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16th September 2011, 04:17 AM
Hey guys I basically copied and pasted my dream journal from another site (ld4all) since I'd also like to share my dream journal with this site. It includes dreams from 2007-2008 and 2011. It's possible that some of the 2007-2008 "dreams" were OBE's since I knew nothing about AP back then, and at the moment am still not very experienced with the difference between feelings of AP and LD, but for now I'll label them dreams.

Also note that in any of the 2007-2008 dreams, if there is a part of the entry starting with "EDIT:" it was edited back then, most likely the same day or a few days after it was posted. They were not edited recently.

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16th September 2011, 04:17 AM
December 17th, 2007

This morning I woke up frustrated again since I didn't have a LD. Luckily I got a snow day today so I got to sleep in.

When I went back to sleep I was dreaming that I was sitting in a field. When saw that there was no snow, I realized I was dreaming. I also realized that I had a strange electronic beat in my head. My vision was very blurry so I focused hard on the ground and It got a lot sharper. When I stood up, I immediately felt myself fading, so I tried rubbing my hands but for some reason I couldn't rotate them so I ended up rubbing my thumbs, but I didn't even feel it. Then I woke up, frustrated because a field is usually a very good place to become lucid for me. I didn't open my eyes because I wanted to sleep again. I said to myself "when I am dreaming, I will realize that I am dreaming"

In a few minutes I unknowingly fell asleep again. I was dreaming that I was sitting by my gas fireplace. When I looked at my fireplace, only half of it was lit. I didn't even think "hey thats odd" or "am i dreaming?" I just knew immediately that I was dreaming. I got excited and went into my kitchen, where I once again felt like I was fading out. This time I managed to rub my hands and I could feel them rubbing but I still faded out into a false awakening. I remembered hearing that when you're dreaming, you can't see your nose when you close one eye. So I closed one eye, but I still saw my nose, but it was deformed so I knew I was dreaming. For some reason I was in my brothers room, so I turned on the TV, and it was Mario flying to the moon http://www.ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/eh.gif . Then I reminded myself that I was dreaming, and the TV screen turned all green, and my vision faded out and I finally woke up.

I hope that next time I can have a longer and more vivid LD, but I'm still happy that I got 2 LD's in a row. I think the reason it was so short is because I really wasn't very tired since I had already had a lot of sleep, and I was also excited so I couldn't concentrate very well.

16th September 2011, 04:18 AM
December 20th 2007

Holy ####. I just had like 1 really long VIVID LD, it had like 10-20 parts, all of them amazing, but only remember a few (if I remember more I'll post them). My dream recall sucks though, but here is what I remember, not in any particular order. I wrote this as fast as I could so I could remember as much as I could. If theres anything that doesn't make sense, tell me and I'll try to explain it more clearly.

I was having a ND that I was at school and it was lunch. I'm walking outside to a place with my good friend, someone I only somewhat know, and one of my old friends who I never see any more. For some reason we were being stealthy because we didn't want a certain car to see us, so I jumped over a fence and then there was a highway. I was like "...huh?". Then I looked around and realized I was dreaming. I rubbed my hands and focused hard, and jumped up and started to fly. I flew over cliffs and mountains, they were epic, then ended up near my house. I was so excited, that I started fading out. I false awakened in my room. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming, so I looked at my nose and it was very detailed, like i could see light reflecting on it. Then I tried breathing through my nose while it was plugged and I could. It was really weird, it was the first time I've ever done the nose plug RC. I knew I was dreaming so I hopped out of bed and out the window. I ran down the streets kicking people and clotheslining people. I started to fade out, so I rubbed my hands and faded into another false awakening. I fell back to sleep (in my dream) and I remember hearing some guy say "holy #### a lot of people are having LD's right now" and he listed names including mine, and I saw a status bar thing growing, with numbers under it (I'm guessing it was how many people were LD'ing).

So I end up in a random hotel hallway, and theres this guy I know from school there. I walk extremely fast to him, and say "so what's it like being in my dream?". He's just like "uhh...?" so I walk amazingly fast to the exit of the hotel and open one door by shooting a fireball at it and open the other using my mind. I can't remember what I did when I got outside http://www.ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/1frown.gif but I sort of remember shooting a bunch of stuff at people.

Later I false awakened AGAIN so I went back to sleep already in a dream and I ended up at my friend's house (he is into LD's too). I was talking about something and my voice was really low, and it felt strange to talk. I then remember one of my LD goals was to try to contact someone's consciousness from my dream. So I go up to my friend who I wanted to contact (somehow I thought this would work), and I'm like "yo listen" and he won't look at me. I grab his head and make him face me. I'm like "dude I'm having a sick LD right now" and he's like "cool, watch this!". So then I fade out into a wintery place and I'm lying down paralyzed in the snow. Theres a cabin to my left and a lake in front of me. All of a sudden a cartoon bear comes over and knocks on the cabin door. Bugs bunny came out to answer him. The bear said something about how all animals need to die for global warming or something and then a fish pops out and is like "just kill him" and the bears killed bugs, and carried him across the lake http://www.ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/1frown.gif. I wanted to chase him but I was paralyzed. Some other stuff happened after that but I can't remember what, but I remember false awakening in my room and trying to breathe through my nose while it was plugged and I could, but I couldn't get up, so then sadly I woke up for real.

That's all I can remember, but trust me, there was a lot more!. If I remember anything else, I'll edit this post.

I really want to remember the whole thing because I know there were more crazy parts but I can't seem to remember them http://www.ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/1frown.gif

Edit: *update thing* I know this sounds really messed up but I just remembered at one point I was punching my dad in the back of the head for no reason and I knocked him out. Instead of falling down, he turned into a statue. I felt kind of guilty while I was doing it, but I knew it didn't matter since it was only a dream. (I don't hate my dad, I think I just wanted to try KO'ing someone in a LD, and he was the first one I saw).

Edit: I just realized the only LD's I've had recently were when I woke up in the morning and went back to sleep, either because of a snow day or because I'm sick.

EDIT: *another update thing* I think I remember saying to myself "Every time I dream, I will become lucid" and then I tried to make a pill appear in my hand but it didn't work http://www.ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/icon_neutral.gif

16th September 2011, 04:18 AM
December 22, 2007

Well this morning I had a short LD, probably lasted about 5 minutes.

At first I was having a ND that I was in my living room and my dad was there. When I looked at him, he looked a lot different so I knew I was dreaming. I put my hands together, about to rub them but I had faded out. My vision was blank but I could still feel my dream hands. I rubbed them and concentrated hard and I ended up on a street in the suburbs. It wasn't very clear so I said "increase lucidity" but then I realized that wasn't what I was supposed to say so I said "increase clarity" and it actually worked, everything especially the parked cars had a lot of detail on them. So I tried flying. I could, but I didn't have much control. I tried saying "increase control" but it didn't do much. So I just landed and kept walking. I saw some random person, so I thought I'd have a conversation with them. As I walked up to it (can't remember if it was a guy or girl), it just kept walking faster away from me. So I yelled out to it "hey wait" and it turned around but kept walking backwards away from me. I then said "hey let me talk to you" and I pulled out 5 dollars from thin air. Then it stopped and just as I was close the the person, they said "you act like you're ten years old" and immediately I woke up, not even enough time to put my hands together.

I find I become lucid more often when I'm sleeping in the morning, but it's really easy to wake up since I'm not as tired as I am when I'm first sleeping at night.

16th September 2011, 04:18 AM
December 27th 2007

Nothing big here. I do remember being lucid early in one dream. I remember very little, but this is what I remember:

Ok I think I was on my old street. The one where my old friend who I barely ever see anymore lived across the street. Anyway I was in the front yard of my old house and somehow I realized I was dreaming. I was pretty excited. Then the friend who lived across the street came out. All I really remember after that is that we chilled and did some lucid stuff. It was pretty cool since I haven't really hung out with him in a long time. It's also like the 3rd or 4th dream I've had where we hung out again. I also remember later sometime when I wasn't lucid anymore, someone mentioned something about moogle http://ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/eh.gif Also, at the end of my full dream, my dad was hammering a nail into the wall in my room and I was telling him to stop, but he wouldn't, then I yelled at him and I actually blurted out something in real life http://ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/icon_eek.gif which woke me up.

Anyways yeah, hopefully next time I can remember more. If I remember any more from this dream I'll edit this post.

16th September 2011, 04:19 AM
December 29th 2007
Another really short LD.

What I remember was I was starting to dream and I was looking at a hole in the wall in my room. I was kind of spaced out but then I snapped into consciousness and realized I was dreaming. I got out of bed and started walking around, rubbing my hands, hoping to make my dream longer. I wasn't sure what to do. Then I thought I should try skateboarding so I grabbed my board and headed outside. I skated down the road (the funny thing is, IRL the road is covered in snow) and I could hear a large truck coming but I couldn't see one. Then I realized it was probably sounds from real life being put into my dream. That made me think even more about the fact that I was dreaming and I started fading out. I started rubbing my hands but they almost felt like they were numb. After my vision wen blank, I tried opening my eyes. It was very hard and I really had to strain to do it. When I did I saw that I was in my room and there was a creepy shadow figure sitting on my chair. For some reason I just couldn't keep my eyes open so I closed them and then woke up for real.

It was already like 12:00 PM so I wasn't tired enough to fall back to sleep.

16th September 2011, 04:19 AM
January 3, 2008

This morning I had my first LD of 2008. It wasn't much of a LD, but it was cool because I did WILD.

I was trying to sleep in and I noticed my ears started ringing really loud and I heard a weird pulsating noise and my body was vibrating. Then it felt like something really heavy was sitting on me, so I opened my eyes and there was that shadowy figure sitting on me. It was the same one from the end of my last LD! It was really heavy and it felt like my ribs were being broken so I tried to wake up and did. With the confidence of just having a WILD, I tried it again. The same thing happened with the pulsating sound and heavy thing on my body. When I opened my eyes, the figure was there again, crushing me. I woke up again. I figured the same thing couldn't happen again so I tried going back to sleep but the exact same thing happened. I felt like the figure was robbing me of a good WILD. So then I woke up and sat up for a bit, then tried to get back to sleep but I couldn't, so I just got up.

It's kind of weird how this shadow figure seems to make LD'ing harder. When it appeared in my December 29th LD, I couldn't open my eyes very well or get up, and when he appeared this morning in my WILD, he once again stopped me from getting up. I think If I see him again in a LD, I'm going to try to use my lucidity against him. Maybe I'll just concentrate really hard on him disappearing or something.

EDIT: Also note, when I opened my eyes and saw the shadow, I wasn't awake, I was actually asleep (I didn't actually open my eyes IRL)

16th September 2011, 04:20 AM
Jan 4th, 2008
Yeah I had another short LD this morning. I'm pretty sure it was WILD (again)

Anyway before my LD, I was having a ND. In it me and my friends were being chased by King Kong or something and we had to hide. It was some kind of game or something because my friend said when I die, I'd be teleported to a lobby or something were I could keep watching what's going on. So we were hiding on a playground thing and then one guy said "hurry up he's coming" so we all jumped off the playground and started running. I could hear a really loud noise above me and then I got crushed by King Kong's hand.

Now I'm pretty sure I woke up here, I might have false awakened, but I'm pretty sure I actually woke up.

I tried going back to sleep, and I remember before I fell asleep, I put my hands in a certain position. I felt my body vibrating and what not, and I was visualizing my room, and what I'd be looking at if I was awake. I knew I was asleep, so I tried opened my dream eyes and saw my dream room in better detail (there was no calender on the wall so I knew I was dreaming). Immediately that shadow thing appeared in the top right corner of my vision and I swear I could make out its face and my body started vibrating like crazy. I closed my dream eyes again to settle down. When I opened them again, it was still there so I closed my eyes again. I started visualizing a ruler or something. This time when I re opened them, he was gone but it felt like one of my eyes was seeing the real world and one was seeing the dream world (they were both seeing the dream world though). Also, there was a black square blocking some of my vision. I tried getting up, concentrating really hard, and then my leg flew up and hit my wall. I thought this was happening in real life and that I was still half asleep. Then I woke up for real and I was still in a normal position (my leg didn't hit the wall IRL), but my hands were in the spot I put them before I fell back asleep.

The fact that my hands were in the same position makes me know that I didn't false awaken in between my ND and LD, and my LD was a WILD. I also seemed to have gotten rid of the shadow creature, but I felt as if I was half awake. I didn't know that I was fully dreaming. If I did, I could have easily gotten up and turned it into a longer LD http://ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/1frown.gif .

16th September 2011, 04:20 AM
January 5th, 2008
Well this morning I almost WILD'ed again, but I screwed up, but I had a weird LD later.

I remember when I was starting to WILD and I felt the vibrations and pulsating noise, I tried opening my eyes too early and I woke up.

Later when I fell back to sleep, I was dreaming that I was climbing up a hole in a roof and no matter how high I climbed, when I looked down I'd still be at the base of the hole. Then I sort of snapped into consciousness and realized I was dreaming. I faded out and my vision went blank. Then a high pitched sped up voice started talking to me. It said "wasn't that a funny situation I put you in?" and I can't remember what I said back, but I kept visualizing random things. At one point I asked why it's voice was so high, it lowered it's voice and said "is this better?" but it sounded really creepy so I just said "no". Later I asked what it is and what it wants but it didn't answer. I was still dreaming, but didn't want to try and open my dream eyes in fear of waking up, so I tried sitting up and I could (I know I was dreaming because my hands were under my pillow IRL, but when I sat up, I didn't need to take my hands out) but I lay back down and tried to visualize some place to go. Nothing really came up so I just ended up waking up.

16th September 2011, 04:20 AM
January 11, 2008
Well I remember a bit of a fragmented LD I had. I only remember two things really. I remember I used my mind to change someone into a different person and that was pretty cool.

Another strange part I remember was that I was at the bottom of my stairs and at the top there was a weird indistinguishable figure sitting on the top step. It might have been the same weird shadow from my last dreams but I'm not sure. I tried shooting bullets at it from my fingers but no bullets came out.

16th September 2011, 04:21 AM
January 28th 2008
I had another LD last night

It started off as a ND and for some reason I had a cat and a dog, and we were walking through a forest. The cat was looking for something and the dog was protecting the cat. Later when I got home, there was a random dog in my backyard and my normal dog freaked out and threw it into the street. I went looking for it but couldn't find it, so I went inside to ask my mom where she think it landed, but her answer was drowned out by a really loud noise. Then I snapped into consciousness and realized that none of this made sense, and it would only happen in a dream.

Then my LD started. I went out into the road and started flying, but for some reason I couldn't control my rotation. I noticed that the houses seemed so detailed and life like. I decided to go into one, so I flew up to a second story window and went right through the glass as if it wasn't there. I ended up in a random room and there was a dad and his son. I didn't know what to do so I tried knocking them out with my mind and it worked. So I wandered through the house noticing how it all seemed so life like, and also that my mind had created the whole layout of the house and whatnot. I ended up in a living room where there was a mom, a daughter and another son. They didn't seem to notice me at all. I tried knocking them out with my mind, and it worked again. Then for a second I thought I recognized the mom, so I went to get a closer look but then in an instant I faded out and woke up.

16th September 2011, 04:21 AM
February 11th, 2008

This morning I had 2 LD's (one really short and another pretty short) and then I almost had another one but it didn't happen.

So first I had a false awakening and my house looked a lot different so I realized that I was dreaming. I immediately starting fading out but I started rubbing my hands. I felt myself lying in my bed, so I lightly tried opening my eyes. I could have sworn I was awake but I wasn't sure. I walked out of my room rubbing my hands and stuff, but then I realized that I'm probably not dreaming, so I went to my bathroom and the light wouldn't turn on and there was no mirror, so I knew I was dreaming. I did some stuff after that but I can't remember, but it didn't last long at all.

Then I woke up but kept my eyes closed. Eventually I fell back asleep. I was dreaming that I was watching a documentary on a cowboy and how he had a hard time trying to catch a certain bandit. Then I realized this made no sense because there aren't cowboys anymore. I realized I was dreaming so I tried changing the outcome of things in the movie by knowing it would happen, and it worked. Then I tried being the cowboy and It worked, but I sort of felt like I could easily wake up any second. I tried taking out a revolver, it was really heavy but I managed to aim it at the bandit guy and I shot and it killed him.

I started fading out, and I stared rubbing my hands. I felt once again like I was in my bed but I was in SP (but still dreaming). I opened my dream eyes a tiny bit and that same shadow creature from my other dreams crawled over my body and it felt insanely weird. It sort of went away, and somehow I managed to look at the doorway of my room. There was a lady standing there facing away from me. She started turning around and I expected her face to be really mangled or something but surprisingly she looked normal. She started saying something, probably something meaningful, but I couldn't make out what she was saying.

Then I woke up, and once again kept my eyes closed. After a while I started having a dream about some program called "CRAZY" or something, where I got free guns for no reason... it didn't make any sense but I woke up before I could become lucid.

16th September 2011, 04:22 AM
March 8th 2008

Yeah this morning I had a cool WILD, for most of it I was basically blind.

I was lying in bed and out of no where I felt my body start going into SP/WILD. I tried to visualize things hoping to induce a LD. I couldn't get anything to come up so, still seeing nothing, I tried reaching out to my wall. I could feel it in detail and when I pushed hard my hand went through it. I knew I was dreaming so I tried lightly opening my eyes. It took a lot of effort to open my dream eyes even slightly and I could barely see anything, so I just closed them. I tried going through my wall and it felt really cool, like I had vibrations all over my body. I kept trying to visualize things and eventually I visualized my room. As soon I started looking around, I faded out and woke up. I didn't open my eyes and eventually I started to go into WILD again. To make sure I was dreaming, I reached out to the wall and my hand went through it. This time I tried visualizing a street and I almost did, but as soon I it started to come in, I faded out again http://ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/1frown.gif .

Anyways it was pretty cool. I think I would have been able to go into a full LD if I was more tired, because it was like 11:00-11:30 am and thats when I usually get up.

16th September 2011, 04:22 AM
May 2nd 2008, crazy LD

Yeah so I haven't had an LD in ages, but tonight I had a crazy dream that started off as a ND and turned into a LD.

At the start I was in a mall, and I was causing havoc. I can't remember what exactly I was doing but people wanted me in jail. At one point I felt myself fading out, and at that point I realized I was dreaming, but it wasn't like a huge "holy ***, I'm dreaming" thing, but I just kept looking around to stay in the dream. I sort of didn't fully consider the fact that I was dreaming, but I still knew it, I just didn't really think hard about it.

At this point I was lucid, I could control basically everything, but as I said I wasn't fully aware of the fact that I was dreaming. It really felt natural, almost like the LD's I had when I was 5-10, before I knew the full potential of LD's, back then I had LD's easily because I wouldn't get really excited when I realized I was dreaming.

In the dream, I realized I could control everything around me. I could turn off the power by saying "Power On" and "Power Off". It was crazy. I could also say stuff like "Door Open", "Door Close", "Door Lock" and "Door Unlock" and even if I was 10 feet away from the door, it would still be affected. I was with a guy I know from school, we were just going around the mall turning things on and off. Then we got an idea. We realized that we could steal just about anything, so we wondered to a part of the mall that was closed. We planned to open the door of a store, and turn off the power so the alarm wouldn't sound, and then steal anything we wanted.

We walked up the stairs to the other part of the mall, and I actually started fading out again. It popped into my mind for a second that I was dreaming and I needed to stay, so I just kept focusing on things around me, but not too much that I would fully consider that I was dreaming and wake up. I didn't think much of it, but I knew I was dreaming. I think I sub consciously knew that if I got too excited or thought too much about the fact that I was dreaming, I would wake up.

So we were wondering around the top floor of the mall, and I decided to turn the power on, so that the lights would turn on. Somehow, someone saw this and then got a group of mall workers to chase us. We ran into a store and then for some reason there was like a bedroom inside it. I used "Door Close" and "Door Lock" on the door. There was a mini bathroom in this bedroom so we went in it and I used "Door Close" and "Door Lock" on it too (looking back, I don't know why I didn't just manually lock it, but this seemed to work better).

Eventually they somehow broke into the bedroom, but since we were hiding in the bathroom, they thought we must have left. I must have made a sound or something, because one of the mall guys said "They're in the bathroom". Then I got a really good idea on how to get rid of the mall guys. I busted open the door, and there was about 5 guys in the room. I went up to one of them and put my finger to them and said "Power Off" and the guy collapsed. Then I did this to the rest of them and me and my friend were free of people chasing us (for some reason this felt really relieving and satisfying that I thought such a seemingly perfect idea). I wanted to try and see if I could resurrect people so I touched one of the guys and said "Power on" and he came back to life, and ran away. I thought it was really cool and I wanted to try and kill someone normally and see if I could resurrect them. I took a spoon, and did "Power On" to one of the other guys and when he got up I started to beat him to death with a spoon (I swear I'm not insane) then I tried power on, and he came back to life perfectly healthy.

I think it was at this point that I started fading out again and I fully considered that I was dreaming, and thought too hard about it and it made me wake up.

It felt really good to have an LD again, and I hope I have more soon.

16th September 2011, 04:23 AM
June 14th 2008 WILD

So yeah I was just sleeping in. I was imagining what it feels like to let yourself fall of a cliff (like the feeling in your stomach when you're falling from a high place) and all of a sudden I felt myself going into a LD. It first felt like my body was spinning and vibrating and then it felt like i was forcefully being pulled by something.

When it stopped I knew I was dreaming, but I was blind. I rolled out of bed and stood up, still blind. I tried opening my eyes but it didn't work and I was afraid I'd wake up. So I walked around blindly, but aware of my surroundings. Eventually my vision came in and I just focused my vision really hard on things around me and my vision became clear. I was in my house. I walked down the stairs, and I was actually wondering whether this was a dream or not, because it was literally identical to my house. In the kitchen, my mom was making chocolate muffins. I didn't bother to try them because I find everything in LD's have the same awful taste that stays in my mouth even when I wake up.

So I went outside and there was a broken bike in front of my door. It had no handle bars for some reason. I sat on it and reached for the handle bars and to my surprise I felt some. When I looked down at the bike, it was completely fixed. I was thinking about going down my road (which is extremely steep) on the bike, but then I decided I was going to do it on a skateboard. I ditched the bike and I started stomping at the ground, hoping a skateboard would magically pop up. While I was doing this, I noticed there was a red car watching me. I looked over and it was a police car. For some reason a guy I know from school was driving it and he said "hey watch me speed down this hill". It didn't make any sense because he just drove down the hill really slowly and pulled into a driveway.

I went inside to get my skateboard and it was right there at my door. I grabbed it and ran into the street and started skating down the hill. It felt really weird, almost like snowboarding. I don't really remember what I did after this.

Theres a huge gap in my memory of this dream for some reason.

All I remember after that was at one point I was in a snowy lawn with some people. I hadn't really noticed who they were. I can't really remember what I was doing, but eventually I looked over a fence in the lawn and there was a huge drop and below there was a massive park, but it was pretty much empty. I decided that I'd try to fly so I jumped up and started hovering. Before I flew over the edge, I grabbed my friend and threw him off and he was like "what the ***!" but he started flying as well. The scenery was pretty amazing but I ended up waking up shortly after I started flying.

16th September 2011, 04:23 AM
August 19th 2011

I can't remember much from the start of the dream, but I remember fading out a bunch of times and bringing myself back.

Later on there was a point where I was getting distracted by something and I started to space out and lose my lucidity without even realizing it was happening, but then an orange cat said something like "forget about that!" and that completely brought me back to lucidity. I was very interested by this cat because I've never had a DC bring me back to lucidity, so I tried picking it up but I remember it scurrying off or something.

There was another point where I was lucid in my room and it was really dark, as if it were night time. I remembered how I usually have more vivid and stable LDs if the world is light, so I tried flying up through my ceiling and I went through it and came out through the floor of the same room. It was still dark so i flew up through the ceiling about 3 more times and it was still dark, then I woke up. Either while I was waking up, or while I was falling back asleep from waking up, I pictured something that basically explained I should have flew through my ceiling about 8 times to have turned my dream world to daytime.

I also remember a bunch of times during the LD I would clap to stabilize myself rather than rub my hands together, since clapping would produce sound as well as physical sensation, and I was noticing at some points there was no sound in my LD. I also remember at one point I was at some sort of playground and no one was there, so I kept turning around and turning back with the expectation of someone being there, and eventually a person appeared in the distance.

I also remember this morning (August 20) I had another LD where I was flying through my ceiling a bunch of times and eventually I could see sun light coming through my window, but then I faded out.

16th September 2011, 04:24 AM
August 23rd 2011

It seems that since I've been going on this site more often, I'm starting to have more frequent LDs. I'm having a lot of trouble with dream recall, but I can remember a bit from some LDs I had this morning/last night.

At one point I was fighting people with a little knife, but I don't remember why. I was amazed at how accurate I could slash people. I could think of a precise spot where I wanted to slice them, and then when I swung I would hit them there perfectly.

There was another part where I went into WILD after waking up but keeping my eyes closed. Later on I was in some kind of hallway, and I started to realize it looked dark and haunted. Then I started to worry that some sort of scary DC would pop out and scare me and wake me up. Before turning around, I looked down to make sure there was a sword in my hands, and there was (there wasn't one there before I looked down though http://ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/wink2.gif). Then I turned around and a creepy DC ran past me. I'm not sure if it was some kind of monster or fast zombie, but I knew it was my enemy. I turned around again to face it. It came at me, but I easily sliced it to bits. I noticed when I was swinging my sword, it was leaving gray tracers behind it, which made it a bit hard to see. (By tracer I mean like in Zelda OOT when you swing and there's sort of a gray trail left behind like this (http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda05/Walkthrough/01/1_Kokiri16_Large.jpg)). It didn't make it any harder to beat the monster though.

I can't remember much else after that, but if I do I'll edit this post. I'm glad I'm having more frequent LDs again and I have a feeling that I'll have a long vivid LD again soon.

16th September 2011, 04:25 AM
September 11th 2011

Astral Projection Attempts (not dreams I know but it was in my dream journal so I'll put it here for now)

Recently I've been trying to astral project rather than lucid dream. Some say they are the same thing, but others say the difference is clear once you've projected.

When I catch myself dreaming, I wake myself up but keep my body asleep. This allows for easy SP which I've heard is a good induction to astral projection. While in SP, I try to separate from my physical body. I've heard this can be achieved by attempting to or just imagining what it would feel like to roll out of bed or stand up, which leads to your astral body rolling out or getting up and separating. This is mostly what I've been trying, but no real success yet. I've also heard you can separate in SP by basically imagining what it would feel like to float out of your body or have wings. I've tried this as well, and there was one time where it looked like I was floating around my room, but my bed was empty and my bed sheets were the wrong colour so I knew it was just an LD (in AP you're supposed to be able to see yourself where you're lying down).

But one thing that has been happening while attempting astral projection that hasn't before, is hearing beeping which turns into voices.

The first time it happened, I was just in SP and the ringing/vibrations had just calmed down and I was hearing that white noise kind of sound I get once I'm in SP. I noticed there were also strange beeping noises, and I started to listen closer and it turned into a voice. I couldn't understand it at first, so I tried talking to it. I remember thinking my voice sounded really weird while I was "talking" to it. The first few responses I got was just the voice repeating what I was saying, but it started saying other things that I can't remember.

Another time a voice actually mentioned that it's name was Mark (which also happens to be my dad's name).

The voices could easily be just in my head, possibly a result of slipping into a LD, but I've never heard voices that originated from beeping noises while in SP before this.

Next time I hear it, I'm going to ask it to help me out of my body and see what happens.

I'm also thinking I'll start sleeping on my back. I have a harder time sleeping on my back but I've heard that it's easier to project while lying on your back, and I have a feeling it's easier to project when your body is in a simple position (no limbs crossing over each other, etc).

16th September 2011, 08:10 AM
You seem to be knowledgeable enough about OBE, CW3.

...there was one time where it looked like I was floating around my room, but my bed was empty and my bed sheets were the wrong colour so I knew it was just an LD (in AP you're supposed to be able to see yourself where you're lying down).

This isn't necessarily so. Essentially, if you felt an exit it's considered a projection. There are different theories on why people cannot always see themselves in the bed. Some suggest it's due to expectation and others suggest it might be the difference between being in the etheric body or a higher body. Reality fluctuations occur during projections as well. You're still in a mind responsive environment, even on the etheric level. Other things can be picked up too, such as past and future alterations to the environment. There is an argument, of course, that ALL the environments encountered in OBEs are dream environments.

16th September 2011, 12:40 PM
Thanks for the reply! I think I need to keep in mind that many things are ambiguous in OBE's and AP, such as you don't necessarily need to see yourself in your bed like you mentioned.

Do you think my June 14th entry could be an OBE/AP? Looking back, it seems it may have been.