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12th July 2011, 09:44 PM
I've decided to start keeping a journal of selected dreams and other experiences. I've not done so until now because a lot of these events are personal or merely trivial but I see the value in sharing dreams and whatnot from reading other's journals, so I'll give it a go. I'll select what I share based on what I judge appropriate. Your insights are welcome, of course.

12th July 2011, 10:00 PM

“The Living Statues”
I had trouble recalling this and had to lie in bed for a while before I could pull it back. It was very vivid.

The first thing I recall about this dream is carrying statues into a display room. I know there was more before this but it’s lost. I’m very enthusiastic about the process.

I’m able to bring these statues to life by staring at them; however, I think they can choose not to animate. I am totally enamoured of them, each one of them.

Other people enter and move about the room examining the statues. I’m biding my time while they are there. While no body’s watching, a female statue comes alive, thrusting her smiling face towards me. She’s very beautiful, reminding me of the actress Barbara Eden. There’s a little more waiting to be alone with the statues and, when the others are gone, I bring another to life. It’s a reclining man statue. He’s only about a metre long with a stout, dwarfish body and a button nose. I love him in any case; I love all of them. As soon as he animates he begins to cry childlike because he doesn’t want to be alive. He soon transforms back into stone. I walk to the end of the room and two or three small statues animate and begin to dance. It’s as if they couldn’t wait for me to approach them, they are so excited to come alive. I dance with them and feel joyful.

12th July 2011, 10:05 PM
Wednesday, 13th July, 2011.
“In the Garden of the Wolf and Fox”

I’m in a large, verdant backyard that is enclosed by a wooden fence. A cacophony of animal sound surrounds me, making me feel joyful. I’m seated on a wooden bench with its back to the fence. Before me is a large tree with roots that arch out of the ground like a Moreton Bay Fig. There is a fox there and it’s likely I’m not recalling the whole dream because I know in the dream that this is the second fox I’ve seen.

Suddenly a huge wolf appears and sniffs it. I’m simultaneously mildly alarmed for the fox (though the wolf is only a few metres from me, I don’t feel endangered) and delighted by this appearance. There’s seems to be an artistry in the scene, like a drawing from a children’s fairy tale. The wolf’s furry body curves beautifully as the fox lifts its nose towards the wolf’s. In fact, the overriding feeling is one of whimsy. Suddenly, Harry, my 14-year-old son, is in the wolf’s place, then an old man. Both are subsequently either side of me on the bench.

Harry and the old man have apparently been in conversation. I catch it now. It appears that the old man is religious and I cringe a little as Harry tells him we don’t go to church.

I hear a strange howling and ask the old man what it is. He says it’s the foxes.

Now the scene changes to a place like a casino. I’m a few metres from Harry, watching him across gaming tables. He is gambling on some type of game, gathering a whole lot of cards into his hands.

13th July 2011, 09:57 PM
14th July, 2011
“Driving to the Movies”
I’m driving to a movie with Wendy M and Catherine G in the back seat of the car. I glance back at them, their generously proportioned bodies comfortably rubbing shoulders. It doesn’t occur to me that neither has met IRL.

Now we’re returning from a movie for which I have no recall. I drive all the way back to my suburb, where the ladies will pick up their cars. Afterwards, I realise Catherine must drive all the way back to Wollongong.

I ask Wendy if she still has a pool (she doesn’t have one IRL but does have unobscured ocean views) and she tells me they’ve gotten rid of it. I drive down a little lane to have a look at the excavated site.

“The Sanitorium”
Now I’m in a room, on a lounge that appears much like the lounge in my living room. (Interesting, I was imagining myself lying on this before I fell asleep last night). I’m watching a girl singing and then become vaguely aware of others around me. Her voice is tuneful enough but it lacks volume and richness. I initially think she's Claire S, a girl I went school with, but she's too young.

Now I notice a boy to my left who is talking to me. Someone has given me a platter with appetisers on it; I don’t know what they are. It’s been there a while and, though I know I should eat, I have no real interest in the food. I experience an extreme languidness and at some point I realise that I am convalescing in a sanatorium. The boy appears normal, even though I perceive him as an inmate as well.

I’m just outside the back door. There are bins there and some cardboard boxes have been left lying around. I proceed to disassemble them so that they lie flat and I can put them in the recycling bin. A couple of boys - maybe Joe and Bryce, a couple of my eldest son’s friends who are sleeping over - approach and chat with me while I do this. I cannot recall what they say to me.

I can hear a device beeping and it wakes me. I listen for it again but there’s no sound, it was still part of the dream.

14th July 2011, 03:07 AM
Listened to the Robert Moss interview at this site: http://annehill.org/dream-talk-radio/podcasts/ today. Had released after the fox dream that the old man looked like Robert Moss and was, therefore, a return DC. I thought it was interesting, then, that during the interview the topic of dream foxes arose. I'll have to return to my journal and re-read the other "Robert Moss" dream now.

Found it:
There’s a bit that seems to belong here but I’m not sure. I seem to be talking to a professor, who looks very like Robert Moss and we’re in a bed. I become aware of my nakedness, which I don’t like, but there’s nothing sexual and blankets cover me so I’m not exposed.

14th July 2011, 10:52 PM
15th July, 2011.
“Device in the water”
I’m teaching a Science class in a section of the hall, using a projector. A colleague has placed some device in the ocean not far away. As I begin my lesson, I become afraid that the device cannot be left in the water this long, so I leave my class unattended. Then, I realise I can’t do this but when I return, they’ve all disappeared.

Note: This was my dream trying to get me up to make sure everything was all right regarding my period.

“Supporting Mum”
I’m upstairs outside unfamiliar rooms in a grey hallway. I know Mum is within and there are many people with her. My sister is with me but not as a vivid physical presence. Mum is dealing with ghosts and J is worried about her. I am confident I have the solution. I’m not sure upon waking what that is but in the dream I have the resources to enrich her life.

“Inviting the UFO back”
I’m walking in a wooded area that I interpret as being streets near where I grew up but there are actually no streets such as this. I feel that I’m coming home from school but these streets are north of my childhood home and my primary school was south. I’m not quite a child either. There both is and isn’t an impression of a school uniform and a straw hat (like we wore in primary school) and there’s a sense that I’m a girl and a woman simultaneously.

Above me but not far away a flying disc appears. I’m thrilled to see it and watch intently as it disappears into treetops. I call out that that wasn’t enough and that I must see it/them again. It reappears from among the trees and again I’m delighted. I mentally communicate, asking them to talk to me psychically.

“Festival with the Vet and Companionable Dogs”
I’m in an outdoor venue at some kind of festival (this is a recurring dream setting for me). This time G, I and others are seated at a food testing table. The local vet is the chief judge and I’m watching him dish out various foods that contestants of a cooking competition have made. As he dishes out fruit preserves he explains that he allows for extra water because they had to be made so quickly. I know nothing about preserving fruits, so I take his word for it. I like the little touches he makes in preparing his food for consumption. He garnishes the food as an experienced chief would do and displays it with artistry expect for when he tries to stand up something like toast, only darker and stiffer, in a bowl and breaks it.

His dog and mine have gone for a walk down a grassy easement that cuts into the land as one would expect a creek to do. His dog, a sleek black creature* and mine , walk companionably, shoulder-to-shoulder and I am much relieved and surprised that my dog is so calm and behaving herself with another dog. After some time, however, I feel I should go check on them and, when I do, they’re on their return journey, as peaceful as ever. An elderly lady with a dog of her own has stopped to admire them.

Now G is with me and I’m recalling the UFO I spotted earlier. I’m telling him how wonderful the experience was and he’s enthusiastic as well. Then I say, “It was too good to be true. It was probably a dream, huh?!” and he agrees with me that this was probably so.

I wake up before I can do anything lucidly but, at least, there’s no chance of having forgotten the UFO part of the dream.

With the exception of the first, I’m not at all sure of the order of the dreams and even suspect them of occurring simultaneously but I do know what the final thought was.

* The sleek black dog is the one that in a dream a few years ago latched on to my belly, right of my navel, announcing the onset of a health problem that I still haven’t dealt with due to issues regarding health insurance that prevented a bit of exploratory surgery. Those issues are resolved now so I can book the procedure when it suits me. I suspect the dream resulted from listening to an interview with Amy Brucker, a dream researcher who has explored dreams that give health advice. This dream seems to be quite a positive one and I’m pretty sure there’s some food advice in there too: lots of fruit and water will preserve me.

16th July 2011, 09:10 PM
Nothing much for Saturday in terms of dream recall. H had an away game, which meant an early start, a team mate pickup and an hours drive. I could only recall a dream about dogs and didn't record it until now. There were a lot of them playing when a brutish-looking charcoal-silver male appeared over a hill and the dogs of various breeds scattered, some picking their puppies up in their mouths, which I thought curious. It unfolded that he wasn't vicious, just excited to join the others and they settled again.

When we took the boys plus one to lunch after the game, I noticed a very similar dog coming the other way, pulling on its leash. It was marginally smaller than the dream dog but, otherwise, the same with its very distinctive colour.

While away after the game, we also went to see friends' holiday house (their son is also in the team) and I experienced deja vu.

During the trip, I mentioned someone who'd moved away a month ago, wondering how their family was getting on and we received a call from them that evening to give us an update. They're not that close and the call was unexpected. G felt it was surprising that I'd mentioned them.

16th July 2011, 09:26 PM
17th July, 2011.

I’m at the dining table of the house where I was raised. To my left sits Michael Timpano, a colleague from my old workplace who teaches Italian. To his left and my right are other Italians. We’re huddled and the man on my right, who looks suspiciously like Robert di Niro, has an arm thrown over my shoulder. The feeling is of fellowship and happiness.

I’m trying to talk about work but every time I do Michael jokingly censors me. He says I must talk about anything but work. I find it challenging, apparently.

For some reason I feel I must type that at some point I swoon to the floor as if deflated. I think I resist it because it makes no narrative sense, as if dreams are logical!

Now a bus arrives out on the street and I am drawn to it, Pied Piper style. I look down and notice I am bare-footed but it doesn’t really worry me, somehow I know others are bare-footed and also in their pyjamas on this bus. I board it and sit to the front. It’s almost full and, again, there’s a feeling of fellowship and also of having done this previously.

That’s all. My husband stirred and it woke me and that’s the only dream I could recall from the night.

17th July 2011, 03:30 PM
Well, the Italian language evolved some terms for enjoying life - "dolce vita" (the sweet life) and "dolce far niente" (sweet doing nothing) that are noticably absent from other languages. I guess there's a reason. :)

19th July 2011, 09:20 AM
Well, you know Oliver, following the dream I attended a Spritualist Christian service for the first time. The people (mostly women) were quite welcoming and I found myself speaking up when the minister said anyone could add their opinion to what she'd just said about abstaining from judging others. Another woman spoke, pretty much repeating what the minister had said and I couldn't help myself. I said I believed that it's fine not to be judgemental but we can still exercise discernment, privately recognising ego defences in others as we recognise them in ourselves. The minister was surprised I'd used the word "discernment" saying she'd heard it clairaudiently while driving to the service.

Then there was a brilliant speaker who talked about healing her cancer with diet and meditation and an amazing OBE.

Towards the end of the service the woman beside me told me she thought I had a great singing voice, which was really sweet, and asked me what my experience was regarding this kind of service. I said none and she was surprised. So, that was kind of cool but a bit embarrassing too.

Then there was a lucky door prize (I kid you not) and, well, you know I'm lucky so I came home with a cutesy angel figurine. I knew I was winning it before I'd won, even tried to undo it because I didn't want to be that conspicuous.

The minister did pyschometry readings for about 30 people. So, the service was a lot longer than I thought it would be and I had to get home and do some stuff before work the next day but I said hello and complimented her choice of speaker. She told me about a centre they run and asked if I'd be back next month. I said I would. Overall, a pretty positive experience of fellowship.

19th July, Tuesday
“Triple Wedding”
This dream begins as a TV show but then I become a participant. I’m watching a small, plump, balding man as he prepares himself to be the best man at a wedding. He’s struggling to hold his shape, however, and keeps shape shifting back into his true form as a woman.

Now I’m at the wedding. It’s a triple wedding, the three brides all ready but the grooms not having arrived. I’m in the wedding party, aware of myself as an observer rather than a player. Thus, I’m not concerned about appearance or role. I look at the faces of the brides. My vision has a zooming function that lets me look closely without being close. One of them is Helen D, a girl I went to school with. Another looks like Nick H, a boy that attends school with my son. This boy was born with encephalitis and his brain was affected, making him overly large and mentally slow. The bride in the dream, however, is of normal intelligence and quite short, despite a largish head. I don’t really look at the third bride, instead noticing an array of little flower girls to my right. All of them wear exotic silk costumes and I think them very sweet. A tall, attractive bridesmaid begins to speak to me. She explains things about the wedding and the people that I don’t know and that I don’t recall upon waking.

I’m becoming impatient for proceedings to begin, wondering why the grooms haven’t arrived. The bridesmaid wheels in an IV drip and attaches a catheter to her belly. She explains her condition needing this kind of treatment at intervals.

Ran an extra class for my seniors this morning during which I had a deja vu.

19th July 2011, 11:12 AM
That experience with the service sounds quite enviable. :)

Three brides? You know what I think when threes are involved. Nuff said. :mrgreen:

19th July 2011, 08:55 PM
Three brides? You know what I think when threes are involved. Nuff said. :mrgreen:

I think I do, not certain though.

20th July, 2011.
I’m looking at a huge painting that Catherine D has created. At the top right is a creature, something cute and unusual that represents the crab without its shell and in the bottom left is a caterpillar. There is a lot of space between the two figures and this creates a really pleasing composition. It’s not a realistic image but there’s a high degree of artistry and I really enjoy it.

I realise I’m in a large unfamiliar house now. It’s the house of wealthy people but I find the lighting a little dark. I walk from this large room to another at the other side of the house. I hear an old man and an old woman conversing about a book. I feel both are novelists and very intellectual people.

At the centre of the house a large dog bounds towards me and jumps all over me. I don’t mind because it’s a friendly dog. I even look after it, tending its needs.

Woke through the night. Energy sensations. I’ve lost the exact memory but feel it was a bi-location effect. Much too tired at the moment; much forgotten.
I moved from the right to the left side of the house in this dream. I suspect the sleeping body was working with tired right and left brain hemispheres, respectively.
Artists and art are recurring dream themes for me. IRL, Catherine D is a former student and an artist. I thoroughly enjoy the works she puts on her FB wall.

20th July 2011, 11:52 AM
A crab withouts its shell - lessening in separation, feeling exposed
Caterpillar - changing, becoming. Remember the puppa in one dream (a human face on top)?

20th July 2011, 11:55 AM
Yep, Oliver. Thought of both and remembered that dream too. I figure it's a good thing because it was a great picture and I really felt wonderful looking at it.

The crab was an entirely different shape to its shell, interestingly.

20th July 2011, 12:04 PM
Released from form, then. ;)

20th July 2011, 11:18 PM
These constant references to art and artists are making me a bit desperate to do some painting.

21st July, 2011.

“Reading the Indian’s cards”
I spend a lot of time in the first dream session of the night with an Indian man of about 30 years of age who seems to be a shopkeeper. (This is not surprising given I’ve been reviewing the novel The Namesake with my senior class and the main characters are Bengali). He’s communicating by showing me large cards with words written on them. I have no trouble reading the words but a number of the sentences make sense except for a single word and I wonder what the point of the exercise is.

“G Drives”
I’m riding a motorcycle but then it switches and I’m a passenger with G driving. The area seems to be near where I attended high school. He stops in at the home of people I don’t know. The kids and I groan and we resent the lack of consultation.

“The A kids”
I’m in an unfamiliar house now. A man sits opposite me at a table, holding his plump infant sons. They look like child versions of Daniel A. I lean across the table and the younger of the infants leans into me with a smile on his face. I put my head affectionately against his. I have my eyes closed as I do this and his father asks me why. I don’t know why I’m doing it, only that it’s comfortable.
Note: Daniel is a former student and works in theatre as a designer/special effects person. He recently posted a photo of himself as a little kid on FB.

“Cath B”
I see Cath Bl. IRL, I haven’t seen her for a while. I take her hand as we begin walking across a grassy field. After awhile we release hands because our hands have become uncomfortable, I think, in the dream, because she is taller than me. She is worried that her house is untidy with unironed washing.
Note: IRL, I remember Cath’s house as only being “untidy” with her children’s arts and crafts because her focus is always firmly on family and friends and she’s a primary school teacher.

Now we’ve gone to somebody else’s house or maybe it’s still Cath’s. I peer into a room that is under construction. A moment later I look back into it and the construction is essentially complete.

“Dog Poo”
I’m back with the man and his children, in somebody else’s kitchen/dining area. I’m cleaning something in the sink, something that has been brought in from outside. The last bit that I wash away looks like a dog turd. When I’m done, I see that Bella pooing under the dining table. I’m annoyed by this and begin to search for bags to clean it up. I find plenty of old bread bags and sense someone beside me helping me.

Neil Templar
20th July 2011, 11:56 PM
Dunno if this is helpful, but there's also the Hermit crab to consider. It has no shell, and will wander til it finds an object - an old shell, a discarded tin can, whatever fits - to make a makeshift shell/home out of, until it outgrows it, and has to find something else...

21st July 2011, 01:47 AM
It's a nice idea, Neil, and probably a good symbol for human beings in general.

21st July 2011, 02:22 PM
He’s communicating by showing me large cards with words written on them. I have no trouble reading the words but a number of the sentences make sense except for a single word and I wonder what the point of the exercise is.

Probably to clearly feel when something is in harmony, and when not, while learning nonphysical communication.

21st July 2011, 04:55 PM
I also got the impression that in the past few posts there was something about seeing the reality (or nonreality) of the situation.

21st July 2011, 09:41 PM
quite the impressive pace B :D i'm absolutely taken by the celerity of your working (given the fact these are selectively shared experiences).

21st July 2011, 10:26 PM
quite the impressive pace B :D i'm absolutely taken by the celerity of your working (given the fact these are selectively shared experiences).

Well don't be because with only a few exceptions, this has been it lately. I figure, though, that since this is my pattern and a pattern that is very much linked to lifestyle, I shouldn't worry too much when the dream recall is blah. Dreaming is just one aspect of the whole person and what happens during my days is often very instructive and never boring.:lol:

22nd July, 2011.

Another morning struggling with recall because I’m sleeping so deeply at the moment. Had time for a decent length meditation (in silence) yesterday. There was much immediate hypnogogic imagery, which isn’t usual for me in meditations, but also a surprisingly easy time remaining conscious and present. Thought this augured well for the night’s dream recall but it didn’t really.

“H is afraid”
This is a strange dream that may have been a RTZ experience. G and I are in bed cuddling when our youngest comes into the room, having been frightened by something (he hasn’t done that for years). I feel the very real sensation of him getting in the bed. Even though he’s only 14, he’s already 6 ft and a substantial lad, so there’s a real feeling of crowding in the bed. All of this occurs in darkness.

"T ate Octopus"
This is just the last part of a dream that was actually quite long. I know I’ve been riding my bicycle around the second floors of a school building. I’ve been very sociable too.

I ride along the veranda and towards a classroom. I see a boy whom I used to teach, Todd H. I really liked him at school, he was always very affable and one of those people who really achieved his potential. His peers liked him too and, IIRC, he went on to become school captain. When I see him, I get off my bike and take his two hands in mine like you might do to support a small child who’s having trouble explaining something to you. Todd explains that he had a horrible experience while eating octopus. He says that inside the octopus he ate were many baby octopi. I ask him how it tasted and he says horrible. We both have a laugh over this.

I’m back on my bike and riding into the classroom. I’m feeling pretty subversive in a fun kind of way. Identity-wise, I’m both teacher and student. There are other students in the room and I socialise with them briefly. Then I see G at the teacher’s desk. There’s something like a wall map rolled up loosely on the desk. The backing is black and I write on it absent-mindedly. My writing is really messy and, even though the backing is black and I write in pencil, I see the writing clearly against white. What I’ve written doesn’t mean anything except I feel I’ve put my name there somehow, even though none of the lettering corresponds with my name. I regret that and cease my grafitto.

The radio wakes us.

22nd July 2011, 10:12 PM
Meditation: Hypnogogic: A triangular bit of plane shrapnel. Red and white with snow on it.

23rd July, 2011-07-23

Just caught the end of this one:
I see my former neighbour, Dave, peering over the fence and I push my face aggressively towards the window or the fence (am I inside or outside the house?) in order to be rude or defiant. IRL, I wouldn’t do such a thing, Dave was a decent neighbour and we all got along well in the twelve years we lived next door. There’s something else here – Dave has left something in our letterbox, which G subsequently reports.

Now there’s some kind of outside threat and our family is protecting something of value. It’s hidden away in the house. There’s something with the dog, perhaps we’ve walked her and left the house locked up or we’ve locked her in a room for the time being.

Now I walk through the house into “our bedroom,” which appears to be a variation on my parents’ room from the house where I was raised. The windows are open (there was only one in my parents’ room) and the substantial wind billows through the lace curtains. On a hunch, I begin to search the wardrobes for a hidden person. H and G enter the room and H begins to help. In front of the wardrobe, on the floor, is a totally unrecognisable object about 30cm tall, white and sitting on a circular base like a bottle, but I don’t look at it well enough to really be able to describe it beyond that. Logic tells me that a person couldn’t be inside the robe and this object in front of the door but I go ahead and open the door anyway. Inside there’s a young Spanish man whom I pull out quite roughly by the arm. G and H and I interrogate him but I’m the only one who treats him with contempt. We demand his name and he tells us it’s Riccardo.

Ho Hum.:|

23rd July 2011, 09:53 PM
24th July, 2011
“Harry Potter”
Went and saw “The Deathy Hallows Pt2” with the family last night so virtually my entire dream recall was of a battle against evil with the good folk of Hogwarts. There wasn’t a great deal of plot. It was pretty much like the movie and we were winning. Pity I’m finding conscious dreaming so elusive, interacting lucidly with the character would have been cool.

On a related note, Amy Brucker offers an interesting perspective on dream battles that states fighting invaders in dreams may be an indication of the physical body fighting illness or even eliminating cancer cells. I don’t think that’s the case in this instance but I do think it’s worth remembering.

Here is the other dream I recall. Again, it seemed to happen simultaneously with the Harry P dream. In fact, it’s becoming difficult to know how to label my dreams since when I recall them they often feel interspersed and sometimes simultaneous.

"Best and Less"
I’m driving and there’s a male American passenger in the car. I drive the car up an impossibly steep and excessively green embankment. When I reach its peak, I realise this isn’t the direction I wish to go. I hear my family say as much from the back seat. I change direction, enjoying some exhilaration with the acceleration – I really do like motion in dreams. We pass through a very narrow alley and end up looking inside a department store from within our car. I explain to the passenger that this is a store called “Best and Less.”

Notes: Upon reflection, this dream actually references a choice I made a long time ago.

26th July 2011, 09:59 AM
I haven't bothered recording over the last two days because life has been unreasonably busy but I'll quickly type something here and some of it may be triggered.

I just read a post by Eris, which is what triggered a memory from last night. While I've seen the name Eris before, I was unfamiliar with the mythology (consciously at least). The Eris in my dream was a woman who asked me if she could draw some of my power. I told her she could not and then, before I could prevent her, she said she would deposit something instead. I perceived it as a large white tear-shaped drop left inside my torso. I have only just looked up the meaning of Eris and I see that she is a goddess of strife. Hmmm. I also see she's associated with Greek myths that I have actually read, so I suspect she's tucked away somewhere inside my subconscious. I won't say more on this topic but I suspect this might be about my fleeting thoughts about some unwanted attention in the workplace.

I also dreamt about one of my students. This type of dream is always a bit easier in that I look for the qualities I identify with that person and find them within myself. I also consider the setting in order to comprehend the message.

I also had a false awakening that was somewhat chaotic and that's all I recall of that. (I feel like I should be saying that like Forrest Gump).

There was other stuff I remembered this morning but it's gone now. Tomorrow will be better (if I get to bed early ;))

26th July 2011, 11:07 PM
27th July, 201.
“Handbrake won’t hold”
I’m driving around in a multi-storey car park. When I decide to park my car but the handbrake won’t hold. I keep looking for a spot without an incline but it’s difficult. I think I’ve found a spot where my car will remain stationary (and it’s on an incline:whatthe:) but it unfolds that it’s an access ramp and I have to move my vehicle to allow others to move.

I’ve succeeded in parking and I’ve entered the shopping complex at the basement level. A friend accompanies me now. There is a children’s performance on down here but I’m not interested in that. This is supposedly unfamiliar territory and I want to see what is on the next level. I spot some stairs and head towards them.

“Lesson about Portal”
The other day during meditation I was immediately presented with the hypnogogics of a tube that I perceived as organic and very like the inside of a throat might appear during exploratory surgery. It even had an inner lining membrane that moved. During this dream I was watching a documentary video explaining that the tube was a portal. I remember thinking that the tube shown in the video wasn’t identical to the one I’d seen and far less organic.

“The Body’s Endurance”
Something I vaguely recall about tests on the body’s endurance. I’m exposed to heat and cold and wet but I’m unperturbed.

“H and the Hospital Kids”
H is outside a hospital, speaking to an authority figure. I accompany him. The man explains that H may play football with the hospital kids as some kind of reward or privilege. H is eager to start and wants details but the man is encouraging patience as there are no children yet.

Note: H is off to a skills camp with school for the rest of the week.

“Hotelier and the Astral Projection Magazine”
I’m a man but not disturbed by it as I usually am when I discover this in dreams. Essentially, I feel I’m the same person. I’m operating a hotel and I’ve just finished cleaning out in the foyer. I ask a female assistant to find me three motherly women to complete a job for me. They arrive and I instruct them that it’s their task to greet the visitors warmly. They are happy to do it and set off determinedly. I’m pleased with their response.

I pick up a thick, glossy magazine. I have no trouble at all reading it and the writing is normal and stable. There are only two articles promoted on the front cover and I think it would be odd if such a thick magazine only had two articles. The first is about the “Bishop of ----” and the second is to do with astral projection. I know the bishop article is also about projection. I become interested and start flicking through. I’m a little puzzled by photos of the bishop that seem to show him dead or departed when he seems to have existed before the advent of the camera but I let that pass. I continue flicking through, seeing the range of articles before committing to reading one.

“One night Stand”
G gets out of bed but I’m too exhausted still so I stay a bit longer and fall right back to dreaming. I’m in a cabin at some kind of resort. I’m young and I’ve split up with my boyfriend. Initially I’m very pleased to be free but I’ve become fearful that I’ll be alone for the rest of my life so I’ve engaged in a one night stand with a boy that now lies in my bed. I want him to go away because I think it was meaningless but he doesn’t feel the same. He wants to begin a relationship.

The rest of this dream is a bit vague. I think I wander outside the cabin and seek the wisdom of an elderly bearded man.

“Writing on Arms” (Lucid)
I’m in the kitchen at Seven Hills (where I was raised). I’m at the old stove, heating up left over pie and making scrambled eggs. This disturbs me because it’s too much food and I feel I should finish the leftovers and shouldn’t have made the eggs. I know I’ve been dreaming a lot and I’m anxious to remember them all, so I’m mentally reviewing them. While I cook, I notice my arms are covered in writing in black ink. This disturbs me because I cannot remember having done it myself and I wonder who could have done this to me. I think such things happen in dreams and that I’m probably dreaming right now but I’m happy to go along with the dream because I feel too tired to do anything else. Something causes the door into the laundry to open and I walk out there to see the back door nudged open by Bella. I welcome her and realise that this dream is very similar to the one I read in Newfreedom’s journal.

I walk into the living room. My laptop is sitting open on the lounge. Something odd glitches across it and fascinates me momentarily. Something else plays briefly, some kind of cartoon with a singing superhero in blue. I know it’s time to get up and record my dreams.

27th July 2011, 02:19 AM
I got exhausted just reading this. Your mind is very busy!

27th July 2011, 07:53 AM
I was thinking that too as I typed it.:wacky1:

27th July 2011, 09:26 AM
Hello, Beek.

“Handbrake won’t hold”
I’m driving around in a multi-storey car park. When I decide to park my car but the handbrake won’t hold. I keep looking for a spot without an incline but it’s difficult. I think I’ve found a spot where my car will remain stationary (and it’s on an incline:whatthe:) but it unfolds that it’s an access ramp and I have to move my vehicle to allow others to move.

This seems like you're trying to access a subplane but can't stabilise your consciousness there. The keywords are "multi-storey" (subplane levels), "incline" (raising and lowering vibration), "access ramp" (gaining access to) and "vehicle" (of consciousness).

I’ve succeeded in parking and I’ve entered the shopping complex at the basement level. A friend accompanies me now. There is a children’s performance on down here but I’m not interested in that. This is supposedly unfamiliar territory and I want to see what is on the next level. I spot some stairs and head towards them.

There's a possibility to enter the astral plane (shopping complex = plane of desire), but you're not interested in that sufficiently enough (it's child play). You might be more interested in getting to the mental plane (next level) instead. There's the possibility that you had some remaining astral experience to finish up but weren't in the mood for it.

“Lesson about Portal”
The other day during meditation I was immediately presented with the hypnogogics of a tube that I perceived as organic and very like the inside of a throat might appear during exploratory surgery. It even had an inner lining membrane that moved. During this dream I was watching a documentary video explaining that the tube was a portal. I remember thinking that the tube shown in the video wasn’t identical to the one I’d seen and far less organic.

Maybe an insight in that anything in nonphysical reality is consciousness, and hence "alive." (Flesh is a bit of a over-the-top symbol for "alive"). The video shows more the conventional viewpoint when we ignore the consciousness aspect of that reality and see it more utilitarian in terms of its function. It's like a comparison between what reality looks like if the consciousness sense is on and off, maybe, for contrast.

“Writing on Arms” (Lucid)
I’m in the kitchen at Seven Hills (where I was raised). I’m at the old stove, heating up left over pie and making scrambled eggs. This disturbs me because it’s too much food and I feel I should finish the leftovers and shouldn’t have made the eggs. I know I’ve been dreaming a lot and I’m anxious to remember them all, so I’m mentally reviewing them. While I cook, I notice my arms are covered in writing in black ink. This disturbs me because I cannot remember having done it myself and I wonder who could have done this to me. I think such things happen in dreams and that I’m probably dreaming right now but I’m happy to go along with the dream because I feel too tired to do anything else. Something causes the door into the laundry to open and I walk out there to see the back door nudged open by Bella. I welcome her and realise that this dream is very similar to the one I read in Newfreedom’s journal.

I walk into the living room. My laptop is sitting open on the lounge. Something odd glitches across it and fascinates me momentarily. Something else plays briefly, some kind of cartoon with a singing superhero in blue. I know it’s time to get up and record my dreams.

It seems like you feel that you have too much dream material to record. Though you find it nourishing in general (the food analogy), you think there's too much of it as you haven't processed the old stuff (the leftovers) fully and still new stuff is coming in. You feel like you have an "armful" of writing up to do. The door to the laundry room might act as a reminder that this could be an opportunity (door) to cleanse (laundry, connotation of seeing it as a chore) your astral elemental (loyal, friendly dog primarily driven by sensation and instinct).


27th July 2011, 09:37 AM
Maybe an insight in that anything in nonphysical reality is consciousness, and hence "alive." (Flesh is a bit of a over-the-top symbol for "alive"). The video shows more the conventional viewpoint when we ignore the consciousness aspect of that reality and see it more utilitarian in terms of its function. It's like a comparison between what reality looks like if the consciousness sense is on and off, maybe, for contrast.

It seems like you feel that you have too much dream material to record. Though you find it nourishing in general (the food analogy), you think there's too much of it as you haven't processed the old stuff (the leftovers) fully and still new stuff is coming in. You feel like you have an "armful" of writing up to do.

I hadn't considered these, Oliver. Yeah, I like that!:thumbsup:

27th July 2011, 01:08 PM
I’m a man but not disturbed by it as I usually am when I discover this in dreams. Essentially, I feel I’m the same person. I’m operating a hotel and I’ve just finished cleaning out in the foyer. I ask a female assistant to find me three motherly women to complete a job for me. They arrive and I instruct them that it’s their task to greet the visitors warmly. They are happy to do it and set off determinedly. I’m pleased with their response.

Male&female appearences in dreams for me often have to do with the balance of our inner yin+yang energies. (the more when we look at a dream from the thesis/view that all dream-actors are an inner self-part) To me it seems a strong contrast you`ve choosed here. Here you are 1 male who calls 3 female (on top motherly females, which means a lot of yin) to complete a job for you. Yin-qualities are expressed in absorptive and receptive,- rather than in active or mental, qualities. Is it possible that you are currently looking for or trying to generate more yin-energy+qualities to be in balance?

27th July 2011, 09:38 PM
Thank you, Istia. I welcome any insights related to gender in my dreams. I often have dreams of the nature where male and female qualities are represented. Usually, it's the male aspects that I have difficulty manifesting/accepting/ integrating but this seems a good sign then.

Kali's Child
28th July 2011, 02:29 AM
I would call this dream a good sign too. I've not had a dream where I was female, but I did have one where a woman and I were grooming each other, and when we turned to look in the mirror our heads were on the same body. This is something straight out of an alchemical text!

28th July 2011, 07:05 AM
Wow, that is interesting, KC. You do have interesting dreams!

If anyone wishes to direct me to somewhere I can read/listen to all about alchemy in a straightforward uninitiated way, I would be grateful.8)

Kali's Child
28th July 2011, 08:04 AM
'Jung & the Alchemical Imagination' by Jeffery Raff is a pretty fantastic book.

I believe I told you before about the experience I had being perplexed by a BIG dream and then reading the same dream in a book a few days later, right? This was the book!

28th July 2011, 09:49 AM
Yes, you did. Okay, that sounds great!:D

28th July 2011, 09:42 PM
29th July, 2011.
“The Doctor, the Little Girl and Pursuing Bella.”
I’m at the doctors. He’s an unusual looking man, slightly plump with squinty eyes. He seems to be foreign somehow, maybe from Russia. I’m waiting for him but he’s busy. Apparently, in the past, he has fixed my vision and now I’ve come to him for help with my hearing.

In the waiting room is a little girl with long blond hair. She’s about 10 and has found a colouring book that I’d flicked through previously. She’s not drawn to any of the images because they depict things like the sky with clouds and sun and, on another page, a repeating pattern meant to represent rain. I can see the artistry in them but I also understand why a child wouldn’t. She settles on the page with the sun and the clouds but she thinks there won’t be much she can do in regards to colour on that page. Someone has started it already though, using yellow and orange for the sun. We talk about how it doesn’t have to be a blue sky with white clouds, how she can include sunset colours like pinks and red and orange. This pleases her and she sets to colouring.

My dog suddenly takes my attention as it streaks through the doctor’s office and down a corridor. Without questioning why I’ve even brought her, I head off in pursuit. We’re outside, running by a suburban backyard. I see two black cats stalking various birds (IRL yesterday, Bella pursued a cat that was stalking birds in the forest). It’s all very vivid and I notice an unusual type of chicken with an odd head shape. I notice it has offspring and the head changes slightly as the bird matures but both birds have a red head.

“Adventures with Rose”
There’s something on at work. The boys are lining up at various doors to get tickets to something. Physically, the school is unrecognisable with a different configuration of buildings to RL. I hop on a line and I’m quickly at the front but when I start to go through the door I baulk, unsure if I’m entering an area that’s private for the boys such as a change shed (locker room). Again I get on a line but fail to see it to the end of the process.

Now I’m with Rose P, the language teacher. We’re having lunch at a small table in a public venue with Rose’s husband (whom I’ve never met IRL) and two strangers. Apparently we’re sharing a table because there’s a shortage. I’m trying to understand the nature of the lines. Rose is a bit impatient with me but explains that the boys were lining to buy tickets to some kind of women’s sporting event. I assume it will happen at the school but she corrects me, surprised that I really know nothing about this big event. Rose has bought tickets but I have no interest.

Now I’m at Rose’s house. I’m looking at a long shelf against a wall with a row of pottery and glass jars and vases on it. I detect some movement and then a little display begins. Little people in fairy tale dress begin to pop up out of the vases. They’re quite mesmerising to witness because of the human way they move. I try to figure out is they’re puppets or mechanical wind-ups. They’re quite amazing.

Now I’m sitting on a sofa or possibly something wider like a bed. Rose’s “children,” two boys sit with us and I think G is to my left as a silent presence. IRL, I imagine Rose’s children would be adults and I don’t even know if she has children. I notice one boy in particular, a slightly pudgy child of about 8, who sits diagonally opposite me. In post dream lucidity, I realise he’s a child version of the doctor from the previous dream. I interact with him and, in the abbreviated way of dreams, he’s suddenly right next to me and I’m tickling him on the tummy. He responds with laughter but I know that he’s not really feeling anything at all.

G’s snoring wakes me. I try to return to sleep but, because G has a cold, his snoring is continuous. I relax myself and eventually some hypnogogics result. I see a vision screen but it seems to be floating off at an angle rather than flat like a movie screen. I’m waiting for it to align normally planning to phase but the snoring is too loud and too persistent and then the clock radio sounds.

29th July 2011, 10:58 PM
Ahh thanks for clear it up, Beekeeper. So its more the other way around.
I myself have had lately also male/female dreams which was quite new to me as there appeared Hermaphrodit-like beings several times, so to say male+female in one. Dont know, but had the feeling that it either shows that I could not yet decide which quality/ energy rather to express, or it was a symbol for that there happens some sort of equilibruum of both energies. In fact when I look at what had happened lately in reality it is as well a kind of indecision/inbetween these 2 energies as also I feel a much stronger union of male&female within than before, expecially referring to a certain life-situation. Its funny or a paradox or just life with its exciting journey through reality and other-world-experiences as a multi-level-being, whereby learning&growing never stops :)

29th July 2011, 11:29 PM
Interesting, Istia. I think it's good that you're aware of these energies within and you're able to work with them in your journey towards self-remembering.

I recently listened to Dr Ernest Hartman on Anne Hill Dream Radio (some excellent interviews there, btw)http://annehill.org/dream-talk-radio/podcasts/page/2/ and while I didn't listen real well because I was cleaning, the gist was that he'd researched people on their boundaries and correlated that research with other things, such as their dream experiences. It seems people with a less pronounced sense of boundaries have more vivid and frequent dream recall and are more prone to nightmares and mental illness :|. Perhaps seeing hermaphrodites is an indicator of a lesser need to clearly delineate male and female. For me, it sometimes works in my dreams that I'll see prominent gay people. I can remember one not so long ago with KDLang (a performer I really like) and the gay character from Glee together. In my real life experience, one of my sisters used to be my brother, so I guess I'm not too black-and-white about gender lines.:wink:

29th July 2011, 11:31 PM
30th July, 2011.

“J Steals”

J has stolen $100000. Somehow, the money was mistakenly given to her and she has held onto it. We discuss options: returning it or concealing it. It seems she’s leaning towards the latter. I don’t mind what she does either way; I won’t expose her. Eventually, she decides that she doesn’t want the money but, because she’s held onto it too long, she needs to find a stealthy way to return it. I help her do this. We are in a place that looks like a post office or a bank and she leaves the money and a letter. I’m aware that she has touched the letter and I’m hoping her fingerprints cannot be lifted. I’m glad I haven’t touched it.

Now I’m in “my” room, pulling a dress up over my head. There’s another dress underneath it but this doesn’t stop me screaming when a tall, slightly stooped, seventies-looking detective enters my room. The scream feels totally false: I’m neither worried for my modesty nor shocked that someone has unexpectedly entered my room.

I’m sitting on the floor now, the detective beside me. He’s actually very kind but I sense his high intelligence and I believe he suspects that I can tell him about J’s crime. He’s speaking close to my ear about what he believes has happened, without making any accusations. Simultaneously, he’s softly adjusting my ear with his hands. Somehow I trust him.

Note: Odd that in the previous night’s dream I attend a doctor to have my ears looked to and in this dream a detective seems to be making these adjustments.

“Chinese Vendor”

G and I have gone to the city. We’re on a busy street with lots of traffic. There’s an open-air stand where you can buy food. The vendor is Chinese, a young man of around 30. G orders something and then takes off on an unknown errand, leaving me to wait. I ask for whatever it was that G ordered. The man gives me the food that looks like an Asian dish and I ask if it’s chicken. He says that it’s ham, which surprises me because it doesn’t look like ham and that’s not a choice G would make. I eat some of the food, without tasting it. Taste isn’t a very frequent dream sense for me but at least I get to eat, usually my dreams deny me the consumption of the food.

While I wait for G, the vendor and I hit it off. I’m seated on a concrete platform with steps and he sits beside me showing me an array of things in a small, hinged box. We converse for a while. What I recall upon waking is seeing an array of round items like bandaids (sticking plasters). Some are really, really small and this fascinates me.

I’m still waiting and the vendor is now talking to an unknown person. I can see myself from behind. I catch a snippet of what the vendor says, “She’s a really nice lady.” I think he must be talking about someone else because surely he wouldn’t talk about me in earshot but he says a bit more and I know he’s talking about me.

“Mario’s Strawberries”

I’m watching Mario, one of the music teachers at work, reaching across a raised garden bed towards a strawberry plant. There’s a third person present who comments every so often but whom I cannot see. My focus is directed forwards and I sometimes wonder with dreams like this whether there’d be any scenery if I looked left or right. Mario is pulling on a stem that is laden with juicy red strawberries. The plant doesn’t want to yield up its fruit, however, so I instruct, “Use two hands, Mario.” There’s a humorous admonishment in my tone and Mario smiles sheepishly, knowing this was always the sensible approach. He climbs up on the garden and begins to pick strawberries. He's taking a final bunch when the unknown person tells him there are insects on those particular strawberries. I feel a little affronted by this. Clearly, I’ve identified these strawberries as something I’ve grown organically and I didn’t know there was anything wrong with them. I wonder what the insects may be: ants or aphids? I can’t see anything wrong at all.

Notes: I’m not sure why I’ve started dreaming about people at work that I don’t see that often or know that well. I wonder if this trend will continue? Mario is a lovely, easy-going, guy and, from what I can discern, a really good teacher.

I don’t often hear my voice in my dreams. Usually my conversations are a bit one-sided, with me doing most of the listening. Often when I do talk, it seems like mental communication (such as with the little girl about the colouring in book). This one seemed more like hearing yourself talk IRL.

Deja vu teaching yoga during Thursday morning class.

Lots of falling during hypnogogics lately.

30th July 2011, 10:03 PM
It looks like there was a point to the recent hospital dreams because that's where I ended up yesterday. I started the day feeling fine, right up to taking Bella for a walk and watching a whale. It was then that my vision started going funny.

Then we were taking H to his game (he'd returned sick from the skills camp but felt he could play some of it - they rely on him a lot). We dropped him off for warm-ups and went to the produce markets. My eyes wouldn't focus right and the auric disturbances had increased. I asked G if we could see if the doctors were open so I could get some Zomig.

They were open but they said I'd have to wait, so G sent F (our eldest) to sit with me for a while and went off to watch H. I sat with my eyes closed listening for my name.

Long story shorter, G replaced F and began what turned out to be something of a vigil. I was given a bag and was copiously sick. Then I asked for the bathroom, where I was sick some more. The doctor was saying things about my heart and dehydration and neurology and I was too out of it to care. My head hurts so much when I'm having a migraine that I'm always privately sure I'm having a stroke. It didn't help that the first time I had one, 14 years ago while I was expecting my youngest, this was the doctor's diagnosis! The paramedic was partiicularly kind, being a migraine sufferer herself and kept crooning soft words of comfort.

The docor called an abulance that took two hours to come. G was upset and kept saying he'd take me but the doctor wouldn't let him. They took me to the hospital, the ambulance men were really kind and I was sick again. There were a lot of questions from hospital staff whom I answered often without opening my eyes. There was torch light in my eyes, warm blankets (I was so cold), hospital noise, needles and an IV. I was there until 9pm. Poor G spent the entire time by my bed. At one stage our friend Phil who works there as a radiographer had a coffe with him.

My doctor was an Asian lady, Chinese I think. Towards the end, she sat beside me and spoke gently, ascertaining certain things. She told me about a woman she'd recently seen who'd had symptoms like mine who'd had an enormous brain tumour. She explained they'd been weighing up a lumbar puncture and a cat scan for me and said if my symptoms continued I'd have to return for these . She wanted to know if I'd had any falls (I'd tripped that morning walking down a ramp with washing because our back deck isn't built yet but hadn't hit my head) or memory lapses. G told her that in the last two weeks I'd kept forgetting things mid-sentence but I explained this often resulted from me from having too much too to do.

Later she spoke to me again and her energy felt like that of the Chinese vendor from the previous night's dream. G was somewhere else, apparently, because I'd asked him if he'd heard the conversation. She began telling me how she admired teachers and that she wouldn't be where she was without a particular teacher. I told her that I admired doctors and also that I liked being a teacher, that I'd met some exceptional people that way. Then she looked a few moments in my eyes and said, "I like your face, you're really pretty." It seems odd now, but it didn't then. I liked her face too and when women in our 40s say things like that to each other, we know it means something different to when you say it to a 20 something.:lol: It was like the Chinese DC calling me "A really nice lady."

P.s. This has taken ages to type because my eyes are still acting weird.

Kali's Child
31st July 2011, 03:39 PM
Oh jeez.... How are you feeling now?

I'm gonna go light a stick of incense and ask for your return to full health, It's all I know to do.

31st July 2011, 09:04 PM
Hello, Beek.

I hope it's something minor. When I get dehydrated in the sun, bad stuff happens for me.

Get well soon!

31st July 2011, 09:33 PM
It was a migraine, guys. They were a bit anxious in case it was a stroke - but it wasn't.:D

1st August, 2011.

The hypnogogic imagery post migraine has been incredible. It’s as though REM sleep has been switched on indefinitely. I spent Saturday with a need to sleep frequently and with little energy for anything else. No sooner would my head hit the pillow and the dream would begin. All kinds of people popped in and I had frequent false awakenings too. It was very peculiar!

When I hit the pillow last night, I decided that if it was still occurring I’d play with it a little.

Closed eyes: Knitting needles with a mottled mauve wool against a black background. The needles are moving and the thread is blowing slightly. I open my eyes and they’re still perfectly obvious against the black of the room.

I want to see if I can use intention to make the knitting grow. It works but the image dims slightly.

I’m looking down on a man in the shower. I can really see his hands as he washes himself with soap.

I’m looking over the rim of a coffee cup. The cup is rotating slowly and is largely shadowed except for an area of light on the rim that I follow with my eye.

I have a bird’s eye view of a hatch into some type of submarine. It’s painted a rust colour, which seems wrong to me. Now I rise up and I can see that it’s moving forward and it’s exceedingly long. There’s a long black spike at the front with small black balls in clusters along it. It looks like something out of a sci-fi. Doesn’t seem a logical design.

Bits and pieces of dreams
I’m taken up by a swarm of bees. I remember the noise and being lifted and surrounded and feeling it was cartoonish. There was no pain and it was hard to remember it even happened.

There’s a pregnant woman who needs a lift to work. We apparently work together and she expects a lift on the back of a motorcycle. I tell her I’ll find a car instead.

I know she would like to gather some flowers for a vase when she returns from work. I decide to do this. I go outside and watch a duck in clothing waddle past me. I stop and watch it for a while. I wonder if I should talk to it. I don’t know what this is supposed to mean, what I’m supposed to do but I know it’s something I’m supposed to react to in a particular way.

I’m in the house (one I find dark and a bit run down) preparing the flowers. The stems are too short and the flowers keep dipping under the water and getting wet. I get them right and then the water turns to mud.

There are others in the room, neighbours. I turn to a water cooler to get clean water for the flowers but I feel that I shouldn’t use the drinking water like that. I see a tap but it has some contraption on it that I don’t know how to loosen. I lose my temper and ask a girl that looks like Miley Syrus how you use this tap. She fixes it for me and I complete the task.

Now there are a group of us walking home. My niece has a mobile phone and it rings. She holds it upside down and too far from her face. I show her how to use it properly. She tells me it’s Dad with a message from Jane that my course is resuming tomorrow.

I feel anxious now. This is a postgraduate course I began in the dream world but never finished. It catches up with me every so often and it makes me anxious because I have to travel to Sydney Uni to do it and continue working in Wollongong. I don’t know how I’ll cope.

1st August 2011, 09:18 AM
I go outside and watch a duck in clothing waddle past me. I stop and watch it for a while. I wonder if I should talk to it. I don’t know what this is supposed to mean, what I’m supposed to do but I know it’s something I’m supposed to react to in a particular way.

Probably a platypus in disguise. :lol: ;)

1st August 2011, 09:53 AM
Oh, Oliver, that cracked me up!:lol:

You know someone at work suggested that the ongoing hypnogogics was probably a sign that one of the shots of painkiller they gave me at the hospital was an opiate and took a day to leave my system. Now, that's a real possibility! (Of course, my colleagues started referring to me as "the junky" after that :roll:)

1st August 2011, 10:22 AM
Coming to think of it, I once read a lengthy article that tried to prove NDEs didn't exist by discussing a landmark case and how the NDE must have been a side effect of the narcotic used. Never mind all the other NDEs that didn't happen in the 70s without that medication and not during surgery. Skoff-tics. :roll:

Having said that, I'm just glad you're okay again. :)

3rd August 2011, 04:23 AM
3rd August, 2011.

I’m pretty certain the order of these dreams is hopelessly wrong. I don’t recall it as simultaneous, as I have with other many dreams recently, but I just don’t remember the order.

G and I are playing with a new puppy we’ve bought ourselves, a furry German shepherd. G is particularly attached. There’s no real plot, just playing with the puppy. It’s an extremely tactile dream and I really feel the animal’s soft furriness. We are located outside and the pup races between us and a ute, where it jumps up onto the tray. I'm loving this pup but I'm not used to the family pet showing a preference for G.:-)

We’re heading back to the house. I think it’s getting dark and I’m getting tired. There are some flying lounge cushions under my feet and I try to distribute my weight across them so I can lie down and go to sleep. It's a bit of a balancing act but I make it back to the door that way.

I awaken in a rambling house where a breeze blows. Immediately I go to work ironing and folding clothes (I did this before bed, a backlog from the weekend). I soon realise it’s night time and I still have time to sleep but I decide to go on with my work anyway so I can get ahead in my tasks.

Helen L is awake doing the same thing, except she runs around frantically, complaining she has no time and she can’t stop. I’m critical of this, as I am IRL, because she makes herself literally ill and never takes a moment to enjoy herself. I cannot understand why Helen’s life should be so difficult: she was unable to have children and she lives frugally, yet she works from morning to bed and she feels ever exploited and unappreciated.

I see an orange beach towel folded neatly on an armchair. I can’t place it. I don’t remember buying it for anyone but I think about whose birthday is next (Ashley, my niece’s) and decide I must have bought it for her and forgotten.

A slip of paper the size of a cheque appears flies towards my face. It clearly has the words, “Bad check,” typed all over it (spelt the American way).:banghead:

Now I’m with two children- a little girl, whom I see, and a smaller boy, who is just an idea. I treat them as my own, though they’re much smaller than my sons. They’ve woken too and morning is approaching. One has heard a noise and we’re investigating, holding hands and walking together. We walk out through some double doors of our house and find ourselves in a stylish shopping arcade. This stops me in my tracks for a moment. I wonder how I could have forgotten this was attached to our house. I'm pleased it's there, thinking it very pretty and handy.

Remote Viewing: On Monday, as I was driving to work, I briefly saw my car and the traffic aerially. I didn’t “leave my body” ; I just “saw” the view superimposed over my vision as I do sometimes when I’m driving home and I “see” a parcel on my doorstep. I couldn’t figure any reason for it; it didn't act as warning.
Then, on Tuesday as I was entering my house after walking the dog, in a hurry because I was running an additional early class for my seniors, I wondered what the time was. In response, a vision of a digital clock superimposed itself and I read the time: 7.52. I was rushing but there was no way I was going to dismiss this without checking accuracy, so I ducked in to my garage, opened my car door and looked at the clock: 7.52.

P.s. Got an ugly, massive bruise on my arm from where they took blood the other day!

3rd August 2011, 04:21 PM
Hello, Beek.

Helen L is awake doing the same thing, except she runs around frantically, complaining she has no time and she can’t stop. I’m critical of this, as I am IRL, because she makes herself literally ill and never takes a moment to enjoy herself. I cannot understand why Helen’s life should be so difficult: she was unable to have children and she lives frugally, yet she works from morning to bed and she feels ever exploited and unappreciated.

Here her and your condition are put into contrast to show you something about the nature of the mental elemental. The key to seeing this is the mental elemental portrayed is her running around frantically - her mind is racing.

You say she's working all the time - now wonder she feels exploited, but that puts the responsibility entirely elsewhere, diminishing the role her own choices play. By no work and no other nourishing activities she overstimulates the mental elemental, leading to it being constantly agitated. She can't stop because her mind keeps going to the program she puts it in. The next task, the next task, the next task...

As her mind gets no rest her capacity for anything is diminished. There's no relaxation, which is felt as "having no time." Which rather means "having no time to enjoy life." The overstimulation of the mental pushes out all capability to enjoy life. Enjoying life needs space. The more space you have within, the less activities are truly experienced as chores. Space gets diminished when needs go unsatisfied.

In contrast you can actually get ahead of your work because you don't have your mental elemental in such a condition. By having fulfilled your needs (including for sleep) you find the space to do the extra. Which leads to the paradox that those actually taking time to fulfill their needs may also outperform those that know only work. Even if not, they certainly enjoy life more, and have not much reason to complain, plenty of lifeforce and are in comparison better warded against illness.


3rd August 2011, 09:58 PM
Yes, Oliver, I can identify with Helen but I had unpleasant experiences that sent me in a different direction and I refuse to lose the life/work balance. I hope Helen will change because I really like her but these things are often inculturation.

4th August, 2011.

“In the nick of time.”
I’m driving too fast through suburban streets when my brake fails. I try to pull into the gutter but there are numerous people scattered along and I’d kill someone. I’m heading towards a double storey red brick house and I know my car will cause substantial damage if I don’t do something so I take my foot off the accelerator and the car stops.

“RP’s Babies”
I seem to be sharing a house with Roseanne P. She is very pregnant but she also already has at least two other children. I am with one of those, a particularly unappealing little baby with a wrinkly face and a tendency to biting. I scold her and make her behave herself. That said, I’ve been mindlessly aggressive towards Roseanne, blocking the door as she was coming through and thumping her belly. I can’t understand why I would have done such a thing, especially to an expectant mother, and Roseanne is complaining vociferously. I realise that that endangered her baby and now I put a hand on her tummy to feel that everything is all right.

Roseanne is folding a cotton kiddy sheet, one I used to have for my kids, a hand-me-down that comes with a set of associations. She is showing her a stain on it from where a visiting child threw up on it. I think it wrong that she’s teaching such young children to talk behind people’s backs. This reminds me of how vain and superficial she is and I look again at the baby’s face, surprised to see that she’s not at all attractive, despite her parents’ good looks. I wonder how that genetic mix came about;
Note: IRL, Roseanne was, for me at least, an unusually vain person (as was the person who handed down the baby sheet). Blond and blue eyed, she used to boast that she had chosen her husband for his superior good looks and intelligence and that she felt intelligent, beautiful people had a duty to have more children. She ended up having 5 or 6. She was one of those people who always gave me the impression that her friendship was based on her ideas of your social acceptability and not much else. I always took her lightly because she was considerably younger than me.

“Flight with the Boys”
I’m flying down a road where, beneath me, are people in bathers and I’m struggling against the wind. I’m entering the gates of a school with the others. I meet a woman whom, for some reason, I think is a golfer (?) and she’s telling me she doesn’t fly much anymore herself. She’s tall and has a hard, thin body and bobbed, curly light brown hair. I tell her I really like flying but I’m having trouble remaining steady in the wind. She flies up beside me and that stabilises me now. She suggests we go get a coffee and we fly further into the school.

Now I’m flying down corridors, over the heads of high school students most of who react as though it’s perfectly normal and ignore me. Some, however, join me. It takes the first few a few moments to remember how to do it but I keep reminding them they’ve done it before and eventually they’re all up. While I fly with them I briefly consider some aerial acrobatics but decide against it because I’m not feeling confident. We fly joyfully to the other edges of the school and then one of the boys says, “I don’t want to go any further.” The others agree and I’m happy to respect their desires to remain within the school boundaries. I look out over at the modern brick buildings that border the school and wonder what the complex is, deciding that it’s a retirement village.

Now the boys are on benches around a table. Brock W, a highly intelligent boy I teach IRL, is experimenting with fire. He has found someone’s discarded pay receipt and he’s trying to skeletonise it to see if he can leave the writing in tact. He sets it on fire but it soon appears it will continue to burn and possibly burn down the table so I go to his side of the table and blow it out. It takes a couple of breaths and then another boy (a lovely boy that from the chess club I accompanied to a competition yesterday) pours water over what’s left. We all look close to see if Brock has been successful and I see a name, something foreign and hard to pronounce.

Now we’re on the return flight. I’m playing with the experience, running on air.

4th August 2011, 08:01 AM
Hmm, car ended up in the shop today. Wonder if the two car dreams were a little more literal than I was thinking. Very inconvenient, will have to catch a train to attend an conference in Sydney tomorrow. Will be up around 5am, so I doubt there will be a dream entry for Friday.

4th August 2011, 08:45 AM
Hello, Beek.

I agree about the car dream, that one seemed more literal - especially in hindsight. ;)

“RP’s Babies”
I seem to be sharing a house with Roseanne P. She is very pregnant but she also already has at least two other children. I am with one of those, a particularly unappealing little baby with a wrinkly face and a tendency to biting. I scold her and make her behave herself. That said, I’ve been mindlessly aggressive towards Roseanne, blocking the door as she was coming through and thumping her belly. I can’t understand why I would have done such a thing, especially to an expectant mother, and Roseanne is complaining vociferously. I realise that that endangered her baby and now I put a hand on her tummy to feel that everything is all right.

Roseanne is folding a cotton kiddy sheet, one I used to have for my kids, a hand-me-down that comes with a set of associations. She is showing her a stain on it from where a visiting child threw up on it. I think it wrong that she’s teaching such young children to talk behind people’s backs. This reminds me of how vain and superficial she is and I look again at the baby’s face, surprised to see that she’s not at all attractive, despite her parents’ good looks. I wonder how that genetic mix came about;
Note: IRL, Roseanne was, for me at least, an unusually vain person (as was the person who handed down the baby sheet). Blond and blue eyed, she used to boast that she had chosen her husband for his superior good looks and intelligence and that she felt intelligent, beautiful people had a duty to have more children. She ended up having 5 or 6. She was one of those people who always gave me the impression that her friendship was based on her ideas of your social acceptability and not much else. I always took her lightly because she was considerably younger than me.

I'm going on a tangent here, but this is what it feels like to me:

You seem to be teaching yourself how to understand people from the elemental perspective at night. Here again the key is a 3 - two children born and one one the way. First Helen L and now Roseanne P serve a templates for different energy body configurations.

The information that she is highly pregnant might mean that her mental elemental is still developing, not fully formed, which would make her a rather young soul. The ugly baby you hold could be her astral elemental, where she is predominantly focussed. As she is vain her outer beauty is certainly not matched by inner beauty, and her elemental represents this as being ugly, and not getting what it needs (heart-to-heart connection, which she prevents by her vain choices in whom to associate with). The elemental is reactive (it tends to bite) due to unprocessed emotions.

This might actually also explain your reaction to her - what you think as endangering the baby. When being around people with lots of unprocessed material in their astral elemental this tends to trigger reactivity in yourself. It's like reverberating with a bad vibe, like there's some people that you cannot even stand yourself when being around them. Being within the field of such a person can trigger negative reactions and responses that have much more to do with what they are than with what you are (though not entirely, else you would be completely unaffected - but who is that enlightened?). This source of the outburst of negativity is also pointed at - the puke of one of her children, meaning the outpouring of negativity from one of her elementals (puke = unpleasant = unpleasantness). Such reactivity can override our usual, better selves. What you're lashing out against is her personality (mental elemental), here present as the unborn.

So, here you have already two case studies of configurations in the lower three bodies - Helen L represents a personality where mental elemental tendencies get out bounds and you get shown what the consequences are - not being able to mentally relax and enjoy life. And here you see what a person would look like with an underdeveloped (baby) astral elemental with unprocessed energy. It's kind of like exploring the symptoms to get more knowledge about the causes.


4th August 2011, 09:13 AM
I did see the ugly baby as the ugly product of vanity and quite possibly an elemental. I haven't seen Roseanne for years and, really, she's not a very important person in the grand scheme. I did see her as a young soul but likeable enough, most the time. The baby that spewed was actually the other person I associate with vanity, Cynthia's, kid. Roseanne reacted to that in the dream, though she never knew Cynthia IRL.

I think I've dreamt about both people recently because they represent qualities I try to moderate in myself. I probably did repress a bit of annoyance towards Roseanne. It probably wouldn't have done her much harm if I'd occasionally expressed at least surprise at some of the things she used to say!:lol:

5th August 2011, 10:12 PM
6th August, 2011.

“Hole in the sand”
This dream has a bit of an Australiana feel. I’m inside a room – a shop I think – where the floor is uneven and covered by sand. The building is a wooden shack. The owner is concerned about a rumble in the ground and we (there’s at least 1 other person there, possibly G) are speculating on what has been causing the noise. The owner believes there’s a kangaroo that has burrowed underground. This, of course, makes no sense as kangaroos don’t burrow and I decide the proprietor means a wombat.* We’re looking around when suddenly my foot slips through the sand into a hole. The sensation is dramatic and alarming. Even though the others react with pleased excitement, I don’t know what else is down there in that hole. I calm myself and begin to move my foot to see how big a space it is and if I can dislodge it. I decide that I will be able to remove my foot.

*Maybe I should do reality checks IRL whenever I mentally allow for such errors in other people's conversation.

“The Talented Child”
I have a son who is a mixture of Harry Potter and Michael Jackson. He looks like Harry Potter but he moves like Michael Jackson. I also have a daughter who tries to imitate her brother’s dance moves but can’t pull it off.

“Perfect Hanumanasana”
I’m doing the splits in a classroom, wondering why there’s absolutely no sense of muscle strain and why both sides feel equally easy. Helen K asks me how I do it so easy and I tell her that it’s unusually easy today. I bring my chest to my thigh to try to increase the challenge but there’s no difference.

I’m speaking to Peter C, who recently retired IRL. I’m asking him if he’s enjoying his freedom and he confirms that this is indeed so but then he admits that he finds being so much with his wife stressful at times.

“Hobbit people”
I appear to be a very small person, like a hobbit. I’m interacting with a married couple who are also small people. The woman is wildly in love with her husband. That’s all I remember, except looking down and seeing that I’m naked and lacking pubic hair.

“Hermione and Harry in the Rapids”
I’m a child- probably a young Hermione Granger - in a swirling river. An equally young version of Harry Potter is with me. Someone has destroyed a ship that was in the river and now pieces of debris flow rapidly and dangerously towards us. We use magic to deflect it but every so often we’re hit by something, for instance, a bowling pin. It’s a very vivid dream with tremendous sense of movement and powerful visuals.

Kali's Child
6th August 2011, 05:44 AM
I didn't realize Hanuman had his own asana. I had to look that one up, and all I can say is "ouch!"

6th August 2011, 07:40 AM
Nah, it's great fun!:lol:

Hey, I'm reading this right now http://www.kurtleland.com/astral-projection-log/2010/199-the-lowest-four-subplanes-of-the-astral-plane It explains Kurt's concept of the elementals. Thought you might be interested.

7th August 2011, 09:18 PM
7th August, 2011.

I’m driving way too fast. I’m convinced I’m going in the opposite direction to home but G has told me this is the right direction and to keep going. I change lanes without looking and think to myself how dangerous this is. Suddenly a window that divides the front from the back slides down. J’s there and she begins talking excitedly. She tells me to stop the car and jumps in the passenger seat. I tell her I’m unsure about direction but she seems to be confident that we’re heading the right way.

7th August 2011, 09:20 PM
8th August, 2011.

The first dream I recall for the night is an anxiety dream. I’m due to do my HSC English exam (the major high school exam in New South Wales) and I haven’t even read the texts. I’m wondering how I can pull myself out of this one but can't devise a plan.

Note: I suspect this is because I haven’t seen my senior class for the last two lessons, having been out on an excursion and an in-service on respective occasions. Their own HSC is nearing rapidly, there’s still a tremendous amount to be done and I don’t have a lot of faith that the majority would have used the lessons fruitfully and done the work I left them. At the same time, I’m also aware that I cycle monthly through a hormonal pattern and this is the time at which anxiety dreams usually arise. A headache plagued me all day yesterday.

“Seniors become Juniors” (Lucid)
I’m back at school now but as a teacher. I’m in front of my senior class, about to teach them when I notice that they’ve changed. They’re now juniors and none of them recognisable. I know I’m dreaming and I stand there for a moment wondering what I’ll do now but I immediately sense that there will be no stability and it fades and I wake.

"Blanket for Church"
I’m back at school and still a teacher, walking across an open space towards the church I attended when I was in primary school. I realise I’m wearing pyjamas and carrying a sheet and a blanket. This won’t do, I’ll need to leave these back in the staffroom so I’m about turn back the other way. Heading towards me, however, is a friendly Maori; a maintenance guy I don’t remember seeing before who chats to me for a while before the dream alters.

Now I’m walking beside junior students, a grey railing to my left, heading towards my staffroom from my old school. I’m moving strangely, as if on a conveyor belt, even though it’s still of my own volition. I’m singing “Devil inside” and I seem to know the lyrics, though I doubt I know them in waking life. My voice sounds really clear and melodious.

I wake after this dream and lie there waiting for sleep to return. I think I’ll try a conscious AP exit because I’ve been meaning to try that again. So, I lie still. While my preference is my right side, my right arm is still surprisingly bruised and sore from last week’s foray to hospital where the male nurse had a challenging time taking blood. I tend to believe I don’t dream on the left side (though I probably do given that I occasionally see hypnogogics lying that way) so I lie on my back. To keep my mind awake, I make the occasional affirmation and mentally twitch an etheric finger. I ask for help if I need it. This works after a remarkably short period and I begin to exit without vibrations or need of an exit method. I don’t go anywhere though, which is fine with me: I just wanted to make sure I could still do it. I do love those crazy OBE sensations!

“Social gathering and premature pets”
The next dreams are kind of icky. A man brings a kitten into a social gathering. I look at it and deem it much too small to have been taken from its mother. I hold it in my right hand and it latches onto my finger (a powerfully tactile sensation). I’m worried for it but also a little repulsed by it. It appears others have brought in similarly small creatures and, when we put them in a little grouping, they begin to latch onto one another.

I converse with a tall, thin man of fifty-ish with poor teeth. He compliments a girl, whom I only see from behind, for looking like me, her mother. I know she’s not my daughter and wonder briefly if it’s my sister, J.

“Dog and rabbit latch on”
I’m sitting on a nature strip with Lourdes (whom I had lunch with yesterday). We’re talking and I’m leaning on my hand, which is behind me. This is my left hand. A small dog bolts out of the door of the house we’re in front of. It latches on to my left hand with the same sort of suction effect of the cat from the previous dream. This feels repulsive and I look at what’s going on. There’s also a small rabbit latched onto my hand. The dog is moving in a way that appears obscene so I rise and take hold of a hose and wash the animals off my hand. The house owner has watched me through the window and looks threatening but I’m defiant.

8th August 2011, 09:14 PM
9th August, 2011.
“Unfocussed teacher”
I have two new students arrive for a yoga class at home, a married couple. IRL, I did have two new students, friends of existing students, but these dream students are in addition and it feels like I have to put on another class for them on the following day. In this dream, I have no commitment; I feel I want to do other things and so I start the lesson and wander away. I occasionally return to it with a mild sense of responsibility but, ultimately, I don’t give a proper lesson. On one occasion, I’m not even fully dressed.
In between, I wander upstairs in a large mansion. The floor has an airy, spacious feel and white curtains billow at the windows. The walls are white too. I’m watching a woman on the same level, across the void. She’s talking, trying to explain to someone (as if for a documentary but there aren’t any cameras or interviewers) something that happened when her kitchen was redesigned. She’s explaining that it was a rounded design and, because she wasn’t used to it, fraught with some dangers.

Was thinking about the sensations associated with that brief OBE yesterday and it struck me my emerging energy body felt much like a physical body would feel being born. Imagine the way live young are delivered wet and slippery and their limbs flop about with the momentum of expulsion and you’ve understood the “physical” sensation of the brief, clumsy OBE - except it was energetic.

Kali's Child
9th August 2011, 06:35 AM
Thanks for that link! I think that might have been just what I needed on a number of levels (no pun intended)
I couldn't find the next part of the article though. I really wanted to see where it was going...

9th August 2011, 08:41 AM
You'll have to wait for the September newsletter, Kali's Child.:-)

Kali's Child
9th August 2011, 08:51 AM

9th August 2011, 09:05 PM

10th August, 2011.

“The Disc cards”
A teacher, a woman older than me, is projecting a large display across a long wall. There’s an older male student beside me. The images are divided off into rectangles and appear to be cards like the tarot, although I don’t really recognise them as tarot. They’re in colour and a little too large for their frames or I’m too close to them so I find it hard to see each individual image as completely as I’d like. The man beside me asks questions but it seems to me that he’s a bit lost and the teacher is having to be patient with him. The cards have discs on them that the man interprets as chocolate. He asks about them and the teacher says something about their indicating sacraments. The man thinks he understands and calls them “chocaments.” I wonder if they are the suit of discs/pentacles from the tarot.

“Making Up Songs”
I’m making up songs that flow really well and have great original tunes and lyrics (though I can’t remember them when I’m awake). I sing a song in rock fashion while I’m washing clothes in a large upright washing machine. I find when I lift the lid that there are washed cleaning rags in it that had been forgotten, so I take those out first to hang on the line.

Now I’m walking out in a field where there are other people. A small lamb walks on my left and another approaches on my right, so that both now walk beside me as I sing the song from before but this time slow the tune and soften my voice so that it becomes sweet and melodious. Another person seems to be drawn to this and approaches as the dream concludes.

Kali's Child
10th August 2011, 02:38 AM


10th August 2011, 08:22 AM
:clap: Immaculate confection indeed!

11th August 2011, 12:05 PM
Every so few months I have a bad couple of nights linked to hormones. I toss and turn and feel uncomfortable and I'm prone to ruminating. I know on these nights I'll sleep little and though I'll dream I'll struggle to recall.

Last night was such a night. What I do recall, because it was so vivid, was sharing my bed with an elephant. I kid you not. It felt for all the world like I lay in bed for a considerable time with an arm thrown over an elephant reclining by my side. At some point it decided to get my attention by chewing on my hand and I responded with irritation and woke up.

12th August 2011, 09:59 PM
13th August, 2011.

“Alien threat”
I’m in a building, somewhere isolated like the Antarctic or a jungle. There are people there who have been mind-controlled by an alien force. I’m supposed to be there for that but somehow the conditioning hasn’t worked and I’m faking it until I can escape.

Now I’m elsewhere and on the run, hiding in the dark of night. I appear to be back in the house where I was raised at some point. There’s a time where I’m under a bush and another where I leap over the fence much too easily (though it is something we did as kids and I’m confident I could still do today). There’s a period of hiding under a bush and another of progressing through the house. I’m concealed in an old wardrobe when a former student, Ashleigh S, begins to talk to me. She’s hidden too.
There’s no real fear in this dream rather it’s a dream about the challenge of outwitting a powerful enemy. IRL, there’s nothing to occasion such a theme, not a person at least, so I suspect the alien force represents something physical and/or psycho-spiritual. It could reference the issue of recent hormonally related irritability, which felt alien and in control. I don’t feel I responded to the challenge as well IRL as I apparently do in the dream.

It was a fragmented dream and I know I’ve forgotten pieces.

“Finding shoes and the Carpenter”
This next dream is just remembered fragments. I was planning to attempt another OBE, but the nature of the first dream made me feel it wouldn’t be an ideal night, so I left it. I’m in a house that I suppose is my own. I open a high cupboard and feel around with my hands and discover shoes that I didn’t know were there – several odds and pairs of shoes that I currently wear and maybe some I haven’t warn for awhile.

Shoes used to appear all the time in my dreams and I started using them as a reality check but never successfully. I’m surprised to see their return, especially when I wasn’t focussed on lucidity yesterday, suspecting that I’d sleep very heavily because of all the yoga teaching I’ve been doing lately. So, I guess I must see them as a symbol of journey, direction and groundedness.

The next bit I remember is looking out the window and seeing a carpenter - a familiar identity with an intelligent spark in his eyes, the bus driver guide I’ve referenced before. He seems to be extending the wooden deck on the house. The next bit is confusing: he shows me a barrel of water but I seem to be able to see inside it, despite it being made of wood. There’s something about an optical illusion created by the water. I understand what the workman is trying to show me but G is unable to see it.

14th August 2011, 12:21 AM
14th August, 2011.

Strange last night: my dreams made a really faint impression and were quite hard to recover.

“Outdoor dunny”
I’m using an outdoor toilet. There’s no privacy as the walls are transparent but I cant’ worry about that, I need to go. When I wee, it seems to happen through a filter of some sort which makes it run everywhere.

“Reward for the Helper”
I’m in the foyer of a theatre where a play will be performed. I feel that somehow I’m on staff, helping but I’m not sure how as I don’t seem to sell tickets or usher people.

Then I go somewhere else, a school, where there is also a school performance. I have to walk through a narrow section and there is a stream of people, mostly women, going both ways. I feel like people give me right of way, I’m not sure why.

Small omission here.

The first bit of the dream repeats, with me back at the initial theatre and walking back to the school. I meet Neil, Oliver and Mishell briefly and there’s a feeling of collegiality. They may be staying in Australia for a time.

I’m somewhere else now. Helpers are supposed to be given a meal. The expectation is that I’ll be given a meal but I’m still not sure what function I’ve performed.

I see a dwarfish woman trying to wash her hands but unable to reach the tap. I approach her and extend the spout on the tap so she’s able to wash her hands.

I stand at a serving window then step out of the line, unsure if I’m entitled. Someone encourages me so I step back on the line. I think I’ll be given a burger but there is also, apparently, dessert.

Fragment: “Eddy.”
Something about Eddy, an older German guy I used to talk to on my dog walk when I lived on the other side of K. I’m hosing outside his house for him and he's on the front porch (I don’t know his house IRL).

15th August 2011, 08:36 AM
15th August, 2011.
“Dying Koala”

I’m out the front at the top of the stairs at Seven Hills when I glance down and notice H on the ground with something living. I ask what it is and he reveals a koala that is sick or wounded and dragging itself along the ground. I run down the stairs and it drags itself towards me.

I’m inside now, ringing a veterinarian. I get a receptionist who tells me the vet is in Africa (this is a reference to something I saw in passing on TV about a celebrity Australian vet). I’m thinking that I’ll need to ring another vet or perhaps there are things I can do for the animal myself – perhaps it needs water.

The rest are fragments.
“Two Bags”
We park in an asphalt car park and evening is descending. I get out with my family and then believe I’ve left my bag in the car, so I return for it. Now I’m carrying two bags.

“Kitchen Workers”
With a group. We seem to be involved in some kind of job, perhaps in an industrial kitchen. Amanda F is part of the crew. I see her once, speaking gently with a man who may have hurt himself, tending his needs. A second time she seems with someone else, similarly nurturing. I wonder if she’ll strike up a relationship.

There’s a very manly worker in the kitchen. His hair is very short and he’s not particularly handsome but he’s intelligent and self-possessed and I’m very attracted to him.

17th August 2011, 12:23 AM
17th August, 2011.

“Visiting Lourdes”
I’m going to see Lourdes, driving my car south towards B (not where she lives IRL). My vision is obscured by a caravan in front of me, and a feeling of sitting too low in the driver’s seat. So, I catch glimpses of the terrain and need to continually adapt to curves in the road. I’m mentally calculating how long it will take to get to her house, and realising I’ll be late for work after I meet her. G is beside me in the car and he apparently knows the way so I rely on his knowledge rather than the map.

We get there and it appears that Lourdes’ address is offices. A woman approaches and tells us we’ve missed Lourdes, she’s gone to work. I recognise her as an actress/ director from RL who is L’s friend.

Somehow I’ve caught up with Lourdes now. We’re on a street in B still, walking past homes. There’s an elderly sort of woman in her front large, bountiful front garden. She looks my way and I feel a connection – an understanding she’s a wise woman. A snake passes and she pursues it to the next yard, hitting it with a spade. It’s not dead and turns to pursue her with supernatural speed but her large, shaggy dog attacks it.

I had had sympathy for the snake before but now I fear for the dog. The dog dispatches the snake and there’s a general sense that the scene has been remarkable.

Notes: I wonder why God didn't give Adam and Eve a big shaggy dog?

Here’s an example of someone popping up in your dreams after a fleeting thought. Adam was my brother’s friend who asked me out when I was about 15. At the time, I had a crush on him, as did my younger sister and possibly my brother, probably because he was funny and charismatic. As it turned out, he was also a relatively decadent young man, so that was never going to work. In this dream he comes seeking me at my home, wanting to come in and seduce. I tell him I’m married but I do feel some attraction.

“J’s Ghost”

J has been complaining of being accosted by a ghost. I give advice or do something that seems to banish it but then it reasserts itself. I feel pressure on the side of my head and breast and I know that I’ll have to do more to battle this ghost.

Notes:My younger sister has some sorrow in her life ATM about a choice she made that she can't reverse. I woke up worried about her. I really felt the "ghost" in the dream. I'm wondering if I was lying on my right side, feeling the pressure of the mattress.

These dreams are out of order; the ghost dream was early in the night.

17th August 2011, 01:21 PM
Hello, Beek.

I wonder if G is rather a guide in driving dreams. In my driving dreams when I have a passenger next to me, it's usually one of the females close to me in my waking life, but in hindsight it often makes more sense that it was a guide "on board" with me. (Even Charles commented on that before.) Note how G knows the way and helps you navigate here.

There are other clues that this was probably an adventure in consciousness, though the scene you observed is not fully understood and I don't know what state of consciousness it could have been.


17th August 2011, 09:23 PM
18th August, 2011.

I’m invited into a home and I gradually realise it’s the first house that I built with G but it’s been substantially altered. The people who own it are a young couple but I only seem to meet the man, who is thin, dark haired and unshaven. I do interact with others in the dream but I don’t much remember those interactions rather I recall the place. I seem to begin in the kitchen. This part actually references the house we lived in next - before this one. The kitchen there was a galley kitchen and though it had great views, it was fairly dated by the time we left that house and there were limitations on what could be done to renovate it because it was limited by space. In the dream, the people have simply extended it but the carpentry is amateurish and the materials cheap. It looks terrible.

I see out the front. G and I built terraces and planted lush gardens at our first house. Here, though, the sloping block is levelled and the gardens have been replaced by a border garden by the driveway. G is with me now and we share a moment of criticism, realising when the border garden grows it will create problems for cars using the driveway.

I’m looking out the back now. The land is much more extensive than it was IRL and I teeter on the brink of lucidity trying to figure how this is so. The man tells me that they built a whole other storey on top of the house and I figure it’s the acquired height that gives more view and creates an impression of more space out back.

I’m back inside now and a hairdresser has arrived. I’m pleased about this (IRL have been wanting to get to a hairdresser) until the hairdresser begins to use the same comb on my hair and that of an older woman with short grey hair. I feel this isn’t good hygiene.

18th August 2011, 09:31 PM
19th August, 2011.

“Boys’ Journey.”
I’m a boy, with two other boys and we need to get from one town to another. I’m not sure upon awakening what the purpose of the journey is other than to fulfil some type of task. The dream involves solving problems of transport. I think we use bikes, but maybe not, and there’s definitely a period where we discuss catching a train.

This is perhaps the end of a longer dream. I have to mark final public exam papers – The Higher School Certificate. This is something I’ve done IRL but instead of being at a marking centre, I’m at “home” a confined, semi-dark space. I read the paper and it’s a case of hearing the words in my head and seeing words but the process being more of a simulation of reading than the real thing where the two are connected. I forget now what it was about, though it makes sense in the dream. Even so, I’m vaguely aware that what I read bears no connection to anything I’ve taught. I decide to give the paper a provisional 11/20, not really sure of the standard yet and not having a marking criteria to guide me. It seems quite short. I notice the name is Nathan B, a former excellent student, but I don’t twig that this student is no longer current or that he’d normally attain a much higher mark. What unsettles me is the fact that his name is on the paper when it should be a number for the sake of anonymity and that I’m marking someone from my own school, when this shouldn’t occur. When I have that thought, a number appears in the left hand corner and the name alters.

Now my attention is drawn to F (my eldest son). He has headphones on and music is blasting from them. The music is so loud it almost hurts and it wakes me. Momentarily I can still hear it, even after I’ve woken.

19th August 2011, 10:54 PM
20th August, 2011.

“Weird Science.”
This was early in the night. It’s like a movie or instructional video, trying to convey some kind of concept about time travel (?). There’s a paper cube but some of the corners have a slit along them. The point is made that paper is the important material in this instance and I find that surprising. I have no understanding of what the demonstration means, I’m just following the instructions in making the paper cube.

Then there’s footage of a man who’s planning to travel inter-dimensionally (I think) and he’s about to undergo some procedure with his wife and son that will combine the three of them into one being. He explains he can’t risk being separated from them permanently but this way they can travel together.

I’m in a very large backyard with G. It’s supposed to be a quarter acre/ 1000 sq metres block but it’s clearly more, probably twice as much. We’re examining it, planning to landscape it. As we walk along one fence line I notice dead grass growing through from the neighbour’s side. There’s a horizontal sleeper at the bottom of the fence acting as a retaining wall here and the dead grass is a metre above our landline, suggesting the level of the adjoining block is higher than ours.

We continue to the back corner where we discover a group of tube pots in which I’ve apparently struck up some cuttings. The pots are in a ridiculous amount of shade from an overhanging hedge. I pull them out one at a time, expecting to find mouldy soil with dead sticks inserted. I do in some instances but I also find small camellia plants that have taken root. I think these will be useful when we begin landscaping.

I see along the fence perimeter where G has poisoned the grass so we can create curving garden beds. I’d imagined they’d be slightly larger, given the proportions of the land. There’s a huge storage shed that we enter now. H is in there throwing a basketball with some friends. I tell them to play outside where they won’t break stuff.

20th August 2011, 09:15 PM
21st August, 2011.
I’m plummeting down a straight road, totally in control of my car, totally confident about where I’m headed. I know at the end of the trip I will become crystalised, and I welcome this.

This dream happened early in the night. Unusually, I cannot remember subsequent dreams or even the feeling of having had any.

Yesterday, I was thinking once again that I really needed to post my niece’s birthday card and money. Her birthday had been earlier in the week and though we had bought cards in advance for the birthdays in July and August , I hadn’t yet posted it. Within a couple of minutes of the thought, G, who was out at the shops, rang and asked if he needed to pick up a card for A.

20th August 2011, 10:28 PM
I thought I had posted my thoughts on the previous night's dream- the idea of a hypercube came to mind. Anyway, it was one of those blurts that didn't happen. :wave:

22nd August 2011, 11:02 AM
That doesn't really mean anything to me, CF. I figure it's most likely mind rubbish. If it's anything more profound, they've gotten the wrong girl.:D

22nd August, 2011.

“More Colour”
Fragment: I suppose the setting is a department store though the view is very narrow, as if the dream can’t be bothered creating the entire scene. I tell Erin D that I’m determined to get myself something nice to wear before this winter is over. She takes a black and white jumper with irregular rectangle blocks knitted into it off a hanger and says, “What about this one?” It’s apparently something I’ve tried on already but I tell her that even though the wool is nice and soft I want something with more colour.

Note: Erin is a young teacher at work; very idealistic and works extremely hard. She told me once how she was bullied out of school, found herself at a senior college where the kids didn’t care much but where she worked so hard that she scored so highly on the public examinations that she surprised everybody. She’s another teacher that suffers stress-related illnesses, despite her youth.

I’m teaching my seniors when one ask me something that I don’t hear properly. I agree to the request, which turns out to be for a study session at my home. When the boys arrive (and it only seems to be two of the more studious ones – Andrew and John) my own sons come out to join the session. H, my youngest, appears to be carrying one of those packaged face cloths that are compressed into a tiny cube before you wet them. The room is dark and he creates three little spots of light on the table, which I think are supposed to represent planets. He talks about these but I cannot recall what he says. F, my eldest, is apparently doing some of the same work as the boys. The setting seems to be the dining room of the house where I was raised.

I have to teach them two poems that I’ve never seen before myself. I choose one because it’s really brief. We read the poem but I have no recollection of its content. I don’t see much that I wish to discuss about it.

22nd August 2011, 08:52 PM
23rd August, 2011.

“In the Ocean”
I’m in the ocean with a group of friends, enjoying the movement of floating. Carmen is there and still pregnant, so I feel particularly protective of her. Something happens to cause the rock walls of a public ocean swimming pool crumble and there’s a mad dash as people try to get out to the beach. G comments that this is because there were too many users and the authorities took no care.

“Spiritual Development”
I’m paired up with a woman and there’s a supervisor as well, probably a male. We’re in a public hall or community centre and we’re working at spiritual development. We begin by discussing our individual experiences. She has told me hers and now I’m to tell her mine. It was still fairly early in the night and I can’t recall what either of us related.

“Migraine cure”
Something mostly forgotten with a group of people. I develop a migraine (no sense of pain in the dream) that nobody cares about so I seek my car keys and decide to pursue my own cure. I appear to do this and return to the group where a woman tells me that if I was able to self-cure it must have been psychosomatic. I let her believe what she wants.

“Bathing with G”
I’m in a bath with G, just having a nice time relaxing and chatting. (We do that sometimes. :-))

23rd August 2011, 09:11 PM
24th August, 2011.

“Hairy Train Adventure”
I’m on a train platform with G, apparently in the big city somewhere. He’s telling me which train to get on and I’m a bit impatient to have him go – I know how to catch a train. We look at the information and I read, “Next rain follows shortly.” I begin to knit while I wait, which is very like me IRL as I tend to fill up such moments with activity. The train pulls in very soon and I begin to shove the knitting into a plastic bag, the needles getting caught in the plastic and causing me to panic a little that I’ll miss the train. I realise that there are more than two needles when I’m putting it all away, although I was only using two.

I’m about to embark on the end carriage of the train but the gap between it and the platform is unusually wide and I’m anxious about clearing it. I take a bit of a run and a leap and someone on the train sticks out a helping hand, which I grab. I don’t look to see the person’s face or even to thank him.

I go stand near the other door. Beside me is an endomorphic male, dressed in black with dyed black hair, in his late twenties or early thirties. He is striking up a conversation with a young woman beside him to whom he appears attracted.

The train arrives at the very next station. I’m looking through the window of the door, trying to read the name of the station but it doesn’t appear anywhere. I decide, nonetheless, that I must get off but when the doors open I see that the gap between the train and the platform is much too wide. I notice someone has gotten down on the tracks and decide I’m going to have to do the same.

Now I’m on the tracks with the intention of climbing up on the platform but a train is rushing towards me so I better be quick. The problem is that a tram is rushing towards me also, sandwiching me between it and the train. I know it’s not logical but I’m too concerned with self-preservation to question it. I make myself very narrow as I feel the force of both vehicles on either side. When it’s over, I'm ready to climb up on the platform but it happens again and this time I feel I have an even narrower safety margin.

“Erin copies a lesson plan.”
I’m watching Erin D and another young woman copying an old lesson I apparently wrote many years ago. It’s on A3 paper and somewhat faded. Erin is enthusiastic about it, claiming it’s much superior to something else she was using and elaborating on why that is so. The lesson references a very old movie “Metropolis” (I have no idea why that would be so) and I tell her she can find it on You Tube (also not something I’d know). I notice when Erin copies numbered material, she puts the numbers at the other end of the line to the original.

“Cleaning up after others”
There’s some kind of gathering at my home. I walk out to the three-way bathroom to wash my hands, noticing a blond headed boy who is old enough to know better is using the toilet with the door open. I don’t comment, trying to lessen his possible embarrassment. When he leaves, I notice he hasn’t flushed, so I do that.

As I walk around the corner (this house bears no resemblance to my actual home) I notice something wrapped in toilet paper on the floor. It turns out it’s a discarded tampon and picking it up appals me. I toss it into a lined bin in the toilet room and wonder why it was so hard for the owner of the item to have done so herself. I wash my hands.

“Cancan girls.”
I’m not sure if this is all part of the same dream or not. It appears to occur in the same has. A substantial troop of cancan dancers is performing. Each seems to be wearing a pair of black socks and part of the routine is to kick a sock off, supposedly to be caught by one’s opposite partner, only, there are socks flying but no one catching and I’m slightly puzzled by the point of it all. One dancer is able to salute with her foot and I’m impressed by her balance and flexibility.

26th August 2011, 10:22 AM
25th August, 2011.

Things were more normal last night with the earlier dream being less distinct that the latter dreams. A mistrust of authority theme recurs.

"Failing his men"
I’m with some people on some kind of small elevation like a hill or platform and there’s a tent set up in front of me. I’m hearing talk of some rank of military commander who has made a bad call or failed to listen to his superior and sacrificed his troops.

I’m out walking when I see a blond woman who often turns up in my dreams, perhaps I’ll dub her “Generic Blond.” She’s around my age, straight bobbed hair, broad cheekbones and hips with a sense of “mum” about her. She’s walking two very little dogs when one gets away and heads to the street. I scoop it up before it goes on the road (which isn’t at all busy) and pass it back to her. She is grateful and head on her way.

Now other dogs appear out of nowhere and converge towards me. I like dogs, so I give them all a pat and enjoy myself. They’re all little dogs except for the last, which is a bearded breed I recognise but don’t the name of.

"Peac o c k Pose"
I’m teaching yoga to a class and a sequence that I’ve learnt from another teacher and am trying to remember. Part way through it I miss a step but my students don’t. At this point in the dream I’m located among the students rather than at the front of the room. The missing posture is Pea#### (Mayurasana) a pose I don’t practice or teach and one I haven’t practiced a lot or mastered well. In the dream it is predictably very easy and I strive for excellence but lifting myself up strong on my arms.

I’m recording like this because this is how I recall it, even though logically you’d think it would fit into the paragraph above. I consult Linda on the correct sequence for the vinyasa I was trying to teach in the dream above.

"Sofie washing"
I’m with Sofie (colleague who recently co-ordinated English at work). Again, I feel I’m taking advice. I notice she’s washing clothes in a round white plastic tub and when I look in, I recognize my clothes. I pick up a pink knitted top that I usually save for good, squeeze it a bit, recognize it as mine and drop it back in without asking her why she’s hand washing my clothes.

I’m awake and it’s morning and I think I have to teach a yoga class so I seem to be preparing for this but instead G and I end up in a church. It’s very crowded and I can see numerous young families in the pews with babies dressed for baptism. I groan and ask G if we really want to stay because the service will drag on forever with all those baptisms.

There's a simultaneous dream me out on a street, near a corner shop talking to friends.

The priest baptises a baby boy. I don’t like or trust this priest at all: he’s much too rough. Where are the child’s parents and godparents? It’s a very small baby and when the priest has wet him, he places a baby blanket on the floor and lays him in it face down and rolls him in it so you can no longer see the baby’s face at all. His wails emanate from his cocoon.

Now our section of the congregation is seated around a TV, watching something captivating. There’s a moment where I feel released from whatever it was we were watching but everyone else is still mesmerised and reacting to the programme. Somehow the TV is now much, much smaller and facing away so I can only see the screen side on. I think someone must have asked G to turn it so they could better see it. I think that it’s a very small screen for such a large crowd to watch.

The overlap dream has G and I sitting at a table across from a guy who has just answered G’s question about being gay. The guy seems to be someone I’ve met IRL, but I can’t identify him. On his admission, I notice he shoots me a look that I interpret as a glance to see if I express any judgement. I’ve see this look IRL from men unsure of if they should have said something in front of you and especially now that I’m older - I guess they make assumptions about how I'll judge them. I mention that I saw that glance and tell him not to worry I have no issue with homosexuality. He denies having given the look.

G begins to boast about how quickly I succumbed to his charms when we first became a couple and I’m unimpressed by his smugness and exaggeration.

26th August 2011, 10:30 AM
26th August, 2011.

“Russian Statesman”
This is a bit vague. There’s a Russian statesman. He’s middle aged and rotund and he’s to be arrested by the government although he’s done nothing wrong. His family, even his less immediate family like cousins and nephews, are anxious that they too will be arrested. There’s a sense of his impending doom.

“Space War” (lucid)
I’m on the ground looking up into the sky where I see little puffs of smoke from explosions happening way up high. I point it out to G excitedly and ask if he thinks it’s some kind of space battle. No sooner do I do this than all manner of space ship appear and conduct a battle. I know it’s too fantastic to be real and I become lucid. I’m momentarily held by the enormity of two black spacecraft shaped a little like zeppelins, only less cigar-shaped and more rounded at the ends like an egg. I don’t stay there long though: as has happened the last few times I’ve been lucid, the dream slips away quickly. I wonder why this keeps happening?

“Bouncing Baby”
I’m in an unknown house with a baby boy I treat as my own. He’s probably two but much slighter in build than my sons were at that age. I have to take him to pre-school and I think briefly about finding G so they can say goodbye but decide just to get moving because I need to get some cash from the ATM across the road.

When I reach the machine a crowd quickly forms behind me and the nearest man begins to exert pressure as my card fails repeatedly. I decide I’ll come back later to withdraw money and begin to carry the baby towards the preschool. As we walk I begin to bounce him up and down and he squeals with delight, much to my enjoyment.

“J’s Visit.”
There is some interaction with a young male neighbour. The boundaries of our properties blur with one another and with surrounding community land. I pass him pushing a barrow and he tells me of the hard work he’s been doing restoring around a creek bed. There’s another neighbour, another man working too.

Now my sister has come to visit and somehow ended up out drinking with the second neighbour who looks just like (the gorgeous) Billy Crudup (my Year 9s have just finished a film study of “Big Fish,” thus his appearance in my dream). We watch this part like a movie and the Crudup - what an unfortunate surname- dream character is essentially like Will in the movie. He points out that he’s been too long with J and that he needs to get home to his wife who will be worried. After they leave, we see a group of women actively seducing the men in the place. I ask G if he saw that one had a boob exposed.

Now G is on Facebook, reading J’s status about enjoying drinks with someone who isn’t in her profession.

I go to the fridge and there’s a whole lot of dessert she’s left in there, sweet custardy pastries. I ask if anyone wants some but decide it’s too much and probably soggy. Best to throw it away.

Somewhere in this dream house, an unknown person tells me about a woman he knows who lets her dogs poo in the house. He's really appalled telling me this.

Also, in the same dream sequence is a dream of being in a room with three single beds with J and another girl. It’s an unfamiliar room with glass sliding doors and windows to outside. I get in at the other end of J’s bed and then I realise there’s a bed for each of us and we don’t need to share. It feels a bit stuffy and I wonder if I can open a window.

26th August 2011, 01:27 PM
“Space War” (lucid)
I’m on the ground looking up into the sky where I see little puffs of smoke from explosions happening way up high. I point it out to G excitedly and ask if he thinks it’s some kind of space battle. No sooner do I do this than all manner of space ship appear and conduct a battle. I know it’s too fantastic to be real and I become lucid. I’m momentarily held by the enormity of two black spacecraft shaped a little like zeppelins, only less cigar-shaped and more rounded at the ends like an egg. I don’t stay there long though: as has happened the last few times I’ve been lucid, the dream slips away quickly. I wonder why this keeps happening?

were you trying to influence the outcome of the dream?

26th August 2011, 08:09 PM
Not at all and I didn't get excited or mesmerised. I think maybe they're just happening too close to the end of the sleep cycle.

28th August 2011, 07:48 PM
Hi Beekeeper, its amazing how clear you dream and so many details can remember. I often try to find common symbols or senses in dreams and at times I recognize dream- or- symbol-series. How do you look at your dream-contents, do you see a kind of re-occuring red-line so to say? And what I would like to ask also is, if you do awake shortly after each dream happening in one night?
Your last dream with the 3 beds reminds me to my dream/dom not long ago which also had 3 beds in my room. What do you think and feel about this last sequence?


28th August 2011, 11:26 PM
Hi Istia,

I often try to find common symbols or senses in dreams and at times I recognize dream- or- symbol-series. How do you look at your dream-contents, do you see a kind of re-occuring red-line so to say?

Yes, definitely. For instance, babies recur frequently in my dreams and have done so over the past few nights (recorded and not recorded).

While I only tend to write out explanations of my dreams (and share them if they’re not too personal here) when I have time, I do use travelling time to mentally review them and unravel meaning. Fairly often, little pieces are simply precognitive and I really enjoy that. Sometimes the dreams are archetypal and presage what is around the corner and I've even programmed to dream for another when he changed career and had a dream that played out like a tarot reading.

I wonder what inspires other parts, like the Russian diplomat, that don’t seem directly related to anything in waking life. I see the possibility of past lives affecting these dreams but this didn't feel the same as the past life dreams I've had, so I don't know.

After several years of keeping dream journals I see many things that impact my dreams. For instance, if I do a lot of work before bedtime (like last night), I can write off good recall. I’ll still be aware of many dreams, have a general feeling of themes and recall specific images and dream anomalies but the chances of recalling anything cohesive will be remote. The same can be usually said if I stay up late socializing (like the night before), though, occasionally there’s an exception to this and I’ve even attained lucidity after such events. I think that, for me, lucidity may be linked to feeling wellbeing and happiness and this is often heightened after dinner with good friends. Even a lot of exercise before bed will make dream recall more challenging but morning exercise has a beneficial impact. I usually think that a great meditation session will indicate great dream recall. It’s not always the case but there is a bit of a correlation. Hormones also impact my dream themes, which tend to turn a bit negative before a period.

And what I would like to ask also is, if you do awake shortly after each dream happening in one night?

Yes, I do. If I’m exhausted, I can’t do anything with this but if I’m well rested I can use this for meditation and lucid dream incubation.

I’m often woken by my husband’s snoring, which can be both positive and negative.

Your last dream with the 3 beds reminds me to my dream/dom not long ago which also had 3 beds in my room. What do you think and feel about this last sequence?

Also, in the same dream sequence is a dream of being in a room with three single beds with J and another girl. It’s an unfamiliar room with glass sliding doors and windows to outside. I get in at the other end of J’s bed and then I realise there’s a bed for each of us and we don’t need to share. It feels a bit stuffy and I wonder if I can open a window.

Bed dreams are interesting, aren’t they? I'll be sure to look yours up and compare. I certainly have my share of them.

J is my sister who’s a year younger than me. We’ve been sisters before this life and we’re close in an odd way that appears affected by those times. She rang me yesterday and we had a big talk where I did what I’ve done our entire life together: coached and pep talked and reminded her of her power and excellence. She mentioned an older woman who had recently befriended her and was proving a source of wisdom. I wonder if that was the other person in the room? Getting into bed with someone is an expression that means you’re linking yourself with them, getting involved in their scheme. There’s an added thing here though: J and I shared a room for 18 years and she often climbed in bed with me or asked me to get in with her when she was scared. I think the stuffiness is my feeling that J keeps responding to her circumstances in habitual ways and I want her to grow beyond that because it doesn’t serve her.

29th August 2011, 09:24 AM
Hi Beekeeper, very interesting points and description of how you look at your dreams and what are the basics of your view.
Appreciate your elaborately answer which makes me understand better the person behind and also the dream-view.
I agree on your views and experiences of that your dreams have several different meanings and forms, like sometimes archetypical or precognitive and even dreaming for another, like a tendential reading I know from myself too.
I`ve read the Russian-Part again and to me it sounds like you express/experience some kind of injustice somehow, somewhere. At the moment this seems to me the basic content of the message, but of course many other meanings more could be possible.
Also very interesting to read is what you found out about dream-recall-influences (sorry that i dont quote, but i still have tech. difficulties at times), it sounds very reasonable to me, though some distinctions i could not yet experience myself but will have an eye on that cause find it exciting and will investigate more on that. I think or thought that mostly my remembrance is better when i meditate or make exercises before sleep, but maybe thats not all or not only what betters my recall. Also about the hormon-influence i didtn think yet, very interesting, thanks for your inputs.
I had times when I awoke around 6 times a night (mostly to go to toi) and then i could write down 6 different and partly intense dreams of the same night, but nowadays it seems i do sleep deeper, need more sleep or so, and therefore only once or twice awake, and if i have to get up early, which often is the case then it alsmost impossible for me to recall and keep they recalled well.
With past-life dream-elements i have not much experience, just some where i am sure it was an preview incarnation (or of a person i was very close to) which was doing star-calculation for astrology in old towers in middle-age, which i startet this life in childhood.
Yeahs i too think that beddreams are very special as this is not only a most personal place but also its the place were our energy-body splits from the physical body (now not taking in consideration that our energy-body may be flying and working during the day as well on all planes and enegetic-levels which i would find definitely possible and reasonable, cause of the unlimited realities) The bed so to say is our journey-box, right :) just get an idea that the 3 beds of my dream or gernerally several beds could also be a symbol for the different layers of the energy-bodies.
What you say about your sister and the possible dream-meaning i find very conclusive, yes to such a relevancy i also would come, a want for independency and growth, also for others, which i find is a very valuable virtue.

29th August 2011, 11:19 AM
Just to clarify:
I think or thought that mostly my remembrance is better when i meditate or make exercises before sleep, but maybe thats not all or not only what betters my recall.

When I say "exercise" I'm referring to the yoga classes I teach.

The bed so to say is our journey-box, right :) just get an idea that the 3 beds of my dream or gernerally several beds could also be a symbol for the different layers of the energy-bodies.

Yes, this is definitely so.

I've flown on a bed in a dream and often dream I'm in pyjamas, which I think are missed opportunities for lucidity. There have been other times I've felt energy bodies of other people slip into bed beside me, which is fine as long as they don't wriggle and keep me up.:lol:

30th August 2011, 11:16 PM
31st August, 2011.

“Fun park rowing ride”

I’m at a fun park with my family. Each of us has a special prize we can claim and it’s my turn now. I move towards a wide boat with a group of other people (possibly all women). As we climb in I’m confident that I can move with agility and balance even though it's awkward with such a crowd. Once we’re in, we have to take hold of an oar, which I find quite easily although I hadn’t noticed it until the instruction came telepathically. As we begin to row in unison our boat navigates the small man made lake, moving supernaturally fast without great exertion on our part. We enjoy the ride.

“Demonstration Film.”
I’ve somehow, accidentally inserted a DVD into my computer and it’s playing a demonstration film. It’s not something I want to watch right now so I eject it but it keeps playing regardless. I fiddle with my computer, seeing if I can work out how it's possible it continues to play and what exactly it’s about. I try to find the menu to see if there’s some kind of table of contents. I’m teetering on lucid at this time.

Now I’m transported to a pharmacy shop where part of the video plays as a three-dimensional hologram in a central spot. As I observe, I wonder what people must think about this programme but nobody appears to have noticed it.

“Volunteering in the Library.”

I find myself in a school library and it’s apparently really busy so a bunch of unfamiliar people have decided to help. I suppose that Trish is the chief librarian (as she is at the school where I work) and feel her presence in the background, although I don’t see her. There is a line of teens waiting to borrow books and a smaller line of others filling in the borrowing details. I figure I’ll help and work out procedure as I go. So, I take one of the books from one of the teenagers and I ask if the borrowing period is two weeks but he says it’s one. I endeavour to work out the due date, which I feel I do easily, and pencil in the details at the back of the book where I see previous entries. I look for a stamp but see that this isn’t the custom so I do without it.

I help a few more students. While I’m filling in details on one book I see that the entries vary. I read them – true reading as IRL – and decide to imitate the first entry. That person has written the book’s title, “Holes” and the last thee initials of the author’s name followed by the first initial. I look at that momentarily, sensing that it shouldn’t end in D as it does. Again, I teeter on lucidity: I know IRL that “Holes” was written by Louis Sachar but I can’t quite grasp the memory in the dream.

Another boy comes along and he’s found a cute little book that fits into the palm of my hand. I inspect it but it’s not a library book: it’s more like a little diary waiting to be filled. I ask him if he found it on the shelf and he says he did. I explain it’s not a library book and tell him he can have it.

The borrowers and lenders have dissipated now and I realise that I’ve been writing the number 11 for the month of November on all the books I’ve signed out when, in the context of the dream, it should have been 10. I figure it’s not too terrible a mistake to have made.

I see another person has come to borrow a book and there’s already someone there signing her out. I grab the person signing her out (even though I don’t know her) and playfully tussle with her for the pen. She submits readily but I give back the pen and let her get on with it. She makes small talk with the borrower, a short, female student, stating her belief that she’d take drugs. I disagree, saying, “You look to me like someone who wouldn’t take drugs,” and she confirms that this is the case.

I walk into an anteroom and see a local woman and her child (just an impression) in matching swimwear. Her child would be much older IRL and I don’t question why she’s in a swimsuit in the library, I simply admire the fabric.

2nd September 2011, 04:41 AM
2nd September, 2011.
I’m writing this in the afternoon, because I didn’t have time this morning. Fingers crossed I’ll remember most of it.

This is like watching a movie. Two prisoners are brought into a room when one produces some kind of weapon shaped like a ball and held in his hand. While the guards tussle to disarm him, the other, less dangerous prisoner makes a break for it. At this point in the movie I’m not very convinced but I continue to watch as the fugitive runs down a path, pursued by the police guards.

He finds case lying across the path and climbs inside, slinging a small bag in at his feet. Now I’m completely dubious.

I’m at a banquet with many others and I go to a table where I get cutlery. I drop the knife on the carpet and, instead of just wiping it against my skirt or taking another one, I decide I must go and find myself a clean knife in the kitchens.

Each time I find a knife from this point on it is covered in heavy-duty goop. Some of the knives mutate into chisels, spatulas and cheese knives as I hold them and all of them are dirty.

“F's essay competition.”
My eldest son follows me around, wanting me to choose from a thick book of essays something that he should submit for a competition. I'm absorbed by trivial things, at one stage trying to curl my hair with heated curlers and discovering that it’s damp. I want him to make his own choice because I don’t feel like reading through his book of essays.

3rd September 2011, 10:33 PM
3rd September, 2011
Saturday (late night)

“Joan’s Baby”
G is planning to go to his parents. I feel I should go with him but it’s a 3hr trip (IRL) and I’m stressed that I have so many things to do. I ask him what he wants me to do but he won’t say so I force him to admit he’d rather I came.

At his parents’ home I sit on the floor and play with the new baby his 80-year-old mother has mysteriously given birth to. He’s probably a year old and lies on the floor. Suddenly he sits up, using his abdominal muscles rather than rolling onto his belly and pushing himself up with his arms like normal babies do.

He’s not a pretty infant by any means, with a thick mono-brow and gap teeth but I hug him anyway because he’s just a little baby. His body is stiff and unresponsive to hugs and I wonder if the baby is autistic. I hug him despite this until I feel him begin to yield and respond. I’m thinking that his parents will probably not live long enough to raise him and then we’ll likely take responsibility (this may be influenced by an email I read before bed where my yoga teacher wrote he cares for his elderly brother). I'm wanting him to be affectionate like my sons and to feel loved.

There are other children sitting around on the floor with us too. I think there are twins (or maybe that was a different dream) and there’s definitely a cherubic little blonde girl who is very interested in how I play with the baby. I met their mother earlier ITD, a large boned blonde to whom I apologised, not knowing my in-laws had visitors.

Now I’m walking in the twilight, carrying the baby and throwing him in the air. He’s laughing like a normal child and someone is taking photographs with a flash.

Earlier Fragments:
In a large, sprawling house. Arlene and Micheala visit. I’m having a cup of tea in a well-lit room with Arlene (whom I haven’t seen IRL for about 25 years). I’ve chosen that room because it lets the light in.

4th September, 2011.

Another late night and with a bit of wine - believe me, it doesn’t take a lot - so any recall is a bonus.

I pass through a doorway with a group of friends and we’re standing watching a performance on a small ampitheatre stage. It relates to global warming and is given by a group of young actors who seem to deliver it Greek chorus-style. What they present appears to be indisputable and the people in my group make ironic comments that disparage the global warming deniers.

Kyle S is one of my group and he suddenly begins acting erratically, making a lot of noise howling and running about. He explains he always acts silly at this time of day. (Kyle is a former student and friend who IRL is very much convinced by the reality of man made global warming).

4th September 2011, 08:58 PM
5th September, 2011.

I’m at a school, in a lesson on mediumship. There’s an older woman teaching and her male partner (probably the result of a book I just read). We’re asked to sit in groups for a particular exercise, so 8 of us sit on the floor together: 4 men, 4 women. I notice they’re all younger than me. We’re instructed to create smaller groups so 3 men and a woman break away. I’m mildly disappointed that 3 of the men went. They were all good looking as well.

Now we’re on our way to the next session, a large group of us heading upstairs. Our session ran overtime and we’ll be late for the next one. I can’t remember what it was I nominated to do, even though I know I’ve written it down somewhere. I decide to just join the first group I see and I suspect that others are doing the same.

I enter a classroom where the lesson has already started and sit at the side and to the front. The seating arrangement is casual and haphazard, as it was in the other session. This time two men run proceedings but one does most of the talking. It’s about global warming.

Suddenly we’re on the open tray of a small truck, being transported with distinct sensations of movement. The other man is talking now, commenting on the drizzle of rain that is falling as he looks at his laptop. He says there’s no mention of the drizzle on the weather report and it will apparently be the case that the weather forecasters will be less able to predict what will come.

I look down the road and see something anomalous and surreal, like a flock of birds that rises up before a car coming our way. I know there’s something strange about it but can’t put my finger on it. Something similar happens again but I can’t recall now what it looked like.

We’re in a small house now and the teacher (an attractive and familiar 30-something man) takes something out of the ground. It appears to be a mummified kitten that I suspect is actually something else like a toy but the other teacher reacts with mild horror.

5th September 2011, 06:26 AM
Very interesting! A quick thought re the kitten - several of us on this forum seem to be doing retrieval of aspects of our Selves, & I suspect this may be one of yours, buried & mummified but needing to be taken "home". . .?

5th September 2011, 12:02 PM
Well, I can't say I spent a lot of time wondering about it to be honest but it didn't feel significant enough to be a fragment retrieval. I can't actually think of having had a single fragment retrieval dream, though I probably have.

The day before my friend Heath told me the story of when his dog had puppies when he was a kid (he still is at 30) and when they gave the puppies away they got a kitten, which subsequently suckled on the dog. As a result, the two bonded and were great friends. As he told the story, I remembered him having told me once before. I think this is probably why this part of the dream occurred.

7th September 2011, 09:40 PM
7th September, 2011.
“Laminating man”
I’m in a school context, in a room where a maintenance/support staff man is laminating the covers of booklets for students. I chat with him awhile about what he’s doing then I go into the room next door where Sofie is waiting for her homeroom class. I notice the classy white top she’s wearing and comment on how nice it looks. We talk about the kids and why they’re late.

8th September, 2011.

“Enid Blyton”
I’m sitting with Enid* Blyton who is showing me on paper that she is very rich. I’ve never seen an image of EB IRL and when I check her image, the only thing I see in common is very black hair.

I’m not absolutely sure if this next part is the same dream but I think I wander through Enid’s house, which is one of those sprawling mansions that feature in my dreams sometimes. The first part of it is familiar and very like my waking reality house but I remember that there’s a whole other section to the house and sure enough I find myself heading down a hallway towards it. It’s very vivid. This section features a lot of green like you see in Australian Federation homes. I look inside a room and decide it’s my son’s room. Then I open another door and there’s a youth in a bed who gets angry that I’ve awakened him so I apologise and close the door quietly.

Suddenly I step out into a mall, still part of the house. There are two levels and some of the rooms off the mall are casinos. The place is alive with activity. As I pass the windows of some classy shops, I consider popping inside to take a better look but I don’t do it. I keep walking and begin to think that if this were a dream, I’d be on one of the public levels of the astral plane. Sadly, I wake up.

*Yesterday we had an elderly neighbour over for dinner because we see him in his front room of an evening and we always feel sad for his loneliness. He mentioned his deceased wife, “Enid,” and also that his daughter had done creative writing at uni but hadn’t become a writer subsequently. I saw his daughter on Father’s Day and noticed she had very black hair, which made me wonder if her mother had had very black hair.

Earlier fragment: There’s a dog with pups. They transform from dogs to wombats. My sons capture the mother, who shows no interest in her joeys, and force her into a cage with them so they can feed. They do this for a lark.

8th September 2011, 02:49 AM
You know, except for the casino, you've just described the same type of house I get in dreams also- especially the bit about the house being connected to a mall (or a hotel, in my case), and finding other people in it.

8th September 2011, 03:39 AM
my enid blyton era came right after peter rabbit & wind in the willows.

9th September 2011, 07:40 AM
You know, except for the casino, you've just described the same type of house I get in dreams also- especially the bit about the house being connected to a mall (or a hotel, in my case), and finding other people in it.

The casino was an unusual feature actually. I can't recall having seen it previously.

my enid blyton era came right after peter rabbit & wind in the willows.

Someone gave me The Wishing Chair when I was a kid. Some good astral adventures in that one.

9th September, 2011.

Writing this after work. Hope I can remember.

I’m at a sporting venue and there are apparently games of rugby league occurring. I’ve been asked to commentate a game but feel I would do this very poorly and somebody else would be better. G pressures me to do it, to help out. So, I get into a van with some other people who are going to do commentary. The van stops near a field but it is parked on a small hill and this topples it.

I easily climb out or somehow I’m just outside and I begin to pull people out through the windows. I pull a boy out first.

“Creature from space.”
Something earlier about a monster found in outer space. A man tells me they’ve been feeding it blood but they can’t keep doing that because the creature is insatiable. My reaction is curious but unafraid.

Keep meaning but forgetting to note recent deja vu. Was in the passenger seat of G's car tying my laces. The conversation and visual imagery felt totally familiar as did my thoughts in response, including the sense that it was a deja vu experience.

9th September 2011, 10:47 PM
10th September, 2011.

“Transmission from Tokyo.”
Early in the night I dreamt something about hearing a radio transmission from Tokyo. Because the last dream of the night had been so long and vivid, I was struggling to recall the previous dreams when G, synchronistically, said something about Tokyo. The transmission was by an Australian dj, his counterpart was here in Australia transmitting also.

“Sharing the Song.”

A few years ago, I took a year off from my regular teaching job to train as a yoga teacher. To pay my bills, I worked casually in different schools. My favourite and the one where I worked most often was a wealthy grammar school. In this dream, I’m back there speaking with a couple of members of the English staff. One of the women looms large for a moment and I notice that her hair is completely different. I think this was an opportunity to become lucid.

Now I’m at a desk working on something I’ve been set to do. There’s a phone on the wall that rings behind me. I don’t answer it because I know it won’t be for me. An angry male voice begins a tirade accusing whoever normally uses the desk of deliberately not answering. I ignore him.

A plump, dark haired boy comes to the desk and asks for some throat lozenges. I realise that part of my job must be to operate a little school canteen, so I search the shelves behind me and find different brands of throat lozenge. One packet is half consumed, so I avoid that and ask the boy what type he wants.

Now I’m at the front of a classroom and two little blond girls begin to improvise a song. They sing in harmony and the words flow artfully. I’m delighted by their presentation but, not to be outdone, three brunette girls stand and sing the next part of the song. They are equally harmonious, only they are stronger and louder.

Now I’m out on the street and inside a rounded structure, like a pipe. A young woman continues the song. Her voice is timid and too quiet but her lyrics are impressive. A middle-aged man picks it up and then it’s my turn. My voice rings out true but much too loud. Still, the lyrics flow with the inspiration shared by all the singers. The man reacts negatively to my volume but the director of the song suddenly appears and he is delighted with my performance and with the way the song has progressed.

Suddenly the place is full of adults in a semi-circle. Each has sung part of the song, often in harmony with others. The director invites us to take hands and people do so but there is a couple who break the circle by only taking each other’s hands. There’s a bit of a movement around me in reaction to this. I sense that the person to my right is Anne D, a friend from my school days.

10th September 2011, 08:44 PM
11th September, 2011.
“Fragments – Dream Teacher”
A woman lives with two other people – a man and a woman that were once together for a short time. She wears a grey suit and teaches people about dreams. A cleaner comes to clean their house. She’s looking for somewhere new to live.

“Moving Pictures” (WILD)

I’m walking towards a college and there are other people on the path. I desire the experience of walking blind and seeing if I can feel my way to college. There may be moments when this occurs; I remember feeling the large sandstone blocks of a building that may have been the library. Suddenly an auburn haired child of about seven crosses my path from the right and he’s playing the same game of navigating blind. Despite my game, I see him pushing a scooter out in front of him and using it like a cane and avoid a collision with him. Now I’m behind two young men who ride way too slowly on their bikes in front of me because they’re conversing. I begin to become impatient with them and decide I’ll move around them when they take off.

There’s a moment when a faint dream about somebody being possessed begins to form around me. Yesterday I was in the video shop and noticed a film about exorcism with a similar image on the cover of the video case. I decide to return to the former dream, not wishing to dream about exorcism.

Now I’m in a room on the campus where two men are having a meeting. I feel they may be movie directors. I fail to focus on their discussion when I notice movement (Harry Potter style) within a poster on the wall. I guess the poster is for one of their earlier movies. Stereotypical high school students people it and I particularly notice an Indian student who runs to a stereotype similar to the character Raj in “Big Bang Theory.” He converses with the directors about what they should do and they disagree with him, telling him he hasn’t grasped their current concept.

I’ve finished typing my dream and I’m reading it on my computer screen when I hear a woman’s laugh. For some reason I think it’s CF and I know it’s a false awakening. No sooner do I have the realisation than I feel accosted by a heavy energy that feels as though it wraps itself around the left side of my head and arm, like a large boa constrictor. Momentarily I register it as pain, weight and paralysis and my first impulse is to pray, “Lord, Jesus protect me,” but, simultaneously, I’m understanding it’s probably a form of sleep paralysis. In any case, it’s gone the instant I pray and tell myself it’s not an attack.

10th September 2011, 09:04 PM
There’s a moment when a faint dream about somebody being possessed begins to form around me. Yesterday I was in the video shop and noticed a film about exorcism with a similar image on the cover of the video case. I decide to return to the former dream, not wishing to dream about exorcism.

An enviable skill! :)

11th September 2011, 09:57 AM
You know, Oliver, I don't know if that can be described as a skill as I've never had cause to do that in a lucid dream before - though I'm pretty sure I've done it in ordinary dreams!

Exorcism is scary!

I recalled some fragments from a later dream: Two or three children had put something down a sink to block a pipe and they had filled it with water and other muck. It looked like black whirlpool in the sink, with a circumference much greater than a normal plug hole. I chastised them and explained to them that this was a foolish thing to do.

11th September 2011, 09:19 PM
12th September, 2011.

I’m in a large shop, buying something, possibly sunglasses. I’ve asked the shop assistant, a young, plump blond woman, a question, which she has begun to answer when she’s interrupted by the queries of a young woman, causing her to fail to concentrate on my needs and to begin to assist the other. I become unreasonably incensed at this and start to give the shop assistant a loud lecture on her incompetence. There are many other people in the shop and they look our way. The feeling is of support for the shop assistant but I feel entirely justified in my tirade. She begins to defend herself, to argue with me that it wasn’t that big a deal but I refuse to let her off the hook. Another shop assistant comes to her aid but I will not concede a thing. I storm out of the store to my car. I look up to the shop sign: I’m in a strange city and I’ll need to remember where it is and what it’s called if I’m to do anything about the incident.

I begin to drive with a vague notion I’m going to see Dad. The highways are unfamiliar and I decide I’m heading in the wrong direction without a map– I need to turn around and go back the way I came. I turn into a driveway of some type of business and back onto the highway. I cross a narrow median strip made of concrete but I’m not about to worry about breaking road rules or I’ll only delay my return trip.

Now my car has transformed into a little motorbike that's totally lacking in grunt. A dark haired man, a contemporary or perhaps younger than me, aligns himself beside me. He begins to taunt me and demand that I go faster. I explain that I can’t, that my vehicle is going as fast as it can. He does something to aggravate me; I’m not sure what now, possibly something of a physical nature. I slap him and I think he probably retaliates. There’s no sense of pain, however.

Now I’m back in the store and again trying to present my point of view on what the assistant did wrong. I’m no longer as incensed but still a tad obsessed with being right. I explain that I’m not going to write a letter of complaint and the assistant is mildly relieved but that I want her to understand that she should complete what she’s started before helping someone new.

Notes: This is a curiously aggressive dream given that yesterday was a very enjoyable day spent at a baby shower of all places! There has been discussion in our media about people choosing to buy online because they don’t enjoy shop service but I respond to that with the thought that I usually prefer to be left alone when shopping, so this wouldn’t bother me a whole lot. Yet it did in the dream.

Where the aggressive feelings may have emerged yesterday was in talking to my friend, Louise. She still works at my former work place, which appears to have become even more unjust and ridiculous. Hearing her talk stirred up the usual feelings of negativity I have towards the place but also tremendous gratitude that I wasn’t there anymore.

12th September 2011, 09:28 PM
13th September, 2011.

“Guide in the Pub”

I’m in some kind of work situation, though sometimes work and home blend with the work people apparently inhabiting my home environment. Helen S is prominent and apparently seeking or having gained a promotion.

I read a list of new roles that those of us who have been promoted to a new level must occupy. All the words on the list sound like actual words but none of them make sense or are words I’ve encountered before. I realise I’ll need to look them up to discover what they mean.

G enters the scene, encouraging me to take a sickie (a day off where one claims sickness). I’m feeling persuaded by his pressure. The energy feels dreamy and I’m highly suggestible. The dream imagery is somewhat faint.

I step outside the back door and find a laundry hamper with clothes in it. Someone has mistaken it for a rubbish bin and I separate out the rubbish and the clothes that need laundering.

I’ve just finished teaching a yoga class and I walk into a room with a bar, like you’d find in a worker’s or RSL club. Someone tall and male accompanies me and we’re talking. I cannot remember the discussion but I feel the person is a guide. A group of men pass and one of them is familiar. His indent is of Andrew D, a boy I taught a few years back who finished school last year, but his face is different and quite vivid.

This part of the dream repeats (but with stuff in between) but this time I’m unaccompanied and when I look down I see slippers on my feet. I pass the group of men again and this time Andrew steps out of it and approaches. He asks if I’d seen him and we chat amiably.

The stuff in between is reading one of Neil’s threads. It’s a long thread where he’s gone all esoteric and is referencing material I’ve never encountered. I read a lot of the long thread but I don’t follow the numerous links. I wonder what it all means because none of it really makes sense to me.

15th September 2011, 09:43 AM
14th September, 2011

I meet a man outside the church from my childhood. He’s bearded and looks like Don Burke, a celebrity gardener that had a long running TV show in Australia. He is dropping chilli seeds around the church (for the poor to harvest?) I suggest he add snow peas because we had good crops of those.

15th September, 2011.

“Mum’s will and the people in B's house”

I go to my mother’s house for a family gathering. Somehow, she has become very wealthy and her house is very large. She tells us that she’s making my father the executer of her will. I wonder how this can be so when she and my father have been alienated for decades.

Now I’m in my sister B’s house and it too is quite a large and expensive home. There is a gathering of people I don’t know with children being especially prominent. I find that one of the children has left the bathroom with the toilet unflushed and a mess on the seat. She has rushed away to a meal. I find her and send her off to clean it up.

There’s a boy of about 7, probably the dream character from my “Moving Pictures” dream. I read a storybook to him. His mother is strict with him but he’s restless because he rarely gets enough of her attention. I think I communicate this to her.

I’m outside and there’s a trough in the middle of the street with a row of taps. Children stand at it. There’s one faulty tap that runs continuously. I ask a child to move aside so I can wash my hands under it.

Note: I've been pretty bossy in some recent dreams.

“Dangerous vegetables.”

This DC is apparently the Ross Geller character from “Friends” (for me he probably represents insecurity and a tendency to be obsessive). He has purchased some baked vegetables and he finds them so tasty he cannot stop eating them but they are lethal in excess. He knows he has to stop. He sits with the dangerous vegetables on his plate and a few fresh boiled vegetables also. He begins to eat the safe ones. At this stage, I go from being a spectator (as if viewing a movie) to being his companion. He begins to enjoy the safe vegetables although I notice he’s smothered a boiled potato in butter.

15th September 2011, 09:03 PM
16th September, 2011.

A Series of Dreams about death or near death that occurred in different sleep phases.

“Bella in the Forest”

I’m walking Bella out in the forest when I encounter a grey haired woman, elderly but with excellent posture, who sings with an amazing voice. A discussion with someone unseen ensues and it seems I must leave Bella in their care while I go on some kind of errand.

I need to get back into the forest now so I can find my dog. I’m in a family’s garage, speaking to a little girl. She lifts a roller door at the back of the garage and I see a black people mover van. It’s very vivid. I’m wondering if Bella will come running out of the forest before I enter it when I’m finally free to pursue her.

“G’s Recovery”

G has been sick and we’ve thought he was going to die but now he’s recovered and I’m sorting dozens of gifts people have given us (as though it were a wedding celebration). I notice quite a few blankets among the gifts.

“H’s Absence”

This dream has less visual substance and is based much more on feeling.

I have two contains, like cans, that I put on a shelf. One represents each of my sons. I think I’m talking to G about how lonely F will be now H is gone. Suddenly, I realise the implications of H’s death and begin to wail.

I wake up, disturbed. This is just too much. I realise I’m hot in bed, which I know from experience can cause nightmares. I use the bathroom just to get away from my bed for the moment.

It’s a hard to go back to sleep but this gives me time to contemplate why the dreams of loss might be showing up.

“The Singer.”
I can hear people singing in harmony at some kind of outdoor function. One must be closer to the microphone because her voice is more distinct, even though she’s attempting to soften it so she can blend with the children with whom she sings. Initially, I see this like a poorly shot movie where I can only see the right of her face from the cheek down. Soon I recognise both her voice and her face as my own.

“Linda needs info”
Something with Linda and Wolfgang. I’m talking with them about teaching yoga at the centre. Linda needs information but she’s also not listening well because she’s busy. She finds my teacher’s chronicle from last year (from my high school teaching job) and a novel I’ve supposedly taught and then she’s satisfied that she has what she needs. Further bits of this dream elude me.

16th September 2011, 09:04 PM
17th September, 2011.

“Lord Stanley’s Portrait.”
Early dream, something about being in a large house. The most vivid part is some large portraits hung on the wall. One is Lord Stanley or rather the actor who played him in Al Pacino’s docudrama “Looking for Richard.” A man asks me if the paintings are in the original order for, apparently I’ve always lived in this house, and I confirm that they are.

I’m in a doctor’s office speaking to a female doctor because my spine and torso are twisted. She shows me another, younger woman receiving treatment for the same thing, though she looks fine. Suddenly a bunch of shocks jolt her.

I’m lying on the lounge asleep when our friend Troy with his kids trailing comes into the room. He reaches under me, looking for something he left behind (we haven’t had these guys over for ages IRL). I jump at the sudden, unexpected sensation and tell him not to lift the blankets because I’m not wearing my pyjama bottoms.

I’m at work, on the second storey of the senior block and I have to leave my senior class behind to fetch something. I ask Blake to come with me (IRL Blake is a lethargic student who doesn’t make enough effort). Suddenly I lose energy and slump to the concrete veranda outside the room (not our usual classroom). I’m close to the gap in the railings and need to be careful not to fall off. I think I ask Blake to help me move away from there and he does.

Flying over the school, possibly accompanied.

“In Pursuit of the baby.”

A man and woman are in my living room giving a talk on their astral (?) experiences. She looks like Maria Isabel Pita. A few days ago I was reading LDE60 and she is an author who was interviewed about her lucid dreams. Out of curiosity, I did a search and saw her image. She speaks with an accent, probably something my dreaming mind has concocted. She stands face to face with her husband and they kiss while they’re photographed.

Now I’m playing with a baby on the lounge. It may have been their baby originally but now it has become mine. She’s a serious little soul and I wonder if I can make her laugh so I blow raspberries on her skin and she indeed laughs in the infectious way of babies.

I move away from her temporarily and see a price tag on her little dress. I decide her mother left that there (but aren’t I her mother?).

Now I see a shadow lurking in the study, which has morphed into more of a wardrobe. I tell some people (Troy and the kids) that there’s someone there and before I know it the intruder has taken the baby. There is no grief, only determination to recover her.

I begin to dress to go in pursuit of the baby. I have a full skirt on and I’m in a hurry so I just want to wear some socks and some slip on shoes. I scrunch them down and ask my younger sister if they look okay. They probably don’t but I don’t really care. It’s either now or back in the “Slump” dream that I notice as I pull on the socks that they keep altering. Sometimes they’re thick brown woollen socks and sometimes they’re thin nylon stocking type socks.

More happens with my sister and the dream goes off on another tangent but I can’t recall this.

17th September 2011, 09:34 PM
18th September, 2011.

Another night like last night with a lot of short dreams but I wasn’t able to recall them like I could yesterday. The main one is below, followed by a fragment. If any return during the day, I’ll add them.

"Yoga Customer"

I’m behind a counter in an unfamiliar space when Peter and Deb ask if they can join my home yoga class. I tell them I’m planning to return to fulltime high school teaching next year (I am IRL) and that I only have a Sunday class (something I wouldn’t do IRL). I say I don’t think I’d be able to fit them in but I'll try and then I begin to visualise my teaching space, which is the lounge room where I was raised rather than my RL yoga room downstairs. I imagine fitting bodies in around the furniture.

Now a woman asks me about yoga classes. She’s possibly a few years younger than me but she looks a little frazzled. She’s also a familiar DC, the broad cheek, broad hipped mother with blond bobbed hair. She wants to bring her children to her classes with her and asks when I’ll be teaching them. I direct her to Linda and Wolfgang’s classes, explaining I won’t be taking students.

By now, there’s another shorter, younger woman beside me bustling around behind the counter. She has a somewhat erratic energy that makes me feel mature in comparison. I look for flyers with class times to give to the blonde. I’m having trouble finding them and while I look for them I suggest that if she brought along a few more friends and their kids they might even be able to request a session time – I’m making this up, trying to drum up business for L and W.

The blonde exudes tiredness while she waits and I’m a little sorry for her. Just as I suggest they look up times on the website, the bustling brunette finds the pile of orange flyers. I notice the one of top is wet but she pulls one from the bottom and it’s fine.

The next bit is confusing in terms of sequence because my dream consciousness is simultaneously in two places. I need to leave the room for some reason and enter a space that reminds me of the downstairs area beneath L and W’s studio that I lock up at night after classes. The space is somewhat confined and there are a couple of layers of thick glass door. It also feels a bit like a revolving glass door. While I’m there I’m also present in the room with Blond Mother and Bustling Brunette. The mother has complained and the brunette is quite rude to her, essentially telling her to suck it up. I’m a little shocked by her lack of sympathy and wonder who she is and where she came from.

Note: I imagine both women are self-aspects.

I’m walking Bella and we encounter a large dog. I’m anxious that one or the other will misbehave but they both play well.

18th September 2011, 09:14 PM
19th September, 2011.

Recall is fragmented so I’ll record what I can remember.

“Tall Man and Foreign Girl”

There’s this young man I’m talking about how incredibly tall he is. He’s a really affable fellow and I like being in his company. I say to him, “It must be a real advantage being that tall when you’re in a crowd; you must see over everyone else’s head easily,” and he agrees that this is so. When we have this conversation we’re inside somebody else’s house – I guess I’m visiting – within a dream that is already underway.

Now I’m outside in a medium sized shed with a young, attractive foreign woman who has been looking after children (perhaps younger versions of my own are included). She has a talent with them. I’ve apparently promised to tell her some of the spooky stories from the house where I was raised but when I begin to do so she tells me I’ve already done it. She shows me a house behind the one we’re in; our ability to view the house, even only externally, breaking the rules of what would be possible IRL. She announces that it has problems with ghosts and I feel uncomfortable, even though it’s not particularly close it feels that way because we have telescopic vision or, probably more correctly, we can project our consciousness there so that what occurs feels close to home.

Now I appear to be in the shed alone. There isn’t much light and something happens like a door shutting by itself. My objective seems to be to make my way out, which I do without feeling fearful.

“Finding Mum in the Strange Complex.”

It’s hard to know where one dream ends and another begins on nights like last night. Now I’m with my Mum. She’s in an upstairs flat and still grieving the passing of Les as she does IRL. It’s not yet but somewhere at the end of the dream she tells me Les became difficult at the end because he never got on with his own mother who was Italian (she wasn’t to the best of my knowledge). As we do IRl, I say nothing about how I saw the situation because Mum has her own version of reality and there’s no real breaking through with her.

I’m on my way back to Mum but I become lost in the enormous complex that surrounds her upstairs flat. There’s a real feeling of expanse. I enter a very unusual place, not something I could easily name. It has a little bit of the feel of our local leisure centre which has an indoor pool, gym and basketball courts but none of those things are evident. There are a lot of African mothers and their babies there. The mothers have that truly impressive black skin of unadulterated blood and every one of them wears white. Their babies are at floor level, sitting before their mothers and playing. The floor seems to be an extensive trampoline but not black in colour. I can’t recall the colour, just the sense that it’s like a trampoline and without any type of sense knowledge to verify this. The area is huge, at least 50 metres in length.

I pass through to an interior complex. I sense Mum’s flat one level up and begin to climb what appear to be steps covered in white fabric. They suddenly dead-end in empty space so I descend again. I visually inspect the area that beneath the various coverings appears to be some kind of chapel.

“Wrought Iron” (Fragment)

I’m looking up at wrought iron hanging on a wall. It’s bent into swirls but entirely without symmetry. I know in that moment that my mind is very powerful and could bend it if it wanted to. I think to the times I’ve played games of dice and know that I’ve often controlled the roll.

19th September 2011, 10:24 PM
20th September, 2011.

I’m swimming with my family and it’s pleasant even though it’s strange that three walls and a ceiling contain the ocean. Suddenly we realise that we have the long thin tentacles of bluebottles wrapped around our limbs. We begin to pull them off us. Rather than noticing the lack of pain I’m thinking about how much it will itch later.
Note: The bluebottle is a common jelly fish and it stings.


19th September 2011, 10:26 PM
Welcome to the mental plane. The walls annoy me to no end. I'm sure Oliver will have something brilliant to say about the bluebottles.

20th September 2011, 09:09 PM
The jellyfish might be issues you struggle with - an itch you will need to scratch. There's also the notion of thoughtforms present - when seeing them as entities (their consciousness aspect) Kurt calls them Creatures.

The walls form an interesting perspective and could yield a clue to the energy body you were in. You can sense the limits of the plane here.

The complex you visit in the dream about your mother might have been her worldview. Notice how the whole scene's setup relates to her. You try to get to the interior to understand the heart of the matter, and you try to do so from an elevated perspective but you cannot achieve the necessary state of consciousness on this occasion. (I have one past adventure on record where I got access after changing perspective, but before the landing I was on had no exit.) It is within your reach, however, as you have the necessary inner senses to navigate this place and find the way there.

The trampoline would then represent a lot of ups and downs, issues having to do with drama. Very black mothers wrapped in white cloth could mean the problems originate (motherhood is origin) in black-and-white thinking, and the babies symbolize seeing them played out to learn from them. The African mothers could also denote the soul-level (black people I often connotate with "people with soul") learning derived from seeing these things played out in physical reality. The great number of them could denote repetition - that some lessons need a lot of repetition to be driven home.

21st September 2011, 08:09 AM
Oh, this is funny, Oliver, I just re-read that post and saw I'd written, there’s no real breathing through with her instead of breaking through. I do enjoy the occasional slip like this; it can say so much.

I think the jellyfish dream was definitely astral. There was a whole other dream after it which was too private but definitely emotional stuff. Given what I do make public in this journal you must wonder what is so private!

The complex you visit in the dream about your mother might have been her worldview. Notice how the whole scene's setup relates to her. You try to get to the interior to understand the heart of the matter, and you try to do so from an elevated perspective but you cannot achieve the necessary state of consciousness on this occasion.

I definitely got that. I think she was on a second storey to denote that the dream was about her thinking/mental processes/ belief systems/worldview (as you said). That dream definitely felt higher than astral and my thinking was very clear, the imagery very vivid. I much prefer dreams at this level.

I half expected to hear Les taking to me beneath the dream again but he hasn't done that lately. I know it means it's time to call her. She recently told me she cries from loneliness on the weekends and that breaks my heart.

The trampoline would then represent a lot of ups and downs, issues having to do with drama.

You'd think so, wouldn't you? It was, however, a very happy, orderly scene and the babies weren't bouncing, even though I sensed the nature of the floor. Despite my mother's numerous issues, I seriously believed she did the best she could as a mum.

Very black mothers wrapped in white cloth could mean the problems originate (motherhood is origin) in black-and-white thinking, and the babies symbolize seeing them played out to learn from them.

Possible. I see these ebony skinned African people when I drive down the road away from the school in the afternoon. I saw a girl about nine with long skinny legs in a white frilly dress that day. She was holding her dad's hand and in the moment I thought she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I imagine this vivid impression translated into my dream with the contrast between her skin and the dress. I could write all these things in my journal but time is short.

The African mothers could also denote the soul-level (black people I often connotate with "people with soul") learning derived from seeing these things played out in physical reality. The great number of them could denote repetition - that some lessons need a lot of repetition to be driven home.

Probably. I can't think of what else it might mean.

21st September 2011, 09:09 PM
22nd September, 2011.

Vague recall. Took a sinus tablet before bed (hayfever time here) and it may have made my dreams a little weirder.

“Three Birds in a Bathroom.”

I’m one of three people caught in a small bathroom with a single, high window. We know we are actually birds but we’re physically human, though this doesn’t seem to alter our perception of ourselves as birds.

One of us is able to see through the window and we’re preparing the right time for our flight out of there. I get the image of the outside. There is a high curving wall we’ll need to fly around.

“Angels and Vampires.”

I encounter a group of young people. A young man is a vampire (he may occasionally morph into a young woman) but he doesn’t look like one – he’s very handsome. Encountering him, I immediately know his intention is to feed on others in the group. We communicate telepathically but with intention and awareness rather than words. I make it clear he won’t be permitted to feed and he clearly sends his intention to try. I place a hand on his head and realise I have an immense strength and also that I’m angelic. (It’s nothing I’ve been reading or watching and there are no delusions of grandeur so my guess is the drug). He is paralysed and cannot act.


A coach is telling me how to prepare somebody for ? (Too vague).

Kali's Child
21st September 2011, 09:38 PM
“Three Birds in a Bathroom.”

I’m one of three people caught in a small bathroom with a single, high window. We know we are actually birds but we’re physically human, though this doesn’t seem to alter our perception of ourselves as birds.

One of us is able to see through the window and we’re preparing the right time for our flight out of there. I get the image of the outside. There is a high curving wall we’ll need to fly around.

Wow! Trying to get my head around this...

22nd September 2011, 08:16 PM
Yeah, a bit strange, Kali.:-)

23rd September, 2011.

Slept poorly: overstimulated after a long presentation night for F’s senior year at which F received several academic and community awards, including Dux.

Dreamt a continuation of proceedings, except for one part of the dream where the principal (a lovely man IRL) went mad at us and made us clean up a whole lot of junk that the seniors had left lying around. In the dream I would only pick up the detritus of a performance the (dream) students had left behind and not normal litter.

Can’t recall other dreams though had that dreaming all night feeling that you get from shallow sleep.

A bit of movement of my etheric right hand a few times in response to hypnopompic imagery of turning a tap/fawcett.

23rd September 2011, 10:30 PM
“Tidal Wave.”

This dream begins inside a house. There’s a baby on the floor and one or two or three people around him changing his nappy.

I’m outside now, walking with my sons. I don’t know where we are but it’s somewhere overseas and it’s cold. Bits of thawing ice remain about here and there. Chris P is directing traffic on a narrow, empty street, using little flags. I’m in my car now and in the spirit of fun I begin to do a deliberately terrible three-point turn. I don’t anticipate that the edges of the road are soft and slushy and the car becomes a little bogged. I give Chris a surprised but still a little amused expression.

Now I’m inside a room with Mishell K. She’s showing me a nipple piercing because it’s sore and asking if I can see anything wrong. I tell her I can’t see any sign of infection when F and H enter the room. When F realises the situation he looks embarrassed and H’s face acquires a prudish look that I don’t think I’ve ever seen IRL.

Mishell is excited and happy to get going now. She says we’ll go have some eggs and mushrooms for lunch and I get the impression we’ll be collecting the mushrooms ourselves. We set off happily.

Now we’re standing on a very large jetty with many other people and we’re watching the deep blue ocean with its choppy waves and white caps. I know it’s he Aegean Sea that we’re viewing. This dream is characterised by the incredible vividness you experience in high lucidity dreams. H is on my left and Mishell is behind us facing the other way. Suddenly a massive tidal wave forms before us and I instinctively wrap my arm around H’s waist and brace myself against the railing with the other hand. I’m vaguely remembering the dream last week where H was expressed as an absence and I’m determined he will survive but I’m also wondering if I have enough strength to hold him - he’s much bigger than me.

The people on the jetty scream as the wave washes over us. I’m surprised to discover I can hold us in place without a lot of effort but I wonder if the wave will subside before we drown. We’re under the water for a long time but there’s no sense of suffocation, just waiting.

Gradually the water dissipates and now the search for F begins. H and I run to the other side of the jetty, look over the edge to the water below where people who have been swept off the jetty bob around in the water. Finally we spot him and know he’s safe.

Now I’m in the water and the boys look over the railing calling down to me. There’s some kind of manmade structure beneath me and the fingers of my right hand slips between a join in two large slabs of thick wood that starts to slide together and crush them. The boy’s calls alert me to this and I move my hand.

Now I safe on the jetty again and we’re all looking for Mishell in the water. We cannot see her and I’m wondering if there’s still time for her.

“Tidal Wave” was such a vivid dream that it more or less wiped memories of earlier dreams, despite the fact that I didn’t respond to it emotionally and there were no physical manifestations in response to the dream.

Recently I’d come across two historical references to dreams with warnings for the dreamer. One was about Freud misreading a dream that warned him of his future mouth cancer http://www.mossdreams.com/Design 2009/Archives/Essays/dr_freuds_dream_diagnosis.htm
and the other was about Lady Dianna ringing a psychic on the day she died because she had had a dream something happened to her sons. In both instances, the dreamer failed to recognise the warning as being for them because they took the other people in their dreams to be a representation of those actual people.

Before sleep, I asked for a dream with any current or future health warnings. Since this was the most vivid, it’s the one I will consider.

“Artwork with Canister.”

I’m in some kind of public venue with rectangular tables arranged in rows. I’m creating a modestly sized artwork and adding other materials to the basic painting. I use film canisters to represent people. Somehow, this works in a dream environment but I want to cut the canister lengthways, thinking this would work better (as it probably would in a physical reality world). I do that and go in search of glue.

(http://www.mossdreams.com/Design 2009/Archives/Essays/dr_freuds_dream_diagnosis.htm)

25th September 2011, 12:08 AM
25th September, 2011.

“The Expert in the Arts.”

There’s a European man, perhaps German, with some authority in the Arts. He’s in his 50s and balding on the top with tufty brown-grey hair at the sides and back. There’s at least one other adult, a man, in conversation with us, and children in the periphery. I cannot recall the conversation but I think it may have been the man’s area of expertise.

At some point a schoolboy comes before us and unfolds an unusual school bag that could possibly only exist in a dream environment (think Dr Who’s tardis). It opens out continuously, like a book initially. I react with some amazement at it. I think he produces art supplies.

Now I notice the wider room, seeing that there are boy ballet dancers. One is a shy, vulnerable child of 6 or 7 with black hair who clutches to his mother’s arm. She sits on a stool. The other, standing apart, is an older boy and the look he gives the European man conveys his mistrust. I instantly suspect the maestro (for want of a better word) of inappropriate behaviours towards the children.

Another dream with children – girls this time. They have a lot of little toys for playing dolls.

Thought I might spontaneously project last night because I became conscious of movement in my etheric limbs again. If it happened, I don't remember.

25th September 2011, 09:26 AM
Maybe the dream could mean you have some distrust in out-of-body teachers. The offer could be being taught "the arts" beyond your imagination (the amazing unfolding of the arts supplies). The kids could represent issues of fear and distrust, maybe even with a hint to your own age where that fear originated. A hint to self-aspects could be present by yourself picking up the boy's distrust such instantly. There have been hints in past dreams of interpreting what could possibly be energetic intimacy as inappropriate behaviors.

26th September 2011, 05:49 AM
I agree. I saw the usual authority issues emerging again. I even struggle when somebody wants me to be their authority figure at times, even if I'm authoritative! This is a pretty deep thing with me.

At another level, there may have been a bit of a precognitive thing going on. We unexpectedly found ourselves out with friends at the pub for an open mic session. Their 14 year old played guitar and sang a few numbers. There was an older guy there (we'd taught him) and he performed too. He's autistic and not always great with reading cues (e.g. bailed a mate out of jail, then the "friend" robbed him). Anyway, our friends' 14 year old had been going around to his house and jamming until his parents banned it because of the unsavoury nature of some of the older guy's friends. There was a bit of a vibe at the pub, you know, and, energetically speaking, it resonated with the feeling in the dream.

Doubt in authority figures in dreams may also reflect my self doubts.

26th September 2011, 09:44 PM
27th September, 2011.

Earlier dreams about the yoga class I taught last night. One of my students is expecting and told me after the class she was already 3cm dilated, which caused me some feelings of anxiety that I had to work on at bedtime if I didn’t want to process it in my dreams. Clearly there was some residual worry.

“A Jumble of Animals, Desserts, a Presentation and a Conversation.”

I’m in a small townhouse with a courtyard and in the courtyard is an array of animals. My friend Lourdes is there and she has brought a fully grown fluffy duck that acts like a cat and slides around her legs, waiting to be petted. Its feathers are still downy, like you see on ducklings.

When larger animals begin arriving things start getting a little out of control and I feel a desire to retreat inside away from a large gorilla and bull. I’m expecting authorities to take care of the problem.

There’s a switch now to story being told about cats that fall into a swimming pool. I view it like a movie. The cats in the visuals are like you’d see in a claymation or animation and depicted with their legs out stiff and the hair on their bodies standing on end. They’re small and cute and hundreds of them are seen floating in the water, with the odd dog here and there as well.

Now I’m at some type of fete or fair. I’ve been left the task of selling some deserts. There’s a perfectly packed box, like a sushi box but with sizable dessert slices that I can sell and then bits and pieces of poorly presented slices that look like they’ve been cut with a blunt knife. I try to improve their appearance but only make them worse.

Now I’m involved in a presentation on stage, playing my part in proceedings as expected. I experience the presentation from a first person perspective and then view it on video. In the on stage part of the dream I feel very popular with the other presenters and as if people are looking out for me, guiding me as needed.

When I view myself on video, watching myself side-on, I’m critical of the weight I’ve gained this year, noticing I look thick through the waist in my grey jacket. I’m surprised to see some of the young male presenters had tap danced during their presentation because I hadn’t noticed that when I was on stage with them. They’re talented dancers.

There’s a return to the tale of the cats in the pool. It appears that they’re drawn to the water and when they drink they die instantly. I can’t be moved by the tale because its mode of presentation is unrealistic (like Gary Larson’s Far Side comics or the movie Chicken Run) and makes me feel it’s leading towards something humorous or adventurous.

I’m looking at a computer screen now, reading a transcript of a discussion between two men. Although I’m reading, I also can see them in conversation. One of them is either Robert Frost (the American poet) or Robert Moss (the Dream teacher) or it fluctuates from one to the other. I cannot recall their conversation upon awaking but I remember one odd word: “roak.” (When I awake I look it up, along with “roke,” but can only find it in an urban dictionary where it is said to mean, “smoky.” I wonder if I’ve misheard the word).

Now I become anxious because I realise that I’m at university as a post-grad and I have an essay due that I haven’t started.

27th September 2011, 11:04 PM
28th September, 2011.

“J’s car.”

I’m in a new car with Jacquie driving. Suddenly she slumps into lethargy and I need to take over the driving for her. I tell her she has to move over because I can’t manoeuvre the car from the passenger’s side. Now I have the wheel and I’m feeling for the pedal, I ask J if it’s a manual or an automatic. She tells me it’s both. There’s a red light ahead but the car is already going too quickly to stop so I have to steer us to the other side of the dividing line to avoid collision. Now I’m on the wrong side of the road waiting for a break in the median strip so I can bring us back into the normal flow.

“Group Work”

Can’t remember much of this. There’s a boy from my homeroom, Aaron D, in it. I give a group of students instructions and leave them to complete the work. The topic seems to be Global Warming. We have a comfortable working relationship.

“Meeting G in Sydney”

Again, poor recall on this one. I meet G at a hotel, I think. We may have another person with us, a teenage daughter. There is a romantic element between G and me.

28th September 2011, 07:50 AM
Reading Volgerie's reference to Law of Attraction in his recent dream post, I thought I'd tag this on.

So, yesterday I wanted someone to walk with when I took Bella for her walk. Both sons said they'd join me and then found reasons to procrastinate, so I went.

Just after the turning back point of our walk, Bella spotted a woman walking abut 20 metres behind us and refused to budge until the woman caught up. Every so often, Bella just takes a liking to a particular person and insists on meeting them. The woman, as it turned out, was a dog person and thought Bella's behaviour adorable. We were going in the same direction and she was very pleased to walk with us and chat for 10 minutes. It turns out her own dogs had passed away last year and she missed them and also that she had only been in the area for a month, having moved from Western Australia. She was pleasant company.:-)

28th September 2011, 10:12 PM
29th September, 2011.

“Standing in Line to Wash sheets.”

Something takes place in Berry. I’m attending some kind event that entails sleeping over and I’m currently in a line for the washing machine, holding my bed sheets. Someone (a student from a previous school) has committed a minor infraction in the process and somebody else feels it’s an issue.


I’m teaching a revision class that is very full and where the lighting is bright. It seems to include students from the past (Dane S is definitely there). I’m using the data projector and there’s some sense of several classes having passed in dreamtime style. I’m trying to teach but something is going wrong. John T, one of my most capable current students, complains that he can’t see the material on the board. I look and it is indeed faint. Is it written or projected? It appears to be mathematical equations, which would be all right if I weren’t an English teacher.

I go up front to check the equipment. Dane has apparently set up his laptop for the class but there’s nothing amiss with the simulation. The class is noisy and there’s music playing. I realise I have been too casual in terms of discipline.

Sofie enters the room with a handful of sheets. She wants to know if I’ve done a certain paper for revision yet. I haven’t even been aware of it, so I feel inadequate now.


I see a woman’s hands creating a map of Australia out of pretty pink girly fabric. Tasmania is a little heart tagged at the bottom.
I’m entering a public building with heavy glass doors. I pass a group of foreign men; some possibly wear turbans. One stops to smile at me and eyes me off with appreciation.

29th September 2011, 09:46 PM
30th September, 2011.

“Sarah asks for the burger”

I seem to be in the first house G and I built together when Sarah Br arrives via the side glass doors. I go out to greet her and notice that we have a vivid blue ocean scene to the rear of the house, waves crashing dramatically. I take a moment to appreciate that.

Sarah has noticed a burger on the seat of an old car (circa 1960s) and asks if she can have it for her lunch. I tell her she’s welcome to it and she consumes it.

Now we go somewhere together and I’m not really sure what happens. I feel that some type of discord unfolds between us. At times Sarah’s body morphs into my son, F.

Notes: I went to primary school and senior college with Sarah and we were friends. In recent years we hooked up again on Facebook but Sarah was always very religiously orthodox and “unfriended” her school friends after we lampooned a particular Catholic evangelical movement we experienced in senior high school. I could eventually get her to speak to me again and then she just disappeared off Facebook altogether.
Like my son, F, she was dux of the school. I suspect the morphing also expresses that F has become a little too orthodox in his views lately only at the other polarity of rationalism, materialism and atheism.

“Wild Teens”

I seem to be another person, a teenager. I stand with hundreds of other kids along a high mezzanine that surrounds some kind of sporting venue below. We may be watching a roller derby (nothing I’ve ever seen IRL) but I’m not sure that’s really the right translation. I begin to jump up and down on the floor and others follow suit until we’ve created a substantial wave in the floor that has responded to our movement and we get to enjoy the ride.

The scene cuts to a rendezvous with a dark haired boy who was part of the game. We’re/they’re (because it has switched to 3rd person) in a shower cubical in a public bathroom about to get it on.

Now the scene is of the girl’s father throwing the boy and a bunch of her friends out of the house. The father looks like the actor John Lithgow (yesterday I had to go to council to change address on our dog registration and the employee reminded me of the actor).

Fragment: Helping Narelle H find something to wear. (Haven’t seen her in a long while. Last time I dreamt about her we heard from them out of the blue the next day).

30th September 2011, 01:45 PM
I pass a group of foreign men; some possibly wear turbans. One stops to smile at me and eyes me off with appreciation.
dreams exotically tinted are sheer delight, the awnings in a bazar ,burning myrrh the flash of a scimitar , the turban worn - delicious mystique.

30th September 2011, 09:50 PM
Psionickx, it really wasn't at all exciting, just a remembered fragment. In fact, my dreams of late haven't been all that inspiring.

1st October, 2011.

“Disc Child.”

G and I appear to be parents to a blue disc person. It’s about 50cm tall and oval shaped and has a child’s mentality. We become aware that it has performed some misdemeanour with another child and we are now making it make recompense. This involves travelling through the screen of a television set (which usually suggests a movement into the mental plane). We sit closely together before the TV screen, ready to be absorbed through it. We take the dog us too but she’s somewhat smaller than her RL self – a puppy only. I hold the disc child on my lap and he squirms, evidently he doesn’t want to come.

Once through the screen it appears we clean up mess. There is a bit of playing with the puppy as an occasional distraction too.

It’s possible to read the blue disc person as a mental elemental, I suppose, and the puppy as an astral elemental. If so, I’m doing some work eliminating some childish or rubbish thinking.

“Teaching the Preliminary Class”

This dream seems to be set in the space where I went to church as a child; although the church isn’t evident it feels like that particular location. Again, I appear to be cleaning up pollution, including dog faeces.

Now I have a class of senior boys before me. I appear to be running lunchtime lessons for them because they are presented with a particularly challenging task: they need to make notes from a video (mental plane task). To help them, I watch and make notes too. I think I also stop the video and explain every so often. The class is very serious about the exercise and very attentive.

For a period, Trent Mitchell is present and appears to be involved in the activity. IRL, I admire Trent, an excellent year adviser and someone I consider a more advanced soul, despite his youth. I feel he is a great role model for the boys.

The activity repeats, as if it’s the following day. The boys are there again and we’re all working hard. I become anxious that this will take too long and that the boys will consequently miss too many lunchtimes in attempting it. I don’t want them to be exhausted and dissuaded by the challenges of the task but I also know that if they succeed they’ll be true advanced (English) students.

I imagine the students represent the work I’m doing on the mental plane. During the dream I understand the video but afterwards I don’t recall what it was about. “Trent” is probably a facilitator.
My senior students are much on my mind currently as their state exams are only two weeks away.

1st October 2011, 11:21 PM
2nd October, 2011.

Late night at a 50th birthday party. Dreaming was pretty much an extension of waking and I’ve been procrastinating writing this and even contemplating pretending I’ve got not recall at all.

“After Mick’s Party”

Still at the party. Music, movement, noise.

I’m in the house at Alexander with F.* The babysitting is over and we seem to have been left there in the dark (actually, this is sounding like a RTZ projection remembered as a dream– the house is only about 5km from where we live now).

Now I seem to be at a different party where Penny is cooking something like a stew or a casserole in a large pot. Sandro is there too and so are others. (Just before we left the 50th, Penny invited us to a Halloween party at their house).

Now I’m back with and Brent and Kylie but it doesn’t feel like Alexander. They have given me a song to sing.

I’m briefly back out on a street and there’s something else after this, an interruption that seems more meaningful than the processing of the night’s events - a discussion with a male teacher. I don’t know how I’m able to even remember this. Wish I could remember it fully.

Back with Brent and Kylie in their house. I go off to a room on my own to learn the song. I’m searching for lyrics and they’ve given me a microphone. Apparently it will play throughout the house. I briefly wonder why they want me to sing anyway.

There’s a whole lot of forgotten stuff as well.

*F was babysitting for some friends that were also at the party. In one of those coincidences that happen, they rent our former home, which we haven’t been able to sell yet. So F knew his way around the house because he grew up there.

2nd October 2011, 09:31 PM
3rd October, 2011.

I’m in a dorm with boys. Maybe I’m a boy too – not sure. I’m sitting on a bed when I realise it belongs to Alex A (a junior I taught last year) and vacate it for him. He seems grateful.

Now I’m outside with two or three men. A small bald man seems to be in charge. They have lift half of a heavy concrete planter, a semi-circle with a radius just over a metre, and throw it to one another until the dirt comes loose from the container. The bald man is excited, exclaiming there will be over 500 000 strands of DNA in the dirt alone.

3rd October 2011, 10:56 PM
4th October, 2011.

“Silly yoga student.”

I’m living in a different house with dark floorboards. It reminds me of Steph and Andrew’s house in Berry. Andrew and Paul have turned up for a yoga class which we want to do in the backyard, only the land is uneven and it’s hard to stabilise.

Now Paul is zooming around in a miniature hot rod racing car. The scene alters and we’re inside and he’s actions are damaging the lacquer on the floorboards. Sheets of the material break off and I see G has a tolerant expression as he gathers it up. I feel bad that repairing this will mean work for him.

"Train to uni."

G and I have been making love. This part of the dream is warm and loving. The initial setting is unfamiliar - perhaps the house of the earlier dream. There are forgotten bits here.

Now I’m on a platform waiting for a train. G is there, worrying that I catch the right train (a recurring dream element) and instructing me on what to do but my mind is on getting to uni because class has already started. The train pulls in and I step on, ignoring G.

Now I’m hurrying across the expansive campus, trying to get to class.

A considerable amount has been forgotten as there have been many distractions this morning that have delayed recording. I do remember two station names (both actual) – Redfern and Burwood. The only thing they have in common, apart from being stations on the line I used to travel to get to uni as an undergraduate, is the reference to plants.

“White horses.”

My perspective is aerial without a sense of movement. Beneath me hundreds of white horses graze on green hills. I feel very neutral in observer mode.

4th October 2011, 09:16 PM
5th October, 2011.

“Clearing away trifles.”

I’m sorting through items that are supposedly mine. I’m going to give them away and there’s a particular moment where I feel a real sense of relief and lightness about that. There seem to be a lot of fluffy toys. I reach into a sack and pull out other things. As I do I find jewels: large earrings and necklaces in a vintage style with sapphires. They capture my attention for a moment because I don’t remember having seen them before and I certainly haven’t worn them but they mean no more to me than the other things.

I’m hanging clothes out now. They seem to be things I will keep once they’re refreshed. It seems to me there are a lot of them but I guess you need clothes. Someone begins helping me. I don’t know if their identity is stable; in remembering it seems to be Peter P, a friendly older teacher from work but sometimes it’s Leslie, the art teacher, also significantly older than me and very friendly.

My attention is taken by something that initially looks like a statue and a chalice. These things are also unstable and become other things, stabilising into a doll that wets its pants!

7th October 2011, 09:10 PM
8th October, 2011.

This dream is jumbled, like the dreams of the last couple of unrecorded nights, but the bits I do recall are actually quite vivid.
I’m looking for a toilet. I go downstairs accompanied by a woman who feels familiar. I cannot remember her having any form although she doesn’t translate as a “ghost” either.

Something happens down there that I think is an encounter with a vampire or some other type of threatening male entity. There’s no fear involved. I wish I could remember what it actually is – a conversation?

There’s something work-related now and I’m in a staffroom. I still seek a toilet (it’s not my physical body) and see a potty sitting on a chair. I go to the chair, which belongs to another and she doesn’t want me to use. In any case, I’m not prepared to use the potty with people present.

I continue seeking. I know there’s more of the same to the dream but I can’t recall the specifics. I think it resulted from some brief contemplation I made in the evening on the nature of social groups/workplaces. The interpretation in the second link below is probably more applicable in this instance.

http://thedreamtribe.com/urine-dreams-and-the-creative-flow/body sending urgent signals)

8th October 2011, 09:59 PM
9th October, 2011.

"Women's Conference"
I have been at some major event with my mother, my grandmother (departed) and my sister. All I remember about the event was that it was presented in a very large space that would fit thousands of people and presented by a woman. Of course, after the dream I cannot remember her words but there is a feeling of satisfaction and well being at what she spoke.

My mother and I are in separate vehicles (IRL she can’t drive). She has my grandmother with her and my sister is in the passenger seat of my car. We are meant to move on to a second event linked with the one we’ve just experienced. I’m waiting in the car park for Mum but she isn’t arriving. I wonder where she is and I briefly hear her voice transmitted into my car but it’s faint and tinny. I think she’s asking where I am, can’t remember for certain. A waking life thought invades: my phone went flat in the afternoon and I didn’t charge it before I went to sleep. The memory immediately cancels the communication from my mother (she hasn’t got my mobile number IRL in any case).

I decide to drive around the rather large car park and look for her but my efforts are useless. I begin to wonder if there’s another exit on the other side of the building and go off in pursuit of her. At this stage, I have an awareness that my sister beside me is somewhat insubstantial: she neither speaks and sometimes she doesn’t seem to be embodied, instead presenting as an idea. My grandmother was much the same and I’m teetering on realising I’m dreaming and that they’re dream figures.

When I pull out on the street I want to go left but I suddenly change my mind and decide to veer right. It shouldn’t matter as my intention is to drive around the block. When I pull right I encounter a traffic island; either I’ll have to drive on the wrong side of the road or go left again. Instead, there is a dream reality fluctuation and a division appears in the traffic island that I can drive through.

There are some deletions here because of the private nature of the dreaming but then I get to this bit:


Now I’m in a very large shop or possibly a mall. The section I’m in is a pharmacy and I notice a woman giving psychic readings on a platform. A number of people are lined up for her so I decide I won’t visit but I look around for a sign to inform myself about her. I see she only charges $35.

Note: Before the dream, I was reading about dream programming and contemplating programming one. I decided it would be too hurriedly done so I looked up a couple of tarot cards about my questions instead. Essentially, I’m gearing up to take on a counselling course with the hope of moving into school counselling but I feel I haven’t yet researched my options and potentials as well as I should have. Both tarot cards appeared to suggest rest for now but that’s at odds with my feeling that it’s time to seize opportunities and get change underway. My anxiety revolves around issues of workload: I don’t yet know what classes I’ll have next year and what stress levels will be like. There’s currently some politics and power play going on in the English department and while I’m not in the firing line, I do feel that I’ll be manoeuvred around to serve other people’s agendas.

Anyway, it seems the dream was happy to do some predicting for me and dream numbers have been a tremendous and accurate source of information for me in the past. Immediately I looked up hexagram 35 in the iching and it seems to endorse my course:

9th October 2011, 08:41 PM
10th October, 2011.

“Lindi in the boat.”

There’s something about ending up in a large pool of water earlier in the night with my former sister-in-law. She tells us someone has thrown up in B’s boat and we all need to help clean it. In response we (I don’t know who “we” are) tip water into the boat until it begins to sink. Our objective is to submerge it until it’s clean.

Note: I don’t believe I’ve ever dreamt of Lindi before. My reactions in the dream were helpful but emotionally neutral. In waking life, I don’t have a lot of respect for her and didn’t really like her a whole lot when she was married to my brother-in-law.

“Return to St _’s”

I’m out in an open place with a mixture of field and rocky ground. I’m with an unknown person and a current (gifted)Year 9 student, Kingston. We’re supposed to be improvising a play where I’ve been instructed that my character is to act selfishly. I work with the unknown person on how the story might develop but when we begin to perform it, I’m too slow to bring in the theme of selfishness and then I’m unsure of how to incorporate it. We’re to make a fire and I’m wondering how I might make selfishness play into that activity. I begin to concoct an imaginary group whom we oppose but that seems to create other tangents rather than an exploration of the theme of selfishness. They are supposed to come maurading over a hill and there’s a sense that I could create an actual group with my mind if I wanted to, causing me to teeter on possible lucidity.

The person I work with tells me Kingston has lost interest and left.

I’m walking on a path back towards my old work place. Numerous individuals accompany me but it’s the girls who gather close. One holds one of my fingers as a baby would and act affectionately, as the kids at my former school actually did on occasion. A dog walking on its back legs comes towards us and, just for a moment, I’m almost lucid again.

Note: This is probably due to a couple of recent encounters with female students from my former school. One I’ll write about in more detail a bit later.

Unfortunately, now I’m back at work with the women on my former staff. They maintain the cold attitude they cultivated IRL, despite the fact that in my dream it’s my birthday. We are in unfamiliar rooms with concrete walls and I call them on their tactics. A couple of the more uncertain make excuses for not having wished me happy birthday but they don’t actually compensate by doing so. The leader, Megan, announces that next she’d like the school to pay for her to take a trip to London. She’s certain it will occur and possesses a total sense of entitlement.

Notes: IRL Megan was able to bully her way into a trip to Rome for the canonisation of Australia’s first saint. It was meant to be for youth only and she far exceeded the age but she was able to take it off a younger teacher that it had been awarded to legitimately. This occurred well after I left the school but I continually hear stories of her various victories against people she dislikes in a school that continually empowers such behaviours. I guess I (and various others) still hope for a karmic backlash that never eventuates.

10th October 2011, 08:34 PM
Year 12 Graduation Dinner last night so I went to bed late, not really expecting much in the way of dreaming but as soon as I closed my eyes there were hypnagogics. I remember a little ginger kitten playing because I enjoyed watching it.


I’m at a large outdoor event. I’ve got a feeling this is the second event I was supposed to attend during the “Women’s Conference Dream” mainly because I’ve just heard a woman announcer declare that her (?) book is on sale at a certain stand. I make my way towards it, wait in line and ask for the book when I reach the counter. I don’t know upon waking what it’s called or its nature. I’m told it’s $40.* I give the vendor eight $5 notes and she returns two $10 notes. I know this is wrong so I ask her if she’s sure and she mentally works it out and says she is. I still know this is wrong but I’m vaguely rationalising that maybe I got it wrong myself. In any case, I don’t mind the extra $20 in my pocket and I don’t insist.

*After recording yesterday’s dreams I remembered a reference to 40 even though I couldn’t remember how it came up. I hurriedly looked up the hexagram from the I-ching- Deliverance - but the fact it has recurred makes me consider its significance more deeply. I do remember experiencing 40 in a dream before and looking up possible references that suggested it was a trial period – like 40 days and nights in the desert.
http://theabysmal.wordpress.com/2006/10/27/i-ching-hexagram-40/ (http://theabysmal.wordpress.com/2006/10/27/i-ching-hexagram-40/)

The following is taken from http://www.spiritualwisdom.org.uk/number-symbols.htm (http://www.spiritualwisdom.org.uk/number-symbols.htm) The idea of temptation is evident in the dream, so this is interesting. I’ll need to be vigilant.
40 Forty
A full or complete state of temptation (temptation arises when what is good and true in a person is challenged)

In the story of Noah’s Ark we can find several references to 40 including:
For in seven days I will send rain on the earth forty days and forty nights, and every living thing that I have made I will blot out from the face of the ground. Genesis 7:4
In the account of the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land there is this reference to 40:
The people of Israel ate the manna forty years, till they came to a habitable land. They ate the manna till they came to the border of the land of Canaan. Exodus 16:35
And in the description of Jesus in the wilderness we can also find 40:
And he was in the wilderness forty days, being tempted by Satan. And he was with the wild animals, and the angels were ministering to him. Mark 1:13

These are just a few examples of the use of 40 and at first sight they seem to have little in common. However in the last quotation there is a clear link between 40 and temptation – Jesus was in the wilderness forty days and he was tempted. Could this apply to the other quotations? Well, the Israelites spent 40 years going from Egypt to the Promised Land but it wasn’t an easy trip. At one stage they ran out of food and wondered why they had ever left Egypt, on another occasion they thought God had left them so they made a god out of a golden bull. In all sorts of ways they gave in to temptation and began to give up on their journey. Noah also had to make a journey but in his case it was in a boat for forty days and forty nights until finally he reached dry land. He was faced by a continuous deluge of rain and surely he too felt ‘tempted’ to give up and give in to the onslaught of the rain – but he didn’t.
Spiritually speaking we are all ‘tempted’ in some way when we are challenged to give up on the things we know are good and true and to give in to more selfish ways of living. And in the Bible a spiritual state of full and complete temptation is symbolised by the number 40. The spiritual significance of the number 40 is therefore 'temptation'. 40
A full or complete state of temptation (temptation arises when what is good and true in a person is challenged)

In the story of Noah’s Ark we can find several references to 40 including:
For in seven days I will send rain on the earth forty days and forty nights, and every living thing that I have made I will blot out from the face of the ground. Genesis 7:4
In the account of the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land there is this reference to 40:
The people of Israel ate the manna forty years, till they came to a habitable land. They ate the manna till they came to the border of the land of Canaan. Exodus 16:35
And in the description of Jesus in the wilderness we can also find 40:
And he was in the wilderness forty days, being tempted by Satan. And he was with the wild animals, and the angels were ministering to him. Mark 1:13

These are just a few examples of the use of 40 and at first sight they seem to have little in common. However in the last quotation there is a clear link between 40 and temptation – Jesus was in the wilderness forty days and he was tempted. Could this apply to the other quotations? Well, the Israelites spent 40 years going from Egypt to the Promised Land but it wasn’t an easy trip. At one stage they ran out of food and wondered why they had ever left Egypt, on another occasion they thought God had left them so they made a god out of a golden bull. In all sorts of ways they gave in to temptation and began to give up on their journey. Noah also had to make a journey but in his case it was in a boat for forty days and forty nights until finally he reached dry land. He was faced by a continuous deluge of rain and surely he too felt ‘tempted’ to give up and give in to the onslaught of the rain – but he didn’t.
Spiritually speaking we are all ‘tempted’ in some way when we are challenged to give up on the things we know are good and true and to give in to more selfish ways of living. And in the Bible a spiritual state of full and complete temptation is symbolised by the number 40. The spiritual significance of the number 40 is therefore 'temptation'.

“The Lebanese Family.”
I begin to walk and a large family group draw my attention. They’re behind a mesh wire fence and I decide they’re probably a Lebanese Muslim family like so many of the boys I teach at school (funny Catholic school, I know :D). They’re singing on a microphone in turn and it resounds throughout the outdoor venue. Some of them sing in what I assume is an Arabic language but the younger ones sing in English with the accent that has become so familiar to me in recent years. I try to hear their lyrics but it’s hard to make them out. I watch them for quite some time.

“F’s homecoming”

I’m waiting on the lounge with H for F to come home and telling G we should go get him. G is resistant to the idea and I’m questioning why I don’t just go and pick him up myself. There’s no sense of where he is.

Suddenly F comes home. He’s in school uniform and looks really weary. I’m sorry we left him to find his own way home and he comes and sits on my lap like he did when he was small.

“Air Show” (Lucid- but too briefly!)

I’m in the front yard of the home where I grew up with G and the kids, gardening. Suddenly and dramatically planes start flying overhead. The first I notice are two jets, side-by-side, with thick jet trails. I know G loves an air show and naturally he’s impressed. More and more planes fly over and, while we do see planes from the air shows that happen at the navy base 40 minutes from here IRL, we never see this many planes at once. Something flies over my head that looks like a fan and I begin to wonder how this could be part of the air show. I state, “This can’t be real, we have to be dreaming,” and I think G is disagreeing. I’m almost pulled back into believing the dream but I just don’t buy it in the end and start to feel that familiar “wobbly” feeling when you’re lucid and need to do something quick if you want to stay in the dream. Damn!

12th October 2011, 08:45 PM
13th October, 2011.

“Apricot carpet”

Anne D is in “my house.” Is it the Seven Hills house? She rolls out apricot coloured carpet she apparently bought back in the 80s and it seems she’s going to use it at the house. Does she hold it against the wall as if she’d carpet the wall?

“Baby gets her way”

I’m looking after a baby – not mine, someone else’s daughter. There’s some awareness that others haven’t known how to care for her but I have good instincts in this respect. It’s hard to recall exactly what I do with her but it seems G might be there for some of the dream and making his suggestions.
There is an odd part I do recall well. I’m standing in a bathroom and there’s a red toy car, the type you activate with a remote. It comes into the room behind me and then doesn’t move. There’s some type of mental communication from the baby (or the car itself?) that this isn’t what she wants and I’m able to alter the car with my mind. It leaves the room and returns, transformed into a light blue car of an older model from the 1970s.

“Jewish District”

G and I are travelling on our bed. When we arrive, we appear to be in an ordinary sized room, like a bedroom. I tell G I’ll need to put on some pants now we’re here (I slept without pyjama pants because it was too warm to wear them) and I notice an adjoining room behind us where there’s an attendant at a desk.

I’m not sure if this is our destination or an entirely different dream but we’re now in a Jewish district with the kids. I see several shops that seem to have hundreds of candles on display and Yiddish or Hebrew writing on their signs. There’s a museum too. We’re on our way to a cinema, our reason for being here, and we’re going to see a renowned film that supposedly opens the mind to spiritual knowledge. When I know this, it seems like we're accompanied by a woman I perceive as tall, knowledgeable and possibly invisible. Laughingly, I make a comment about wondering how F will respond to the film because he considers himself a sceptic (in the true sense of the word).

Note: The Jewish dream may have been seeded by a couple of references to things Jewish in my WL: a year co-ordinator was telling me about Years 9’s yearly trip to the Jewish museum in Sydney and a student handed in a creative writing where his persona was a Jewish boy.

12th October 2011, 10:10 PM
Well, it was Rosh Hashanna last week and Yom Kippur a few days ago. Maybe that had some influence. Of course, the whole 'people of the book'=spirituality may also have something to do with it.
FWIW, the toy car image was interesting- I associate red cars with men and blue cars with women, even though I'm a woman and prefer a red car myself.

13th October 2011, 09:54 AM
Well, it was Rosh Hashanna last week and Yom Kippur a few days ago. Maybe that had some influence. Of course, the whole 'people of the book'=spirituality may also have something to do with it.

I positively wouldn't know this. I can honestly say I have no Jewish friends or acquaintances nor have I ever had any. I simply don't meet Jewish people!

As for the second dream, I look at it but can't see reason for the colours or the style of car. I think really it was just an exercise using mind in a dream environment.

13th October 2011, 07:01 PM
Do you remember my pm a few months ago? I had a dream about you connected to Israel. You were then a teacher in a classroom asking us about 'typical professions of Jewish women'. (Well, actually it was "in Israel" literally, but as Israel is always associated with the Jewish people rather than the Christian or Muslim people living in this area / country, it is almost synonymous in this context).

13th October 2011, 08:18 PM
Oh Volgerie, I'd totally forgotten about that.:D

14th October 2011, 09:27 PM
15th October, 2011.

Lots of dreams last night but I can only recall the later sequence.

I didn’t record yesterday because my memories were vague and I was in a morning rush. All I remember now is something about a teacher, a tall man that is perhaps H’s Physical ed teacher, outlining something so I would know his plans for for H’s development. (IRL, both the teachers who teamteach H P.E./sports skills have nothing but wonderful things to say about his maturity, leadership and reliability which, you know, makes a parent proud).

“Precocious Son”

In the main dream I have given birth to a brand new baby boy. Of course babies are a frequent recurrence in my dreams but this one is very memorable. He is born like a normal baby but develops his intellectual and motor skills at a phenomenal rate. I realise quite soon in the dream that he’s mobile within days of his birth and that I cannot even remember particular milestones like rolling or crawling – he just does those things. That’s not to say he’s not vulnerable; I still need to look after his little body and I do so with great care throughout the dream. Though there’s a lapse where I leave him in the bath temporarily unattended. As I mother him, he converses with me with mature knowledge but simultaneously he does cute baby things.


There are a series of visitors throughout this dream but I’m not sure they all come to see the baby. One is my best friend M who rings from her car outside my house and says she and G have just gone for a drive for something to do (she lives 11/2 hours drive away IRL). I’m disappointed they don’t stay long. I can hear that it’s raining in the dream and I’m pretty certain this is because of actual rain throughout the night.

B, my older sister visits too. She comes to see the baby and nurses him. I notice her breasts are particularly large in this dream and she says she feels the letdown reflex holding the baby.

Now I’m in the backyard at Seven Hills. Kristy, a young colleague from work (a PE teacher) and former student, is ironing outside. I notice one of her dresses on the pile and pick it up to examine it. I tell her it’s pretty. Then I see she’s ironing our things and tell her to leave them, I’ll do those. The dream becomes less real and more vague here. I walk up to the back corner of the backyard and there seems to be a puddle of lava I need to avoid to reach something – I’m not sure what, some kind of food perhaps.

Now another excited woman arrives but I can’t identify her post-dream. She’s excited and asks me why I didn’t come to the Egyptian Party. I tell her I never heard about it.


I’m driving now and there are young women, gymnastic performers who run ahead of the car and slide up light poles. Then they hang outwards and I wonder if one falls if she’ll come crashing atop my car. I move to the middle lane just in case but a woman runs out in front of my car and stops. I brake and I’m annoyed. She moves away but I can’t remember how to find the accelerator and can only feel the brake with my foot.

14th October 2011, 10:01 PM
Did you ever read Taltos? (by Anne Rice)

15th October 2011, 01:36 AM
No, I read Menoch and Interview but never Taltos. Why do you ask?

15th October 2011, 02:11 AM
Because the book is about a woman (from a certain lineage)who gives birth to a being that grows to adult size quickly after he's born. It's been years since I've read it but your description reminded me of the birth scene. It's one of the sequels from her 'witch' series- IMO it was better than her 'vampire' series.

15th October 2011, 04:58 AM
I thought that would be the dream you referenced.:-)

16th October 2011, 07:58 AM
16th October, 2011.

Another late night so, again, I’m surprised to have had some very vivid dreaming. I had to make quick morning notes because I was out all day.

“Rescue Man”

This dream is like a comic strip and I don’t recall the plot a whole lot but the theme was one of being rescued. There was something about two (atomic?) bombs and somehow my persona was key in the bad guys being able to set them off. Naturally, I don’t want to be part of that and don’t have to be because the super guy flies down and swoops me away. He reminded me physically of one of my yoga students though I didn’t relate to him as that person in the dream. Perhaps this is an indicator that I can rescue myself from potentially incendiary experiences in waking reality by being like Paul.

“Martial arts”

I’m walking along a path in a dream that is as vivid as a lucid dream but I’m not lucid. There’s a grassy area to my right and up ahead slightly I see a crowd has created a circle to watch something. I receive the information that it will be a martial arts display between women. Even though the word “display” is used and IRL this is something I would watch, I decide that it will be aggressive and I don’t want to witness that.

I continue walking and end up in a queue of travelling people in the type of dream I’ve come to dub an energy stream dream. Sometimes I have dreams like this that involve large numbers of people moving in one direction, on foot or in vehicles or in water and there’s always a particular feeling that accompanies such dreams. This one’s a little different though because I become impatient with a couple of men in front of who aren’t moving fast and I want to overtake them. An invisible guide is beside me, a tall male, and he reminds me to fly. I don’t really fly above and before them but the act of floating vertically a metre above the ground brings me pleasure and calms my impatience.

“Shifting Dimensions and the Gnome Madonna”

I’m in “my” bedroom, which feels like it’s located in the house we lived at before this one, in H’s former room. Proportions keep changing in this dream so that sometimes the room and its items are larger and sometimes smaller. I think someone “older” has shown me to my room – probably the guide figure from the previous dream.

I look around it and see that I’ve apparently painted the walls a sky-blue but there’s a textured panel too where I’ve taken a smaller paintbrush and mixed in some white strokes with the blue. I then see the poster that Tina, my best friend from high school, gave me when I was 13 and that adorned our bedroom wall through that period of our childhood. I thought about that poster about a week ago and wondered then if my memory of it was sufficient to reproduce it accurately in a dream. It was definitely accurate only much larger than it had been in RL. Now I’m at the light switch and I notice grubby fingerprints on the wall beside it. I wonder when my hands have ever been this grubby for them to have created such an effect.

Now I’ve peered into a jewellery box, which is suddenly an incredibly large, wooden toy box with a lid. Size-wise it’s probably over one-and-a-half metres long by almost that wide and comes up to my chest. The lid weighs nothing at all and when I lift it I see the entire chest is full of stuffed teddy bears. Some I recognise as toys my children had. Upon waking it occurs to me that it would have been a good idea to have shown more curiosity and dug down deeper into that box but I don’t because suddenly my attention is elsewhere.

There’s a bedside table and I notice a small statue of the Virgin Mary but she’s a most unusual statue. She’s actually a gnome with a little stub nose and gnomish proportions all in traditional blue Mary robes. She also has gnomish baby Jesus on her hip in a very normal everyday gesture that you never see in Madonna depictions. She begins to talk and her first words to me are, “Do not worry.” This totally surprises me and then she says something else I don’t remember. I cannot accept her sudden animation and decide she must be some kind of toy, like a magic cue ball. No sooner do I have the thought than she transforms into something less organic and more robotic.

17th October 2011, 08:32 PM
18th October, 2011.

Earlier dream: joining in a game at someone’s instigation that entails running back and forth about the distance of a bowling lane and gathering something up.

“Strange Gathering and the Hard Diving Shark”

I’m with Rod and Louise and we’re dining at a café, discussing an upcoming strike. This causes Lou and me some anxiety but not Rod as he moved out of teaching. We seem to be there awhile and other things happen that I’ve forgotten.

They get up to go to the counter and I follow but when I see they’re getting coffee I decide I don’t want it and return to the table. The seating arrangement has morphed into long tables of greyed wood and a girl has started stacking chairs. A bunch of people, myself included, chastise her for doing so because we’re not finished and she has to unstack them again.

Now I’m in “my” bedroom, my house being continuous with the café. My bedroom is a very large room with windows to the floor and filmy curtains. I’m closing it up for the night and realise it has at least 3 doors so it takes a little time.

Then, for some reason, I decide I need to go elsewhere in the house and I’m upstairs turning off lights to the outside balcony. When I do I hear voices protest and realise there was a party going on and I turned out the lights, so I quickly switch them back on. They’re energy saving lights so they take a little while to illuminate and I wish they’d hurry up. I see the motley, unfamiliar group and gesture through the thick glass that I apologise. I use the Namaste signal and they understand.

Now, one of the women, thin, 40s, with a long brunette bob, is almost guiltily confiding in me that she’s put her baby on medication – the same medication her mother took. I reply that some things are genetic.

Now they’re on their way downstairs. As we pass through the entry way I begin to examine the floor closely. I can see there’s something wrong with it. It’s not the tiled area of my RL house and I’m not too sure what the surface is but it’s something earthen. There are small worn patches, little irregular depressions, and I think these must have formed from foot traffic. Outside, a plump, balding father tries to lift his little girl over puddles on the uneven cobbled path that leads away. I laugh when he places her sandaled foot right in a small pool of water and comment on what he’s done. Initially he’s about to deny it but then he laughs too as he places both arms either side of me and encloses me to the wall. It’s much too intimate for my liking but I’m playing it cool. He comments on all the wonderful space under the house. I look and can see under the house now and there is indeed a lot of space. I joke that’s where my husband buries all the bodies and the man laughs and is gone.

Now I’m further down the path and Matthew S is there with his sister Coreena. He seems a little younger and I sense my own kids walking behind me and there’s a feeling they’re younger too. Matthew is in a lot of pain and groaning. His belly is hugely distended and his naval is exposed beneath his t-shirt and looks weirdly white. I say to Coreena that she must get him to a hospital immediately and my children chime in agreement behind me but she says no, he’s booked during the holidays. Then, in one sudden, horrifying moment something falls out of Matthew. It might be bowel, it’s certainly tubelike, bumpy and grey, but it’s Y shaped and the bumps look a bit like spine. Coreena bends down, picks it up and shakes it about as she declares, “I know what this is: it’s a hard diving shark – Matthew must have swallowed it.”

17th October 2011, 10:16 PM
Just back from walking the dog. On the return trip I had a feeling of apprehension, as though I should keep her on the lead. So I put her on for a bit until we rounded a bend. My feelings are frequently verified in these instances but there was nothing there and I decided I was being paranoid. I'd felt apprehensive before leaving and even taken the key in case my son accidentally locked the door - not that he ever has. Anyway, I was still contemplating the fallibility of sixth sense when Bella shot forward to engage another dog who'd come bounding around the next curve. His owner is one who doesn't believe in leashes and walks her dog by using a tennis ball launcher. Thankfully it was all growling and tussle and the other dog shot off when Bella gave back as good as she got. By the time he'd come back for more I had her in my arms and his owner had appeared. She gave me a dirty look and I returned in kind then she asked if my dog was okay and I asked about hers.

Next time, I'll keep her on the lead even if I think I'm being paranoid.

21st October 2011, 07:08 AM
20th October, 2011.

Disjointed recall today.

“Hair Dye”
There’s a young man selling goods at a small counter at what appears to be a service station, attached to my home. I want to buy hair dye and he seems to have them under his counter. I tell him to match it to my hair colour and I see through his eyes as he looks at them. Then he gives me something else entirely.

“Three Boys”
I find three small boys outside on the ground beside a fence. Something has happened to them – perhaps they’ve fallen off the fence. I pick two of them up and hug them but the third child appears to be on the other side, even though I have no trouble seeing him, so I send my sons to tend to him.


I’m at a function where I see muffins or large cupcakes on a table. I place them in a container so they remain fresh.

I’m standing near a pew and G is talking to someone. That person leaves and we take their spot. I’m glad that G and I are finally alone.

21st October 2011, 07:09 AM
21st October, 2011.

“Accelerating and Braking Simultaneously”

I’m doing some kind of work that entails watching a TV screen. There’s another woman doing the same and an older male supervisor. While we work, there’s some kind of work party occurring. It’s grand, maybe even a ball.

I’m in the car park, about to leave along with the partygoers. Things get hairy and I’m having trouble reversing because I have my feet on the accelerator and the brake at the same time. I can’t seem to figure that it’s impossible to move that way and the car strains to accommodate. Suddenly I spot that I’m about to hit another motorist so I stop but so does he so I’m about to go again but he does the same and there’s a minor collision. I feel it’s my fault but he begins apologising so I let him believe it’s his fault. I get out and inspect but there’s no damage other than a miniscule spot on the duco near my right headlight. It might have even happened before the collision. I tell the other diver there’s no damage and he’s happy.

Then my car alters, becoming the first car I ever owned: a Triumph Herald. It takes off on its own, rolling away, and I pursue it on foot. It won’t behave itself and I worry there will be a real collision. Eventually it parks itself so I approach it and begin to address it like a human. I apologise for how I’ve treated it and tell it I won’t do that anymore and it is placated.

Notes: Lately, I’ve been thinking I’d like to enrol in an online counselling course. I’m reluctant, however, until I see what’s on my plate in the 2012 school year. I’ve asked to return to fulltime work because my son wants to go away to Canberra for university. It may or may not happen, as there are a series of staffing considerations to be taken into account. If I do return fulltime, it may mean they load me up with senior classes.

I have resorted to an online tarot read for a bit of guidance and it seemed to imply I shouldn’t act but, instead, should rest. This isn’t really what I wanted to told because I’d like to enact a change and I don’t believe manifesting generally occurs without effort. So, I programmed a dream asking what I should do and, as you see with the car dream, there’s a real problem with accelerating while you’re braking. This doesn’t solve my problem by offering a clear direction so much as describe the dilemma.

So, it put me in a bit of a mood this morning that had me grumbling at my guides as I climbed in the car to drive to work. Essentially, I was complaining about my impulses being at odds with what the guides were apparently advising. I mentally asked the question/whined: “So, do you guys even care if we’re happy doing what we’re doing down here? Do you even want humans to experience joy or is life supposed to be relentless toil?” or something to that effect. I had in mind too something I’d recently heard on a radio programme about humans only having very limited free will, essentially being the property of The Creator. I switched on the radio and caught this part of a song:
But are you mine?

I wanna make you happy, I wanna make you feel alive,
Let me make you happy,
I wanna make you feel alive at night,
I wanna make you happy…

“Bella lets off Steam”

Bella stretches out on the floor at my feet. Suddenly a whole lot of steam emanates from her body.

21st October 2011, 02:08 PM
No useful comments, except that the image of Bella letting off steam made me laugh. Perhaps she too has issues with ownership?

22nd October 2011, 04:14 PM
They certainly powerfully replied to your concerns through that song...and Bella :)

So, I programmed a dream asking what I should do and, as you see with the car dream, there’s a real problem with accelerating while you’re braking. This doesn’t solve my problem by offering a clear direction so much as describe the dilemma.

This kind of response, describing the situation, or giving half-answers or hints, rather than telling what should be done, seems to be very typical. I recall reading several such instances in Volgerle’s posts about dream programming for instance. And I know I more often than not receive this kind of response as well.

I think this is meant not to overly influence us, and that it actually shows that our free will is being respected. The situation is decribed to help us recognize all the aspects into play and possible outcomes, so that we may then think things over (doing our homework perhaps ;)) and make a more enlightened decision. But the decision has to come from us. We are always free to choose, and we may or may not heed advices given. As I see it, good guides are not going to be resentful if we don’t always heed their advices and they’ll even be there for us if things go wrong later on.

To me, your dream seems to show that you may strain yourself by going forward (and taking the online course) when you may rather need to slow down...and rest, perhaps. That being said, resting is not as passive as it sounds… Reading your post made me smile because I could recognize myself much in the desire to take action when rest may be more needed. Your post reminded me of this tarot card I often see in readings when I feel this way : 4 of swords
The key words given in this link show well that rest may also be tied to actively preparing oneself inwardly before taking action outwardly. In this sense, it is actually going forward as well; it is preparing the way…

22nd October 2011, 04:17 PM
No useful comments, except that the image of Bella letting off steam made me laugh. Perhaps she too has issues with ownership?

That was funny :lol:

22nd October 2011, 09:47 PM
Thanks guys and Poeme I see a lot of wisdom in your response.

23rd October, 2011.

G and I are heading down a dirt track and when G stops and finds a cache and then another I realise it’s some kind of hunt.

Now I’m in a house and while it’s not the layout of the home my grandmother lived in when she was alive, I realise it’s her home. I decide it shouldn’t be left this way so that anyone can just come in and take what they want. I think we must pack away her things so that her children can have their inheritance. I begin in the kitchen, emptying the cutlery drawers and wrapping the cutlery in a tea towel.

I’m in the bedroom and I find my friend Gabrielle sitting on Nana’s bed (I’d sat near Gabrielle at an all day inservice we were at yesterday for work). Gabrielle is going through Nana’s jewellery box and she tries to tell about some type of device she finds that does something jewellery-related. All I can think of now is that it perhaps untangles jewellery but I’m not sure that’s right because it seems to be the rings she’s holding.

Note: Untangling jewellery might imply finding what is valuable in the inheritance your family leaves you. The rings might have been a better symbol than a necklace because of their fixed circular shape, implying completeness or coming full circle.

Last night I went out with a girlfriend and we watched a young comedian who used his own family life for many of his jokes. This may have influenced the dream. Gabrielle is also a person who identifies very strongly with family.

The cutlery may represent the tools we inherit from family in order to take life in.

The joy of more time and fewer dreams is time to write down an interpretation once in a while and also to savour the otherwordly feel of some of those dreams. This was one of those.

25th October 2011, 08:17 PM
26th October, 2011.


Last night was interesting because I twice heard someone I believe to be my guide, speak to me. After the first time, I woke up and mentally recited the message so I wouldn’t forget it but should have gotten out of bed and recorded it because I’m not sure now that I recall it properly. It was something like: “Live life as if it were your death.” The second message was different and almost immediately forgotten. Both felt positive.

“Amputee Child”
I’m working on something that interests me. I’m in a familiar classroom but not one I can directly relate to waking reality. It is quite large and similar to the audio-visual room at my current workplace, minus the computers. I’m in the corner of the room where there’s a television and I seem to be working on a document there. Flora and Therese H enter the room and tell me something I don’t know.

The scene changes and I’m carry a very large boy child who has had his legs amputated below the knees. It may be Flora’s child.

I hear the first message, wakeup and recite it mentally.

Note: Flora and Therese work at my former school. G told me yesterday that Flora is expecting another baby, which is surprising because she’s 40 and her son is already 8.

Remembered this while brushing my teeth:

“Mouth cancer”
I’m upstairs in doctors’ offices. I may have spoken to a doctor first but now I’m feeling a little curious and taking a wander to a back room to see what’s there. I see through a doorway to another room but it’s small and empty and really not at all interesting.

As I return I see the doctor talking to man in his 40s, telling him the cancer cells in his mouth will take two years to multiple enough to kill him.

26th October 2011, 08:48 PM
27th October, 2011.

I’m foggy this morning. I’ve experienced a sleep deprivation run caused by G’s snoring over the past 4 or so nights and it’s really starting to depress me. I ended up on the couch in the early hours of the morning and then the dog thought I was up early to walk her.

I haven’t bothered much with dream recall because a number of dreams were prematurely terminated or I simply couldn’t remember them.

This dream had potential to be interesting:

“Whale people.”
I live right on the coast, on the beach and rocks,with my tribe. My hair is long and I’m raising a small child. A whale plays in the ocean nearby and we identify ourselves as “whale people.”

“The other Spirit Being”
There’s a snippet from another dream that’s interesting. I seem to be much younger and going out on the town with my sister. A superior, a Merlin- like figure, asks me about a woman I conversed with earlier in the dream. He wants to know who the other spirit being was, as if he, she and I are different to the normal people. (Perhaps I was conversing with an actual dreamer, rather than a DC)

A mundane dream where I’m in a classroom supervising junior students through a test. Something starts to go wrong toward the end. My attitude is very negative when a male figure comes to replace me. I swear when I pass on information to him and he chastises me for swearing while a student can hear.

Something garbled at the end. I’m on the floor beside a woman’s bed. She tries to talk to me at the same time as a woman on the phone talks to me. I can’t follow the conversation on the phone; is she talking about a competition? Is there some nonsense about washing powder?

29th October 2011, 10:02 PM
29th October, 2011.
“Foreign children and the British Queen.”

This is very vivid. I’m in a totally new environment, like a holiday destination, and two children accompany me: an older girl and a younger boy. They both have accents, perhaps Danish or Swedish or Swiss and they talk quite enthusiastically. They’re blondes.

There’s a moment in the dream where we walk through a marina with footpaths, crowds and vendors selling food. Suddenly, my yoga teacher, Maurie, is in front of us, clowning foolishly. He ultimately transforms into a young, slight Indian man with a poorly aligned jaw.*We stop at a shop and the boy orders 1 ½ potatoes for his lunch.#

Now I’m having dinner with the Scandanavian children’s family. My family are there too. Things go well for a while but the mother becomes upset over something we don’t understand.

Now I’m back outside with the children. A very LOUD rendition of God Save the Queen starts up over the loud speakers. We press up against railings lining the street to catch an impromptu appearance by the Queen of England (who is currently visiting Australia IRL). I look to my left and witness and enormous armoured truck that apparently precedes her arrival. While I am in no way a monarchist, I’m excited about being in the right place at the right time.

Notes: The reference to Scandanavian children may have resulted from a brief conversation with our youngest during the day. He wanted to know what nationalities we had in our family. When H implied my background was more diverse that his father’s, because of my Maltese mother, his dad boasted that they had English, Irish, Scottish and German in his background. I added that my great grandparents had been Danish settlers (or Swiss, depending on whose stories/research I trust).

*This was my conscience reprimanding me for a careless statement. I’d taught a yoga class the previous night and a woman in the class told me she was 70. Later she complimented my teacher, who is also in his 70s, talking about his remarkable strength and flexibility as a result of his commitment to yoga. I agreed he is remarkable but stated that I didn’t think years of vegetarianism had benefitted his teeth. It was an observation I could have well kept to myself. The next dream (omitted here) made sure I got the message.

#I tried to programme the dream to advise me on the better course: choosing to do an Open University Psychology degree (apples) or a Counselling certificate (oranges).

30th October, 2011.

“Crystal bowl.”
Groups peopled my dreams, probably reflecting the fact we’d been to two consecutive parties, resulting in a late night. In one dream I was working with others to solve something, I’m not sure what, but the theme was one of correction and reform related to some kind of social issue. Someone gave me a crystal salad bowl that was somehow meaningful.

“Two of Pentacles”
In a later dream, I ask two men to help me with a tarot reading. I lay out the cards in a formation of 5 that I seem to be making up (5 is numerologically associated with self-liberation) as I go along. I turn the first card over and it is a beautiful young blond man standing exceedingly tall. I closely scrutinise the card, stating I have never seen it before but I soon realise it’s the 2 of pentacles. I imagine I’m just using an unfamiliar and very beautiful deck.


30th October 2011, 08:10 PM
Temporary Dream Journal.

31st October, 2011.

Fragmented recall.

“Coconut Angel”
I’m a little sad and I decide to throw some flour on our sofa to create an angel. The setting is the house where I was raised and my mother and younger sister are there. I can’t find flour so I use a small sprinkling of desiccated coconut. Immediately the amount increases until it forms a three dimensional, fully sized (though petit) female angel. She’s perfectly proportioned like a classical statue with curling hair and totally smooth skin. She’s silent but alive. I rest my check on hers and feel relieved of my burdens and totally happy, even shedding silent tears of joy. I fall asleep there and later wake to show my Mum and sister what has occurred.

“About to be Robbed”
I get out of a car in a dimly lit parking lot. A young man accosts me, making it clear he intends to rob me. I have $100 in my hand and I wonder what I should do.

“Giving up the chair and the Phone call”
I’m in a crowded café at a small round table for one and I’ve finished a coffee. I take the empty cup back to the counter and when I return to the table a stiff wallet is lying on my chair. I look up at a masculine woman and ask her if it’s hers. She affirms that it is and her intention to take my place. I explain that I just got up to return my cup but I can see she doesn’t want to give me the chair so I look around and immediately spot a vacant chair right near the one that was mine. I let her have it. Then I make a long phone call to someone (the angel from the earlier dream?) that I cannot recall at all.

I think I had one of those navigating through unknown streets dreams somewhere in all this too.

30th October 2011, 10:58 PM
Nothing deep to say but... I thought your dream of the coconut angel was such a lovely one!

31st October 2011, 07:01 AM
It was, thanks.

In May, I had this dream:

“Dad’s House”
I enter my Dad’s “house,” planning to use his bathroom to take a shower. I enter the room and then hear the noise of someone stirring, so I emerge from the room again. I see my dad in a slightly darkened bedroom, in bed during the day. He comes out of the room and I tell him it’s just me, come to use his shower. Now a plump, dark-hair, European woman enters through the front door. She’s Dad’s cleaner and she goes straight into the bathroom, where she clearly intends to begin her cleaning. I’m mildly impatient that I’ll have to wait for her but Dad’s attitude is the disdain for people he considers unintelligent or unattractive that I’ve often seen him display IRL.

I decide I’ll look out back while I wait for the cleaning lady. The backyard is a large, neatly mown, rectangle. It is somehow a familiar dream setting. I notice that the ground is elevated a few feet higher than the surrounding plots. I’m slightly disturbed to see that there is some kind of shed-like structure at the end of the yard and shade cloth that obscures the view beyond the yard. There is a small social gathering behind the shade cloth. A father and his son are briefly in Dad’s backyard, having wandered off their own property. I feel that they should respect the boundaries, even if there are no fences.

I’m not sure if the other remembered parts of last night’s dreaming are still part of this dream or separate. The dream just recorded made me anxious to check up o my Dad, who lives alone in another state.

It had a similar quality to a dream I had about my father at another time. In that dream he was dying and his torso was twisted like a corkscrew. I was devastated but he was okay with his impending death. I rang him IRL and discovered he was going in for some tests. Ultimately they discovered some cancer cells in his prostate and a shadow on his liver but they said old age would take him out before these things did (he's 71).

After I had the above dream I rang to check on him but he was in a totally obnoxious mood and I regretted making the call. Yesterday he rang me to tell me he's been diagnosed with glaucoma and will go blind and also that a more major operation on his prostate is scheduled. He says he's up 4 times a night to use the bathroom. Remembering the dim lighting in the dream, I dug it up to see if it had references to blindness. I believe it does.

1st November 2011, 08:18 PM
2nd November, 2011.

Poor sleep yesterday meant I didn’t record. All I remember is moving two cars at once with my mind.

“Three Conferences”

I enjoyed last night’s dream during which I attended three large conferences with another woman. She is initially a young Asian woman (Chinese perhaps) but she becomes something else later – possibly Indian or South American. She appears to be a knowledgeable companion and I am also quite competent in this dream.

During our second trip to the conference I do the driving. During the third conference I wonder how I knew the way and if I used a satellite navigation system.

At some point, I associate briefly and productively with some former colleagues for whom I had little respect by the end of our association.

There is also a thread to do with earphones for listening. I appear to have at least two sets but my younger sister has damaged them and tangled them, along with earphones belonging to someone else – G? I know where there is another set of earphones (in my bedroom?) but my female companion or G tells me I won’t need them.

I really appreciate the venue for the in-service, which appears to be work-related for the teaching of English. It is truly grand with high arching glass ceilings that allow light to pour through. There are also many tiles and it’s quite beautiful. There’s a lot of white in the tiling.

On my second or third time there, I’m so inspired by the architecture and the sense of spaciousness that I begin to fly. I wonder if I should be doing this as nobody else is flying but I’m enjoying the freedom so I continue. There are people lined up at a door at the top of a ramp to a higher level. I don’t initially notice them as I head upwards towards that room but when I do see them I feel I shouldn’t use my ability to fly to push to the front so I hold back.

While I fly, my companion keeps up with me, walking. Curiously, there’s a moment where I realise I’m wearing a dress and wonder how it manages to enfold me in such a way that my modesty is guaranteed.

At the end of the dream my companion and I observe railway tracks between stations. We’re working out something about getting home. I think there’s also some discussion of the way we got there in the first place. Soon we’re on the platform and my companion holds a piece of cardboard on which she has written guidance for others, directing them to the right platform.

Now we’re in a busy place and the companion has transformed into a South American and she is selling fried chicken. G is with me and we’re apparently ordered some chicken. She gets a phone call and we understand that rat has been cooked along with the chicken. She finds it and wraps it in paper and throws it away. It seems G isn’t too offended by this, that he would have accepted fried rat. :shock:

Note: The last garbled bit of the dream reflects some elements of a “Modern Family” episode I semi-watched while reading yesterday evening.

6th November 2011, 10:52 AM
4th November, 2011.
In Forster-Tuncurry

“The Line”
I couldn’t finish recording these dreams yesterday and can’t remember this one now.

“Ten uses for Trees”
I’m challenged to a competition where I have to give ten uses for each tree. I begin rattling off things such as, “They create shade, they house birds….”

“Child Abuse”

Initially this is a movie I watch. Some people have a little girl but towards the end of the dream it becomes apparent that she’s not their natural child and they’re going to torture her. They begin to fill a bath with some dark solution and then they immerse one of her legs in it. It appears to burn her and I refuse to watch anymore as I would IRL if this were something on television. I can hear the sinister man and woman involved laugh as I remove myself from the scene.

The little girl appears to be the child that plays Lilly in “Modern Family” so I’m still resonating with what I saw a couple of nights ago, perhaps because I often wonder about the welfare of child actors - especially very young ones - when I watch something involving them.

Note: Unless I’m picking up on something real (I hope not) this could suggest a young, emerging self-aspect is in danger or some small, frail self-aspect is being brutalised by other parts of my psyche. Lily in the episode I watched was 3. If I equate that with something in my own life it may be my career as a yoga teacher, which began 3 years ago and which appears unlikely due to my need to return to fulltime work next year.

This dream could also be something I agreed to dream for someone else but the sign I set to indicate this was absent.

I thought the notion of a “dark solution” was an interesting one.

Child abuse might also be present as a theme because we left my dog, Bella, at a boarding kennel, which felt like betrayal.

Now I seem to be at a school that isn’t anywhere I’ve worked before. I carry the memory of the first part of the dream like a secret.

I don’t seem to know the people but they initially seem amicable enough. There is a dark haired woman who seems to be a parent working voluntary at the school. She’s writing something.

Things are a bit muddled now. At some point I make a suggestion that is somehow influenced by what I experienced in the first part of the dream that the dark haired woman’s child be given cough mixture. This results in the appearance of Pat P who is very sombre and gives me a bottle of cough mixture with a note on its label that accuses me of abuse and threatens that action will occur.

I sit at the table with a gathering and the dark haired woman’s child serves food. She is an impressive, confident junior high school child that does her job well.

6th November 2011, 10:54 AM
5th November, 2011.

I saw three spiders making a web as hypnagogic imagery before sleep. Am reading Wesselman’s “Bowl of Light” and feel it may be imagery to represent the three soul Hawaiian belief.

Interestingly, I picked this book up out of a bag of books lent to me by a friend on my way out the door to a long weekend away. It occurred to me that a couple of previous dreams actually seemed to have referenced this book. One was dreaming about a crystal bowl, which, if I think about it, may be seen as a bowl of light but the other was a reference to whales. I had a short dream about being a “whale person” and the book references dolphins and whales as animals that in some instances were inhabited by higher beings that came to the planet with the souls that seeded the creatures that would evolve into humans. Whales are referred to as record keepers. We also saw many whales and dolphins on this trip.

Other things in the book resonated with certain questions that occupy my mind such as soul age and the implications of that and so called “Indigo children.” I was very pleased to find that I shared the views of the kahuna in the book on the topic of Indigoes.

“Cynthia’s crockery”
G wants me to take Cynthia’s dinner set. I don’t know what has become of C but she has a massive dinner set with way too many plates and bits and pieces. I say we don’t want it because we don’t have room so we decide we must drop it off at this place that looks like a shop from the outside. Other people help me carry the pieces from the car.

Once inside I notice a few pieces I like such as a white milk jug. I decide a coffee set is worth keeping.

I wander into a room and see the leg end of a man immersed in a bath so I quietly back away.

6th November 2011, 10:58 AM
6th November, 2011.

“Musketeer type Movie”
Back in time and I’m a man. This is hard to remember; feels a bit movie-ish. I’m imprisoned and intended for some kind of servitude. I seem to be dressed like a musketeer when I see myself in third person, as I do sometimes. Despite my imprisonment, I have no problem freeing myself when I choose and it seems to be a bit of a game to me. There is a love interest and the complication in the plot appears to arise when another woman is approaching and, at a distance, I mistake her for the woman with whom I’m involved. The dream doesn’t develop beyond this point.

“Raptor threat”
There’s a sulphur-crested cockatoo in a cage in this dream so it seems to be the one I programmed to dream for another.

I’m hiding in a bathroom with a child (possibly the older girl from “Child Abuse” dream). There’s a raptor loose in the house and I seem to have dealt with it before so I have some idea what it’s capable of and how to fend it off.

I’m securing the door but I’m fairly certain it can break it down. I’m hiding the girl behind something, the basin perhaps. I hear my mother’s critical voice asking what it’s about and why the girl had scratches all over her face at a previous time.

“Psychic abilities”
I’m in an outdoor place and my friends Glen and Marie are there with their kids and we with ours. They’ve been on some kind of holiday where they voluntarily worked at a white house (they call it the white house) for wayward children. There's a distinct image of a little white cottage. They show footage of their own youngest daughter losing her temper and shouting (she’s not like that IRL). Each time she shouts there’s the clap of thunder, and when she most loses it, the thunder is the loudest. We all realise that she has created this through some kind of connection to the forces of nature. I gently remind her of the responsibilities that come with this power, as if that’s my particular job.

Now I’m playing a psychic game. I stand with my eyes closed and I have to say where my oldest is. I feel him to my right and I announce that he’s in the neighbouring house, in the rooms furthest back and to the right. Immediately I know I am wrong; I sense he’s tricked me and is just behind me and to my right. I also feel my youngest to my left. I open my eyes and let them know I know they’re there and what they’re up to and they laugh, quite certain they’ve debunked psychic ability.

I ignore them and continue to stand there with my eyes closed, seeing what I can sense. I crack my right eye open the slightest and see that I can see quite a lot in front of me. I want to keep it pure though, so I close both eyes properly, awaiting impressions. Something starts to form.

Now I’m inside a large green house with someone young – possibly one of my own children. We’re picking strawberries but there are many other foods growing there. I’ve drawn my conclusion about what is necessary for accurate clairvoyance and it’s a simple one: I must take my time for the impressions to settle correctly. We reach the far end of the raised produce beds and place our strawberries on a plate. They seem to be either numerous very small strawberries or somehow shredded.

6th November 2011, 08:09 PM
7th November, 2011.

I’m looking after babies. There are twins and they’re very peculiar. Now I visualise them, they don’t look different really but there is a sense that their alien and that they don’t act like normal earth babies. One bites through its dummy/pacifier and I repair it the best I can, hoping it doesn’t break again and choke the baby. I’m not sure I should really look after these babies: there’s a vague sense of threat about them.

Somebody is introducing Robyn B to a boy who looks a little like her. I’m just observing. It seems to me that they make the introduction hoping Robyn will impact well on the young man who has dropped out of uni, doesn’t have a job and spends much of his time drinking. I feel Robyn is too good for him.

I’m stressed choosing a uni course. It appears I’m geared up to study Psychology and that I’ve already started but as the dream progresses it becomes apparent this won’t work. I’m talking to Sofie who, in the dream context, has completed this course or is almost complete. It appears to be a course at ANU (three hours drive from where I live) and I ask her what time she gets home of an evening. She says 4am and I tell her I can’t do that and work the next day – I don’t have that kind of stamina. She’s using it to advance herself in teaching but that’s not what I’m seeking.

I seem to be in a university context again, inside a classroom and involved in an affair with someone who looks like TV compere and comedian, Adam Hill. The scene flashes to outside, near bushes where we continue to canoodle.

Notes: I’m not much enjoying my dreams of late, as they seem to be mostly processing mind junk. The dream is exaggerating anxiety about potential retraining not mixing with current commitments and affair motif is a clear indicator of being untrue to myself. ANU comes into it as it’s the uni F hopes to attend and Sofie because her two exceptional daughters attended that uni and undertook the elite PHP course that F hopes to be accepted into. She also feels pulled towards other things at times but she’s older and her circumstances different to mine.

8th November 2011, 08:26 PM
9th November, 2011.
“The intervention of Aliens.”
This dream is viewed in 3rd person and like a montage. It’s like a documentary and some parts definitely have a commentary. What is shown is the individual encounters of people with an alien force that appears to be leading society towards improvement. Most memorable in the montage is a brief scene with a family of three in their kitchen. Their kitchen appliances have been modified. For example, the dark haired son points out that the kettle now demonstrates a silhouette of three racing horses on its side to indicate when the water is boiled and prevent fires. The mother cooks the family’s meal in a small oven about the size of a microwave. It looks chaotic inside the oven, as though the food is in a centrifuge, but when she opens the lid at the top it’s filled with perfect backed vegetables, if not a little tumbled. The father uses another appliance (I can’t remember what) that has been similarly modified.

“We interrupt this documentary with a recurring dream.”
I’m standing at a sink washing dishes and looking out a window. My hair is wet because I’ve just washed it. There’s a sense that I’m in my current house but the view is impossible: there’s no window at my sink and, if there were, I’d be looking at the neighbour’s house, yet I see streets. An old man in a car drives by and I hear him - impossibly because of distance – say, “Don’t wash those dishes you old lesbian.” I figure he must be addressing me because I’m washing dishes but I dismiss the event, as I would such ridiculous and disagreeable moments in reality.

Oddly, this dream recurs two more times during my other dreams. There’s a moment where I wonder if my wet hair looks like a 50s slicked back boy’s hairstyle in one of the dreams. In the ultimate dream, I finally feel amused by how stupid the comment is and my amusement makes me smile.

“The intervention of Aliens cont.”
There is commentary with this part of the documentary that explains that a fearful experience by lone individuals will always be part of a relationship with aliens. Again, a montage is used to show different individuals in darkness feeling a presence and being vigilant in response. You don’t exactly see the aliens but you feel them. I jump into first person momentarily for the experience.

Now the commentary takes on a dated feeling, even though the information is current. A female, American announcer in voice over describes how society was established in its present form. It shows the allotment of land in suburban neighbourhoods and, curiously, she states that the block boundaries were often incorrectly measured.

A dream involving F and Ann. They’re in the back yard (not really this house – orientated differently) trying to sell something. It occurs to me they need to get out front if they want people to notice.

In this final dream I’m headed towards some kind of test that I think of as a test of grammar, even though it seems that the content isn’t really what we’d call grammar and the previous documentary will be part of the test. I’m confident I’ll do really well at this as it plays to my strengths.

9th November 2011, 08:54 PM
A peculiar thing yesterday while I was cleaning. We have a double sink vanity and I noticed my husband's plughole cover thingy had come out.

So I cleaned it and screwed in back in.

Cleaned some other bits, turned around to the sink and found it unscrewed again!

9th November 2011, 09:40 PM

10th November 2011, 08:10 PM
An odd one to be sure, CF.

11th November, 2011.

Poor recall. G kept snoring loudly. I woke up often during the later part of the night and I’m feeling foggy now.

The earlier dream was about dinosaurs. Something was about to change environmentally and I had an opportunity to shape shift and survive. My options were between dinosaurs so I shape shifted into different bodies, felt too cumbersome as a land animal and I opted for a flying type of body.

No chance of recalling the specifics of this one. I was with a group. We had problems to solve and journeys to take. I felt competent and took a leadership role. I remember a teenage girl watching us through bars or shadows. She clearly wanted to join the quest but had been dismissed. This made her resentful.

11th November 2011, 09:04 PM
First odd bit for today. I was just beginning to type my journal on a word doc and suddenly, without me doing anything at all on a new computer, the font changed.


Then I ran the cursor over to see what the font had changed from only to discover that:



It apparently hadn't changed at all. So, it's an interesting glitch that, for me at least, is good confirmation of the thing I was writing. Maybe a savvy reader will find a logical explanation.

11th November 2011, 09:13 PM
The only logical explanation I can come up with is that life is but a dream....:cool:

11th November 2011, 09:36 PM
12th November, 2011

Another late night because I went out. I want to tell a going out story first because it shows how I’m waking up to the fact that life can act very much like a dream.*

I work a 35- minute drive from home and all our work-organized events happen in that town. We were fare-welling the boss at a venue I’d been to once, a few years ago. I didn’t remember the way because I hadn’t done the driving on that occasion so, while I hurried to get ready, G programmed it on the satellite navigator. I drove the first ½ hour unassisted and then started to use the sat nav, which should have taken care of the last 5 to 10 minutes of the trip. G said, “Don’t worry if it takes you on a bit of a round about path,” so I initially didn’t but half an hour later I was in an ugly industrial area and realizing that it’s stupid to put too much faith in technology.

I found a person and he told me where I needed to go, luckily directing me to go back to a street I knew in the original town. I was pleased that I could find my way there but when I got there I knew I had no idea of where the street I was was in relation to the street I wanted to find, so I got my trusty street directory out of the boot/trunk. As soon as I’d done so, a car of teens pulled up with their doof-doof music blaring. By now, the sun’s gone done and I’m really unsure of directions and afraid I’m going to spend ages travelling the wrong way, squinting at street signs because it was too dark for my prescription sunglasses. Then I realized: this car pulled in beside me apparently randomly, and then I knew. I wound done the window asked if anyone knew where the venue was. The boys were kind of dopey but their little female companion announced, “Of course, my mum works there,” and gave me excellent directions. If I hadn’t second-guessed myself, they would have taken me directly there. As it was, I drove around lost for a good half hour longer, drove right past the venue, and got further help from a couple of really nice service station attendants.

Last night’s dreams weren’t as interesting as that experience. The event imposed itself on my dreams, which were over-populated with people and noise. There was something about Erin singing beautifully (I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is valid information). Erin, God bless her, rang my mobile to ensure I hadn’t been in an accident, to have my husband answer. (Mental note: take phone when you go out). There was also a crappy dream of teaching an oversized class with a bunch of authority figures down the back judging my performance and Sam being unfairly critical of my classroom control. I remember commenting that the room was so full it was more like church than class.

* I was going to explain the font-change thingy but did it a different way (previous post).

11th November 2011, 09:37 PM
Totally agree, CF :lol:

12th November 2011, 09:26 PM
13th November,2011.

“The House surrounded by Bush.”
I’m inside a large house with a lot of glass, allowing a view to the outside. I’m accompanied by a group of adults and I’m tending a sick child. There’s a storm coming.

I begin to show some people what surrounds the house. We look up through the ceiling, which is apparently transparent. I see there are large gum trees but they’re not quite where I thought they would be. G says something about these, he has suggested I show them to the people and he seemed to know where they came closest to the house.

Now I’m outside the house. It’s a large area and there’s surrounding bush. I perceive myself as some kind of disaster prevention officer – I might even wear a ranger’s uniform. I walk with another or I meet another. He’s plump and probably in his 50s. I make some suggestions because I didn’t expect to find him inspecting the perimeter as I did myself and I feel there’s a more intelligent way we can divide our labour and be more efficient.

Staring upwards towards the canopy of gum trees in my dreams always instills a feeling of awe. It’s quite a powerful symbol for me. In fact, these expansive outside dreams always leaving feeling a little inspired.

The impending storm is an interesting motif probably caused by a friend at work who told me she had an interesting dream last week where I was like a prophetess announcing that something was on the way and that she could feel it too.

Reading Michael Newton and Hank Wesselmann recently has reignited my interested in the notion of soul age. I was hoping for some indication of my soul age in tonight’s dreams so I’m glad to see I’m an adult in these dreams ;)

“Knowing the way”
I’m driving through city streets and I’m really feeling competent because I know my way and this is a complicated route.

Another driver (the plump man from the previous dream) converges from my left. I either see him thumbing a lift, as if hitchhiking, or communicating a willingness to pick up a hitchhiker.

Our cars become bicycles. I’m really enjoying the movement.

14th November 2011, 08:04 PM
14th November, 2011.

I’m with Lucy, Sofie and Helen, sitting in chat I suppose. There’s a feeling of camaraderie. While we talk, I notice the intricate pattern on a lady’s cardigan and then again on another lady’s cardigan.

I go past my old classroom from St J’s and I see a lesson in progress with a new teacher (F’s senior English teacher, I think). I feel like I should have been in class. Now I’m leafing through F’s English notebook. I notice she’s made them write a lot. There’s a piece of weekly creative writing. I read some of it but can’t remember now.

A hostile dream towards G. There’s some kind of social betrayal – he’s been to a wedding and didn’t take me as his partner. I swear a lot.

I’m watching a movie. It’s about an alien attempting to break down the force field on a group’s ship or building (it’s hard to say because if it’s a ship, it’s grounded). The attacking ship comes at intervals and emits a beam. Eventually it succeeds. The audience sides with the attacking ship.

Then an attractive female informs another woman about the normal appearance of her arm being something they’ve (the aliens) done as a mercy (?). The woman has been asking why it doesn’t look like the hairy, monstrous-looking arm of other individuals and they explain it’s a visual illusion. I wonder if they have picked up some kind of disease or damage to so transform their respective arms in the first place. It seems she wants her arm to show its transformation.

I watch something that’s supposed to be comical. A man in it wears a priest’s purple robe at home as his dressing gown – one of the visual gags.

15th November, 2011.

I’m living in a house that is unfamiliar to me. It seems small and dim. The phone rings and it’s Brent. I think G will get it but Brent is leaving a long, complex message on the answering machine so I pick up and he’s grateful.

I’m outside with G now. We watch a neighbour’s dog, a ginger coloured, shaggy animal – probably a retriever. It leaps over a fence. Later I see it walking away from me and it’s old and maimed. It walks with another dog.

Two neighbours approach. One is a hippie type guy. He kisses my neck and is clearly besotted with me. For some reason, this is entirely okay with everyone present.

Mum approaches. I’m surprised to see she has a brow-piercing, considering it to be kind of cool for Mum. I comment on it and she tells me it hurts. I’m thinking she’ll have to remove it.

15th November 2011, 08:01 PM
16th November, 2011.

I need to read a thick book but there's a family of five or so very insistent kids that want me to play with them.

16th November 2011, 09:16 PM
17th November, 2011.

(F’s formal dinner last night – tired)

“Math Test”
We’re still at the Novatel and we’re been given a math test. Their year co-ordinator is announcing the answers and, while I’m sure I’ve gotten them all right, I see that some are pencil marked as incorrect. G has gotten these ones right and he’s commenting on where I’ve gone wrong but I’m not convinced mine were wrong.

I wake up too hot.

“Foreign Country”
I’m in a foreign country, having flown there on a plane, and I’m lining up for a yoga class with a group of other people. I don’t remember the yoga in this dream, however.

What I do recall most is the return trip. There’s a definitely sense of physical movement and when I look out of the window I initially perceive myself as on a plane but when I’m interacting within the vehicle it’s more like a train or a bus. I’m puzzling over where we’ve been. Three places cross my mind - Iceland, Turkey and Brazil - but I don’t feel any of them are really it.

I notice some young people inside the plane/train are being served food. Initially they’re given something on a plate but as I try to discern what that is, the dream imagery alters and I see they’re now eating bar-b-que shapes. Someone comments on the unhealthiness of the choice.

18th November 2011, 04:31 AM
18th November, 2011

“Running through molasses with Cane.”

I’m in a school setting that’s supposed to be where I work but it’s not really recognizable as such. We’re preparing for an excursion (had to get up early today because we are taking Year 9 out for activities). There is a something like a breakfast bar standing outside so people can make their lunches. I try to do so but I keep having trouble with ingredients. Then others turn up and start taking everything for themselves. I’m left with a single piece of bread and some vegemite. I fold the bread into a half sandwich.

I’m in a small room with equipment for making and repairing. I notice a sewing machine and associated bits and pieces.

Next I’m in a larger room and can see library shelving. Somewhere beyond the shelves I hear a child in conversation with her parents. I can’t recall their conversation now but the child was asking questions and her parents answering her.

Now I’m out with Cane T. (Cane is a friend of F’s, they go to school together and played in the same rugby league team. He’s an aboriginal boy and an awesome athlete. He has a beautiful soul and was voted kindest, most likeable person at F’s formal a couple of nights ago). We’re running back to the school but it feels like I’m running through molasses. I’m expending energy but getting nowhere and Cane runs abreast, even though I know he can run faster and he’s just being kind. I tell him to go, I don’t want him to be late but he chooses to stay with me.

We come to a Gothic-looking door. It occurs to me now that this was a free-standing structure and we could have run around it but we don’t treat it as such. It’s locked but I’m confident I can leap over it, which I do. On the other side is a mesh gate but it’s unlocked and we pass through.

We’re running again and it’s still as though my legs are in molasses. Cane is gone but I can see the school ahead and should be able to make it in time for the excursion.

Notes: I vaguely set an intention to start gathering ancestral information in my dreams. As far as I know, there’s no aboriginal blood in our family but it is something I’ve wondered about since, 18 years ago when I was expecting F, an aboriginal man appeared to me. I thought about these things before sleep and that’s probably why Cane popped into my dream. Interpretations are welcome.

18th November 2011, 05:22 AM
That dream seems full of "allegories", doesn't it? Just a few quick impressions: Your movement through molasses could be that your energy body was losing its full power at that point, or it could be a situation in your life that you feel is too slow; or holding you back. . .from some great Mind/spirit portal which has been set up (for you) with all sorts of pointless decorative details (Gothic) perhaps as a "stick & carrot" to encourage you on your journey? But you find all that is really unnecessary, as it is an open, mesh gate/portal (transparent & easily accessed).

I find the notion of ancestors very ambiguous; "they" are our physical ancestors but not always our "spiritual" relatives, it seems. Perhaps the Aboriginal man of your vision is a guide, who appeared in that form because of one's expectation of ancient wisdom from those who are embodied in the "ancient" races. And now you have a physically-present great soul (Cane) from that same soul-carrier/race. And if you are a teacher in 3-D, a provider of "sustenance"/wisdom (bread, vegemite) to others, perhaps you are in a reciprocal relationship with some special students, both teaching & learning.. . Just my 2c worth!
PS I love your quote from Through the Looking Glass!

Kali's Child
18th November 2011, 06:58 AM
There are many things in this world that I will never understand. Vegemite is one of them. :|

18th November 2011, 08:20 AM
That dream seems full of "allegories", doesn't it? Just a few quick impressions: Your movement through molasses could be that your energy body was losing its full power at that point, or it could be a situation in your life that you feel is too slow;

Yes on both accounts, or it's a new energy body and I'm still getting the hang of it.

or holding you back. . .from some great Mind/spirit portal which has been set up (for you) with all sorts of pointless decorative details (Gothic)

Gothic doesn't associate with "pointless decoration" in my mindset. It reminded me of the architecture at Sydney Uni, where I did my degree. I'm also gearing up to teach Extension students a unit on Gothic literature again next year, so this detail will warrant exploration since it will signify many things for me. The important thing is, it wasn't a real obstacle but I perceived it as so. I'm starting to think it may be commenting on the way a particular situation is unfolding, so thank you so much for engaging, Sono, your thoughts are giving me certain insights!

perhaps as a "stick & carrot" to encourage you on your journey? But you find all that is really unnecessary, as it is an open, mesh gate/portal (transparent & easily accessed).

True, even if it had been locked, I could have climbed it or leapt it again.

I find the notion of ancestors very ambiguous; "they" are our physical ancestors but not always our "spiritual" relatives, it seems.

Agree. I have wondered if it meant F, my son was coming out of a recent life as an Aboriginal person but even that may have been taking things a bit too literally. Still....

Perhaps the Aboriginal man of your vision is a guide, who appeared in that form because of one's expectation of ancient wisdom from those who are embodied in the "ancient" races.

I'd call him a spirit rather than a vision. I was praying (didn't meditate in those days) and I got the feeling I get before a visitation. I chose to look (there were times I didn't) and he was just there, observing. I sensed interest in the progress of the pregnancy.

And now you have a physically-present great soul (Cane) from that same soul-carrier/race. And if you are a teacher in 3-D, a provider of "sustenance"/wisdom (bread, vegemite) to others, perhaps you are in a reciprocal relationship with some special students, both teaching & learning.. . Just my 2c worth!

Part of this resonates beautifully: I do think Cane is special. The abundance of food but an inability to be satisfied is a recurring motif for me but you've definitely got the link between food and sustenance right.

PS I love your quote from Through the Looking Glass!

It's a good one but I wonder if it's getting a bit old.

There are many things in this world that I will never understand. Vegemite is one of them. :|
Not even a true Australian food now it's no longer Australian-owned. Marmite, however, is made by Sanitarium - run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church with their commitment to healthy food - and Australian-owned. As for taste - it's an acquired thing.

18th November 2011, 10:07 PM
19th November, 2011.
Catching up sleep today but recall was difficult. I can see connections to things in RL with the following dreams but they’re definitely at the odd end of the spectrum.

“Many on a Plane”
I’ve boarded a plane with numerous others. It has apparently taken a long time because there are so many of us. We are seated when another group of people start passing up the aisle towards a compartment in front of ours. Someone complains aloud, querying just how many people they’re squeezing onto one plane. I feel mildly anxious about safety issues.

“Baby of the Vegie patch”
I’m outside my house with an infant child. She’s sitting inside an almost fallow veggie patch (but it’s down the side of the house, instead of out back) and she pulls out something she begins to chew on. I panic a bit, thinking it might be a fungus that has grown in the soil but when I take it an examine it, I see it’s just celery. G seems to be there as a silent witness.

I hear the school bus out front so I pick the baby up and walk towards the gate, planning to show her the bus but she deflates and I’m left with her deflated body while her real self is back in the vegie patch where she wants to be.

“Eating the African Violet”
I’m holding a potted African violet in my hand and I seem to be pulling leaves off and eating them. Somehow, I spill it out of its pot (?) and discover a lot of sliced luncheon meats. I think they must be old meat that never got thrown out and then revise this thought because it looks too fresh. I decide G must have bought it and it’s entirely edible.

18th November 2011, 11:17 PM
Er.... yeah.

19th November 2011, 06:54 AM
Actually, I think, CF, that the baby dream was a failure to get my astral body to the right vibration for a journey. It wanted a rest in the fallow patch.

Out again tonight, what a ridiculously busy life it's been of late!

19th November 2011, 08:04 PM
20th November, 2011.

Last night our friends took us to dinner, their shout to cover our respective birthdays as we’d done for theirs. It was a five course dinner and one of the courses was deep fried zucchini flower. I wonder if that’s what I was picking up in the “Eating the African Violet” dream.

“Year 8 Kids Dance.”
A large room with Year 8 students. They start dancing spontaneously, one at a time. Is the music MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This?” or am I superimposing this because I saw a video on Facebook yesterday? There’s a girl in a red dress among our boys. She looks Hispanic, reminds me of Maria C but if she were 13 or 14.

Kali's Child
20th November 2011, 05:57 PM
Haven't you noticed? You ate the Lotus!


20th November 2011, 08:10 PM
What were those guys on when they wrote that? :whatthe:

No recall last night. Woken abruptly by snoring. Couldn't get back to sleep so I got up, annoyed.

Kali's Child
21st November 2011, 12:17 PM
I'm pretty sure they were all hopped up on Lotuses and interpretive dance.

21st November 2011, 08:20 PM
I'm pretty sure they were all hopped up on Lotuses and interpretive dance


22 November, 2011

Went to bed exhausted and in need of a good stretch but too tired to stay up any longer!

"Paul and Dominique"
I begin this dream in bed with Paul M. We lie side-by-side talking and Paul shows affection but it isn’t sexual.

Now I’m in his living areas and see his partner. No sense of enmity or rivalry.

Now I’m down a long corridor, conversing with someone else I know – one of my yoga ladies, Dominique? It’s someone tanned. Just a general kind of conversation with a bit of mutual admiration.

“Computer outage”
I begin to work on my computer. There’s a popping sound and it ceases to work.

Note: I feel the computer, like books, is usually a sign I’m in a mental plane dream. I seem to be having trouble either getting there or recalling dreams while in that particular vehicle lately.

“When seniors become seniors.”
I’m teaching Sofie’s seniors as a favour because she is somehow incapacitated. She’s in the room.

Jordan, one of my seniors from this year, gets out of his seat and I notice he is wearing a yellow full-length dress and has grown his blond hair long and had it cut like a woman. He walks right up to me and looks at me knowingly in the classic way of DCs when the dream is doing its best to get you lucid - it’s been a while since I’ve had anything that even hints at lucidity. It makes me stop for a minute but then I go into indulgent mode, wondering what silly new things these kids will come up with or if there’s something Jordan’s discovering about his gender identity that he feels a need to express.

I teach for a while and, after some time, there’s a sense things aren’t going well. It’s not like the kids are rioting, it’s just an awareness thing. I begin to blame myself for not being more thorough in my preparation and thinking I’ll be right winging it.

I have the data projector displaying something but Sophie switches it off in response to the attitude coming from the kids. We’re in the dark now. I apologise to her for not doing a good job of keeping them under control but she doesn’t blame me. She believes they’re a difficult class and it’s their attitude that is at fault.

Now there’s just enough light to illuminate each of their faces and I notice something peculiar: none of them are boys now; they’re all mature aged men. Many have gained weight, some are bearded and some are balding. I point this out to Sofie, thinking it’s a trick of the light but she doesn’t seem to see it.

There’s a large, bearded man in the back corner of the classroom on my right. He seems different somehow and I wonder if he’s an inspector.

22nd November 2011, 09:01 PM
23rd November, 2011.

Got to sleep at 8pm last night. Feel so much better!

“Under Building”
I’m in a space that has become familiar in my recent dreams: an under building area where you can see the bearers and joists that hold up the floor. It’s quite vast. I’m a young woman and still going out with a previous boyfriend but I meet a man there and it’s a matter of instant love, instant union. This is a wordless experience, completely intuitive. He’s not a very tall man, somewhat stocky. I know that my heart is already committed to him.

Still young, I’m driving from my family home towards a sporting venue – at least that’s the best motivation I can muster in the dream. The area is where I currently live rather than where I grew up. I stop on the way to the venue and pull into a car park and then into a building. I get out of my car but I’m not sure of what I want to do or the exact nature of this place. I see people passing through into another room, which I intuitively know is a café. I don’t want that so I get back in my car.

I’m in the car park again, having some kind of driving trouble where I need to consider another driver.

Now I’m on the road home. I have a lot of speed as, my car has become a motorcycle, but I don’t feel I have a lot of experience.

There’s a moment during the above sequence where I look at a competition on a leaflet. You have to match a particular knife to the food you use the knife with. I think it’s an easy competition but notice you then have to match a fry pan to the food as well. I think this is stupid.

There’s material I’ve forgotten that I suspect I will recall in the course of the day.

23rd November 2011, 08:05 PM
24th November, 2011.

Woke through the night, realizing I’d been in the middle of a dream. All I could recall was helping Bella through a window. I was outside the house.

Later, I watched a dream as a movie. A woman had a small child and a chef, who prepared their meals in her kitchen. Later she was at her mother’s house (or an older woman’s) and she had her chef with her. The older woman greeted the chef as an old friend.
Note: This is linked to a random comment yesterday. A young, pregnant colleague said she wished she could afford all organic food and I said I wish I could afford a chef to prepare it and ensure all my food was both healthy and interesting.

"Building and future trees."
Something from another dream. This is the most vivid and memorable moment of last night’s dreaming. I’m with a group of people – neighbours, I think. We’re looking at an interesting group of buildings in the near distance. It’s unusual architecture but I can’t remember details. We know that in time the view will be obscured because trees will grow between us and the buildings. There’s a sense we will grow these with our minds. I remember my friend’s/neighbour’s daughter, Megan, on my right.

"Stolen Credit"
I am notified that someone is trying to use my credit card illegally. I’m able to view the path to the bank aerially.

24th November 2011, 09:55 PM
25th November, 2011.

During meditation yesterday afternoon, I actually got hypnagogics, which is unusual for me in the afternoon. I was watching with concentration and could hear my breathing alter to sleep patterns. My etheric hand loosened spontaneously but I knew I wouldn’t have time for a projection because I needed to get my son to a job interview*. I think the astral world is calling – must induce a lucid dream or projection soon!

“Falling through the Bridge.”
Not much recall. I was helping build a bridge with many other people. There were still incomplete parts and you had to be carefully. On my way back, I forgot about the gaps and fell through but I landed in water and was none-the-worse for the experience.

* He was successful.

Kali's Child
25th November 2011, 12:04 PM
I love it when that happens, but it's pretty rare. About the only thing I can induce is insomnia.

26th November 2011, 09:09 PM
About the only thing I can induce is insomnia.

27th November, 2011.
“Helen’s Masters.”
I’m passing through a doorway and I stop to speak to Helen L. She’s fired up, referencing her Master’s Degree. Apparently, some type of promised reimbursement for her course has not ensued. She’s telling me about it and about finding some course work that means she has finished. She's speaking to me as though I too had completed a Master’s degree. I listen indulgently, without comment.

"Wet hair"
Now there’s something to do with my being a swimmer. It’s possible I’m wet from just having swim and I’m sitting or reclining and looking at something with my image on it as people pass in and out of the room. I appear to be in a public place. In the image my hair is a certain way that I interpret as wet from having just swum (?) but it's not really wet, just long again and piled up in a lopsided bun. Somehow I’m aware that it looks the same way as I sit there and that this is a curious coincidence.

There’s some other type of information exchange – possibly involving a computer – but I can’t recall it.

“Classroom Simulation.”
I’m in class seated learning with other teachers in preparation to teach. Apparently we’re learning a Shakespeare text with which I’m unfamiliar. I’ve completed the work and feeling competent so I’m surprised when Erin takes the floor and begins to show us the answers because it seems unnecessary. I realize I’m in a dream but I’m still working on this project, so it’s likely I’m in a simulation, even though the ensuing challenges don’t seem very difficult.

I look at my hands and see I have a heading that I’ve cut out so I decide to paste in on the page where I’ve been working. When I do, I see that an identical heading is already there and even though I’ve been writing, rather than typing, the work is in print. I stick the extra heading down the side of the work. It should now be necessary to turn the book on to its side to read the heading but when I’m done it reads vertically, as though each letter has oriented itself to the page.

I pass down a corridor, accompanied by a group. There’s talk around me and someone tells me I’ll need to organise somebody to complete the artwork for our group. I tell them I’ll get Paul M, an artist friend. We went to school together and I assume he’s present.

I’m still lucid but will-inhibited. I sit at a large table to work. I’m quiet but someone across the table, a female and apparently a fellow student, says I’m talking too much. I’m unperturbed but instantly surrounded by support, in any case. Prominent is a loving female presence who embraces me from behind and makes me feel l very loved and safe. I wonder if it’s my school friend, Adriana.

I watch through a glass window to the grey ocean outside and my support team watches quietly with me. There seem to be a lot of them. I get a particular feeling then I see a car drive out into the water, pursued by a boat (water police?). I become excited on two accounts: one, because I knew the feeling would herald something eventful and, two, because of the actual event itself. Now I become more animated, expressing my knowingness that something would happen. It's only the second time I've spoken in the entire dream sequence. Then I become fearful for the person in the car who is showing no sense in his effort to escape his pursuer.

I’m trying to post these events on the forums. I either have a false memory or I did dream this next bit and only remember the part where I try to record it. I’m trying to patch in some bits of film (“Alice in Wonderland”?) to illustrate what happened in the dream - the latest one I haven't seen yet, except for a viewing extract used in an exam for our kids. For some reason I want to mention an actress, I remember a name Helen Latroc or Helen Latov or Latrev or even Levertov (like the poet) that I consider using in the thread title but I’m unsure and consider looking it up on the net. I’m thinking she played the character Carla in Cheers or she looks like her.

27th November 2011, 08:00 PM
28th November, 2011.

“Being Odd”
I walk trough a house in morning about to wake H, my youngest son. I enter a bedroom and wake Donald M as well, who is, surprisingly, sharing a bed with H. I pass the next room and Robert B emerges. Then there is AC standing before me like a mystical prophetess with blinded eyes, warning me about a possessing entity in the vicinity.

Still in the same house, football parents emerge from bedrooms. I think Karen and Paul E are there and Vicki and her husband. They’re dressed to go to a movie and assume I’m coming but I have work to do. It makes me feel like the odd one out.

I begin to talk about the Asleigh S case, how I helped her when she was younger. Somehow it becomes a story about a troublesome spirit that I helped her banish. Again, in telling the story I feel somewhat abnormal.

29th November 2011, 08:07 PM
30th November, 2011.

Last day of November already!

“Lourdes Smoking”
I sit in a dining booth squeezed between Lourdes and someone else from work (Tienelle, I think). Lourdes does most the talking. I notice she is smoking and ask the person on my right to slide out so I can avoid the smoke but I stay at the table with them.

Note: IRL Lourdes doesn’t smoke but she has become increasingly and unreasonably angry about her life, especially her career and inability to make big money in teaching. Since I’ve been around her a lot, I’ve started to find her negativity a bit toxic and my attempts to lighten her up a bit have clearly irritated her at times.

“Puppy for Troy”
G waits at an airport for a man to disembark a plane. He holds a cute pup and when he presents it to the man, the man becomes sentimental. It appears the man is Troy.

Note: Troy’s dog, Duke, is aged. I wonder if the dream suggests Duke will die soon. We haven’t seen them for a while.

“Sarah Br” fragment
I can’t recall most of this dream but I remember being in the basement level of an apartment building and knowing Sarah Br lives at the far end of the floor.

30th November 2011, 08:57 PM
1st December, 2011.
“Two Dogs”
I’m walking two dogs, a German shepherd and a Labrador along a straight footpath beside a busy four-lane highway. The shepherd is so calm and well behaved that he walks off leash. The Labrador is somebody else’s dog, a lovely, exuberant animal but behaving itself as we walk.

Outside a two-storey building I see Russell speaking to another man. For a reason I cannot recall now, I take this as my cue to turn around and walk the other way. The Labrador is possibly Russell’s dog.

“Teaching with Erin”
I’m in a large teaching space with Erin. We’re in charge of a History class (even though IRL neither of us is currently teaching History) – it’s Erin’s class, rather than mine. A chubby female student with glasses and wiry long hair, basically a young woman rather than a high school student, takes the floor to confidently recite an answer to a question Erin has apparently asked. I’m impressed by her answer and feel my own students aren’t of the same caliber. This makes me doubt my own competence as a teacher.

Now Erin is looking in the bottom shelf of a piece of furniture (that translates as a little white bedside table my sister and I had in our room growing up) and she finds two English textbooks. These should be in the bookroom and have probably been written off as lost. She comments on this with dissatisfaction.

Now I’m in another room at her request. I want to translate it as doing laundry but that’s not it at all. There doesn’t in fact seem to be a translation but I’m operating some type of machinery and the process causes warm air to go into the original large teaching space. Eventually, I think it must be too warm in there and that I can stop now.

At this point I wake briefly to throw off the blankets.

“Dancing with Brian”
Now I’m back in the teaching space. I see Brian H from my old job, someone I’ve always liked. We decide it would be fun to dance and Brian lifts me ridiculously high in the air. I consequently feel like I’m flying and looking down creates an impossible perspective.

G snores me awake.

“Micheala’s friend”
I’m in a car between Marie and Micheala . Micheala is on my right driving but she seems to be having trouble. She’s going too fast and missing road signs. When she speeds through a red light and doesn’t notice, I begin to drive from my position in the middle. I explain what she did. (I've been on this dream highway before).

Now Micheala wants to pull off the highway. We enter a small, humble house that belongs to her friend. We pass through its dimly-lit rooms to a backroom where there’s a dark haired toddler in a cot. The toddler instantly responds to Micheala, putting her arms out. I notice that, curiously, the child is wearing eyeliner that curves up at the edges.

The child’s father comes through the front door and down towards us. He has a mesomorphic build but he’s only about my height. He is clearly some kind of labourer.

As we pass into the modest living room, Micheala points out a couple of little parcels on the floor and tells me disapprovingly they contain drugs. I can read the man and know this to be so. I understand that he needs relief for his stress but doesn’t know a better way. I think Micheala plans to report him and I worry for him a bit but she tells me she won’t. We move to the front yard.

Other people begin to arrive. There is apparently a woman there who is in some way related to the man. Although I don’t recall seeing her, I know she is thin with lank, mousy hair and probably in her 40s. Among the other people are suitors for this woman. Oddly, though they are of totally different races – one Japanese and one white Australian - both are younger than her and both have large heads in proportion to their bodies. I think it curious that they arrive with relatives.

There’s an odd bit now where my sister is there with a calico bear toy. It seems to be held together very loosely at the seams and, because she’s flailing it about, I tell her she needs to be more delicate or it will disintegrate. I go in search of a needle to repair it and find one, along with some caramel. I pop the caramel in my mouth and can taste it.*

Back in the living room, the man who owns the house begins telling us how he’s seen how email works for the first time – a friend showed him. He is full of awe. That anyone today doesn’t use a computer comes as a revelation to me.

Now I’m outside again. The man continues talking and gesticulating. I see his hands and I’m fascinated. His outer fingers belong on a delicate female hand but his inner ones are excessively long and masculine. I’m trying to figure it.

Now I’m back in his bathroom, trying to spit out the caramel, which has suddenly become foul, gooey and sickly sweet in my mouth.

*This is only the second time I can recall experiencing taste in a dream.

Notes: What a strange night! This last one especially will take some figuring.

1st December 2011, 08:23 PM
2nd December, 2011.

Working out the sequence of this one will be difficult, much like yesterday’s dream.

“Writing a Play and Getting stuck.”

I’m going to produce a play and film it. I have a card in my hand - an appointment, apparently, at the CEO (Catholic Education Office).

I watch a number of teens perform. They’re very talented boys and girls and supposedly about to become stars in a new show that traces its origins back to the I Love Lucy programmes. (Lucy, hey? Do you think this dream is trying to tell me something?).

Now I’m in my car and trying to get to the office. I’ve been a bit sluggish on the uptake of the idea that I need to be somewhere and do something because I can’t actually remember how all this began within the dream itself. For some reason, I’m in an open car park. At the very moment I’m about to back out of my spot, hundreds of uniformed schoolboys pass through the car park and block my movement. I watch them, walking in impressive regimented lines, four or so abreast (very unrealistic!) Since I can’t go anywhere, I begin to compose a song in the car off the top of my head.

This segues into a performance scene. I’m enjoying wearing a white dress and yellow high heels as I sing a song about a woman (my character) who has broken up with her love. The song powerfully evokes the emotion of its narrative and this is good because it’s optimistic, anticipating the real love to come. Singing it makes me feel wonderful.

Now I’m in a room with my younger sister. I feel that she too has performed recently. We’re comparing our blouses, which are slightly different shades of purple and enjoying the co-incidence of their similarity.

I seem to have made it to the CE offices but I can’t remember much what occurs at this point. I speak to a woman at the desk. Am I late?

I’m in a school canteen. I hear one of the mothers preparing the food reference the “lovely Therese C.” Therese is a woman I worked with. She could indeed be lovely but she was very easily swayed by an unpleasant peer influence and a fellow colleague, not prone to giving such labels, once aptly named her “the smiling assassin.” She’s making a sandwich. I decide to say hello and she smiles.

Now I’m driving out of the car park. I want to go left but cannot manoeuvre my vehicle to make a left turn so I drive straight into the parking station across the road. I plan to exit as soon as possible and immediately begin following the exit signs but they continually and frustrating lead me downwards to yet another level. Curiously, I’m simultaneously driving and walking now, pushing a baby in a pram (astral elemental probably). My attention is briefly drawn as I pass an image of one of my Year 8 students, a cute Philippino boy called Gustavo. He is in an optometrist’s chair and I remember that he said he works for his uncle, an optometrist (this is pure dream fabrication) and decide they must have used him in their advertising photo.

I see an exit and I rush towards it on foot. I’m almost there when a female manager pulls down a roller shutter. I ask her to let me out but she won’t, giving some forgotten excuse. I’m angry now and I shout at her as I begin to move back down the corridor pushing my pram in the direction I came.

Now I’m transported to a hotel room with G. This room is in the building and I don’t worry that I don’t know how I arrived. It seems I’ve already conveyed everything that happened to him. G has been availing himself of the amenities and I notice the waste paper basket has already been used. Feeling vengeful about my imprisonment here, I suggest we leave without paying but G tells me he checked in formally.

I’m outside now, sitting on the grass and looking up towards a stage set up for children performers. Shirley Temple sits to my right and when I notice this I say, “Show me your dimples.” She responds with a smile. Soon she is called up to the stage where she begins to perform. There’s something surreal about the performance but I cannot recall what it is now. Perhaps it does things that could only happen on film, even though it’s a live performance.

I’m in the dull greyness of brick and concrete stairwells of a school building, ascending.

I suspect I could have extricated myself from every frustrating moment in this dream sequence if I had simply composed a new song for the show I was creating. It worked in the first car park but I didn’t have the presence of mind to keep doing it. Alternately, given the number of lucidity cues, I could have become lucid. I feel I came nearest to this at the most frustrating moment when I noticed Gustavo’s image

5th December 2011, 06:31 AM
4th December, 2011.
Fragmented recall and I don’t feel like writing today.

There’s something about Carmen’s baby, Zoe. I have to visit them in secret because someone from earlier in the dream has become a threat to the baby and Carmen takes her into hiding.

“Failure to Extend.”
I meet an old Extension English class out by a gazebo in an unfamiliar setting. They’ve come for extra classes but I’m unprepared to teach them and waste time trying to get them to sing something. I stray off somewhere and return with definite ideas about how they can fruitfully spend this time but they’re disappearing into the distance.

5th December 2011, 06:33 AM
5th December, 2011.

I’m at university in a big lecture hall watching a presentation when I decide I don’t want to stay any longer. I’m a bit self-conscious leaving because the next speakers are African children and I don’t want anyone thinking I’m leaving because I’m not interested in what they’re saying.

I move towards the back door where a young man stands and observes me. He has the memorable quality of a guide.

I start to run across the university lawns back to my dorm (I never lived on site in my RL university experience). I love running and marvel at how totally unimpeded my body feels: no muscle fatigue of exertion of heart or lungs. I’m extremely swift too.

I reach a short mesh fence set up like a narrow maze with various gaps where you can pass. I only take a momentary wrong turn and immediately spot the exit I didn’t see before only a metre or so away. I know I could have easily jumped the fence but I’m more satisfied using it like a maze.

Back in my room, I’m still unsure of what the urgency was all about – perhaps to work on an assignment? I pick up a paper and read how to go about the wake-back-to-bed method for lucid dreaming. It’s the middle of the day but I think this would be a good idea, so I go to bed.

“Subduing the Ghost”
I’m in a different house that may in fact be an extension of the earlier dream environment. At first things are somewhat routine but there’s a moment when I’m in “my bedroom” that I observe a waste paper basket floating. The room itself is vivid and set up with a different orientation to my RL bedroom. There’s a queen-sized bed with a totally different bedspread - something light and feminine. There’s also a bar fridge in the room.

I call my sister J in to witness the floating basket. I’m pleased when it performs for her too.

Now I’m in what in some sense is my parents’ bedroom from the house where I was raised and I’m young again. There’s a programme being made and I’m being filmed for it, even though there’s no filming apparatus. I’m penciling a mask on my face, totally enjoying the creative process. I want it to be tribal but also contemporary in some way. I’m satisfied with the first lines and aiming for symmetry. I don’t want it to look like KISS but I’m aware that it could easily go that way so I keep modifying the design as I go. Soon there’s a male beside me also applying his mask. He's tall, thin with moderately long dark hair (suggested by the KISS thought probably – though he looks more Chris Angel than Gene Simmons).

A moment of interruption: I see a flash of the TV show. It shows a couple, both nurses, good-looking blondes sitting entwined on the floor. I wonder if it’s an appropriate way to show them on what I believe is a children’s programme.

The perspective returns to me seeing myself in the mirror. The lines have been filled in with colour and the mask has acquired a girlier look. The guy beside me expresses approval and I think it’s okay.

Now I’m in what feels like but doesn’t look my childhood bedroom. The ghost has returned and she’s doing various things to make herself felt. Dad, J and B are there – I guess we’re all younger. The ghost starts to produce intricate scenes on the wall made with coloured cotton that materializes out of thin air. They’re beautiful and I scruntinise them closely, trying to decipher what she’s trying to tell us. This continues for a while but then she seems to become frustrated and this makes her a bit malicious. I see a stiffening skink lizard being shoved towards my face. I’m not afraid of lizards, so this doesn’t have the desired effect. In fact, I’m fond of them and I react to her cruelty by grabbing her arm. No sooner have I done so than I’ve subdued her ghostly vehicle and straddled her. I apply mind-control, sensing her will is less than mine, and force her into materialization. She is an old woman and I want to call her Betty. I assume she is the former occupant of this house I occupy in current time.

The dream moves forward and Betty has been assimilated into the family. I notice someone, a woman, who comes and goes and I suspect Betty has done a psychic reading for her. I ask Betty if she wants us to help her set herself up as a medium but she feigns being hard or hearing. I believe she’s faking deafness, not believing her ghostly body would present physical defects. I write down what I’ve been trying to say to her but she continues her pretense of not understanding so I let it be.

“Gabriell’s U-turn.”
Cabrielle picks me up for work, unexpectedly. She's driving north down Riverside when suddenly she does a U-turn over double lines. I immediately take her wheel, not knowing what she’s doing but this causes the car to pull towards the cliff face, so I relinquish it. It appears we have a sporting event and she thought she had to drive one way and do a U-turn. If I had understood our proper destination I could have directed her.

Note: I recognise the situation on which this dream is commenting.

5th December 2011, 08:58 PM
6th December, 2011.

“Subterranean restaurant”
I’m with Wendy and another woman and we’re in a cosy, subterranean restaurant. Wendy is asking me if I’ve heard about the yoga class that happens down here and if I’ll try it out now that I won’t be teaching my own classes. I’m saying I will probably just work on my own. Either Wendy or the other mentions another time they were here together and I’m mildly offended not to have been invited on that occasion.

Now an idea is introduced, writ large across the air as if across a computer screen. It seems to be from an older male forum member. It suggests that certain features of particular places predispose them to certain happenings. As it makes the suggestion a significant indention beside the fireplace illuminates and we instantly understand that it would easily conceal the body of a child.

One of the others suggests we look for a secreted child and I do so in the spirit of a lark. I’m surprised to find a small, familiar girl toddler bound poorly by sticky tape. As soon as we discover her, I kiss her and kiss her again, feeling tremendous affection for this dear little girl. It seems Wendy knows of her disappearance, that it has been known for several days, and she is critical in her judgement of me for not having known.

“Slowing down”
A couple more dreams of going way too fast in my car. The second one is better recalled. I’m heading south and I do eventually slow my car down but I need to keep watching that I don’t pick up speed again. IRL there are many speed cameras in that direction and in the dream I wonder if I have passed any.

11th December 2011, 03:31 AM
10th December, 2011.

“Knowledge download”
Earlier dream involved a computer. I was learning things but I don’t know what.

“Sydney Beach”
Paul and Trish want us to travel to a Sydney beach with them. I’m not keen because, in the dream context, I have a period but Trish assures me we can do yoga on the beach.

I don’t know what happens at the beach.

We are returning in a vehicle and I see Jay Jay, A and R’s dog, sitting atop a signpost. I mistake the dog for Paul and Trish’s dog, Ally, that died last year. Ally is a totally different breed to Jay Jay, though both are small dogs.

Back at home, Paul is lying on our(?) lounge and attempting to tickle me(?) with his feet. There’s a sense that some kind of evil has infected him and his son as well as a result of the trip to Sydney.

Notes: Today we dropped by to see Paul and Trish. They are moving to Sydney (but coming home during school breaks). Their son Sean had confided this to me before the dream but today we found out why: Sean has been accepted as a regular on television entertainment programme that used to be big back in the day and is being revived. He auditioned just for the experience and because his girlfriend was auditioning and was actually one of the ten kids selected from 30,000! This is amazing news but, because I love Seanie like a nephew, I’m also a little worried in case showbiz damages him, which explains the anxiety in the last bit of the dream.

Interestingly, G asked them if they’d be swimming at a particular beach now they’ll be living where they’ll be living (I hadn’t mentioned my dream to him). It occurred to me as part of my marveling over how things that are destined come together that it might be just as well their dog died last year because they’ll be living in a small unit in Sydney and they may have has to find her a new home. Certainly she wouldn’t have been able to wander the streets as she did around here.

11th December, 2011.

There’s something about be a prisoner of war. It feels recurring. Can’t remember details.

11th December 2011, 08:12 PM
12th December, 2011.
“Synching a Video”
I receive a video and place it in some kind of player – probably my computer. Initially the sound and vision won’t co-ordinate and I’m trying to rectify this. G keeps talking to me so it’s hard to concentrate on what I’m doing. During the process of aligning sight and sound I realize the people on the video are lip-synching.

It’s a weird video, repeating scenarios with moderate variations. For instance, a man cooks something that includes rice and offers it to a woman then another woman cooks something different with rice and offers it to a different person. The people appear to be English.

I’m driving some of the girls from work. Erin is lying on the seat and rubbing her finger hard against my hip. It’s irritating me and I look down at her and ask her to stop but she keeps doing it. I pull my hip away and I move my physical hip, waking myself. G’s hand falls off my physical hip: in his sleep, he had actually been doing what Erin had done in the dream and was causing physical pain.

Fragment: I’m back in time, young and pretty and dresses in late eighties fashion, in my classroom teaching. A workman(?) is there and flirts with me. He’s dark haired, stocky but attractive. Has the vivid and knowing quality of a more-than-dream-character.

11th December 2011, 09:15 PM
Do you think the first one has to do with 'RL', or 'NP' communication?

12th December 2011, 06:50 AM
Probably non-physical, CF, since it's not resonating with what's happening currently. That said, I've been starting work early lately and I haven't given much though to my dreams, so I could be wrong.

Do you ever wonder if it's the poorly recalled or forgotten dreams where the most interesting stuff might be happening in terms of being at what Kurt calls "the cutting edge of your growth"? I feel an intimation of this quite often.

12th December 2011, 03:01 PM
I don't know- sometimes I think so, but then nothing happens for me. Then, outward things happen that make me go 'hm'. Maybe I'm more outward oriented.

14th December 2011, 09:02 AM
Well I've been so slack. I'm so tired ATM and starting work early that I really can't be bothered recording, which I know from past experience is a mistake because something always happens and I realise that I didn't record a predictive dream.

I also have a habit of not recording dreams that I find uncomfortable. For instance, a couple of nights ago I dreamt an older woman at work asked me to marry her and put an engagement ring on my finger. It was a pretty ring, I actually took time to notice. I also accepted the proposal. Now, I have nothing against lesbians but I'm not one and while I find women attractive I've never felt an inclination to have sex with one, you know? I know exactly what this dream means btw and it's nothing at all to do with cohabitation. Ever since certain sweetners were offered at work I've pretty much committed to staying there for, well, a long time. The woman in the dream is retiring this year after being there a long time. So, the dream is about that commitment.

The morning of that dream as I drove to work and I passed my sons' school so close to home with its preferred co-ed, non-religious environment and its easy homogenous middle class racial mix, I contemplated how many times I had fantasied about working there over the last few years. But I didn't feel it anymore. I also had the thought driving to school that I bet now that I'm committed at my workplace that I'll hear from this other school. Sure enough, during the day a friend rang and said they desperately and quickly needed someone of my experience but I said I couldn't do it now - it would be too ungrateful. Earlier that morning, as if to reinforce it, one of the women on the executive told me that there had been a discussion at the meeting about my returning to full time work and how I'd been roundly praised by all present. Even today at the final parent teacher meeting of the year, the parents I met were all so complimentary and asking if their sons could have me again next year because they had started loving English. One even gave me a present with a lovely card. So, looks like I'm about to get married.

See how I brought this post back around to being relevant to your discussion, CF? :D

14th December 2011, 05:49 PM

15th December 2011, 09:11 AM
Not much recall again but I've been really psychic again. It's a matter of me idly thinking something - nearly always when I'm in a bit of a driving trance - and it happens. Today's thought was wondering if my youngest son would get a part time job soon and when I got home he said he'd gotten a call from a place he asked at months ago. There's been lots of these and lots of knowing with quiet certainty the outcomes of things before they happen.

16th December 2011, 09:34 AM
16th December, 2011.

Still feeling so disinclined to keep a journal currently -don't know why I'm so lethargic of late. Anyway, last night (I’ve let the whole day go before recording this) I dreamt about aliens fumigating the planet to rid it of humans but there were pockets of resistance. I guess it was mostly a watched dream like a movie but, at the end, I was on the craft of a friendly race that was saving whatever humans it could. I didn't see them but they were communicating their intentions telepathically.

16th December 2011, 08:55 PM
17th December, 2011.

I’m in the hallway of the house where I was raised. I search the linen cupboard, which is altered so that it’s doorless and painted white, for some knitting that I apparently started years before. It’s a pretty, lacy intricate knit, like you’d find on a baby’s jacket or blanket. While I search, I see a couple of christening gowns laid out and still pristine. I walk off with the knitting, hoping I’ll find the pattern so I can continue it again.

This is all I can recall though there was obviously more.

18th December 2011, 12:32 AM
18th December, 2011.

First dreams were largely continuing what we had done before bed, which was dinner late into the night with two families, whose company we enjoy.

I’m in town with a thin, blond woman, shorter but slightly older than me. She is the head of the Catholic Education office. She’s telling me that our independent school is going to be absorbed into their system. I walk through some streets with her and board a bus. I’m only on it very briefly when something tells me this isn’t where I’m supposed to be or want to be so I immediately disembark.

I hurry back to where I began and realize I have my old car parked here. My sister is there and we talk about something I can’t remember.

Now I’m in the C's “house.” There’s a stage under some stairs, with a glass between audience and performers. The audience consists of Penny, Sandro and me and we view moments from their son’s lives.

I’m not sure of what happens next. Perhaps Sandro plays a trick on them – he fancies himself a bit of a joker.

18th December 2011, 09:20 PM
19th December, 2011.

"Erin Makes Changes"
I’m at work and Erin has made changes; the staffroom is totally transformed. I work in it for a while, go away and return. Now things are altered again. This time the desks are outside. This won’t do, what if it rains?

Linda T, the AP at G’s school, approaches and asks me what’s wrong. I don’t want to talk to her because I don’t trust her and I don’t want to complain about Erin to her.

Now I wander upstairs in a newly built brick building. I see inside that we have a new staffroom. The desks are new and neatly arranged.

Note: Erin, our new co-ordinator, has been very controversial. I like her and find her reasonable, so I can’t see why others, some of them highly reasonable people themselves, have had such difficulty with her.

"H defends himself."
I’m on the street outside a house when a small blond boy approaches. He’s apparently been aggressive towards H, as some boys were when H was in primary school and really didn’t know about aggression or how to respond to it. I threaten him, warning him to leave H alone or I’ll deal with him and I won’t be kind.

In the meanwhile, H is a few metres away and another boy is starting on him. H is his current size (very large for a 14 year old) and looks at me for permission to defend himself. I give it to him with a nod and a look.

Note: In waking reality, we occasionally observed boys bully H when he was younger. We showed him how to defend himself but he was always reluctant, thinking it was wrong to fight back. By high school he had learnt to do it and it quickly ended the harassment.

I really must go straight to my journal. I slept in this morning and woke up with a head full of dreams but because I took so long I can now only recall the last two.

19th December 2011, 09:55 PM
20th December, 2011.

For the few hours before bed I was preparing a unit for next year on Gothicism. Consequently, I was reading essays on Brahm Stoker’s Dracula. These included Feminist, Marxist, Homosexual and Post Structualist readings. It’s not at all surprising then that vampires featured heavily in my dreams.

I don’t remember the beginning of this dream.
I’m on the floor of a small room and there’s a dark haired female vampire about my age (a shadow self, perhaps) whom I can see in the adjoining room. I know I’ve already been bitten and I’m dreading further bites. She approaches the door and I see there are a couple of young women out there with her so I suggest she bite them – they’re younger. Then I feel that was selfish and cruel. In any case, she has her own ideas and approaches and bites me on the back of my neck.
I try to shorten her drinking by pretending to swoon and she leaves me alone temporarily. Then she sees me again through the door and clearly realizes she could have taken more blood/life force, so she returns for more. While she feeds I begin to recall some of the reading I did before bed that suggested that the vampire in Stoker’s novel represents male dominance through the penetrative act, even when the vampire is a (transgressive)female, and that the blood drinking represents sex - only people couldn’t write about such things in a sexually repressive society. This memory triggers mild sexual excitement while the vampire feeds and when I mention it to her she promises some satisfaction of that impulse later. I vaguely wonder what that might entail.

Now I’m alone and Beth crawls to the doorway. She knows what has happened to me and states sympathetically, “Female monsters are far worse than males.”

Note: Beth’s statement is interesting. As a former male, I guess she’d be in a reasonable position to compare male and female monsters. She recently spent many weeks in hospital with a serious infection that could have taken her life and could be classified as a “female monster.” This renewed our contact, though I didn’t know about it until towards the end of her hospital stay. That renewal quickly turned sour for various reasons and I simply ceased contact with a person I believed was beginning to behave monstrously. No doubt, she felt the same about me.

I wake up and can hear a “radio”. This time the astral noise is so consistent, distinct and long-lasting that I think the clock radio must have been accidentally reset and I lift my head from the pillow. I hear it for some time before it fades away and then I’m mildly annoyed because I could have possibly used the state to project.

Another vampire dream follows. I can’t recall details. It’s possibly set in a doctor’s office.


I’ve been caring for a toddler for some years but now it’s the end of that period. I explain it to the little blond boy but I’m not sure he understands. I load him into a stroller, planning to take him for a walk. There are other things I’m taking too, the accouterments that accompany babyhood. The family’s pet dog, a boxer, might also accompany us.

I stroll down the street and encounter a group of youth. I’m not sure of them but a young dark-haired male puts out his hand to give the baby a high five.

Now G and I are loading baby into the car. I’ve placed him in his safety capsule and G is behind the car carrying the boxer, its legs folded like a deer. He’s going to put it in the boot but I suggest he not do that, so he places it in a plastic laundry basket inside the car.

Note: I wonder if this dream in some way references my oldest son leaving home for uni next year. Some of the references, such as a dog and the basket, come from the previous day spent with my younger son. While we walked the dog we briefly discussed me minding their children and even their dog, once I am retired. We also shopped and among the items I bought was a new laundry basket.

21st December 2011, 08:24 AM
I just this minute recovered a very strange memory. I read a friend's Facebook status that expressed amusement that her toddler daughter told her to shoosh because she was on her toy phone. Either I had an intensely powerful imagination as a child or I really did hear voices communicating with me when I played on my little plastic toy phone.

21st December 2011, 02:08 PM
"Would you keep it down. My guide is trying to say something. Thanks." :D

21st December 2011, 02:25 PM
"Would you keep it down. My guide is trying to say something. Thanks." :D
So funny :lol:

21st December 2011, 09:12 PM

22nd December, 2011.

My earlier dream is vague. A young man is teaching me something. It feels like I do some mathematics.

"Skin Cancer"
I’m in a hospital, perched up in a metal laundry tub in preparation for some kind of procedure. The woman in charge comments on the fact that I’m nice and clean and that the majority of her patients aren’t. There are several other hospital staff members around me. I climb down from the tub and we head off together, apparently in order to remove a skin cancer.

Note: I’ve been planning to get the doctor to do a skin cancer check for me.

"Peter P."
I’m sitting with G and someone else and about 25 metres away Peter P appears to be conducting proceedings at some kind of meeting. He’s peering over his glasses, waiting for people to stop talking. I make a statement about this to G and then Peter peers my way but with a smile on his face. I comment to G about how I’m the only one he smiles at for talking and we chuckle together.

Note: Peter is a teacher at my work, a sweet, more senior gent who always smiles at me. I think he’ll retire soon.

23rd December 2011, 09:00 PM
“A Teacher’s Bad Dream”
I’m at work and I’ve walked across to an alternative English/History staffroom. Within are two teachers engaged in professional discussion. They’re planning an exam, discussing using a question for one part that has worked well in the past. They can apparently purchase the question from some professional organization. It surprises me that I know nothing about this organization and it makes me feel that I need to improve in regards to knowing where to obtain resources.

Note: This is an area I’m aware of that could actually improve in waking reality. I tend to be self-sufficient in tracking down and creating resources and this is extremely taxing on my time. These women also represent the type of people at work that can namedrop and know all the “stars” of our profession. I’m not good at that at all.

Now they acknowledge me. The dominant one is diminutive with shoulder length dark brown hair. It’s hard to estimate her age, she feels younger than me in the dream but the person she looks most like in WR is slightly older than I am. There’s a sense that she knows the ropes and has been at the school a long time. The other is blond, tall, slightly heavy and with a moderately clumsy feel to her.

Notes: The first reminds me of the mother of one of our son’s friends. She is a basketball mum and when our eldest played she was very much in charge of running the local comp and refereeing the games. My husband and various parents on the team couldn’t stand her, considering her something of a zealot when it came to the rules and regulations. I didn’t think she was that bad. The other woman reminds me of a clumsy version of Vicki, a football mum and the receptionist at the local chiropractor.

The brunette begins to address me. She hasn’t met me before but she tells me she had one of my history classes after me. She announces that they thoroughly preferred her, complaining about my teaching and lack of classroom control. I’m stunned by her frankness and begin to berate her, calling her rude. Her friend supports her insensitivity and walks beside me as I head back to the staffroom, attempting to justify it.

Note: Competitiveness is rife in teaching and students will often inadvertently feed it by complaining about their former teachers. Teachers do get reputations and I’m used to enjoying a very good one but when I began at my current workplace I did encounter the History class from hell – the worst behaved and most hateful kids I’d taught anywhere. Being a newcomer is a challenge in itself, so this was unfortunate timing. They left their mark on my psyche. They certainly left their mark on the collective psyche of the teaching staff.

I ignore her but I’m considering some kind of retaliation. There’s the thought of unleashing a psychic attack but I’m resisting it, knowing it’s not a mature or wise response. There’s a real sense the intensity of my emotion is such that the impact of such an attack would be dramatic. I’m aware that if I send it, I’ll see it as a storm.

Notes: Before bed I read a medium’s blog where she described being attacked psychically. I’m teetering on lucidity here in the sense that I’m aware that emotions can manifest physically in this dream environment.

I reach my usual staffroom and tell a few colleagues why I’m incensed. A couple of them begin to bitch about these teachers from another staffroom. Their support is appreciated but I’m not interested in the things they say to degrade the other women, who were clearly hardworking and competent teachers.

Note: There is one friend in particular at work that bitches about other staff members. She’s been there a long time and holds old grudges. The description above is how I often regard her bitching: I appreciate that she’s supporting me or someone else but I always feel she takes it too far, demeaning the entire person instead of simply disapproving a singular act.

It seems like the characters in this dream are shadow aspects: the conceited/competitive/insensitive one, she who defends the indefensible and those who are quick to judge and condemn.

“The boss’ dance”
My eldest son sits on a lounge before a television watching “The X Factor.” I come and stand behind him to see what he’s watching. Suddenly the boss is there and does a funny little dance in order to be amusing. This is meant to be for my amusement in order to imply we’re hip, fun-loving people.
Note: This is about the way I perceive my boss’ self-perception. F would never watch “X Factor” IRL. I imagine it’s a comment on his stage of life: a study in what it takes to be successful. Maybe that’s a self-fragment at work too.

25th December 2011, 08:53 PM
26th December, 2011.

“Jewellery Store.”
I’m walking around a jewellery store, accompanied by a female, whom I acknowledge as present, even though I don’t notice her form. There’s some kind of problem. I seem to have left some pearl earrings there that I purchased in another store. I retrieve them but there’s perhaps some anxiety that I’ll be considered a thief.

A snippet: a tall, young, attractive woman with a lot of authority instructing an underling to look after somebody important. Still seems to be a shop context.

“Spiritualist Circle.”
I’m sitting on the floor. I decide I wish to start a spiritualist circle and ask the nearest woman milling with some other women if she wishes to join. She does and so she sits on the floor opposite me. She is thin, has straight, mousy-blond hair and she’s about my age. My thoughts turn to how we’ll run this circle and how large we’ll allow it to become but she’s off on her own tangent and begins to channel information. I listen to her respectfully. It appears she’s giving a street name; she says “Jaime Street.” I tell her I know a Jaime and we can ask her to join our circle if she likes, perhaps we can use Skype to include her.

“Serial Rapist.”
Now the dream has become movie-like. I see a serial criminal carrying an unconscious woman over his shoulder and I hear a younger person beside me commenting on the movie. He says, “What’s he gonna do, eat her?” The criminal opens a hatch door to an underground cellar and carries his victim down to where three other women lie. They are bound in such a way as to remind me of pupae. It becomes clear that this criminal’s thing is to impregnate these women but there’s no explanation as yet as to why. I begin to wonder about the likelihood of such a scenario, as I would if I watched such a movie in waking reality. My first thought is to wonder about the level of vitamin D deprivation the women would experience in their subterranean prison and I wonder if the woman would be able to conceive or even carry babies to term bound and laying on the dirt ground as they are. I ask myself if he’s even feeding them.

26th December 2011, 09:59 PM
27th December, 2011.

“The Colleague.”
I’m waiting at a bus stop with an older woman. While I don’t have a distinct vision of her appearance, I have a real sense of it nonetheless. She is older, with dark brown hair, a matronly body and, I feel, she wears something akin to a shawl that gives her a gipsy feel. I treat her as though she is my work colleague, though there is nobody like her at work, and we’re on our way to a teacher conference at the university.

I’m unhappy because Megan S has reduced her days at St J’s and is working casually at my school on her day off. It is unacceptable to me that she should bring her form of manipulation and disruption to our school after making my life and the lives of others so miserable at our last school. I’m telling the older woman about it, saying that she just won’t comprehend all the things M has done and the kind of damage of which she’s capable.

A bus arrives and, curiously, I see two magazines in its rims. I pick one out and look at its glossy cover, feeling it’s perfectly okay that I do so – it’s for me. Post dream I feel this was supposed to make an impression on me, that there’s something I was meant to receive from it like a rote (an information package) but I doubt I’m focused enough because I have no recollection beyond receiving it and then asking the colleague if she wants it. She does, so I pass it to her. The magazine, like a book or computer is usually an indication of mental plane access for me but I suspect I don’t make it all the way on this occasion.

Now I’m on a train. Momentarily I see the seats are facing towards where the window would be but we’re still moving. There’s no sense of anything in front of us where the train wall would be and no view or wind rushing past. I hear two people talking on my left. A girl asks her father, does he think ghosts are real. I lean forward, so as to speak past the person nearest me and assure them they are, that I’ve seen them with my own eyes. Then I laugh, “I don’t mind telling you, I don’t care if you think I’m crazy because I’ll never see you again. It means nothing to me what you think of me.” They laugh in agreement.

Now we’ve reached the platform and I realize I have one boot off. I’m struggling to put it on as the colleague disembarks. There’s no reason I shouldn’t get off though: I have time. I get to the doors but the train won’t slow enough for me to get off and follow my colleague who knows the way to the in-service, the room numbers and the schedule of events. There’s a station guard at the door of the train and I ask him to tell the driver to stop, that it isn’t fair not to stop fully and properly at the station. The master is stubborn – he will not let me pass. I sigh in resignation and ask him how long until the next stop. He replies an hour, much to my surprise. I’m calculating how late I’ll be getting to the conference and wondering if it’s worth it, if I’ll even know where to go without my colleague to guide me.

“The Second Effort”
I’m with my eldest son, F, and we’ve disembarked a train and walking towards Sydney University. Our mood is happy and positive but I tell him I’m unsure of the rooms and the schedule and will need to work it out when we arrive.

Now I’m arrived but F has disappeared and I’m carrying a large, sleeping, baby. He’s about 18 months old and naked. All I seem to have is a sheet to wrap him but he’s hard to wrap because he’s become so heavy and I don’t feel I can sit down because I’m searching for the place I need to be. At the same time, I need to take responsibility for him. I feel he hasn’t been fed for too long and must be given some fluids. I’m searching among lockers where I feel I’ll find something for him but I can’t recall a locker number and I’m vaguely wondering why I even think I have a locker as I don’t remember getting one. I briefly wonder if I should breastfeed him but I feel heavily resistant to that notion. I’m getting confused, walking around corners and finding yet more lockers. The baby is a heavy weight and I wonder why I don’t have a stroller for him; I carry him poorly, his legs dangling. All the while he sleeps. I’m aware too of people at counters, assistants watching my lack of progress and others milling past. It doesn’t occur to me they might help me.

Notes: Before bed I vaguely asked for a leading edge of growth dream but since this request invariably leads to a dream I can’t remember, I asked them to bring it down a notch or two to something I would recall. There’s a long first dream that is totally forgotten now, erased by the memory of “The Colleague” dream, which is a shame because it was more pleasant IIRC. Hopefully it’ll come back as the day unfolds.

The second dream seems to end with a gatekeeper experience, while “The Second Effort” gets me to my destination but then I’m impeded by the weight of an astral elemental. I suspect the elemental is a result of current concerns about my almost-eighteen-year-old leaving home for uni.

I do take away the necessary information that I must forgive the ghosts of the past and overcome fear that such things can touch me again in my present if I’m to unburden myself and progress. Tomorrow will be a good test as I’ll see some of my former colleagues who still work with M. It also occurs to me that I shouldn’t worry about F’s living arrangements and lack of personal income until problems arise.

27th December 2011, 09:39 PM
28th December, 2011.

“The Cling Wrap Men”
I interact with Carmen and baby Zoe in some kind of party atmosphere. I enjoy being with them.

I’m at an outdoor place now, near a swimming pool. It turns out it belongs to Helen L and I’m soon introducing my family to her. She introduces her husband, who is slightly more attractive than I would have imagined him to be. H says something silly and mildly embarrassing and I shush him. I think she provides food that we eat by the pool.

Now we’re inside Helen’s house. It’s a nice large room, a pale yellow colour, tastefully furnished. I look around it and say, “This isn’t how I imagined your house.” I’m not sure what it is about the feeling of this room but I teeter on lucidity. I might achieve it – I don’t know because I’ve lost so much from last night’s dreams.

Now I’m on the grounds of a school or university. The social interactions continue with the many people around me. I think Carmen and Zoe are back in the dream again. I meet Helen’s relatives, her many nephews and nieces. We’re about to pile into a car to go for a drive around the premises. There are so many of us that the male driver attaches a trailer for the kids to ride in. I experience mild anxiety about being included. I don’t recall a trip in the car now.

I’m listening to someone talk – a principal. While he talks I watch some men wrapping cling wrap around furniture, not covering it but making lines of binding wrap between the parts of the furniture, for instance, between the legs of a piano. Initially, I thought these men were painters because I saw white paint on their overalls but now they wear suits and the idea of paint is gone.

I wake with the thought that Helen’s an old soul (if there is such a thing as soul age, she probably is) and struggling to recall this dream that seemed to have gone on for a very long time.

28th December 2011, 10:14 PM
29th December, 2011.

“Lecture at the beach.”
I’m outside at a learning venue by a beach. There’s a man on stage giving a lecture. I’ve been using my laptop but leave it to watch the man. He’s speaking with an affected and pompous English accent, which annoys me so much that I don’t really pay attention to the lecture.

I’ve walked away from him and I see many teachers gathered around a very large table. It becomes apparent that we’re supposed to gather in groups for discussion. Initially my group remains dispersed but gradually they gather to sit on some steps. I don’t know how I know they’re my group except for the presence of a blond woman with bobbed hair. I feel she’s been in other dreams. So I sit on the steps with them and they begin to discuss how some surnames indicate that certain people are to experience enmity. I try to apply this to me (are we speaking literature?) and suggest that since one my maiden name was to possibly indicate the occupation of silversmith, that maybe Blacksmith might be the opposite name. She tries to be polite but I’ve clearly gotten this entirely wrong.

Now I’m walking briefly with Maria C (from old job). I’m walking across a courtyard with her, asking her something but she’s barely acknowledging me.

I’m at the water and I have a surfboard so, even though the ocean is wild (as it has been here in WR) I dive in and ride a wave. It’s very enjoyable but extremely short-lived because I’m pulled elsewhere by the memory of my abandoned laptop. I go in search of it and encounter G, who is packing up the car to go. He has a small gathering of people around him (Paul E is there) to whom he has offered a lift and there are roof racks on the car with boards. He tells me he’ll have to do two trips because of the people he needs to drop off. I tell him I’m searching for my computer.

I’m not sure if this happens now or happened before I encountered G. I’m walking on hard, smooth volcanic rock. Suddenly my foot lodges in a hole and I look down and remember that someone has created a long shallow trench in this rock and filled it with large smooth stones. I easily dislodge my foot and move over so I’m once again walking beside the trench, not in it.

Now G is telling me he’s recovered my computer, that the presenters had borrowed it. I’m not really bothered by this, except for feeling the presentation wasn’t really worthy. He mentions Helen S, claiming skeptically that she says I pledged the use of my laptop for this back in January. I tell him that if I had there’s no way I’d remember it.

G is driving us home now but he wants to look at the ocean first (as is his way in RL). He drives us right to the edge of a cliff and I become alarmed and ask him to stop. Below us the ocean is vivid.

29th December 2011, 10:01 PM
30th December, 2011.

“Enormous Wave”
I remember just the end part of this dream. I’m in the ocean and somebody (G?) calls out to get ready. I look up and see a wave towering above me; totally vivid. I’m diving under it and I hear the voice warning me to watch out for sharks. I look beneath me at the clear, tremendously deep water. I’m totally unafraid.

Note: I did go to the beach with G and the boys yesterday and that probably influenced this dream.

“David and Mishell”
Mishell has come for a holiday in Australia. So she can go out, I mind David for a day. He’s a lovely boy and plays well with the various things I find for him to do. He definitely knows his preferences and I enjoy his presence. When Mishell returns from her day out, David is asleep and I report that we’ve had a great day together but I realize that we’ve been so involved in play that I haven’t fed him anything or given him a drink.

Now Mishell and Holly, a new first year out teacher from work, need a place to sleep. I tell them I can provide a room but not a guest bed and they’ll need to sleep in sleeping bags. Mishell looks disappointed by this news.

“Everyone should Fly”
The same characters minus David are transported to a new environment. I don’t know what this place is exactly but there’s a larger group of us now and we’re required to climb a tall ladder and make our way across unevenly spaced monkey bars. I feel disadvantage because I’m wearing a dress that reaches past my knees, but I comply. I decide that the easiest way is to crawl across the top, which I start out doing but then I decide I’d rather fly. I like flying so much that I plan to never stop.

Someone from deeper within the house, a male cousin perhaps, approaches me and asks me to desist. I ignore the request, totally convinced that this is reality, and I say to Mishell and Holly that it’s time humans began using their ability to fly – I shouldn’t stop, everyone else should start.

“Mum’s choir”
I’m a teen again and we’re preparing for a singing performance. My mother appears and she’s apparently the conductor. I wonder if she’s smart enough to do this but I give her the benefit of the doubt. When she speaks she has an accent, which is true in waking reality but it’s not her accent, not her voice. I find this very curious. There’s a sense of much greater intelligence, even a sense of humour when she talks. She’s wasting time though and I’m becoming impatient to learn the actual song. I read the unfamiliar words and try to make a tune with them.

There’s a sense of other invisible authority figures observing.

Note: Mum made a Skype call to me just before bed. I’d never used Skype before but downloaded at her request (against my better judgement) out of sympathy for her loneliness. She spoke for 45 minutes straight about all the problems she’d had in recent weeks. It was, as it always is, painfully boring.

29th December 2011, 10:16 PM
A couple of non dream adventures from the last week.

Sitting in the car with the family I thought of my mother and sister and wondered if they'd tried to ring the house. The mobile phone rang that moment and it was them.

Walking the dog, I had the warning feeling of something ahead. I couldn't see or hear anything but from around the corner came a mother and her son on his scooter. I couldn't see a threat here, the boy on the scooter was even going slowly, keeping apace with his mother so that he wouldn't have collided with Bella if I'd left her off her leash.

I decided to keep her on leash because I've been right so many times and regretted when I've disregarded the feeling but there was nothing. I let her lead me down to the grassy paddock so she could be by the creek where she loves to romp and continued cautiously in case the warning feeling was for a snake but she was totally safe. There were no encounters with poorly mannered dogs and ranger wasn't there either.

So what do I learn from this? Clearly, the signal itself is probably fairly neutral: "Something ahead. " That part I get right every time but I have a tendency to confuse an emotion such as dread with it and that's probably based on past experience. So, the challenge is to come up with ways to differentiate the signal from the feeling in order to get accurate, useful information.

30th December 2011, 08:55 PM
31st December, 2011

Remembered fragment from earlier in the night. I’m with two women and they each wear wide, black fabric belts studded with tiny diamonds. I scrutinize the diamonds on one of the belts and see that they are pink as well as clear. They mesmerize me.

Lots of dreaming and weird energy sensations through the night but I went to bed late and was so tired as a consequence it’s hard to get straight what happened. There was a moment I appeared to phase but I can’t recall the scene or what followed now.

"Trains and bags"
I do recall, however, being on a train platform. Once again a train pulls in and the gap is too wide for embarking so I decide I’ll wait for the next train rather than leap across. I have a “memory” of this happening before and I leapt across but left my bag on the platform (if I had this experience in a dream it was never recalled). Now I look down at my bag and one of the handles has broken off. I’m unperturbed by this but mention it to someone on the station out of surprise at its happening.

Somewhere in all this I dream of two former colleagues, Maria G and Renate. I worked with them at different schools, one was an art teacher, the other, a special needs teacher. Both were similarly humble, skilled and likeable. I’m told in the dream that Maria retrained as something else by studying hard while she continued to teach.

31st December 2011, 11:09 PM
1st January, 2012.

Late to bed for obvious reasons. Happy new Year.

“Deep underground”
I’m deep inside the earth in natural caverns with my family. We’ve definitely been here before: we remember being fascinated by the fish in the small pools that are scattered about where we walk. It also feels different to last time, as though things have altered slightly or we’ve gone deeper and it’s as if we’re interested in slightly different things this time. The ceilings are well above us and there’s a tunnel to the outside several kilometres long. The light travels down along shaft. I experience one of those morbid thoughts that sometimes occur IWR when we’re vulnerable in our environment: What if there were an earthquake and all the rock were to collapse on top of us? People would only know we’d been here by finding our abandoned car.
G wants to cross a deep crevice but the material he wants us to walk over looks like gigantic stalks of straw laid flat. I have my doubts but we’re crossing before I can express them and the straw gives way beneath our weight. We plummet but without fear.

A later though poorly recalled dream. I observe in third person and woman who is physically somewhat similar to me. She is operating an elevator from outside, ready to ascend. She is talking but there are others who wait with her and they are silent.

1st January 2012, 09:48 PM
2nd January, 2012.

“Back at Uni”
I’ve gone back to university to do a degree. The first part of the dream is like an orientation where I simply accept I’m doing a degree again. For a while a fellow student, a young woman, asks me questions about the area, which is apparently Canberra (so I guess it’s Australian National Uni where my son plans to go). I tell her I’m not local but somehow I’m still able to help her with her inquiry.

There’s a blurred bit here. I seem to pass a line of piled books. I’ve done something correctly where others have failed. There’s a vague memory of my former boss, who IWR is about to become my boss again, and Megan, who made my former job a misery.

I’ve started early on the big assignment. Is this a Master’s Degree? It’s an English assignment, so I feel entirely competent. I’ve read copiously and I’ve expressed myself clearly. I know it’s excellent as I present it to the professor who sits behind her desk. I hope she will mark it there and then, even though I’ve submitted early. She reads and comments on it. I can see she’s looking for ways to detract marks but she has trouble finding them. She mentions that she might take a mark away for something that seems arbitrary and I comment that if she does I’ll alter it and resubmit, since the essay is early anyway. She softens then and comments that she’s giving the bibliography 81/2 out of 11 but that the essay itself is flawless. I know the bibliography is extensive and authentic but I don’t care about it. She announces 96.5%, a High Distinction. I don’t notice the maths and accept the mark.

Note: Maybe the degree is in self-assertion. Admittedly, it’s something I’m still learning.

“F’s Potty Training”
F is using a potty in the kitchen. I think to myself that we’ve spoilt him way too much allowing this practice. I see a neighbor climbing a ladder next door and comment that he’ll see Finn through the window, hoping to mock him into more conformist behaviour. The neighbor doesn’t see.

Note: I wasn’t going to publish this one because it seems to suggest my eldest son is in some way delayed but potty training really is just a marker/symbol for the necessary stages we pass on the way to adulthood. The mocking attitude is an indicator of parental fear that the child won’t behave in socially approved ways, that they'll fail at key specific stages. The dream is a reminder that there are more loving ways to bring children to adult realisation. Mockery in this sense is also a failure of self-assertion because it is a form of bullying.

2nd January 2012, 08:48 PM
3rd January, 2012.

“Bridget’s Job Interview”
I’m in a school setting, in assembly or mass when I spot Bridget who is resplendent in a green silk blouse. Carmen sits on my right and spots her too and we become quite excited that she has come to visit.

At the first opportunity Carmen greets Bridget and asks her if she’s coming back to work with us. I think Bridget has confirmed this and I’m delighted. I think I hear Carmen say she’ll be an improvement on the current teacher who, in the dream reality only, is a former student of mine who IWR lives in Western Australia and is a set designer. I wonder why Daniel hasn’t been a good drama teacher in Carmen’s view.

It seems Bridget is gone already and I enthuse about her return but Carmen sets me right and explains that she’s not returning, that she’s about to attend a job interview to be a paralegal. This confuses me a bit because, as far as I know, Bridget has only worked as a teacher and an events organizer.

Now I see Bridget in a performance set inside a spacious office place. I watch her from a high angle perspective, the lead girl in an entertaining tap routine. This feels more like it!

I’m leaving work for classes. It seems to be a complex process as though I’ll be away for days. There’s more to this dream but it has a muddled quality.

I enter “home” where Dad is, either with my siblings (and we’re younger) or with my own kids. They’ve unwrapped presents and I check out what they’ve got there. There’s a decorative plate with birds against a bright red background, sitting in white tissue paper atop a mantle piece. I glance briefly at a video explaining the significance of the plate. It plays on an old style television beneath the mantle but, for now, I’m more interested in the others who are unwrapping something else. I cannot remember what it was once I awaken but it seemed to be valuable and bigger than the other gift: maybe a long, heavy vase.

4th January 2012, 09:36 PM
4th January, 2012
“Preparing to die”
I’m in a school setting. Michelle G announces to the students that an atomic blast is about to occur and we prepare to die without sadness or drama. I tell Michelle that if I can’t spend my last minutes with my family, then I’m glad it’s with a quality person like her, a true old soul.

Note: Michelle is an exceptional human being. We worked together at my former workplace.

5th January, 2012
Back to a pattern of copious dreaming and poor recall. Must get to bed earlier and reduce the stimulation before bed.

“Phone call from unknown woman”
A woman’s voice speaks to me on the phone. She’s expecting a second baby and moving to the area where I lived when I had my babies. She’s asking about the availability of an obstetrician and I’m telling her there’s one locally in the shop complex. She is explaining the problems she’s had with this birth, with pieces of her uterus coming away. She’s also asking me questions about building and if I know a good builder. Somehow, G comes into this part of the conversation.

Note: There was no obstetrician local to where I lived IWR but it was true in the dream context.
I suspect this dream is representative of a relationship I have with a former student who caught me on the FB chat feature last night.

“Naughty Schoolgirl.”
There’s a schoolgirl who is in someway naughty. She has endeared herself to me and reformed her ways. I’m not sure what else happens but she seems in the role of initiating the dream actions.

5th January 2012, 09:18 PM
6th January, 2012.

“Holding My Ground”
I believe I have the role of directing a musical. It’s Little Shop of Horror,s one I directed many years ago. I know all the songs and I understand the needs of the play. I feel competent.

The stage is set and there is a group of girls on a lower side stage to the front left of a traditional proscenium arch stage. They sing the title song. When they’re done, I explain to them about singing from the diaphragm because I thought their voices were a bit thin and weak.

Now someone tells me about the arrival of another person, apparently from the university, a recent graduate who starts attempting to run the show. She’s young and unnecessary and I’m unwilling to accept her authority. Now a young man arrives with similar intentions and again I wonder where these outsiders have come from and what gives them the right to run the show.

Now I’m with Megan (a nemesis figure for me). We’re singing together, heads touching. I know all the words but she knows some of them and when we sing the pieces she knows, I harmonise for fun and we enjoy ourselves. I sing the other pieces alone. We seem to be semi-reclined on the floor before a cabinet of drawers as we sing. Suddenly I notice something peculiar: Beneath the normal drawers and to the left (much like the stage arrangement) is a set of tiny drawers. I wonder what is kept inside them.

6th January 2012, 03:46 AM
Noticing again how a random thought seems connected with things that rapidly manifest. Here's just one example: I think, Whatever came of Bird Flu? I wonder if they still have their emergency procedures for outbreaks. There's no stimulus to this thought; I just think it out of the blue. Within an hour I see an item on TV on how some scientists have mutated the virus to make it more contagious. They discuss the dangers and ethics of such a move.

This keeps happening with varying timeframes.

7th January 2012, 02:30 AM
7th January, 2012.

I don’t really know what happened last night. The dreams themselves don’t seem to have been all that revelatory but there were some fairly pronounced energy sensations and hypnagogics the minute my head hit the pillow. I wouldn’t say these were warranted by a whole lot of energy work on my part, though I had been teaching a yoga class each day for the three days prior. I’m on a bit of a holiday from the metaphysical as well as from work, happily immersing myself in the physical. Subsequently, I went to bed over-stimulated and with a still-active mind and pretty much writing off the possibility of decent dream recall.

“Dream Editing”
I did wake up after one dream during the night and tried to recall it. The funny thing was that I could remember what it was about (then) without really remembering any visual imagery to go with the story. I even asked myself if I was just making it up but, obviously, it had come from somewhere.

The last dream had me cast, as if for a television programme set in the 80s, as a female love interest in a triangle. I decided that I didn’t really like that plot – it was too unsympathetic to one of the male characters - so I kind rewrote it and took him out of the triangle.

There was a scene where I went to lunch with my partner in the dream and he only brought one plate of food to share. Again, I wasn’t happy with this scenario and noted that from now on I’d buy all my own meals and make my own decisions as this dream persona.

We lived in a town where the cinema was just up the road and we were headed there when the dream ended. I had to get up and go teach a class.

9th January 2012, 09:40 PM
9th January, 2012.
I’m some kind of caseworker for a young woman, driving a car full of unknown people to a place I need to be. There is a name that keeps appearing on the street signs, always the same name though I’m not sure what it is now (Charles?) and I tell the people in the car that I know that is the name of the street where I need to be.

Now I’m in charge of a baby girl and there’s a feeling she’s the case I’m working on, although she was older at the beginning of the dream. Another person with me, a woman who looks like Louise, one of the pre-school teachers who worked at my sons’ day care centre when they were babies, tells me the baby’s nappy is soiled. I’ve already noticed and begin to change her, laying her over a change mat on the boot of the car. Others move about me, trying to help but all they manage to do is bump me so I become soiled with the baby’s faeces, some of which had already gotten on my hands and now my arm. I tell them to give me room and that I’ll need to wash.

“Future Place”
I’m in some kind of futuristic environment - not too distant. Some of this I’ve forgotten but the dream seems to follow the experiences of some family members. One, as a boy, flies a model plane well beyond the expectations of what a model plane would do. As if this part is a movie I hear G say something like, “Well he’s the one who grows up to be a fighter pilot.” I see he's about to trick his brothers in some way, when he finds them out on a bridge getting up to mischief, each taking a leak in a bottle. He tells them to make sure they give him the bottles because he wants to drink and I know in watching him he’s going to do something they won’t like but that he’ll find hilarious.

Now I’m a character too. I’m before a squat, dark grey machine that doesn’t look at all hi tech. Suddenly it starts a read out and another woman, a medical type comes along. She smiles in delight because the machine is giving a read-out on my health - it apparently selects people at random. It appears she’s a doctor and the back story is that I wouldn’t allow her to do a breast check and now she’ll know what she wants to know.

Note: IWR I have a friend who gives mammograms who has pressured me to get one. I’ve resisted because I’ve read and heard some negative things about the procedure and I want to minimise my exposure,especially when I'm considered low risk. Recently a friend posted a link on FB for free mammograms for women under 50, I guess that seeded this part of the dream.

9th January 2012, 09:47 PM
10th January, 2012.

“Daniel locked in”
I just remember the last part of this dream. It’s about a talented boy I taught in my first couple of years of teaching and directed in musicals who grew up to be an actor. In this dream the art teacher from back in that time and somebody else plans to lock him inside the gym (?). I don’t know how I fit in this dream exactly. I tell Sandra that she shouldn’t lock him in but she seems to think he has a lesson coming for some reason*. She walks to an exit and pulls down a black blind, which apparently locks Daniel (and presumably me) in. Daniel seems unperturbed.

* Sandra wasn’t like that but I think she featured in my dream because I saw a photo of someone that reminded me of her yesterday.

“Searching for Carmen”
I’m looking for Carmen’s house for a party (I was invited to her baby’s christening yesterday). I’ve come so far following the map but now I’m uncertain. I find myself in an unfamiliar place (it’s “Kernel” in the dream) with a long pier made of dark grey metal jutting out into an ocean I barely notice. I’ve rung G on the phone and I’m looking at the map where I’ve scribbled the address in pencil. I only remember the number now, 4, though there’s a temporary moment where I think it’s 5. I tell G I think I’m close and I think I’ll walk the rest of the way but I’m not sure of my orientation. For at least part of this conversation he appears to be with me physically. Then H is there too and there’s a lot of fog or smoke around us. I tell him to “go inside” because I don’t want him breathing it.

Now I’m inside an apartment complex. There’s something about one of the apartments belonging to Carmen. I walk into a common area where two actors are performing something modern and maybe absurdist. One is a plump, balding male in his sixties.

I realize I’ll not find the party in this complex; I need to return to my starting point and follow through with my initial plan. I walk some more and find myself in a busy transportation hub with an arching ceiling and trains operating. I’m a bit confused by this because I hadn’t noticed any railway infrastructure on first look.

11th January 2012, 10:08 PM
12th January, 2012

Can only remember the last one now – (too many yoga classes and I sleep so heavily).

I’m at Brent and Kylie’s* and decide I want to get into bed with them. Their bedroom doesn’t have the correct orientation and seems to be in the northwest but up at the same level (which is impossible because of the layout of the tri-level home). I jump in and I’m feeling affectionate and silly and give them a good cuddle. In doing so, I displace the blankets and see Kylie is just in her undies. From this information I somehow assume the two were about to become amorous and I’m embarrassed now that I disturbed their intimacy but they don’t seem to mind ~

I’m outside with Brent and we’re watching hundreds of UFOs in the sky. Some are really peculiar, one reminding me of a metallic(?) prawn - sort of. It seems kind of shaggy – hard to envision now. I comment on their variety and the rare event of seeing the prawn-like one.

*These guys are a young couple that became our tenants when we couldn’t sell our house (which Kylie’s parents subsequently bought). In the way these things go, Brent got a job at my former workplace and needed a place for his family to live. He was working with my husband and we all became friends, a relationship probably deepened when Brent ran afoul of some individuals and became victim to the poor management there and subsequently had to find himself a new job.

13th January 2012, 02:36 AM
13th January, 2012.

“The old guy”

Partially recalled.

I’m driving a car but I’m either too small or slumped down and I can’t see where I’m going. There’s an older man in the passenger seat, like a father figure but not quite. He’s urging me to drive. It appears a police car pursues but then it doesn’t. The father figure has somehow taken care of it.

We’ve reached our destination. I cannot remember enough about the place except that I pick up a baby, which I think must be mine. I carry her outside to continue the journey and I’m on a wooden porch. I hear the old man warn me and begin to feel a falling sensation, which I’m able to withdraw from because of the old man’s call. I look down and see a hole in the porch that I almost dropped through.

“Dog food”
I’m feeding the dog and find myself located in the backyard at my childhood home#. For some reason I’m giving her food out of a tin (I mix a bagged food with cooked vegetables for my dog IWR). Something’s not right. I notice a small swarm of bees on the back step (which is wrongly located around the side). They form a knob and they’re hardly moving. I wonder if the bees are dying and, if so, why. ~

A white bulldog has wandered into the front yard. The gate is open and Bella is wandering through to encounter the other dog#. I don’t know I can trust her and I attempt to grab her by the collar so I can hold her while I close the gate. She’s not wearing her collar and the gate is the heavy, sagging thing from my childhood home. ~

When I loosen the food out of the tin, I notice a larger tin has been emptied previously and she hasn’t touched it. I don’t want to leave this older dog food there to go bad so I pick it up and carry it a short distance across the yard. I find a small squared off maze dug into the ground and I figure it’s some game my brother has been playing. I throw the dog food in there, even though it’s not exactly burying it.

#Recurring. Has triggered lucidity in the past.
~Indicates where there’s a lack of continuity in the narrative structure of the dream.

“Weirdness at Linda’s class”
I’m in the yoga studio with Linda and Wolfgang and few other women. It appears we’re there for a class by Linda except we seem to have been present for well over an hour and she hasn’t started.

A lady gives me some cheesecake to try and I accept it. I notice it’s a mixture of creamy and cakey in texture but I don’t really experience its taste.

Now I notice Linda appears to be teaching something. Has she been doing so all along? This doesn’t look like any yoga I know; it’s more dance-like. I notice a garter on her thigh with a really big frilly flower on it and her thigh is unusually chubby. I’m confused: how has this come about? Does the lesson break down again with Wolfgang entering and talking about something like cleaning the studio?

14th January 2012, 12:51 PM
You seem to pick up a lot of babies in the course of your dreams. ;)

16th January 2012, 06:59 AM
God, they never stop, Oliver! I swear I was a midwife or a wet nurse in a past life!:lol:

15th January, 2012.

“The Entertainers”

I live on a busy road and I’m heading into town where I’ll find shops to entertain me. I ride my bike and I’m extremely swift, loving the feeling of flow and movement. ~

I’m home with Mum and I tell her I bought some foundation makeup that will match my skin tones better now I’ve become brown with summer. Mum is annoyed because she wanted me to have something more expensive done to my skin, like a peel or something. This actually feels like the childhood pressure I felt from my mother when she had ideas about what would be beneficial and enhancing for me and I would resist, feeling her additions were unnecessary. I look in the mirror and see that I’m freckly, younger, plump-faced and red haired. I don’t think too much of it other than a vague notion that I don’t remember looking this way. I try to apply the new makeup but it doesn’t really cover the freckles – it’s not right for my new complexion. In any case I justify it to Mum. ~

I want something again so I’m on my bike speeding into town. ~

I’m flying now and loving it. For fun I materialize a broom and fly witch style. I speak to other people as I pass them ~

I’m looking in a display cabinet. Once upon a time there were things here that represented me but no more. Now there are many small items, many of them belonging to a band of children performers. There is the occasional brooch making a stylised letter that I can read. I look but there’s nothing of mine left and then another person is beside me so I leave because I don't feel like sharing the space. I wonder why nobody steals from the cabinet as it’s unsecured.

I’m in a playground and feel like I’m semi on duty. I begin to sing, making up a song, loud and booming and fabulous. I’m feeling creative: the tune is catchy and the lyrics roll. They’re about a woman, an ordinary housewife, but somehow the lyrics become a tribute - not quite, however, The Ballad of Lucy Jordan because there’s much more humour. I surprise myself with what comes out of my mouth (as happens in WR when I make up a song on the spot for my own pleasure). I attract some of the children and continue to sing without self-consciousness. They seem entertained and I’m enjoying showing off as one does entertaining children; enjoying the fun they’re experiencing. I stop singing and talk to some girls.* ~

Now an understanding unfolds: these children are entertainers. They’re special, gifted children, like Michael Jackson, but there’s also a slight underlying sense of something not quite right about their environment and carers.~

I’m leaving the house again, getting on my bike. Something’s wrong: I’ve forgotten something like makeup or clothes or shoes. I go back to the place of the children.

I’m indoors with the children. A younger boy sits to my right on a couch and smothers me with affection. That’s what I feel: a starving for affection, attention and entertainment. I want to help them. I can feel that they want to come with me.~

Outside now, I look for my bike in a big, empty car park surrounded by wire mesh. I can’t find it but there’s a bus there now so I guess I’ll board that instead. The children are there and I sit towards the back among them. As we travel I briefly worry about my bike being left behind or is it that I am shoeless?

I’m facing backwards on my seat and start to entertain the children with psychokinesis. At first I make something fly out of the hand of a child behind me into my hand. There’s some surprise and enjoyment but I can see they want to see it again and figure out the trick. So, I send whatever-it-was (food?) back. There’s some delight so I continue. Now various children want me to take something from their hands and make it fly. I indulge them, ending with a boy diagonally across the aisle. There’s a voiceover like a documentary as we pass some bushes. It explains that the flowers on a bush once grew pink but now they’re brown – they start off brown because the plant is old. G takes their attention now, putting a flower into his mouth and showing them how to such the nectar out.~

I’m at a café and there’s one of the entertainer children there. I spot her and then another approaches. They’re too old to belong to the troop. I know I will help them find a place to live.

*Recently some former students were in a yoga class I gave. They’re 19 now and I taught them in junior high school. It was nice catching up.

One of the girls, who came first on her own and returned with the other, was struck down severely with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, from which she still suffers. During her illness became friends with another girl with a terminal disease, whom ultimately died. Tegan turned to art to express her pain and so discovered a talent she didn’t know she had and the path of the artist is the path she has subsequently chosen.

Additional note:

I'm posting this now because we took off to Sydney pretty soon after I typed it. It was interesting that in Sydney every step we took seemed to lead us to some kind of artistic expression. We stopped in Charles Billich's art gallery, found ourselves at some markets where a spray-can artist gave a display and where we watched a street performer. Later we headed to Circular Quay and saw more performers. In the evening we wandered the streets and kept find sculptures and installations that were nothing short of delightful.

Between time, when we took a rest in our room, I switched on the TV and watched a documentary on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then on the Pixar animators. It was as if everything lined up to suggest art and creativity and the joys these things create in the world.

16th January 2012, 07:29 AM

Birdcage installation - one of the things we discovered wandering down the lanes of Sydney. Surreal.:-)

16th January 2012, 09:01 PM
17th January, 2012.

“Three Sisters”

I’m looking at an A4 size photo of Elle Macpherson and her two sisters. I interpret them as dressed for a wedding, though it may be they’re dressed all three as bridesmaids as I can’t see one as a bride. As it look at the image on the paper in my hand it changes every few seconds like a screen saver or a newspaper image in Harry Potter.

Note: I have no idea why I would have this dream. I wasn’t even sure Elle Macpherson had two sisters – I knew about the older one but not the younger one.

“Work Anxiety”
I’ve just taught a class in a room and another teacher, a woman I don’t know, has entered and is preparing to use the space. I don’t know where I’m supposed to be and I’m scrutinizing my timetable but I cannot read in this dream. Eventually I make a decision and head to a classroom. Inside the students are male and female.

While I'm here, I should revisit 10th January, 2012, “Searching for Carmen” because it had precognitive qualities. Our family went to a place called Cataract Dam for a picnic a few days after the dream. It was something G suggested out of the blue and we hadn't been there before.
Some parts of the experience felt strangely familiar, even though there weren't exact correspondences to the dream:
* "...with a long pier made of dark grey metal jutting out into an ocean I barely notice," was actually a grey bridge across the dam made of darkened sandstone.
* "I’ve rung G on the phone and I’m looking at the map where I’ve scribbled the address in pencil." We left the dam sooner than intended because there were signs saying "no dogs" and G was losing his nerve. G was driving and didn't want to go home yet. He was looking for a lookout he'd heard of but passed it and announced that he didn't know where we were. I asked if he wanted me to get out the sat nav but he worked it out using his sense of direction. As we discussed checking a map, we passed a coal transport track that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and H asked what it was for - "I’m a bit confused by this because I hadn’t noticed any railway infrastructure on first look." He told me he knew where we were now and it was not far from Heath and Courtney's place. I stated that wasn't far from my friend Carmen either, as she coincidentally lives on the same street: “Searching for Carmen.”

17th January 2012, 09:01 PM
Many dreams seem to be status updates of the elementals. Elle (would that actually be Elle "The Body" Macpherson? ;) ) could have been your mental body , and the two sisters suggest that astral and physical-etheric are in close alignment. Sisters suggest a certain similarity of nature while not being the same, as usually you can tell likeness in siblings but still do not consider them all-too similar.

Bridesmaids both hint at similarity (shared "uniform") and also at a possibility of an upcoming union of male and female elements (as marriage is usually seen in energetic terms, a coming together of yin and yang). The similarity to magical photographs in the Potter books could indicate the magical nature of this self-reading, and similarly also denote that it is an ongoing reading, not just a one-shot picture. You're looking at a "live" representation of your energy bodies.

It's very interesting that while one sister is prominent (in that you know her) none is presented as the bride, showing a certain egality among the sisters. This could indicate a good, even balance, that while you're developing your mental body you're not leaving other bodies behind and do not promote one over the other. Elle Macpherson could also represent health/beauty regarding the development of your energy bodies.

17th January 2012, 09:42 PM
Perhaps you're right, Oliver. This analysis at least gives such a dream purpose, not that I've been contemplating these things of late. And now you mention it, I've got a vague recollection of you responding to a similar though less harmonious version of this dream in the past. Thanks, I would have missed that possibility.

18th January, 2012

“Laid back Prinicipal”
I’m a schoolgirl and the principal is running an assembly. He seems to be my principal from senior high school sometimes and my former boss at other times. He’s extremely easy going and kids are allowed to talk at assembly. I guess I’m happier with this relaxed approach than any other – I did particularly like my principal from senior high and my boss ended up not such a bad guy either.

Now I’m headed for the girls’ toilets. I pass a bunch of other schoolgirls, one of them being R Brown with whom I went to school in my high school days. I notice she’s wearing a brown-checkered tunic that seems to stand out from the other uniforms*. I’m not sure why her uniform is different and decide it must be the summer uniform and she’s changed over early. I see another girl with a variation on R’s uniform: a decorative yellow flowery frill at the chest that makes it prettier.

I see the group of girls headed for the same toilet block and I decide that I’ll head elsewhere so I don’t have to wait in line. I have a key in my hand that gives me access to another toilet, a cleaner block. I’m not sure exactly where it is yet.

*Uniforms are worn in most Australian schools but this dream uniform isn’t what we actually wore. R's dress was probably a reference to her maiden surname. Variation in the uniform may also be linked to the Macpherson dream about which Oliver just commented.

I’m on a small ladder looking down at a child that represents Zali but isn’t quite her. Louise is busy nearby. Zali has a stiff, semi upright poster by her side and I can only see its back as it leans bent against the ladder. We talk about it briefly. I think I ask her if it’s new.

She’s doing something naughty and I think I say I won’t take her to a movie if she’s naughty. Then she and Louise are gone and Rod is there. We begin a conversation.~

G’s snoring wakes me at this point. I haven’t seen Zali for a long time and the dream doesn’t represent our relationship so, in the light of Oliver's reading, I imagine she represents an elemental.

I’m with my sister Jacquie and she’s a young teenager. She’s much taller than in WR and much more slender than she’s been for years. I feel a vague sense of strangeness at the difference in her appearance.~

Now something is pursuing us – probably a wraith because my family has been watching the Stargate Atlantis series of an evening. I’m in the home where I was raised and I hide behind a curtain in the lounge room while Jacquie and another unknown person head off towards the bedrooms. The monster comes in from the backyard and enters the room. I sense it looking my way. I keep very still behind the curtain.

Again, I’m awakened by snoring. I had been thinking about dream shadow work earlier in the day. I suspect I programmed this dream to some extent. It would have been interesting to see it play out.

19th January 2012, 03:13 AM
19th January, 2012.

Was distracted by numerous things I needed to do today and forgot to record until now. All I can recall now is ice-skating and being shown how to manoeuvre on skates by more experienced people.

Note: Singing along to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” earlier in the day probably inspired the dream imagery:
If you should go skating
On the thin ice of modern life
Dragging behind you the silent reproach
Of a million tear-stained eyes…

19th January 2012, 03:14 PM
I used to have wonderful ice skating dreams- they are my favorite.

19th January 2012, 10:10 PM
I used to have wonderful ice skating dreams- they are my favorite.

Any kind of swift movement dreams appeal to me: iceskates, skateboards, surfboards, bicycle riding, flying - it's all good.:lol:

20th January, 2012.

“Distressed baby”
In the first properly recalled dream I’m caring for a baby again (yeah, I know :roll:). It’s very vivid. He’s very young and he doesn’t want me to put him down so, even though he’s small, he becomes awkward to carry. I have a sheet wrapped around him and he’s a bit sweaty. He’s distressed and I realize he needs to be fed but he’s on a bottle and all I have are a couple of new bottles that haven’t been sterilized. I need to sterilize them and mix formula for him with sterile water but it’ll be hot and need cooling and he wants in now (thank God I breastfed IWR!). G is there but he’s not helping.

Note: Something’s missing from this dream. Perhaps there are dogs involved. I don’t even know where to insert the ~ to indicate where it’s missing from.

“Wealth and Anger”
I doubt I’ll be able to get this dream in anything like its accurate order. I remember seeing “myself” from a 3rd person perspective at one stage and I’m still a woman but I look different. I’m older with darker curly hair and dark brown eyes. Intuitively, I feel I’m Greek and I perhaps look like my friend and colleague Helen L. When I see myself like this, I have my arms raised as I realize that inside this persona I’m very wealthy and this makes me feel powerful. ~
G shows me around upstairs rooms – a public place for private dining.~
I’m there alone momentarily. I walk carefully around a modest dining setting on the floor when a woman approaches hurriedly to tell me I shouldn’t be here. It’s her duty to keep the area pristine until the guests arrive. She tells me things about it and about myself too. ~ She reveals to me that I am the owner of prime real estate in the city centre that I didn’t know I possessed and I feel a sense of privilege.~ We descend stairs as I listen.

I’m on a busy street with G. I’m talking about something and he ignores me to watch a Monty Python (?) trailer being broadcast on a billboard. I become angry with him because it seems he’s always doing this kind of thing and I feel he takes me for granted. We have an argument but I can’t remember details. Now a man is beside me. He reminds me of Kevin Spacey and he’s acting in the capacity of a counselor. He asks questions and I tell him how I feel. ~ His presence is soothing.

Now I’m with G again and he wants help with an expression. It’s something I said earlier in the dream but he wasn’t listening and now he can’t say the expression correctly. I laugh at him.

Note: I was annoyed at G. He’d woken at 3.30am to the sound of our 17 year old, who seems to have a nighttime aversion to his bed or is expressing some kind of teen gene for nocturnalism, and he couldn’t suffer in silence. So he woke me in turn, with the bathroom light and his complaining, and I took quite some time to get back to sleep.

Neil Templar
20th January 2012, 11:45 AM
I used to have wonderful ice skating dreams- they are my favorite.

"Skating" is one of my most frequent modes of transport during my nightly experiences. It's more like, hovering 1 cm off the ground. Exhilarating, especially when you're really moving quickly, and cornering :D

20th January 2012, 09:43 PM
In "Laid Back Principal" you might have passed into a low state of lucidity. You felt drawn to effect a release (go to the toilet) to achieve an even higher degree of lucidity, but never quite made it to the required state of consciousness. Some inner sense actitvity as you spot difference in the way people dress (standing out in school uniform must have been some energetic trait you spotted in them). The school/schoolgirl theme suggests the astral.

"Pursued" could be a childhood fear release. I experience such dreams at rather regular intervals, and an element of childhood is usually present. They seem to lessen over time in terms of intensity. The shadow work might have triggered it, as when the "astral closet" is emptied, the shadow loses its power. Such dreams defuse fears not easily consciously accessible as they might even date back to even before we had words or concepts to phrase our fears.

The skating dream sounds like a session in learning control of an energy body.

If we could crack the symbols surrounding your nourishment/care/baby dreams, we'd hit the mother-lode. ;)

"Wealth and Anger" could have been about a past life.

20th January 2012, 09:47 PM
21st January, 2012.

“The Kittens, the Marionette-Boy and the Storm”
I’m in a house where there are many people, including Marie and her kids. Marie sits behind me on a barstool at a kitchen counter and our bodies are half turned to one another. She’s just said something that makes no sense about visiting her new boyfriend (Marie is happily married). This catches my awareness as odd and I think I’ve misheard. I try to get her to clarify. ~

I’m staring into what I think is an empty fishbowl when suddenly and delightfully a goldfish materializes. Now I notice a very tiny kitten swimming in the bowl and immediately fish it out. I wonder how long it was there and how it was able to survive. There’s a second fishbowl and a second kitten only a tiny bit larger so I fish it out as well and I play with them. They’re sweet and I enjoy myself but I sense some threat to them, perhaps there are too many people in the room, and I take them into a room to play where I can close the door.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. I open it to discover a marionette-boy and I’m immediately suspicious of his intent, thinking him someway demonic. He’s not there for the kittens as I imagined, however, he wants me to pick him up and show him affection as if he were my own child. With very little reluctance, I do so and he is indeed nothing to be concerned about. Perhaps he feels more real as he wraps his little arms around my neck.

I’m in the lounge room of my childhood home I’m talking to Amanda M.~ Suddenly there’s a change, an alteration in the energy that heralds some kind of unexpected threat and yet something I know about too. The windows fly open and the wind blows through, the curtains flapping. I tell Amanda what we must do but I don’t remember what I say exactly. We begin moving towards the back rooms of the house. As we pass the area near the front door, multiple wall-mounted television sets, stacked one above the other, switch on and play noisily. ~

Something about speaking on the phone or multiple phones.~

In here somewhere I also read a Facebook message from Ashleigh S. IWR I had been helping her with a uni essay and, when I had gotten up through the night awakened by G’s snoring and unable to return to sleep, I had checked Facebook and answered another one of her questions. In the dream, there had been a response to that answer and, while I was perfectly capable of reading it, it made no sense in light of the ongoing conversation. I can’t recall it now.

More recall from yesterday: I remember dreaming a false awakening and telling someone in the dream I must be having a false awakening but without possessing genuine lucidity.

21st January 2012, 09:51 PM
22nd January, 2012.

“School dream - late to class”
I’m in a school environment, in an unfamiliar classroom, looking at an exam paper. It is apparently a senior paper, the first based on a new syllabus and I’m considering using it with a class. I’m looking at the picture on the front of the paper, which appears to be in sepia tones or faded colour at best and represents a large group of people. I’m feeling immersed in my work and comfortable in my environment, as though I’ve worked here a long time. I read through some of the paper, penciling answers and then I decide I cannot use it for teaching because someone is bound to want to use it or parts of it for testing.

I look at the time, or sense it, and realize I have 5 minutes until the start bell. I don’t want to be late but I decide I have time to walk across to the toilets.

~I’m in a larger classroom with a lot of glass windows. I can’t recall why I entered here but there was a reason – a response to something. I seem to have opened the room right up by removing parts of the wall to the outside. Girl students find me and begin to chat in the familiar and friendly way of the students of my former workplace. They keep coming for a while and I enjoy their company. There’s some talk about a new uniform* and I respond to them by saying something about the teachers’ new uniform, which I immediately know is wrong because teachers don’t generally wear uniforms.

Tables of food appear in one corner of the room and there’s a woman preparing for an impending event of which I know nothing. Suddenly a group of dark skinned women, like islanders, with black curly hair, come in together and begin sing and dance in what is possibly a traditional performance or a celebration of their having arrived at the school.

~I’m passing at some distance modern brick classroom blocks with double storeys. I hear Peter M’s voice# on the PA announcing that his son has a girlfriend with a joking tone, as if his son attends the school and he’s enjoying teasing him. Hearing an announcement makes me realize that I’ve missed the bell and I’m late to a class that must be waiting for me, so I hurry.

*Recurring lately.
# He’s the prinicipal from my last workplace and about to be come the principal at my current workplace.

22nd January 2012, 09:15 PM
23rd January, 2012

“Bear Chase”
I cannot remember the sequence for this dream. It was long but essentially the plot was simple: being pursued by a grizzly bear. The environments were internal domestic areas and outdoors and there were several interactions with characters, as if it were a movie. At the end of the dream the bear had been placated and subdued somewhat. A woman explained to me that it was relieving the last of its anger and I could see it in a bedroom (my childhood bedroom?) tearing the blinds with his claws.