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5th August 2011, 08:03 AM
Im wanting to know something specific about Manifesting
I have been reading a great book called “Beyond Belief” by James F Coyle It’s a FANTASTIC HANDBOOK OF THE POWER OF THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS MIND also “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy also an awesome book
Ok I understand the many different concepts of manifestation, via the different channels e.g. Hypnosis Being in an Alpha or Theta state Dream programming Remote Viewing and Influencing etc. etc. I also know 100% that the subconscious mind is able to heal the Human body but can someone help me in the understanding of Manifestation of say a “Car” or “House” or Money
I can visualize, see feel everything when it comes to health of my body and emotions so it always feels right! Even with many different affirmations, but when I’m manifesting a Car……….. or whatever it always feels like I am trying to pull one over my subconscious mind or even lie to it, I keep getting feedback from my mind saying for example “You can’t get something from nothing” The only way to get money is to work for it” and the like.
And yet Many different authors on manifestation seem to be saying : Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Obtain the Prosperity You Deserve
If anyone can help me with or recommend some good reading material please, please let me know

5th August 2011, 12:42 PM
Hello, andyman.

Manifestation usually does not create something out of nowhere or out of nothing. That would be materialization. This is a bit of blurry definition your mind uses to enforce its own belief structure.

What manifestation does, on all levels, be it with the body or anything else, send out a vibration, let's say a request form to all parties you can reach, kindly asking for something to come your way. In case of healing, the recipients likely to respond may be the cells of your own body, being consciousnesses of their own and being able to respond to such intention vibrations. But it might also be the consciousness of a friend, subconsciously, who suddenly has the urge to tell you about this great massagist that fixed his back problems. Both may be responses to your intention to heal your back - more directly from cell consciousness or more indirectly from the consciousness of your friend.

These consciousnesses responding to your "request form" may be your or others Higher Selves (when your request is aligned with your or their growth needs), the subconscious of someone else, the consciousness of cells, animals, etc. It's a Universe full of consciousness out there, including the Universe itself as a whole.

Your request sent out by manifestation will be fulfilled if there's anyone out there in a position to fulfill it (being close enough, having a chance to meet you, even if only on the street) and being willing to fulfill it (either consciously or unconsciously). You cannot override free will through manifestation.

As there are not that many people willing to give away (working) cars, you might not get a car even though you try hard to manifest it. But shortly after stating your intent you might come upon a chance to win one in a lottery or whatever, if you get any response at all.

If your request cannot find someone willing to fill it you might get some feedback why. If you're good at observation and notice the little clues the Universe will send your way in response to your intentions, it will let you know what needs to be done to get you closer to your desired reality, or how you have to modify intention. This might include some action on your behalf - like taking part in a lottery.

Manifestation is magical in that works with the non-apparent mechanisms behind the scenes, through consciousness, energy, vibration and intent. It is however not materialization, so action and energy may need to be spent to make manifestation happen. It is more than deliberately executing a plan to get something, as it works in the magical realm of intent, consciousness and energy in addition to anything you do yourself on the physical plane of existence. Both the way the effect comes about and if the effect is a result of your intention may be non-apparent or not-easily-identified.

That's why so many authors teach "belief techniques" when it comes to manifestation. Mechanism and effect are usually not understood by those taking on manifestation, and hence it's very similar to "having faith."

Sometimes manifestation "just" improves your chances - for example for not only finding a car to buy, but finding it for a good price and mostly the car you wanted. It helps you navigate choices in a seemingly random world. Sometimes it works through indirect mechanisms to bring you what you want - I usually get some kind of answer to most questions I ponder, be it through a friend, someone I know, I book I pick up by chance, a forum post, etc. And sometimes what happens is way more miraculous and we might not even notice it.

Hope this helps,

5th August 2011, 04:20 PM
Wow, Oliver did a great job explaining that! I can't even think of anything to add. :)

8th August 2011, 09:31 PM
Hi Andyman.
I'm sure you got a lot of good answers. I just got back from vacation and haven't found time to read all the posts, so I'll just share something with you- I took (some years ago) a class based on Murphy's book (The Power of your Subconscious Mind, which I just love and am happy to have an old fashioned copy of the big soft cover edition- I understand they don't make them anymore, now you have to get the little one that is hard to see- but I digress)
Anyway, in this class one of the things we learned was to weed out the negative programming instilled by upbringing, analyze it out of existence, and then reprogram with affirmations, so that the programming would be replaced by what you want.
I hope this helps.
Cheers, CF.