View Full Version : QiGong and Niegung

14th July 2011, 01:53 AM
Just for fun I thought I'd mention Michael Lomax. I've read his book and worked with the Chi Kung from his first DVD - I've heard great things from those who went to his workshops. Anyway - I think a great method of self healing can start with diet and excersise, then movement into Chi kung and meditation. Any chi kung system but I do suggest "deep belly breathing + empty minded type meditation" Any school as long as those are at the core. Then practice thinking and feeling positively while moving through the Qigong.
There is a simple system by Bardon called something like Tiger and Dragon but the name escapes me right now.:)

I don't suggest attempting to heal others, unless trained. Since it seems its too easy to get sick, yourself, if you connect your energy to another. Just a thought and I know it isn't true for everyone.

I'm just using one simple chi kung movement along a few other small helpful practices and keeping positive emotes while working it.

Smile, and breath with the belly. :p