyes very still can bring on sleep paralysis which can then be turned into an OBE.

When paralysis sets in, it often feels like a wave of heaviness washing over my body along with the pre-OBE rushing sounds people describe on the way into an OBE.

However I've never been quite so aware as my body was waking up, I'll start observing that process as well!

Donald McGlinn
25th June 2005, 03:53 AM
Very interesting experience.

My sense says that you are shifting access to a higher level of consciousness.



26th June 2005, 10:22 AM
Well.. I do have some additional supporting evidence to indicate that I could be making improvements.

I find myself now refusing lustful forwards in my dreams instead of automatically participating in them