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13th November 2011, 08:44 AM
I've just recently discovered astral projections/energy bodies after a profound projection experience i had. About a month ago, i was exhausted after playing soccer and i laid down to sleep. I was just thinking random thoughts as one usually does when trying to fall asleep and i began to feel odd. I started to feel soothing vibrations in my stomach area and while i was a bit freaked out, i decided to go with it. In a matter of seconds, my heart felt like it was pounding and i KNEW something different was happening but i decided not to wake myself (i actually thought for a moment that i was dying). Then, simultaneously, i felt like i was being drawn out of the small of my back (i was sleeping on my stomach) and i began to see a silver swirl spinning in my mind (which came out of nowhere and i felt like i had no control over it). I concentrated on the swirl and it grew bigger until it instantly formed into a picture which was the outside of my apartment (extremely vivid). Everything seemed to be black/grey as if the world/all objects were made of still smoke. I was so excited by the sensation but i couldn't seem to fathom how/why i could feel my body and the outside environment at the same time. I then "walked" by my apartment door until my thoughts of my body seemed to pull me right back into regular consciousness. I then opened my eyes (never having been asleep) and i just KNEW that i had been outside and that was no dream. Ever since i've been endlessly researching what happened which brought me to Robert and his work.
My whole life i've had incredible lucid dreams which brought me to the conclusion that what happened was no dream. I'm so excited to know that there is more to life than our common physical realm. I've had no such experiences since but i've been trying every night since then. From what i've studied in Robert's free book so far, it seems as though i visited the Real-time zone and then returned to my body. I have so many questions and im really happy to have found this site to express what happened. My friends and family (except a few) don't believe me and i feel quite lonely, but ever since the experience i feel a certain calmness and peace which was never with me before. My anxieties seem to have disappeared to the point where i don't care about the petty bull♥♥♥♥ of our waking life anymore. I've always been a very affectionate person and all of this stuff has reinforced that feeling. I won't claim to know much about this stuff just as yet but from what i feel, i would say that my heart, third-eye, and sub-navel chakras seem to be my strongest. What do you guys think?

13th November 2011, 05:48 PM
Hi and welcome to the forums, ecb877. Take a look around the Psychic & Spiritual and OBE sections, and you may enjoy them.

13th November 2011, 10:40 PM
Hi and Welcome :wave:xX

Look forward to reading more of your adventures in the future... :-)

15th November 2011, 04:59 AM
Greetings ebc877 and welcome.
You are correct in believing that your profound experience was Not a dream. It was indeed an OBE. Your account of the experience is Very similar to Hundreds of other people who had an OBE for the first time. The vibrations that you felt are a common sign of an impending OBE. So a belated congratulations are in order. And now that you are aware that such an experience is possible there are likely to be many more OBEs to follow.