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26th June 2005, 12:48 AM
This is going to be hard to explain, but please stay with me i'd really appreciate some comments :P

Here goes....

As Robert Bruce mentioned in Astral Dynamics that when you project, one copy of consciousness stays with your etheric/physical body and another copy goes off with your projected double. He also said that unless your very good at holding a trance your etheric/physical mind will fall asleep quickly and start dreaming.

Is it possible for the dreaming etheric copy of consciousness left behind to think it is having an obe and create a similar experience as a dream?

I just had an experience where because i wanted to project really bad, and because i felt the exit sensations, (my real projected double might have gone off) my dreaming copy left behind thought it was having a projection and created a similar experience but as a dream.

About 1 hour ago i was trying to project, i felt strong exit sensations, started to float up, and then nothing for about 10 seconds. Then after i opened my eyes and found myself in my shrine room, outside my deprivation booth looking at the wall in what felt like a very weak projection. I tryed to read one the writings on the wall but it smudged when i tryed to look at it, then i tryed to move towards the door and my sight fizzled out, then the whole experience fizzled a few seconds after. It only lasted for about 30 seconds.

It was soo dull that im not sure if it was a really weak projection or if it was a dream created by my left behind dream mind.

Has anyone else ever had an experience like this??


26th June 2005, 04:04 PM
Hi Malc,

A similar question was raised during one of Robert’s recent events in the UK. I don’t regard myself as an experienced projector, but enough to have an appreciation.

My understanding is that it is common for the projected experience to blend with the memories of one’s dreams, therefore making it difficult for one to separate each experience.

The advice I have seen Robert provide, goes along the lines that: one should not overextend the OBE experience with early attempts, and to aid the memory download before return: build up a lot of intent to remember the experience just had. For instance use a sense of excitement about the experience to help reinforce this, and you should be able to recollect and differentiate the OBE from dreams al the better.

Best to do this at the height of ones experience rather than at the trough… when perhaps ones focus is weakening.

The other points you made about your experience are very typical…. So all in all it sounds like you are doing well indeed.

Keep up the good work.

Hope this helps,


P.S. Yes, it is easy for the dreamer to have OBE like experiences... etc.

27th June 2005, 09:25 AM
Thanks for the reply stephen, appreciated.

Its a really interesting experience these obe's when it comes to the memory download part. During the experience i know whats going on and im very conscious indeed, but as soon as i get out of that booth when it ends the memories start slipping away in seconds unless i write it down.

Your right about it being easier to remember the most exciting parts or the highlights of the projection. Like i can remember going in a room but theres memory gaps of what i did in the room, then ill remember going in another room like 30 secs later.
I remember 2 and a half weeks ago in a fairly strong projection i was trying to knock a bottle of tablets off the kitchen worktop to try and get my dads attention, didnt have much luck with that though :P

I wonder if its possible for a really experienced and developed projector to be able to move physical objects?

Anyways thanks for the reply

Take care