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12th April 2006, 02:02 PM

12th April 2006, 07:44 PM
Hi Gelal, and welcome!
There are so many different theories about chakras, where they are located, how to balance them, how to develop them, etc. that I don't think one answer is enough. I would suggest reading up on them, there is some good info if you just Google "chakras". There are a lot of books on the subject, also. I think that at some point, everyone has to figure out for themselves what works for them and what doesn't.

Here are my thoughts on your questions:
- The chakras come to what seems to be a resting postition (although I don't believe they ever really rest), until you stimulate them, either intentionally or unintentionally. That may be why it seems to you it went back to it's old level of activity.
- You get increased activity by continuing to stimulate them.
- It is never "necessary" to develop spiritually, but, that's why we are here, so, to me, it's the most important thing a person can do in their entire lifetime.

12th April 2006, 07:53 PM
I'll take a stab at some of the answers since no one else has yet. I'm by no means an expert but I'll throw my perspective into the bowl.

How can I get increased activity in my chakras permanently?

Perhaps at some point in your development your chakras will always be active, but for me and most people I think it takes focus, awareness and energy to keep a chakra active. If I want to keep my energy body active for any period of time I have to "bounce" energy around, or keep my focus to a certain degree on my body awareness. Perhaps training yourself to activate your chakras through an exercise that is keyed to something you do automatically like breathing. So as you breath you have yourself trained to assist yourself towards this goal.

Do you need spiritual development in order to get connected?

The more you work with energy the more aware you become of your spiritual nature. You'll feel love and purity with your energy work and you'll progress and change. So yes, I think positive emotions and spirituality play a huge roll in a persons development. I have never even contemplated a negative path in my development so I don't know if it even exists.

For me as soon as I started this journey the focus quickly changed from egocentric ideas like psychic development to much more selfless ideas such as becoming a better person and reducing the ego. After reflecting back on the journey so far it's hard for me not to mix one with the other. From personal experience it seems like spiritual development is a byproduct of energy work, but again I can be wrong since I still consider myself a beginner and student.

Aunt Clair
13th April 2006, 12:26 PM
Hi , First time posting.I've been working on my energy body (minor chakras as well as mayor chakras) for several month. My question is about when you get the feeling of a chakra opened this will remain open or it will close after a period of time.
Hi Gelal , chakras never fully close down . I suspect that all of your spinal chakras are open . Even unaware humans usually have the first layer lit of light through the 7 major spinal chakras .

For example , last week I worked through my energy body and I got the feeling of my sexual chakra opened , I felt sexual arousal, physical sensations and I felt something like a wheel at the base of my spine as well as at the genitals zone. Also my entire body was energized during that period.
The kanda is at the core of the perineal area . Kundalini rising will stimulate this chakra . Robert Bruce writes about this calling it kundalini spikes . Strobing occurs also when the energy is building up in the storage centre there which is called the male tan tien . This centre is over the red and orange chakral areas . Robert Bruce also writes about a newly percieved chakra area at the genitalia . I see it clairvoyantly as a rose pink chakra below red . When you get this energy build up there you have a few options .
1.Use the energy as sexual chi . Find a loving partner and do what comes naturally .
2. Store the energy. Raise it to the heart using energy methods ie NEW energy works in the free tutorials on this site by Robert Bruce .
3. Use the energy as healing ching . Send it out your palms on a friend , a place on your body that needs it or a pet . Or practice with psi . Or use it up in projection .
4. Purge the energy to balance if the sexual strobing gets distracting , annoying or overpowering your passion.
5. Use the energy as Shen . Practice Meditation and Clairvoyance .
6. Raise the energy up the spinal column with control to ignite the next flame of kundalini in your body . There are multiple flames of kundalini . Raise it in balance and all will go well each time .

I had no big problems to handle those sensations (nor mentally or phisically) .After a few hours the energetic movement started to decrease. At the third day the chakra came back to normal activity.Why did the chakra came back to older energetic activity ?
This is only natural use it or lose it . It is best this way . Some people complain of the stimulation there in the genitalia and find it makes them oversexed , irritable and distracted . So it is good that it is not permanently stimulated in just this chakra .

How can I get an increased activity in my chakras permanently?
First seek balance in all things and moderation
If you smoke give it up or at least cut back
Give up or reduce alchohol consumption
Reduce meat intake but this does ground you and has benefits too .
Drink lots of water
Practice meditation daily
Purge stale prana daily
Raise energy -NEW is an excellent method
Try Yoga , Swimming or Walking to stretch
Use your energy ie healing , meditation , projection , psi etc
the more you use the more you will be able to store and the faster you will develop .
Is it neccessary (at the same time) to develop self consciousness (spiritual development) in order to get connected to the world (raise the veil)?

Yes if you wish to connect with the spiritual world you must expand your consciousness and develop clairvoyance and projection of consciousness . Clairaudience is hugely helpful also . All can develop these skills . The human energy body is so gifted .
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13th April 2006, 08:01 PM
Good question. I don't know the answer to all of those questions but I can tell you what has happened in my case. I think each of us might use this energy in a different way naturally, but I think we're all capable of the same abilities with practice.

For me, I've usually got most of my information directly from visualization and usually it's not scrambled or hard to read. I'm a born again beginner and I'm just starting to experience this again. If I send lots of energy to my third eye and then look into my minds eye images will start to appear. I use focus to clear the slate, and create complete darkness in my third eye. Then I let all my thoughts fall away and I just let images appear without trying to influence what I see. When I was younger this use to provide me with clear information for a short period of time. I've been trying to get back to this point for a long time now.

When there is no information to receive, I would use this energy to heal my relationships with others and find forgiveness for my mistakes. I would visualize the person I wronged or want to communicate with and I would send them love or I would apologize for my behavior or feelings that they might not of even known about (on a conscious level). You would be very surprised how quickly a relationship with someone can change by doing this. If you truly feel sorry for your actions or genuinely want to express positive emotions to someone they will receive it on a subconscious level and you will notice a difference. In time this will become proof to you, since you will notice the changes. Often you don't even have to pick the person, they will come to you.

Not everyone gets their information visually like this though, some people get gut feelings or hear things etc. When I first started visualizing I was pretty bad at it though, and I remember when I could not visualize the color orange no matter how hard I tried. It probably took me 6 months to a year just to see this color. But, even before then I'd have strange visual experiences so I think everyone is capable of this with practice.

So I guess the answer from my experience or how I use my energy is to visualize, or to send it to someone else who needs it. You could use it to astral project or practice other abilities like Aunt Clair described above. Other people here will have better advice I'm sure, since I'm just getting to the point where these experiences are happening to me again.