View Full Version : Natural Stress Relief (NSR) VS The Relaxation Response

28th October 2011, 07:11 PM
Hi Guys,

I recently started a proper meditation routine using the relaxation response method http://www.relaxationresponse.org/steps/
and I must admit I'm pretty impressed with the results I have had.

I am normally quite a high strung, stressed and jittery person, easily swept away by my thoughts. But after a month I feel way better, more confident, calmer, relaxed just mentally more balanced than ever since I can ever remember really. I feel so lucky now as I feel this is going to have a massive positive impact on the quality of my life.

During my research I came across something similar to the Relaxation Response (RR) called Natural Stress Relief (NSR) a TM imitator http://www.natural-stress-relief.com/ at a fraction of the price of TM and apparently claims to be 3 times as effective as the Relaxation Response?

I just wondered if anyone has any direct experience of using one or both of these methods? do you have a preference? what are the pro's / cons of each - as I have just switched to (NSR) in the past couple of days to try it out.

I have heard from one healer who says he was seeing some regular TM practitioners for stress problems that they only managed to conquer after switching to The Realxation Response?.