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7th July 2011, 12:55 AM
Well here's the beginning of my journal for the mechanisms of my sub-conscious... i have nothing great to start with, but i did have something today i'd care to enter into this journal which seemed like a semi-dream type thingy. I just wanted to get a start on this thing i guess to make a mental note for myself to record these type of things when they happen to help give me better recall on dreams or something i dunno... I'm really not sure if anyone really cares about what i will write here, but I guess this is more for me than anyone else anyways so yea hehe.

Well here's what happened. Around mid-day today i decided to make an OBE attempt, and i had some of the strongest sleep paralysis I've ever experienced which felt quite interesting. And somewhere in the middle of it all i had seen images that i would classify as a dream (or maybe not? It could have been an OBE cuz i dunno, i DID see my room, but for only like 5 seconds, and most of the contents were in their right places, except for i did not see myself sleeping on my bed. I didn't have any exit signs and i didn't recall exiting myself either). I was looking at my room from the opposite side of the room I was sleeping on, and I had a whole bunch of suitcases next to my bed because i had recently come back from a vacation except for one item that wasn't there when i went to bed.... i noticed a vacuum cleaner lying beside my bed that wasn't there earlier. And this vacuum cleaner actually had significance too, cuz when i went on vacation, it was with my best friend and his family, and i wanted to bring a vacuum cleaner along to blow up air mattresses i brought along for the trip, but we ended up not bringing it along because my friend's dad had a smaller electric air pump we used. I remember that i needed a vacuum cleaner at the end of the trip to clean out the tent, but i didn't bring it. the vacuum cleaner ended up being left at his house until I would see him again and bring it back to my house.

This was actually a LOT longer than i had intended it to be hehe. The dream itself wasn't even close to long, but i felt the need to explain the significance of the vacuum cleaner and why my sub-conscious decided to make the vacuum cleaner appear next to my bed.

7th July 2011, 02:49 AM
It sounds like you did have an OBE and experienced reality fluctuations. You can look these up in Robert's Treatise which is in the Home section of the site (left tab). To get there do this:
Home -> Out of Body Experiences (Section Widget on left of Homepage)-> OBE Articles-> Treatise on Astral Projection (Part I, Astral Vision) describes this.

Besides the mechanical answer (reality fluctuations) I would say that your subby wants you to clean something up- belief systems? Expectations? You be the judge.

7th July 2011, 06:04 AM
really? it really all felt like just a very short dream or like hypnagogic imagery or somethin. i didn't feel like i exited, and i couldn't really see or feel myself at all either, my physical or my astral self. if this was an OBE then it's not much of what i thought it was gonna be, it felt just like any other dream :P

7th July 2011, 09:13 AM
Technically, without exit sensations it's a lucid dream but they are definitely related phenomena. There are fabulous experiences and more mundane or poorly recalled experiences.

7th July 2011, 06:01 PM

Today i had quite a bit of variety to my dreams... i'm actually quite surprised at how many different things happened within them. btw, for those reading, i have something interesting in the last paragraph, so if you want, you don't have to read all of it if you don't want to, you can skip right to the last paragraph :P

First off, i had dreamt i was chatting with somebody on this forum here... but it was on the computer and this website had some sort of instant message type thing... but the weird part about it was that i could hear the person's voice (I think because it's very hard to read things while dreaming, so my sub-conscious created a way for me to understand the conversation, which i talk a little bit about in my last paragraph) and i think it was a girl. I'm not quite sure what we talked about at all cuz this one was really vague for me...

after i awoke from this dream i had attempted an OBE which i found the after affects to be quite strange.... i didn't find any success but something interesting happened... after i had woke up (after trying to for like 10 minutes cuz i felt the need to turn over again but couldn't lol), it was nearly impossible for me to stay awake, but the weird thing was.... i wasn't tired. I couldn't for the life of me stay awake, but the second i rest my head on the pillow again, i thought to myself "wow, i'm not even sleepy"

anyways, when i finally did get to sleep again, i had a dream with many many random things in it. In fact it was so odd, that i couldn't believe it wouldn't make me lucid from it; there were obvious clues that i was dreaming, but for some strange reason, it's hard to notice them when you're in the dreamstate :/. It started off with somewhat of a false awakening, but i don't really remember waking up from my bed, i just began walking into my kitchen as i see my dad finish eating cereal and putting his bowl into the sink. I notice he's using this little kid bowl with a straw on the side to suck out the milk with, so i ask him why and he responds "oh just cuz..." so then i go to eat my cereal and i understood why he was using that... that was the only kind of bowl in the cupboard, and there were like 6 of em all different colors (when we only have one in our house). yea i thought it was weird... but for some reason, not weird enough to realize i was dreaming. After this i blacked out for awhile and found my self playing some weird space tunnel racing game that was hard to describe but reminded me of this one level in super mario galaxy. i ended up falling through a hole and dying which somehow warped me to my backyard, where i was greeted by a dog with one eye i knew as Butters, while listening to my ipod. for some strange reason i assumed this dog to be the neighbor's dog that used to get lost sometimes (which was actually a completely different dog). After awhile this dog went to go lie down and sleep by my garage. after listenming to my ipod, i noticed strange new songs on it that i never had before. Then i see 2 baby deer (fawns? is that what they're called?) have a race with each other to see which one could wake up the sleeping dog first. Then I was going on a golf outing with the characters from one of my video games called Final Fantasy X and i got to see what all of they're special weapons and stuff looked and felt like. I had a weird kind of connection with them as though each one of them were my close friends.... before we left, i noticed i had 3 putters in my golf bag, and one of em was like a really peachy color, and it was all bent and misshapen. after this i woke up in disbelief that all this craziness wasn't enough to convince myself that i was dreaming.

I went back to sleep and realized something that i've wondered once before... i had a really really short dream that i was reading a book. but it was really strange trying to read it because all of the text was mixed around. i could read each word fine and everything, but the words didn't make any literal sense at all.. It would say something like "Dave was Dave and was shouldn't can happen in ever day once ahead" or something really weird like that... has any one else gotten this result when trying to read while dreaming?

Also, do you suppose all this was a bit too long?

Neil Templar
7th July 2011, 11:28 PM
Also, do you suppose all this was a bit too long?

What do you mean by this? Too long for what?

8th July 2011, 03:41 AM
i meant like too long of an explanation of it all, but i guess it wasn't :P

Neil Templar
8th July 2011, 12:42 PM
ahh, no don't worry about that. 8)
it's great that you have such detailed recall. some people do get put off from reading massive long posts, but i think if you break them up into paragraphs (as you have done) then it's easy enough to read...

9th July 2011, 01:53 AM

I can't recall exactly when this dream happened, whether it was through the night, or after i had woken up once, but I had 2 dreams; one of em a bit strange, one of em that could have been like real life.

The one that seemed realistic that could've happened in real life was just me in my room playing Final Fantasy X (I keep having FFX related dreams... although i haven't played that game in a couple of weeks :/) and my dad who has also played and beaten the game was watching me play it. When i was powering up my characters on the sphere grid (that is if anyone here knows how the leveling system of that game works? probly not hehe) I was trying to make the decision of which character i should have learn this one ability. while decided i said "hmmm should i have her learn this, or have this guy learn that..." somewhat to myself but out loud, and my dad goes "What, you don't know what Zombie Attack does?" which i found odd, cuz i already had another character learn the move Zombie Attack, and i was showing my sister what it does one day, and i had overheard my dad say this EXACT THING in real life a few weeks back. (for those of you curious, although probably not, Zombie Attack is a move that allows a character to attack with the effect of Zombie, when an enemy has Zombie, he is able to be hurt by healing effects)

My second dream happened to be based off of the video game Zelda: Ocarina of Time which is a game I've been playing a lot lately in efforts of speedrunning it. My most favorite level in the whole game is the water level where you're able to wear special boots that let you sink in the water and run around and stuff on the bottom the water level. I dreamt I was Link in the water level but it wasn't the water level in the game, it had a different design to it than the actual game my sub-conscious created. What was weird about it tho is there were odd rooms that had people in it i could talk to, and it all seemed like a huuuge cube filled with water that went like 50 feet deep and the length and width were about the size of a football field.

Anyone find it strange i keep having video game related dreams? hehe

9th July 2011, 11:42 AM
Not at all. Your dreams will reflect anything from your life and a virtual reality world is a kind of dreamscape anyway. If you do reality checks, make sure you do them during gaming too.

Neil Templar
9th July 2011, 01:56 PM
Also, Kurt Leland has mentioned that often simulations can appear like being inside a video game.8)

9th July 2011, 05:38 PM

Finally, I've had my first ever super vivid lucid dream! The reason I'm so excited about it is because it was actually REALLY hard to convince myself that i was dreaming. The dream seemed a bit sketchy, and only a little bit unusual, but i would think that it COULD have happened in real life, which made it difficult (and surprising!) to become lucid. This actually happened in the early morning after i had attempted to OBE, which I'm not sure if I'm getting successful with or not :/. It's almost as if i can feel my physical and astral self at the same time, but maybe it's just my imagination just "thinking" i've projected, but I'm not sure...

This dream is unusual from the start. It begins with me and my sister (I'm 17, she's one year older than me) driving my Dad's truck (a red pickup) to... someplace... I'm not quite sure where we were headed... but i figured, hey, I've got some cash on me, so i convinced her to go to McDonald's for some food. I found this strange upon awakening (or actually upon lucidity IIRC) because i almost never hang out with my sister, and my Dad's truck is pretty close to off limits for me and my sister. This one dude ahead of us in the drive-thru was taking forever to move up, and when he finally did, my sister wasn't really paying attention. When i told her to move up, she started to drift to the right, towards the building. When i realized she was about to hit something i kept yelling "stop! stop!" until she rammed into the ordering speaker at like 5 MPH. I looked at her face, her reaction, her position, so i yelled at her "What the hell! Are you high?!" cuz my sister has experimented with weed before which led me to believe she was high. I came to the conclusion she was, so I made her get out and I would drive. I'm not entirely sure how, but while we were getting out, we had some kind of like 20-30 second conversation and when we went back to the truck we found it missing. I thought "Holy S***! Dad's turck is gone! He's gonna kill us!!" we looked aaaalll over the parking lot, the drive-thru, and to my surprise i found a LOOOT of red pickup trucks (more than there usually would be), like 70% on the vehicles there were red pickups, but none of them were my Dad's (i knew the license plate number). We went over what happend with the nearest cop, and he gave us some special badge thing and told us we could arrest the guy who stole the truck if we could find him, along with him and the rest of the cops looking for the theif.

I think i blacked out for a while, and found myself at home waking up in my bed during the night. I'm not sure if this is what caused the lucidity or not, cuz it didn't really feel like a false awakening, but now that i think of it, it kinda was. I did remember going to bed at night after the whole truck incident. So when i woke up, i felt the need to go check outside to see if my Dad's truck was there, and to my surprise, it was. This was my trigger to become lucid, cuz i started thinking back, I'm like "wow, ok, would someone REALLY be able to hotwire a car in a matter of seconds and steal it right in front of their owners without them being able to notice? And the car was stolen what seemed to be about 5 hours ago. How would it have been recovered this fast? Maybe I'm dreaming?" I was JUST about ready to start doing some fun stuff after i figured i was dreaming, but then i thought about the consequences. What if I'm not dreaming? Am i really going to believe I'm dreaming based off of those factors? I figured it WAS possible for these events to take place, but highly unlikely. I decided to try some reality checks just to be sure. To my surprise, almost NONE of the reality checks worked at all! I looked at my hands and payed close attention to all of the details and nothing seemed different or weird about them at all. I tried to pull on my fingers to see if they would stretch but they didn't. I then tried to see if i could stretch my arm out to grab my balcony (which is easily out of my reach), but could'nt do that either. I really did believe i was dreaming but i couldn't be 100% sure. For some really strange reason, i began hearing really faint music that turned out to be Journey's "Don't Stop Believin", and thought maybe I'd be able to see if i was dreaming by singing along, and the quality of my voice would be a reality check in itself. sure enough, it was! It was almost as if i had no voice. No matter how loud i would shout, i couldn't produce a sound much louder than a whisper. This was the last straw, I MUST be dreaming now. But right before i could do anything fun, i woke up, but i woke up in SP. I tried to go back in, but i couldn't.

I typically don't have any dreams through the night, i only get them in the morning after i have woken up once in the early morning (around 7-8AM). I've set my alarm twice just for this prupose, but the 2nd time i ended up waking up 5 minutes before it would go off anyways. I figured I've set myself an in-nate alarm clock to wake me up at around 7 or 8, so i don't have to set my alarm anymore, which i've grown to like and appreciate.

I remember for sure having a dream after this one, but i have no recollection on what it was about (disappointing :( ). One question tho... Why do you suppose none of the reality checks i tried worked for me??

10th July 2011, 04:40 AM
Congratulations! That didn't take long at all.

Why do you suppose none of the reality checks i tried worked for me??

Your guess would be best. Maybe, manipulating your own body (which, if you think about it is a form of shape-shifting) is a skill that comes with practice. Maybe it's not something you've done a lot of in your unconscious or semi-conscious dreams. Maybe you just didn't have enough conviction. Maybe your HS wants you to develop another way of accessing lucidity where you learn to trust your inner conviction without needing to do a reality check of that type.

That said, I do wish you the experiences of stretching your dream body in such ways or pushing etheric arms through mattresses or hard surfaces, just because it's a very interesting sensation.

10th July 2011, 06:47 AM
It all seemed so real tho... i mean i kept trying to do things that i knew couldn't happen in real life, and i couldn't find anything... i thought for sure the checking your hands thing would work, but was no good. And what's my HS? I'd much rather prefer reality checks than to have to trust myself that I'm in a dream.

Neil Templar
10th July 2011, 12:50 PM
Your HS is you Higher Self. What some might call your Soul, the part of you that knows everything, including your purpose/path, and the best way for you to be aligned with it.
For reality checks, if you're already lucid enough to be doing them in a dream, why not just try flying? Or even just floating, an inch off the ground... there's no mistaking that one, and flying is definitely some of the best fun anyone ever had! ;)

11th July 2011, 09:19 PM
Thx, I'll try to remember that for the next time I have a lucid dream (I hope it's soon, I haven't had another typical dream since, only 2 short vague ones)

as for yesterday, I did have a dream that I had fairy godparents like that of the show "Fairly Oddparents". It may seem lame, but yea, I kinda watch Nickelodeon a lot, and same with a lot of my friends my age (I'm 17 in case u guys were wondering). Recently they had a "Fairly Oddparents" movie that my friend made me watch cuz it seemed like it would be hilarious to see a human re-enactment of the cartoon show (not the humor within the show, hilarious to see what the characters would look and sound like). This is probably the most likely reason I had this dream. I can only remember riding on a motorized dirtbike away from a character of the show named Jorgen Bonstrangle, and I ended up crashing into this rich person's house my sister babysits for. Not sure why, but I was trying to get out by climbing up through where I crashed in from (which had steps that like ended in mid-air... it was weird and hard to explain :/) so while I was trying to climb up, the little kids my sister babysits for saw me. So I ran away from them, and the parents had come home, and saw me and wondered what i was up to... so I just... told them I came to so hi... and surprisingly they bought it! In real life that would've been an extermely awkward moment, but they dismissed as if it were plain as day! I ran away from the house in embarrassment, and waking up shortly after. The whole dream felt like it was 5 minutes long tho :/

Today's dream was a little strange, but it could have happened in real life (i think?). I was standing near a swimming pool with my mom and i noticed there were fish swimming around in it. After i notice this, i pressed a button on the floor that caused the pool to recede and drain out leaving the fish without water... and a duck that seemed to come out of nowhere (yet i didn't even give it a second thought or question why at the time) hopped the fence (there was a fence surrounding the pool) and came over to me and my mom. I was actually quite surprised the duck wasn't afraid to come near us, cuz normally ducks would run away from you if you approach them. I'm not sure why, but I put my arm out to pet it (I wouldn't have in real life, but for some reason i did in the dream) and it tried to bite me... then I tried a second time (are we supposed to be stupid while we're dreaming? lol!) to pet it, and it let me... then I pulled back cuz I expected it to try and bite me again, even though it didn't, then i woke up. The whole dream felt like it was only 1 minute long.

Is it worth recording really small dreams you have close to no recollection of that was only like a minute long?

11th July 2011, 11:22 PM
Is it worth recording really small dreams you have close to no recollection of that was only like a minute long? Yes, if only keywords. It's worth it.

12th July 2011, 07:59 PM
I found today's dream odd, cuz when i first woke up i couldn't remember what it was, but then upon an OBE attempt, i could remember what it was about.

I dreamt I was hanging with one of my old friends that moved away about a half a year ago (that I still keep in touch with), and I ended up going with him and his family to some random restaurant. I had no idea which one, but for some reason, it was someplace fancy like Olive Garden or Applebees, but it also had an arcade room :/? I was in the arcade room when i realized like 4 different pinball machines and I began playing on a Simpsons one I was familiar with to show off my skills to my friend. When I lost and got a high score, I turned and to my surprised there was a little 8 year old girl admiring my talent. She was really drawn to me for some reason, so I tried to get away from her and find my friend's table his family was eating at. I ended up finding my friend in the hall and telling me that they left without us. We went out the door, and it was like walking out the door of my former elementary school which was like 2blocks from my house. We decided to walk back to my house as I woke up during the trip home.

What are some of the best ways to induce a lucid dream? cuz i would really like to have another one since my lucid dream from a couple days ago :P.

12th July 2011, 09:25 PM

14th July 2011, 05:52 AM
Thanks CFT, That little counting method of "while lying down count out '1 i am dreaming, 2 i am dreaming'" I think really helped. I didn't have a lucid dream, but it definitely did something. After getting to about 30, I forgot i was counting and lost track of what number I was on... then every 10th number afterwards I'd have the same problem. I don't believe I ever got past 50 xD.

3 different (or rather 3 different parts of the same dream? I couldn't really tell) dreams happened last night.

First one I was like camping with my parents and I had trouble setting up (or taking down?) a tent, which reminded me of my tent troubles from when i went on a recent vacation with one of my friends (which was part of the reason for the vacuum one, my first post in this thread). I don't remember much more in this part except for me and my Dad reaching for a Mountain Dew in the cooler at the same time and there just so happened to be 2 left.

2nd part was about me and my Mom going shopping for clothes for me... and (I don't know why I remember something that didn't happen but) there was a store clerk that recognized us and tried to return some clothes we left behind last time we were there... and it was weird, cuz it was the exact same design on the shirts we had just picked out for me.

3rd part was me sitting on my computer and then my sister and her friend Tony walk in. Their like arguing over what move to make next in this game of chess on Tony's phone (I'm not sure why Tony or my sister were even playing chess, cuz neither one seems to like it all that much :/). Turns out, Tony was (or was trying to get) really into chess and had a bunch of notation sheets lying beside him on the bed. I personally love the game of chess, so i took one of the many sheets lying on the bed, and tried to analyze one of the games he had played against someone.. I actually don't remember what most of the game looked like, or how well either player played, but in the end each side had a castled king and 2 rooks left. not sure why it ended there, or if it DID end there, but it looked like either side still had some play left in the game.

Anyone ever have dreams where like, you recognize something in your dream that's very familiar to you, such as an object or a place/room, but upon awakening you don't ever remember seeing this ever before the dream? Why is this?

14th July 2011, 10:14 AM
Anyone ever have dreams where like, you recognize something in your dream that's very familiar to you, such as an object or a place/room, but upon awakening you don't ever remember seeing this ever before the dream? Why is this?

Quite often. Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it's something you dreamt before and forgot and then when in a dream-specific state recalled again. Alternately, it is just part of accepting the reality of the dream while you're in it.

17th July 2011, 08:40 AM
I haven't posted anything in a couple days... but I had 2 short dreams I sorta remember...

First was 2 nights ago when I spent the night at a friend's house, I was forced to sleep on the floor (which is always so comfy....), so I ended up dreaming I was James Bond in the game Goldeneye. My mission was to shut down the sattelite communications dish at the Surface, but the second I finished the mission, I was met by a guard wielding a rocket launcher. I sniped him down as quickly as possible only to find an army of guards behind him. I figured I had no choice but to surrender... so they ended up letting me go in the end (NO clue why... doesn't make a BIT of sense) and it was weird, cuz when I got back to this one appartment I was staying in, I tried to contact Q, but I remembered deleting his number from my phone cuz I wasn't James Bond at the time.... super weird stuff man....

2nd dream was yesterday and it was that this one dude I know online from England that I share the same hobby with (making songs on this one computer program called mario paint) came over to my house and we started playing chess... not sure why... maybe I sub-consciously have chess on my mind?

17th July 2011, 03:34 PM
Well, surrender might not be a valid strategy for James Bond (even though he usually ends up captive at some point in the story so the villain can deliver his grand speech ;) ) but it seems to be a valid strategy in dreams.

23rd July 2011, 08:34 AM
I'm feeling a little bit disappointed... a saw a huge spark in the amount of dreams i was having when i started this dream journal, but I haven't been having that many recently... I can only remember one, which felt like it was an hour, but i can only remember like 5 minutes of it... how do I know it lasted that long? why am I able to recall how long the dream felt if I can't remember more than 5 minutes of it?? anyways...

I just so happened to be driving to my friends house, but I went onto the highway to get there (which there is not even close to being a route taking a highway to get there...) and I have little experience driving on the highway, so i guess my sub-conscious REALLY overexaggerated my skill on the highway cuz I was crashing into like everybody and causing a major pileup. I'm not sure how, but I ended up resting on my stomach high up in the air lying on a horizontally tipped highway overhang sign (those large green signs that tell you where you are and such). I wanted to jump down so the cops wouldn't catch me cuz I believed I was in trouble with the law for wreckless driving. I ended up figuring i was too highg up to jump down so I called down to the cops below me to help me down. all i remember is I got down safely.

Maybe i should set my alarm to wake me up at like 8 AM again, that might be what was triggering my dreams earlier on....

29th July 2011, 07:34 AM
Why am I having less and less dreams? anyways I had one more that happened just today, and it was LUCID! But it wasn't very vivid or long unfortunately...

I went downstairs into my basement (not sure why, maybe I had to do laundry? our washer and dryer are down there...) to find out that it had been completely cleaned out! There was absolutely nothing in my basement, and it seem like 2x bigger. All I found was a support beam where some stairs leading to the first floor of my building should have been. This is what triggered lucidity. I looked and found the stairs waaay of to the left side of the room. I'm like "wow, why are the stairs over there? shouldn't they be over here?" and to my surprise, someone answered my question saying "yea, we moved it over there". I assumed it was one of the roofers that has been working on our roof for the past couple weeks. but why was he in my basement? I ended up telling myself that I was dreaming cuz the stairs could not have possible moved over... but then I awoke shortly after... and I knew that was going to happen cuz I could feel it... I even remember saying out loud, "dang... I'm know I'm lucid right now, but it's not gonna last for very long... I know it's gonna go away any second now". This could have been a subconscious command that ended the dream maybe, but it totally felt like it was gonna end soon anyways.

Why haven't i been dreaming much lately? ._. And how come I become lucid over stuff that's not super abnormal like some of my other ones where I go golfing with video game characters??

29th July 2011, 10:38 AM
These are the mysteries of dreaming. If dream recall is low, try going to bed earlier and with less stimulation beforehand. Sometimes a vitamin supplement will get you going again. Pre-sleep affirmations can help too.

29th July 2011, 08:28 PM
AWESOME! I had myself ANOTHER lucid dream! and this time I was actually able to do fun things in it!

Weird part about it tho, was that checking my hands ACTUALLY helped me realize I was dreaming. In the beginning, I suddenly found myself walking down a hallway in my school leading to where a small theater for plays should have been, but when I entered, it was the school library. Something just seemed off about it, and I couldn't remember anything before walking down the hallway, so I suspected i might be dreaming. I didn't even think to look at my hands, but I did for some reason (maybe my subconscious knows to check my hands when I think I'm dreaming?) without even thinking about it. Everything seemed normal about my hands except for one HUUUGE detail that sent a red flag saying I was definitely dreaming. I was missing my pinky! on both hands! I even remember telling myself "dude I'm totally dreaming" as I felt a big grin across my face. I was honestly a little afraid to try anything in my dream because there were so many people around that would think I'm crazy but after a few seconds of thinking about it, I said "I'm dreaming right now... these people don't exist, just ignore them and they will ignore you" So the first thing I tried to do was fly. I took a running jump into the air, and got some nice height of about 4 or 5 feet in the air but fell back down again. I knew i was dreaming, so i tried again, and this time, SUCCESS! I was really flying! But I couldn't stop! I was about to hit the ceiling, but to my surprise I went RIGHT through the ceiling! I'm not sure how, but I blacked out for a while and found myself walking down some steps along the right side of the school library into a basement type room. It was some nice wide open space which I figured would be a cool place to try and control my flying ability. The cool part about it was that I was able to like... swim... in mid-air, which was so much fun to be able to do! after about 5 minutes, I felt like I was blacking out again, and suddenly everything went dark and I could feel my lifeless body resting comfortably on my bed again. This was one of the best experiences I had in awhile! although I would've really liked to have it last longer.

Has anyone else ever experienced super weird reality checks like that where they were missing a finger, or something weird like that? It felt so strange to have 4 fingers!

3rd August 2011, 08:34 PM
I have been having dreams lately... sometimes numerous ones in the same night (or morning for that matter). It's just that I've been getting a little lazy with recording them... One morning I was able to recall like 4 or 5 but I didn't feel like trying to remember them long enough to record them here. None of them had been very vivid, but there was one last night that felt pretty vivid imo.

For some reason I was a member of the Griffin family from the show "Family Guy" and we had found out one day that Brian had gone missing. We looked from noon till dusk for him until we came to some... weird building that... I'm not sure what the building was, could've been a bowling alley... could've been an inn of some sort... or a even a bar (probly was a bar now that I think of it). We had asked the person up front if he's seen him and said he'd been drinking there all night, and then left hours ago. We for some reason decided to stay in a motel for the night and look for him in the morning. When I woke up, I met a guy in the hallway after seeing him come out of the bathroom and had asked him if he's seen Brian (I don't know why he would know, but I asked him anyway... Y'know, you can get pretty stupid and impulsive when you're dreaming?) and he said he took a cab somewhere after drinking all morning. We wound up driving down the block frantically looking for him, and the got pulled over by cops. I got out of the car (again... stupid and impulsive) and went to go look for him myself and to my surprise, i found him in a cab parked outside by the road short a short distance away from the cops. I decided not to bother him cuz I knew he had been drinking and he was in the driver's seat, so I thought the cops would arrest him if they knew he was there (again... just stupid this time). Except for some kind of a car chase later on, I don't remember anything else.

12th September 2011, 05:35 AM
Hey, I forgot about this. Geez it's been awhile huh. I should probably be recordin more of my dreams, maybe I'll get some more lucid ones. I forgot how amazing it felt to be lucid. Well the last dream I can remember is that, I was about to upload the finished version of a video I was in the process of making in real life, but I didn't wanna upload it until I had a certain number of subscribers, but when I checked, I found out I had the right number, so when I tried to upload the video, I woke up, hehe. That's all for now until I remember more.

17th January 2012, 04:25 AM
I remember a new one:

I dreamt I was taking out the trash on an abnormally sunny day (it was a beautiful day out there, nice and warm, and it's during the winter I had this dream), and on my way to the backyard, I see my sister come out from inside the garage (our garbage cans are right next to the garage). For some strange reason, SHE was my reality check... SHE is what caused me to be lucid. How does that work? Well anyways, I remember greeting her and like the first thing I said was "hey, wanna know something cool? this is a dream right now!" and she's like "what are you crazy?". We started having a small conversation about me trying to convince her I... or "we" were dreaming, but then I had noticed something odd... I found her sort of... attractive :s. This is my sister! I'm not in any way attracted to my sister don't find her sexually appealing at all, but I did in my dream... and it was mostly her voice that caused this. Her voice was totally not her own, and sounded sexier than any girl I could have imagined. I even remember saying to her, I'm like "Is it strange that your voice is attractive to me right now?" and she looks at me weird and says "ummmmm... yea, it really is bro". I really don't like my sister in "that" way, so why would my sub-conscious be trying to display this image of her like that to me? Well, after we walked a bit further in my backyard talking, i woke up.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who felt attracted to someone in a dream that they didn't like at all in real life? ._.

17th January 2012, 03:07 PM
You're not, but I don't know what it means.

18th January 2012, 07:25 AM
Dude just this morning!

I dreamt I was Spiderman (why? I don't know) and I was fighting Doc Oc, and was winning, but then during the fight he got knocked into a lake. I chased after him because I knew I had to kill him. For some reason he had a lot of versatility in the water. he was able to move around really easily, and able to fire torpedoes at me at will... I tried to web the torpedoes, but my webs didn't work underwater, and was barely able to get away from them. When I figured out I couldn't win, I retreated to the other side of the lake and headed back to my house... for some reason he decided to follow me back to the house and said to me, "Hey, we're not done with our fight, meet me back in the water!" then I said back "you know what, I'm done fighting you... I can beat you no matter what on land, but you find an advantage in the water. I don't see what trouble you can get into in the water, so I'm not gonna risk my life over some dumb fight that doesn't mean anything, just don't lemme catch you causing trouble on land anymore, cuz i'm just gonna win... Treuce?" he looks at me and agrees and responds, "Treuce". We shake hands, and he leaves. Then I realized I was dreaming, but for some reason I didn't think to try and manipulate the dream to my liking... I just decided to go on the couch in my (wasn't my regular house, but a big house far wealthier than mine) living room to watch TV... but I kept looking down at myself after I magically had changed clothes (how?) to witness the "dream" world...

This is when I've noticed something new. It seemed so much like the real world and had the same laws of physics and was all really real feeling, but looking back on it now... It wasn't all that real. It's strange, a dream feels real in the moment, but then afterwards, you know it felt different than how you feel now. And also, I've had a handful of lucid dreams over the past few months or so, and I always end up doing the same thing... Just letting the dream takes its course and not see "lucid dreaming" as such a big deal when I ACTUALLY become lucid... I then end up feeling disappointed in myself later on for not trying to do anything cool. I mean I become glad when I do become lucid, but I try to pay attention to my surroundings and "examine" the dream world as much as possible instead of try to manipulate things the way I want. Weird huh?

18th January 2012, 02:29 PM
Well, I'm not a big fan of manipulating the environment, but I guess we all have our preferences.

19th January 2012, 03:08 AM
Another one I remember having (was a while ago)

I was down the street hanging with one of my friends that I never hang out with anymore, talking in a local restaurant's parking lot. He just so happened to be magical and cast a spell on me. It didn't appear to do anything so I gave him a confused look. He then told me to jump, and to my surprise, I could jump pretty high in the air! and he told me to jump again, and I was able to jump in mid-air! I really wanted to test out this new ability, so I kept jumping and jumping and jumping until I was almost in outer space, and I found Jordan (my friend) right underneath me saying "hey pretty awesome huh!?". For some reason, when I looked up, I saw the 2-dimensional creatures from the arcade game "Space Invaders". Although I happened to find it more awesome than scary... and something told me they weren't real, they were just put there for decoration... weird O_o.

Anyways, we ended up going back to his house after our high flying adventures where he and his family were having a barbecue in the backyard. But it seemed more like a ritual gathering than a family barbecue. His grandma was starting to light a stick from the bonfire, and she started flying around the backyard doing flips and stuff and it all seemed really cool. She took on the appearance of a witch/wizard type thing. So then I saw some of his other family members do it, and finally he went and did it, but none of them seemed to be as good as his grandma. So the they lit a stick and gave it to me. They told me to jump, I did, but barely got off the ground. "yeah, it takes a little bit of practice" Jordan said. I jumped again, and I felt almost weightless, and went like 4 feet in to the air and started falling slowly back down, but I was out of control! I ended up crashing into his dad, and he hugged me to keep me from going anywhere until I could get back to the ground. I don't remember much after this

This was certainly one of my weirder dreams ._.

5th February 2012, 05:35 AM
Okay, this was just about the scariest dream I've ever had... I swear I thought I died...

I was driving home from work and it was really really late at night. As I try to pull into my driveway, I find that the slower my car went (cuz I was braking and about to turn), the less and less vision I had... It was only a matter of time before I couldn't see anything at all. I knew I had to get the car in my driveway, so I very slowly proceeded (without sight) to pull my car into the driveway. All was going good until I had a very strange feeling... it felt as though the front right side of the car started to dip... then the dip got steeper... and steeper, and steeper, and it felt like I was falling! It only took like 2 seconds before I hear a very loud crash and a very crunching pain on the side that I felt the car dip. I thought I had fallen off a cliff, and the pain in my side was the passenger car door crushing me. I woke up with a very strong jolt gasping for air.... I've never had such fear in my life before O_o....

Weirdest part... The pain felt quite intense, yet when I woke up several seconds after, the pain healed so quickly, and it barely hurt anymore... It was only painful for about 4 seconds, then I couldn't feel a thing. Another weird thing.... it was "almost" enjoyable ._. It was such a rush, and the sense of relief after it was all over was so overwhelming, that I was just in awe and sat back feeling triumphant like I just survived a tornado.

16th February 2012, 07:17 AM
Just recently I had one where I was with a bunch of random people I didn't know at all, waiting outside of a house for some kind of party to begin. And for some odd reason, there were other people doing the same thing at other houses in that neighborhood. When the door to the house opened, we all went inside and started partying. There was soda, music, snacks, and a bunch of other fun stuff there. I don't remember what happened in-between the party ending and the next day, but the day after, I again did the same thing, yet there were less people waiting outside at the start... this went on for like 2 more times until I ended up being the only one there, and hardly anyone else behind the other houses. I started to feel lonely until a voice from behind greeted me. "hey" I said back, "you waitin to get in too?" "yea, I've seen you around the past few days". Anyways, we got along really great together... it was like I knew exactly what to say and so did she. She was quite pretty too.... she was quite literally "the girl of my dreams"... I wish I could meet her again, but I can't remember "exactly" what she looked like, and she never gave me her name... (sigh) oh well.

the strangest part about though was that it was on a school night, and I don't normally dream on school nights for I get less sleep than on the weekends

22nd June 2012, 06:10 AM
Wow, it's been awhile huh....

One that hit me recently was me sitting in my english class watching the movie of a book we read recently. The movie was about some guy and his wife that I think was of some kind of weird humanoid race where they are humongous as adults, but as a child they are rather small (like the size of a dog compared to the size of a tree). The guy ended up finding some kind of wizard or something and did him a favor to become immortal before he ever met his wife. When is wife finally found out years later, she was very upset and they had a large argument. then they continued living together with this sort of cold shoulder to each other, and the wife ends up dying of old age at the end of the story making the immortal guy very sad and longing for the marriage they used to have.

They ended up showing a rather humorous video to help describe the meaning of the book better. It was Marth, from fire emblem (the smash bros. brawl version of him), standing on a stage, and a bullet bill is fired at him. Instead of getting hit by it, he jumps up and ends up riding the thing off of Peach's castle. After awhile longer, the bullet bill explodes, but instead of killing Marth, he remains unhurt, but falls into the abyss below him. The way that it was similar to the story book was that Marth was the immortal guy, and his wife was the bullet bill, and the bullet bill exploding represented his wife's death of old age, and Marth falling represents the guy's sadness for his wife. And the fact that he didn't get hurt from the explosion also implied that he was immortal. For some reason my best friend was in the class too, and I don't think I've ever been in the same class as him.

I really couldn't believe that I really dreamt this because.... this book does not exist. We never read a book like this in class, and the video with Marth never existed. I was really really amazed that my sub-conscious mind has the ability to create the concept of what could be a fictional novel, and then simplify it into a video based on a video game.

I recently graduated high school, so maybe it was my sub-conscious's way of saying "hey, you're gonna miss school bro"