View Full Version : Healing symbol from Thoth and Raphael

29th May 2011, 02:12 PM
Tell me if you feel anything. It should be felt as warm high frequency energy...

https://1741243058714635374-a-180274477 ... edirects=0 (https://1741243058714635374-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/abracadabra422/home/healingsymbol_credit_to_g-d.jpg?attachauth=ANoY7crlGEiDOlHy2XeOTH-KOfYxdGzwsO_kq1vz2IE2EVhK2Ca_GmkegnWXaPMTyjczOSmiE PkyKW5s1QZbpaiQ_NPZhzQRgNfz5TKId6FndxcUrx4AntTkE9U IsR9XTsZZ10VVmvDXmCLTMEb1AiEjwt1F4eIisJgVmJftXxZb2 uYSfnVT1prHEjdcQBzueSckCAvqFMmsL89UBsKr2c_iCNeehRS bypctH-C9UvOWVvGuD5SnkWo%3D&attredirects=0)

This symbol was made in Photoshop with a cheap drawing pad so it doesn't look so good. I tried Gimp under Ubuntu with a digitizer tablet pc and it looked even worse. There are a lot of other symbols in my possession.

I think Raphael or Thoth said: Red to the north.