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14th April 2006, 05:27 PM
Want to feel your feet burn from energy raising alone?

It takes about 30 min. to 2 hours but it's a start....

I do this laying down in corpse position as it is alot more practical to do in bed when I can't sleep.

1. Do a quick full body muscle relaxation routine, clench each muscle group, one group at a time for about three seconds and relax it working your way up from feet to face and head. Leave no muscle group untouched.

2. Do a breath awareness routine for about 5 min. Just lay there and breathe normally and focus on your breath as it comes in and goes out, concentrate either on your chest rising and falling alone, or the point of air entry and exit at your mouth alone. Try not to let distracting thoughts enter your mind too much.

3. Do some NEW exercises on your feet with split awareness action. Starting with each toe individually and working around your foot bit by bit. Don't be afraid to spend a half hour alone on just this part. scratch your toes if you need to, then do the wet sponge, paint brush, and swirling action technique on each toe for about five minutes each, then work down the foot INCH By INCH about five minutes per inch with the same techniques. You should start feeling alot of foot energy in the whole foot by the time your done here.

4. The Toilet Paper Wad technique:

Imagine your toes as empty pipes with the tips as lids capping off these empty "Pipes" Now, imagine taking tiny spit wad sized clumps of dry toilet paper and stuffing them into your big toes one piece at a time. Feel the tiny wads scrape the inner walls of each toe from base to tip each and every time you stuff one down. Focus on filling the entire toe with tiny wads of toilet paper stuffed to capacity, count the TINY wads as you go. It should take 100+ tiny wads to fill each big toe. Remember they are tiny wads of paper and can be smashed down a great deal. You can "fill" both big toes at the same time with split awareness though if you're capable.

Next, do the same thing to the other toes working outward to the pinky toes. Then fill the next area of the foot the same way. The area about one inch below the base of your toes all the way through the foot. Then move an inch back and fill that whole cavity with tiny wads of toilet paper as well. Move towards your heels and ankles INCH BY INCH filling each segment to CAPACITY before moving back.

Remember Be Patient take at least 2 hours on this part alone, These wads are Tiny and you can smash a great deal into a small area. If you take the time to complete the whole foot, it should be practically burning from the inside out. I'm telling you this from experience, the next day after making up and trying this exercise my feet were tender and sensitive to walk on for the whole day. It wasn't extremely painfull but definitely noticeable.

After success with the feet try doing the same thing with your lower shins and calves, then the upper, then the lower knees and thighs, then the upper; then the lower stomach inch by inch, try working the whole body over just once. If you have what it takes I dare you to take as long as you have to one day, 14-18 hours even. See if you can get your whole body flaming. I haven't had the discipline to do this yet but it is a goal, about 3 hours is all I can handle so far. But it works EXTREMELY well on my feet so I think it is safe to assume that it will do the same elsewhere. But if ANY of you have any luck with just the flaming foot part please let me know!

"Dream ETHER is a trigger to become conscious within the dream"
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15th April 2006, 01:40 AM
yup, I feel it really quickly after starting a lot of energy ork on my feet. it works on my hands, arms, and legs too so far.

16th April 2006, 05:17 AM
As you mentioned at the end of the post, this technique can be expanded to pretty much anywhere with enough imagination. This process looks like it would be very helpful when working on tough and/or blocked up areas.

17th April 2006, 01:48 AM
Uh Oh! What about spontaneous human combustion? :shock: :lol:

17th April 2006, 03:25 AM
have you tried working it in reverse? imagining your stuffed with little wads of paper, and then pulling them all out one by one?

17th April 2006, 12:52 PM
That sounds like it might work; Only, when you are removing wads, you may not get the same amount "scrape" effect along the whole of the cavity that you're working on. Because a lot of the sensation comes from "pressure Packing" and scraping the wads all the way down one of the walls of the cavity that you are stuffing, that might not work as well. Unless you can devise a way to feel a better sensation along the whole of the cavities.

17th April 2006, 04:30 PM
When I use NEW on my feet the ethric body starts to lift slightly. (Around the feet I meant)

18th April 2006, 10:10 PM
That sounds interesting, Have you been able to "vacuum" more energy into your body through your etheric feet once they've lifted out? It seems like that kind of contact would make it easier to suck in a boat load of more energy easier.