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14th June 2011, 02:36 PM
Welcome to the Healing Reiki Ripple.
What is it you say?
It is an intent to help and heal each other and those we know need, especially ourselves.
It is quite simple really. Use whatever healing means you have.
Reiki, Light, everything good.

Picture a lovely pond.
Big soft willow trees with delicate leaves along their long slim limbs,
a soft wind blows sweet and warm...
the sun always shines there and tis always warm and safe.

Now close your eyes and put yourself right there on the bank.
Now mind you're barefoot.
Then depending on what your intent is,
toss a pebble of Reiki or Light or any healing energy into the pond,
thus making a lovely ripple upon it's mirror like surface.

The ripples never really end
because one by one someone comes to ground and send or they come in need.
Those in need, read and picture,
then barefoot, if you please, step into the pond's edge
and sip deeply as much as you want and need to help you.
Swim in it if need be. Our pets are also so welcome.

Shall we continue the Reiki/Healing Ripple this year all year, 24/7,
Let the Light Workers continue 2011's decade with hope, healing, light and love.
Blessings and hope to one and all who come to this lovey pond of "Serenity".

She was created 1/1/11 and has grown since her conception as all wonderful babies do.

I stood before it last night
and emptied my pockets of healing stones,
tossed each one in, then climbed in myself.
This is what it is meant to be...for us for others, for you now.
Share it with others, the pond is plenty big and the willows soft and safe.
Take as you need and add as you can,
it will never stop, dry up, or cease the lovely healing ripples as long as we remember and try our best.

Last night my neck hurt again, so I walked to the ripple pond and gently laid back.
I was so pleased to feel so many energies.
There is a nice path to and from now.
The pond seems longer, larger and I smiled.
There is a small grassy island in the center now too.

I decided to add some jewel toned soft pillows
and throw blankets for those who wish to settle into the quiet
and hear the wind in the willows and let their feet just dangle in the warm water.

Yup, feels much warmer and so lovely.
Let us keep giving and taking.
I wonder just how magical it will grow to be.

I've stayed to the Ripple thru the night.
I hung a canopy of golden amber
in the willow branches and a soft bed of pillows beneath.
The trees and the grass are now all Reiki and healing light too.

Come along and share, there is plenty of room.
Remember it heals all things....
physical, spiritual, emotional.

Perhaps we could all meet up tomorrow night, for the full moon,
at the Reiki Ripple Pond and help each other and ourselves find some balance
and healing as we pass thru this difficult energy shift.
Things need to change in order to begin things new.
What better safer place to come and find bliss and peace and healing than our Ripple?
I hope to see you there.
SO, take a walk to the Reiki Ripple.
Bring whatever you wish and take whatever you need
to find your own serenity and healing.


14th June 2011, 04:14 PM
That's lovely. Thank you.

14th June 2011, 05:11 PM
such a nice idea :grouphug:

14th June 2011, 06:08 PM
Me Likey.

15th June 2011, 12:11 PM
This is a powerful full moon.
A full lunar eclipse and such changes to come she manifests.

In the old days this moon would have been a time of dance
and song, drumming and trilling flute bones
for the native folks living back in time.

Man, woman, and child would dress and paint and build a huge fire.
There would be food and gifts and hope and prayers.
It would have been filled with all the hopes and faith
of the people to the Great Spirit
for a fruitful harvest and good hunting season.

Today people barely notice except
that their moods change and they are feeling a bit more hurried.

Perhaps we could try to emulate this old past time thing.

This is a casual invitation to join together
for this very powerful full moon {with lunar eclipse}
Those who wish can meet at the Reiki Pond tonight.
My celebration of hope and things to come
will begin at 4pm est.

I am planning a huge fire, there will be flutes and drums,
there will be food and drink. Pillows and chairs will round the fire.
Come join me to drum, to dance, to hope.

Close your eyes and just see it, feel it and have faith.
We can influence the world one ripple at a time.