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22nd August 2011, 10:10 PM
"KUNDALINI WARNING : are false spirits invading the church?" (http://www.amazon.com/KUNDALINI-WARNING-Spirits-Invading-Church/dp/097990739X/ref=sr_1_12?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1314049039&sr=1-12) by Andrew Strom

Written by a genuine "Insider," this is the true story of one of the most frightening "invasions" in the history of the church - and the fight to keep it out. Andrew Strom has been part of the Charismatic movement for over 25 years - and was deeply involved in the modern "Prophetic" movement for 11 of those years. He is the founder of RevivalSchool.com and the International REVIVAL List. In this book, Strom traces this mass invasion of false spirits back to 1994, and shows how it culminated in the bizarre events surrounding Todd Bentley and the Lakeland revival in 2008. What are 'Kundalini' spirits? What are the signs of their presence? And how can such an invasion be turned around? All this and more is discussed in this provocative book.
"A 'MUST READ'" - The Voice Magazine.
"The church of Jesus Christ does not realize that it has been infiltrated by demonic forces. Discernment has been lost! A book that is beyond needful." - Greg Gordon, SermonIndex.

22nd August 2011, 10:33 PM
Sounds facinating Psionickx, have you read it ?

Cool you put up the front cover picture of the Book, nice to see, gives alot more than just a 'write-up'

THANK-U xX:mrgreen:

UE! - looks like there's a link too.... :toast:

4th October 2011, 11:27 PM
I have deleted all the posts after this one.
If you haven't read the book do not comment here.
Psionickx, did you read this book? And if you did not, why did you post it? Do you have an opinion about the book?

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23rd October 2011, 07:14 PM
(English is not my first language)

It seems that nobody here read this book, so, because this,I will give my opinions about it, because I read it. However, I have none intention to creates any debate, only add “some” information.

I think that it is a very interesting book. I am not a believer and I have no religion, never had. But I think that a person that have it has right to maintain it more “pure” possible and without any “foreign”interferences or mixtures, IF YOU BELIEVE THAT IT IS STRANGE AND FOREIGN.

If you like mixtures, like me for example, you are better living without religion. So you are free to make your research and judge your results. So, I think that this author makes a very good service warning people about this “strange and not Christian” influences that are appearing in the Christian churches. He has my solidarity. He don’t seems fanatic and I think that he is very sensate, because he try show that the men that are creating this changing are introducing a lot of chaos (at least is that we think when we see the scenes. There is a documentary in three parts in youtube, showing the main, maybe all, ideas that are in the book. You don’t need read the book to know the problem. I read the book and I watched the documentary). There are people that think that anything that there is inside churches are fraud, fanaticsm and false spirituality. If you are one of these persons don’t waste you time reading this book or watching the documentary, you will only watch your own prejudices being projected in the text and screen. However, there people that recognize and respect the spiritual search of the men, in its several ways. To this people, this book can be a very interesting reading. But to these people thereis a much more interesting book available: KUNDALINI ENERGY AND CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY- A PATHWAY TO GROWTH AND HEALING- by Philip St. Romain. It is autobiographic. They both exist in kindle format.

Well, after say this I would like to give the reason why I think that Andrew Strom is WRONG. IT IS NOT A FOREIGN INFLUENCE!

In 2001 I completed the Living on Light process, and was able to live without food during maybe 18 months, when I realized that my living style (two jobs and a mater degree course, all at the same time, were too stressful and incompatible with the balance necessary to continue living on light, and return to eat. During the process, maybe after a month of fasting, I experimented several electric sensations,like being electrocuted while experiencing a unbelievable sense of unconditional love flowing through me and to everything. It happened several times, at night, at bus, at street, and I was able to feel/perceive everything connected,me, threes, people, birds, flowers, stones. Walk in the street was like walking in a spider web of light, and the feeling was that everything in the universe was connected, everything was simply “ The unlimited disguised like limited beings”. It was like if God, whatever is can be, divided himself in the moment of creation, hidding himself inside the multitude of forms and beings of the manifested world, to develop a process of self seek and self discovery again.....

Well, it is very difficult to explain this, but after this perceptions you never see the world like before. Another interesting point is that I developed a strange “passion” by Jesus. (hey, I still not have religion,please!). It was very strange because nothing in my live never directed me to religion. My interest always was esotericism and occultism, and to me Jesus was only a great initiated, nothing more. After this experiences, (I don’t know how many time I was “electrocuted by love”), I began to see Jesus like a friend,not a simple historic figure. Still a great initiated, not God himself, but after this I seemed like the historical distance disappeared. It seems to me a friend,a brother, but still a man, A Great man!

Well, some years after I had the opportunity to talk with a “minister”,a old colleague of work that become a believer and minister in his church. When he described to me his “conversion”, after 5 years going to church without any spiritual change, I recognized the feelings and impression that he had when received the “holy spirit baptism” like analogues to my impression during those electric experiences. That seemed very strange to me. How can a person inside a so restrictive system of beliefs has the same impressions and feeling that a esotericist that was doing a so strange thing like a “ad eternum" fasting”??? I usually loan to him esoteric books, and he read. And sometimes he loan to me some books too, and I read too, but always doubting that a “believer’s book” can have some of value to a esotericist. However,in one of those book the author described his experience with the “Holy Spirit”,and again I found the same feelings and impressions. My thought always was “what a hell is this ‘holy spirit’? why this is so similar with my experiences? And I knew recently a third person that again described me the same things…..and she said “The Holy spirit is ‘femininine’ and when the are in touch with of the Holy spirit, he always direct s to the Christ”.

I thought in silence: “Hummmmm……maybe because this my “passionto Jesus during my experiences. One more similarity”

Then, I don’t know why I was looking in Amazon.com for books about kundalini, but soon I found the Andrew Strom book, and watched the documentary. My thoughts were: “ What? Kundalini Spirit? It is a energy, not spirit! How can this believers be so ignorant?”. I bought the book maybe three weeks ago, and at same time I began to check my old books about Kundalini, Kabbalah, Gnostics,and the “Living on Light” book. Well, I have to admit: there is really a identity between kundalini energy and the energy knew like “holy spirit”. In Kabbalah the Holy Spirit is identified like Binah, the third sephirah, and it receives and concentrates the energy of the second sephirah, Chockmah, the Christ in the first triangle of the three of life.

And there is reflexes of Chockmah in Yesod, the sephirah that, when put the three of life in the aura,is located in the genital area, where the kundalini is. Yesod receive the energy from Tiphareth, that is the Christ of the second triangle of the three of life. Maybe because this the "Holy spirit" points so strongly to the Christ (not Jesus, to be exact).

Off course the Kabbalah is another very controverse theme, because there are the ortodox Kabbalah, and the Kabbalah by occultists. I don’t know and have none interest in "Orthodox anything", so, if you are reading this and think that “Oh no, it is absurd, the real kabbalah say this or that, and what I you are saying is nonsense”, it is ok to me, I will not argue. Stay with the orthodoxy if you like it.

Jasmuheen, in his book about the Living on light process affirms that it is only possible because, in the person that are able to living without food, the kundalini was awakened during the process. Without kundalini awaken, it is not possible to living on light. Well, I never paid attention about this in that time, because the "new agers" usually like to conect thier ideas to old traditional ideas, maybe to atract attention and acceptation, and I never interested me if my experience was called Kundalini or “Potatoes”, but I know that Robert Bruce is very specific about what he consider a real Kundalini awakening…

( that feeling of a snake penetrating the anus, etc. I never had this, and I never had physical shaking, like you can see in the documentaries, but my astral body was in convulsive state during the experience.Sometimes I was able to produce the situation, doing the Meditation of unified chakras, as Jasmuheen explain in her book, and even persons at my side felt the waves of electric energy and began to feel a inner vibration.
I remember once that I was in my group of psychic work, with the eyes closed, and my feeling was that was arms and legs were shaking furiously!I opened my eyes and all was normal. I closed my eyes again and the feeling was the same! It was like a epileptic convulsion! So I asked to our leader; “ Hey man! It seems that I am shaking badly!” He looked me using the his clairvoyance and said: Yes! You astral is vibrating in this way” and imitated what I felt I was doing. But my physical body was not!)

…but the Robert Bruce’s definition of kundalini is not my problem, I am not a author needing to have the right definitions and methods to give to the persons. I think that he is right to see the things so, because there is much confusion about this,and the traditional point of view is very specific. A author need be responsible with this, and several authors are not. Robert is, and all we are grateful to him by his exactitude in his methods.

My point with all this text is:


Well, but maybe I need speak more about the book itself. The author says that the churches are full of people barking, trembling, creeping,and that this behavior is more a “demonic behavior” then a Holy behavior. You can see the scenes in the documentary, and it is difficult argue with this.

What we see seems more like collective hysteria, and obviously there is much faking, because people, when working in group, show tendency to imitation. To sustain his affirmations, he compare this behavior,and the ministers actions, with the Kundalini cults, some in India, and we can see in the documentary people showing the same behavior. The leader’s cults too act in the similar way, giving snaps in the head of theirs disciples to awaken the “kundalini”. I don’t know who they are, but it seems that one of that men is Da Free John.

The book have some depositions of some people that past bythe experience in the churches, and how they react some time after. It is interesting perceive how much fear this people has of any unusual phenomena. Obviously they are not prepared to this, and I agree that they should not be exposed to this phenomena, not in the Christian context, heavily determined by the Bible texts and usually avoiding direct spiritual experiencing.

There are more informations: it seems that some ministers are teaching astral projection too, and some of them are showing “miracles”,the Sai Baba type of miracles, exuding perfumed oil or other substances. Others are teaching the usual “guided meditations” that in new age are used to enter in contact with th higher self, but there they uses Jesus as the main central figure. To them, this seems hypnotic (of course, because there is some level of trance in this) and so “demonic”. It is very interesting see how simple mental techniques can be saw like “demonic”. Because this tendency you think the book can be terrible, ridiculous, and distorting. But I personally think that is a very interesting reading to perceive how some people are interpreting very common and neutral techniques like “evil infiltration”. But if the people are barking and creeping…

The author comments too about the several ministers, his behavior, his affirmations, and try to show how this, when compared with the bible reference, is negative. You can see in the documentary a minister completely covered by tattoos, allegations of miracles never confirmed, with adultered data in the “proofs”, and some others acting like if they are “drunk” or “on marijuana”. It seems that there is some real chaos in those churches.
He put the bill on the “Kundalini spirits”, however, if you look in th Bible, in the "Pentecosts day", you can read that those men were accused to "act like drunks", so, like I said, it is not so foreign phenomena...

Although I think that the author's interpretation of this problem is wrong, the comparative scenes in the documentary and the depositions deserve some attention.

So, I think that the people in this forum that are interested in Kundalini can enjoy the reading of Andrew Strom and the Philip St. Romain books and find some very interesting food to thinking.

26th October 2011, 11:16 AM
Thanks for the input. I've heard that the Holy Spirit and kundalini is the same before. Cool stuff.

29th November 2011, 05:09 AM
(English is not my first language)

In 2001 I completed the Living on Light process, and was able to live without food during maybe 18 months

This is a bit off topic, but where did you learn how to go without food? I am interested in this because one of my main motivations for getting involved with astral projection is to find a way to overcome the physical limitations of this world. So if you read about it in a book or something what's the title? I would be interested in checking it out.

27th December 2011, 02:13 PM
In the Jasmuhhen's book: "Living on Light - The Source of Nourishment for the New Millennium".

It is a little old, 1998, but you can find in pdf if the used books were very expensive (in Amazon they are charging U$99).