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16th April 2006, 10:41 PM
Aspects :

1. Heart
2. Mind (logic)
3. Body

The body is responsible for physical sensation. The body also stores emotional memory and sensation (physical and emotional are linked).
The mind (logic) deals with linear development and cognition relative to knowledge.
The heart embodies all concepts and truth that exist in static and cognition as a blueprint of truth.

Consciousness-shift occurs on a permanent self level when focus is shifted from the mind to the heart.
'Presumption' is replaced with knowing.
As a result knowledge becomes aspectual and assumes the form of outer energy.
Since awareness mechanics are not limited at all, expanding awareness encompasses all basic forms of knowledge (radial expansion rather than linear expansion).
Alignment with universal concepts is a common trait of higher knowledge awareness (although used for efficiency purposes, it is overlooked that this is a precursor for spiritual growth).

The occuring shift allows the Higher Self, or Soul, to begin to be present.
Continuing to focus on the heart center will implant a "seed" that will grow to encompass new areas of perception and being.
A transformative experience will begin (analogous to Christ Consciousness and Kundalini concepts).
This experience brings fresh awareness with it, as well as new definitions of pervious awareness that (en)lighten the unaware being.

Once this shift is evident, proceed to build 3 mental bodies. These are imaginable as ginger-bread men or holo person vehicles.

Project feelings, thoughts and emotions one the first object. Continue to hold all 3 objects in awareness.
Complete a short mental list of ideas about who You are 5 or more years ago and project that onto the second object. Continue to hold all 3 objects in awareness.
Envision an ideal personal alignment, who You want to be, or how You will be in 5 years or more time. Hold this idea with consciousness and project it onto the third object.
Be aware of all 3 objects present.
Become aware of the objects becoming connected and each person merging with the other until there is One object --
merge your present awareness with it.

17th April 2006, 04:36 AM
Additional Notes

How can it be said that a person has a soul, a developed soul at least when all of this attachment to belief exists? Quantum awareness is essential to developing a harmonic resonance in accordance with the universe. Refer to here (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2539).

It is important to expand awareness to grasp a greater perception of outer reality, which satisfies the internal state of the being. All reflections outer do draw from within in the first place making the perceived division somewhat limited. Even so it is perceived that self is different from other.
Because of this it is important to work with both internal and external perceptions. Thought naturally propagates to feeling, which propagates to behavior (or action). It does not take long for an action to form into a self-limiting habit which also limits the degree to which perception is open. It is not surprising that breaking this process is fundamental to maintaining an open mind.

Although causal factors are extremely difficult to disintegrate from thought flows, surface habitual before is often simple to detect and remove. People often fall into bad habits and are stuck with them for the duration of their lives, starring at an object for long enough causes it to bind itself to the observer -- the observer in fact becomes the object.
The entire process requires a certain degree of internal clairvoyance, or a similar method to be able to critically analyze and alter internal energy flows. From such a state of perception those outer are individuals, however someone expressing anger is no longer an angry person, it is simply viewed as anger itself.
In other words we do not state "this person is angry", because anger is in fact manifest completely in this person and the person him or herself is not present/ or aware. Thus to avoid becoming habits themselves and to push consciousness of self-awareness forward into the presence of outer reality requires determination, but brings great rewards.

Attachment leads to suffering, it is quite plain and simple. Starring at the situation it becomes apparent that one requires a massive quantum revolution of consciousness (not just a consciousness-shift) to be their best self (to become more aware, and less mechanically-driven).
I saw a movie named Undermind that demonstrates this process v. well. I recommend it for those interested in understanding it further.
In the film a rich attorney is having a problem defending a client, having a problem committing to his wife, and is subservient to his mother. Another person is a drug dealer wanting (but unable to) turn his life around.
The essence of it is that both men wake up with their consciousness completely inverted (one becomes the other). As a result the attorney gains an over-assertive persona (which leads to him not letting people take advantage of him), being more involved with his wife, and standing up to his mother.
The drug dealer on the other hand, manages to turn his life around quite successfully.

To be able to perceive the small issues that are causing false attachments requires a lot of will-power and effort in awareness.
However once it is done magic is possible, and divine transformation is a few footsteps further.

17th April 2006, 07:52 AM
Questions and Answers

Extracted with permission from IM conversation
Note: Not edited for spelling or grammar

Q. What is 'the IS'?

Alex: When you begin to experience your soul directly you notice that knowledge comes directly from experience, just from sitting at your desk not doing anything you get knowledge.
Alex: This 'quite stillness' just is, it is nothing but it provides knowledge and peace to anyone who accepts it as nothing but itself.

Q. What do you mean by experience your soul directly?

Alex: When you do anything during the day, you don't think about what you do normally, not on a causal level anyway, it is already programmed, you act, feel and think in a certain way, it is almost 'cemented' into you, the more you experience the more you add to this cement.
Alex: Ultimately it binds you to this existance and atrophies your soul
Alex: But disconnecting from it, being unlimited, feeling unlimited, and thinking unlimited frees the soul and allows it space to grow and be whatever it wills
Alex: It is like accepting reality for what it is, without thought or judgmenet or any idenfitication at all, just letting it be, then truth becomes appart and you begin to experience truly, not falsly as you had been previously.

Q. So not taking anything as reality just letting it be and flow?
Alex: yea

18th April 2006, 03:45 AM
I do not find that posessing knowledge requires experience. Nor does experience necessarily lead to knowledge. For me knowing can be a 'direct' happening not requiring action on my part.

Most people live soley by rote, repeating over and over what they have done before. They are not awake. Note that being awake does not necessarily mean doing anything outwardly different as long as the external situation remains the same. One can only easily tell if you are awake when 'things' change.