View Full Version : INN body vs OBE, and healing ??

19th April 2006, 05:23 PM
i am posing this topic again, aside from the 'ask robert bruce' catagory. i think that its a big loophole/gap that needs to be filled. i'll try be as clear as i can.

being well inn your body means being well grounded and connected to earth energies. energy is downloaded from the body into earth, and earth sends energy up into the body. a trance - action is it not? energy is generally running efficiently through one's lower and secondary centres. the base chakra being assosiated with physical health and survival issues. a well grounded person should experience good physical health.

prior to OBE in the trance state one feel a downward pulling sensation. is this grounding ??? i could be mistaken. there is a big paradox here because it seems that when one tranverses from the physical body to out of body, one flickers from one extreme to the other. fist the downward pulling (grounding/downloading) sensation is experienced, then the upward floating flying sensation as the body separates.

i've always associated tance with dissociating one's self from material reality to the more immaterial reality; moving from down to up, earth to heaven, physical to spirit related realities...ect. the downward pulling sensations felt in reaching trance is realy puzzeling me. i need correcting

currently i am relating trance to an intermmediary state. a preliminary state to either being more inn the body, or out the body; or any other related experience such as a preliminary state to remote viewing, or energy work, whatever... could you view it as say reaching a cross raods, one can take various directions? you a can take a right and ground yourself, or take a left and fly out the body. this all depending on ones skill to relax and alter ones body/brain frequencies like tuning the frequencies on a radio; the waveband you rest/focus on is what you experience.

in this vein where does physical healing fit into the picture? what is the essence of the healing mode - being present, or not being present - and what is the preliminary state. ie trance and the slowing down of brain rythms ? this all connects with inn body and out of body.

i'll throw another spanner in the works. an unconscious person lives almost entirly outside of their body because being fully inn there body, grounded, is too traumatic for them to handle at that present time. they separate connection to earth, delay time untill they can deal with the trauma. again the trance issue crops up. in this case the unconscious trance state means disconnection to physical reality, yet going into trance can mean connecting to physical reality.

help me fill the gap. fire away...


23rd April 2006, 08:44 PM
most of us do not live(fully) in our physical body; not being fully present. this relating to being ungrounded. it seems to me that the more that one is fully in the physical body, the more the potential to astrally project. many of us are stuck, so to speak, in this inbetween zone. get my meaning.