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24th June 2005, 03:34 PM
In my now two months or so of regular daily efforts in Energy Work and attempted conscious OBE projection, I've had considerable progress in some areas and frustrating failure in others. But I've recently reached a new plateau and thought I'd share that experience with others.

In short, I've had immediate and rapidly progressing results with the NEW energy raising techinques, and the ability to locate, apply, and manipulate my "awareness" with great effect. The Full Body Energy Circuit, awareness bouncing (the spinal bounce technique has changed my life, I kid you not), discovering and stimulating chakras -- the "physical" body stuff, if you will -- has all developed for me easily, naturally, and quickly.

Not so with the "mental" stuff.

I've come to realize that my complete inability to properly clear the mind, halt the internal chatter, and to successfully acquire, hold, and maintain focus on the elusive empty space between it all has been my stumbling block so far, and that this is why my many tantatlizingly close experiences with ROPE have all ended in frustration.

A long rethink and a re-read led me to these small but not insiginificant points RB made in his first book concerning clearing the mind. He alludes at one point to the notion of feeling your head is "inside a cardboard box" at one stage of the trance state; he also mentions that the sounds of nature (birds, babbling brooks, all that) are of course meant to be heard, even while in a trance or meditative state, just not focused on.


I live in a city, on a street often busy with traffic. It was not until I had begun regular meditation, energy raising, and attempted projections that I realized just in fact how noisy it can be. All along now I've been battling these background noises, trying to block them out, shut them off, ignore them, or make them go away when they have interrupted my focus and attention. But this has only resulted in me tuning myself in more deeply to the awareness of noise, and the expectation of it, and it got to the point where these expectations of noise interruption (and my emotional response to it) became my overriding mental concern, thus defeating everything and pushing me backwards, not forwards.

But thank you, cardboard box. I finally realized that traffic and street noise are no different than birdsong and brook babble. Let it come, let it pass, let it live in its own "plane" outside of your personal cardboard box. Note, observe, allow, but do not attach to it or attempt to thwart it. Just let it go, however loud or rude or unpleasant it may be.

The notion of feeling my awareness as inside a virtual cardboard box around my head absolutely helped me with this. I also applied the technique of "mantra breathing" while inside this box -- repeating a short affirmation on each in and out breath -- so that my breathing and my affirmation would expand and fill the box, then dissolve it away with each full breath cycle.

I'm now able to fix and maintain focus on the breathing, the mantra, and (increasingly) the "empty space within" with much greater success, and I feel as if I've broken through to a new plateau. I'm aware of the noise, but it's outside my box and I'm not losing focus. I let the box dissolve away now and only bring it back on a new "in breath" if needed, should I feel myself drifting away to a noise or to my own relentless (but now receeding) internal chatter. I've even successfully turned on the radio at low levels, as an experiment, and held my focus with a talk-show going on in the background (a stupid but nonetheless interesting test of my progress).

So hang in there, all, forward progress comes not in linear fashion with observable incremental steps, but as unexpected plateaus suddenly achieved after determined and resolute plugging away at what's right in front of you. This has been so for me in other significant learning experiences over the years -- acquiring competence in a foreign language, building and refining a fundamentally sound and repeating golf swing -- and I'm not surprised that it applies here as well.

This progress to my new plateau is all excellent and good, but there's now one big and unanticipated problem.

While meditating "inside my box" the other morning, it suddenly dawned on me that I was the idiot Maxwell Smart insisting on "the cone of silence". It was more than just a passing notion -- I'm talking being briefly projected into the full-on, real-life, visual image of the exasperated doofus Edward Platt (The "Chief") pleading at me to stop from inside a plastic cone. I burst out laughing and completely lost my focus, but in a funny and enjoyable way.

(Those of us of a certain age or with access to a quality rerun channel will of course remember the famous "Get Smart" TV episodes I'm referring to here -- sorry for those of you who might not get the reference).

The image was so vivid and real, though, that now I'm plagued with a powerful and recurring image of a hapless Edward Platt every time I set about to do my mind clearing exercises. I've conquered the traffic noise, but now I've got this to deal with.

I'm sure I'll find a way to deal with it, but in the meantime, feel free to contact me via shoe-phone if you have any good suggestions on how to get rid of him.

24th June 2005, 06:05 PM
I don't understand the reference - I've only seen Get Smart a couple of times. But thanks for sharing your technique! Mind-clearing is also my main obstacle right now, and it's my major goal. I've found that I have no problems getting to that state at all, but *staying* there is another story. I can generally deal with the outside noises - it's my own mind that says, "Hey, do you have all the ingredients for the curry you're going to make tonight? And don't you think that so-and-so was looking at you funny this morning? What about ..."

Blah blah blah. I look forward to the day when it's not so difficult to sustain. I'm glad you're having success with the cardboard box technique.

26th June 2005, 04:10 AM
I don't understand the reference - I've only seen Get Smart a couple of times.

"Get Smart" was a classic comedy from years ago. Maxwell Smart was a bumbling secret agent working for the spy agency "Control". The Chief was his boss, played by the nondescript character actor Edward Platt.

The Cone of Silence was a device used when discussing matters of utmost secrecy that Max would often insist on using, and The Chief would always resist. When seated at the conference table in The Chief's office, they would press a button to activate The Cone of Silence. A device would then descend from the ceiling holding clear plastic cones that would fit over each of their heads. They could then talk inside of the cones without being heard from the outside.

But since each person was inside his own cone, they also couldn't hear each other. They'd be shouting at each other from inside these cones, then have to temporarily remove the cones to communicate one sentence at a time, then bring the cones down again...repeat over and over. Stupid yet hilarious.

Max also had a secret phone concealed in his shoe. The heel would open to reveal the mouthpiece, and the sole would flip open, revealing this giant old-style rotary dialer. Max using his shoe-phone was another often-used gag in the show, also hilarious.