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11th April 2006, 08:42 PM
new here, was not sure where to put this post so apologies if I am wrong here.
I have been a big fan and avid reader of Robert Bruce (Astral Dynamics & Psychic Self Defense). Recently being able to succesfully turn spontaneous OBE's into postive experiences as well practicing turning them into memories I can retrieve.
I've had this sense that I may be one of those "odd humans" one that just was sensitive or understood there was a lot more to living life on this 3dimensional planet than most people comprehend.
I have had many many experiences which I am still trying to understand and put into perspective. This forum as well the books are incredibly helpful. Thank you.

Anyhow.... my question to this forum and I will try to put it in best words possible.

For 15 years I have had this problem where shortly after going to "sleep" - I sit straight up in bed, arms out and then start scratching myself like crazy. (usually my arms) Witnesses have told me that I am "not awake", although I will mumble strange things, but they are surprised that there are no marks on my body from the constant scratching I do. Also- this happens not only at home but while traveling or visiting friends.

My boyfriend of 3.5 years is perplexed and can not understand why I am not wide awake in this odd position and why there are no marks from the harsh scratching I do. I have woken up only a handful of times over the years while doing this- so no memory of why I do this seems to surface.

I have also been told that I sit up like the above with arms straight out and start doing things with my hands; such as clapping or other odd hand signals.

Believe me, this is not stuff that my partners have ever seen before.... nor is it anything I can figure out. When my daughter was young and crawled into bed with me, she told me too that I did the same "antics" with the sitting up and arm thing. She simply thought I was a goofy mom and did strange clapping while sleeping.

Since I am not "awake" during these, I am wondering what in the world does it mean? A Neg? or OBE experience? After reading Psychic Defense and more reading on the forum I have tried the salt baths, still I am doing this odd behavior.

I do not see this posted on the forum anywhere, did not see it in Pshycic Defense book, however there was a posting about bumps that move around under skin. I do not have this.

Anyhow... anyone out there know or heard of this? Is it possible NEG? is it something else?

any ideas? suggestions???? wishing all the best-


11th April 2006, 09:16 PM
Well, except for the scratching (?) There are people who don't get completely paralyzed and when they dream they move their limbs- kind of like sleepwalking but only 'half way up.' However, the scratching thing I've never heard of. So take a salt bath and see if it goes away. If you're worried about medical implications, then see a doctor, although if you haven't hurt yourself and always have done this...
Also you may want to videotape yourself sleeping- seeing it may bring a memory back of what you were dreaming when it happens.
Stranger things have happened.

The Venus Volta
11th April 2006, 09:43 PM
do you have any type of neurological condition? when the nerves are irritated or stimulated in certain ways, from certain stimuli (even toxics in our food) some people react by releasing histamine into their system, which can manifest as itching skin. just a thought. some people react the same way when endorphins are released into their system.

also, sometimes when someone is trying to contact me telepathically and i am concentrated on something else or otherwise distracted or not paying attention, i start to itch like crazy. it drives me nuts. i think it sends my nervous system into a tailspin. but this is only with "senders" who are extremely strong-willed in everyday life, but are very dear to me.

try the salt baths and tell us how you do! good luck. :)

11th April 2006, 11:04 PM
Robert does mention something similar regarding people sitting up in bed, still asleep but with eyes open. I think its in the section about children which is pasted in the following thread:


I think what I would do is to use the various mild countermeasures for the bedroom even if it isn't a neg and see what happens over the space of a few weeks. Check the thread "Entity at Bed" for some ideas.

30th May 2006, 03:50 AM
Wow, the first thing I would try would definantly be hypnosis. I just have a undergrad in psych but it sounds more like repressed trama to me than neg related. Your answer would appear under hypnosis. Good luck.